Kelly Ch. 3

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After our bout with Greg and Jeff, Kelly and I continued our afternoon delights. She had loved being used by three guys and told me I was a special person to so willingly share her with my friends. She then told me she wanted to return the favor and bring one of her friends into bed with us.

The big day came and we met at Kelly’s house. When I saw Jill, my heart stopped. Though not as slender or pretty as Kelly, she had the greatest pair of tits I had ever seen. Also, by way of contrast, she had dark hair and olive skin to Kelly’s Nordic features. The best part, though, was that Jill was a virgin.

“I told her all about us, and she told me she wanted to give her cherry to a man. She knows about Brian and his three-pump fucking and it turned her off to guys our age.”

Kelly also told me that she and Jill had played around with each other, so I could look forward to a little girl-girl action.

Jill had come ready for action, wearing a skimpy top that showed off her great tits to maximum effect. Kelly told me she wanted to watch the first round so Jill and I went to the bed and got down to business.

I hugged her tight and kissed her, trying to put her at ease. I took off her shirt, revealing her white lace bra that barely contained her 38DD’s. I unfastened it and went to work on her huge, erect pink nipples.

Kelly had pulled a chair up to the bed and was rubbing her crotch through her pants. She blew me a kiss and bade me continue. Meanwhile, Jill reached down and unsnapped her pants. I pulled them and her panties off, revealing a beautiful bush of black pubic hair.

“Have you ever had your pussy eaten?” I asked.

“No. I’ve been fingered, though.”

With that I began my oral assault on her virgin pussy. I lapped at her clit, sticking one then two fingers up her cunt. When I knew she was close I licked the outer lips, then stuck görükle escort my tongue as far up her as I could. My efforts quickly brought her to a staggering orgasm.

As she calmed down I got up and undressed. As I lowered my boxers Jill’s eyes became transfixed with my nine-inch penis. She looked over at Kelly who just smiled.

“He’ll never be able to get that monster in me!”

“Don’t worry, babe. I thought that too. With a little lube it’ll be fine. I’ve even had that horse cock up my ass.” Kelly reached into her night table and handed me some KY jelly. Jill seemed reassured by her friend’s comment.

“Kelly, before I deflower this young lady, why don’t you show her how to give my cock some oral love.”

She didn’t need to be asked twice. In a jiffy she stripped off her clothes and joined us on the bed. Kelly placed a hand on my shaft and stuffed the head in her mouth. Jill, not wanting to be left out, proceeded to tongue my balls.

After a couple of minutes, Kelly relinquished my penis to Jill. She licked it tentatively, and then tried to take it in her mouth. After a few gags, she managed to take half of it down her throat.

I took my cock out of her mouth and moved her to her back. I then hovered over her, rubbing the head against her wet slit. Jill gave me a nod and I lubed my cock and slowly started stuffing my rod into her virgin hole.

Kelly moved up and took one of Jill’s massive tits to her mouth. Jill reciprocated by rubbing Kelly’s breast. All the while I worked my dick into Jill. Mercifully, her cherry had already been broken, so there was no pain or blood as I got all nine inches into her. I loved the sight of my cock stretching her pussy lips, our black pubic hairs mingling.

Kelly backed off a bit and let me start to fuck Jill. Before long I was pounded that cunt for all I was worth. With each thrust orhangazi escort her huge breasts bounced and she let out some sort of sound, be it grunt, moan, or cry of pleasure.

Before long I felt a new sensation: Kelly’s tongue on my balls. She had quite a time with it as my cock was going in and out of Jill at lightning speed. Her vice-like grip on my cock made me slow down, as I didn’t want to blow my load into her too quickly.

“Fuck me, Joe! Give it to me!”

I love it when a girl begs for my cock. But, just to prolong things, I stopped and lowered my mouth to her left tit. It was as if her nipples were connected to her clit, as she started to orgasm immediately.

“You like that, Jill? You like Joe pounding you with his big fat cock?” She could only nod.

Without warning I started pounding again, going for my own orgasm. I cried out as loud as her as I emptied my balls into Jill’s pussy. I lost count of the number of spurts of semen I shot, but it felt like a pint.

I rolled over, exhausted. But Kelly wasn’t. She dove right in and started to eat my sperm out of her friend’s cunt. I sucked Jill’s tit as I watched Kelly go to work. It was obviously not the first time she had eaten pussy.

The sight of these two girls going at it got my cock hard again, and Kelly’s ass made a great target. I retrieved the KY and greased my cock, then plunged it into Kelly’s steaming cunt to add some of her juices to the mix.

Then I eased my rod into Kelly’s tight ass. She pushed back at me, trying to bury my dick all the way up her rectum. Jill was screaming with another orgasm as I pumped Kelly. Kelly loved the mixture of pain and pleasure that came from ass fucking.

“Fuck my ass, Joe!”

I gave the girl what she wanted. My balls swung wildly and hit her clit with each thrust. Jill came around and mudanya escort started rubbing Kelly’s pussy. I could feel her fingers up Kelly’s cunt, and the girl rubbed my balls and Kelly’s clit. Before long, I emptied another load of sperm into Kelly’s bowels and Kelly shook with a tremendous orgasm.

Jill got up and grabbed a towel to wash off my dick. As she did it, I kissed Kelly gently as thanks for this great experience.

We lay in each other’s arms, both girls rubbing my genitals, trying to get me hard again. It didn’t take long before I was ready for some more action.

“Jill, why don’t you sit on my cock, Kelly, you sit on my face.” The girls moved into position and before long we got into a good rhythm. I snaked my tongue up Kelly’s pussy while my cock was treated to Jill’s no longer virgin pussy. The two girls’s frenched and rubbed each other’s tits as I worked on pleasuring them both.

Kelly came first, spraying my face with her juices as she ground her pelvis down hard on my tongue. Jill was close behind, sitting hard on my pole and rubbing her clit on my pubic bone.

The girls moved off of me and I moved to Jill. There was one thing I could do with her that I couldn’t do with Kelly. As beautiful and sexy as Kelly was, she just didn’t have big enough tits for good tit fucking. Jill and her 38DD’s had no such problem.

I placed my slick and shiny rod between her globes. She pushed them together to create a tunnel of flesh for my cock. Kelly moved behind me and licked my shoulder. She reached between Jill’s legs, lubed her fingers and stuck them in my ass. With each forward thrust I fucked Jill’s boobs, on the return thrust I fucked myself onto Kelly. The stimulation to my rectum and prostate made me cum quickly. Jill’s face and hair were covered by an explosion of white, sticky cum.

Three orgasms in two hours had me tired out, but the girls were insatiable. Kelly licked my semen off Jill’s face and tits, and then they fingered each other to another orgasm. In all, it was one of the most erotic afternoons of my life.

But Kelly and I had many more such adventures. Look for them in the future!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32