Juanita ‘n Dito Ch. 19-21

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19 In the kitchen

While you read this part of the story, listen to the album:

The Köln Concerts by Keith Jarrett

The taxi was still in the driveway when I opened the door. I was standing in the library and had just made a small fire in the fireplace and was laying out some pillows when I heard the tires grind on the gravel. I walked to the stereo I had installed in a corner a few months after my rediscovery of the library and put on the CD from ‘the Köln concerts’ by Keith Jarrett. The sound of his piano drove away the silence and together with the wood in the fireplace it warmed the room. Quickly I went to the door, opened it and stepped onto the platform to welcome her.

Because of the setting sun I did not see how she got out, but I heard her footsteps on the stairs. The moment I held my hand over my eyes, I got a kiss on my mouth. Pleasantly surprised, I wanted to answer it, but she was already gone. Then I saw her standing, she looked fantastic in a mint strapless mullet chiffon dress and a black lace wrap, on her feet she had black stiletto heels. A big smile on her lips.

“Hello Dito, I am happy that I was allowed to come. What a fantastic house!”

She looked admiringly at the facade. I turned around and watched her.

“Oh dear, it’s not my merit that I can live here. The house has been in the maternal family for almost two centuries. Probably earned with the slave trade.”

She looked questioningly at me.

“Come on, let’s go inside and I can bore you with some historical nonsense about this ‘great’ house.” I gave her a wink and she laughed. I let her go in front of me while I took some distance to admire her rocking ass. And again I smelled that familiar odor.

“You look fabulous, Juanita. What a beautiful dress. Shall I take your wrap? We’re going to the right here.”

I took the shawl from her shoulders, making sure that my hands touched her shoulders and, after a moment of putting my nose in, placed it on a table in the vestibule. My right hand rested on her bare back as she stood in the doorway of the library. She held her breath.

“What a huge library. All the books in the village could not yet fill this space.”

My hand dropped slightly, so that my little finger came under the lace edge of her dress.

“Do you like reading?” I asked with caution as I felt her muscles tighten under my touch. Gently I put my nails on her back.

“Hmmhmmm, yeah.” Apparently I had hit a sensitive snare, no longer a normal sentence came from her mouth. Let’s see how far I could go without encountering resistance.

I scratched my nails on her back and felt her shiver. Instead of bending forward, she straightened her back to get a better feel. I scraped my fingers together, immediately she got goose bumps on her arms. My nails formed a spearpoint on her back and I pushed her inwards in the direction of the armchairs.

In front of the armchairs I had placed some pillows on the Persian carpet. Sometimes I enjoyed sitting on the floor in front of the small fireplace with a few cushions. I wanted to see what she would do. This would determine the atmosphere for the evening.

“Relax and take a seat, my dear.” First she looked at the cushions and then at the armchair to the left of the fireplace.

“Do you mind if I take my shoes off Dito?”

“By all means, girl. Feel at home.” She stooped and took off her heels and put them next to the chair.

She wanted to sit on the chair when I asked her: “What can I pour you? Do you want a beer or do you prefer wine?”

She stopped. “Do you have white wine?”

I started to laugh. “More than enough, I have several in the kitchen in the fridge. You may want to have a look, just walk along and you can choose one yourself and I can show you more of the house while we’re going there.”

Barefooted, she walked right behind me out of the library. We went past the stairs to the kitchen. I showed her, under the stairs, the door to the wine cellar.

“If you might decide that the wines in the kitchen are not entirely your taste, there are a few hundred behind this door.”

She followed laughing. “Can I have a look there later? I have never been to a real wine cellar.”

“Of course, though I warn you, you have to put on your shoes again for the surface is rough.” I heard her giggle while she said something like: “I might like that.”

We walked on, into the kitchen, and I pointed to the bursa escort bayan cooler. “See if you can find a tasty one. The dry ones are above the sweet ones. The French on the left and next to them some indigenous, Chilean, Spanish and Italian and on the far right German Moselle wine. Oh, and there are also some indigenous in the door.” She opened the fridge while I opened a cupboard above the counter and took out a pair of wine glasses that I put on the tray. I took a waiter’s knife from the drawer.

I walked to the second cooler where I had placed the tortillas and the sauces. When I closed the door with my ass I rubbed her buttocks as she passed. She giggled and I rubbed back one more time.

“Uhm, Dito that probably didn’t happen by accident!” We laughed.

I gently placed the tortillas and sauces on the table in the middle of the kitchen and turned around. She was still standing with her back to me staring at the wines as if she couldn’t decide. I stood up against her and held her hand tight in my hand on the cooler door. My mouth was close to her ear. For a moment I said nothing because I was taken aback by the smell that I sniffed.

“I never do anything by accident, honey.” I whispered, and I said to myself: I don’t think you are either. From where did I know that smell?

In a normal tone I asked: “Have you already selected one?” I released her hand while I noticed that she was shivering. As I turned around, I said: “Don’t stand in front of that open door too long, you’ll soon catch a cold! Grab that Chardonnay from Casa Madero from 2016, there are three in the door.”

I walked with the tortillas towards the oven and turned it on. I heard the fridge slam shut and said: “Open it in advance, so it can breathe. The opener is on the tray.”

I turned around so that I could lean against the counter and look at her.

She had indeed taken the bottle of Chardonnay out of the door of the refrigerator and skillfully removed the case from the bottle with the waiter’s knife. The opening also went smoothly. She smelled the cork and looked at me. Because I did not say anything and stood leaning against the counter with my arms crossed, she poured two glasses and walked over to me.

“Tssss, girl, you still have a lot to learn …” I took the glasses from her hands and poured them into the sink. She looked surprised at what I did.

“But, but Dito why did you do that?” I put the glasses on the counter and grabbed her wrists with two hands.

I snapped at her: “What, did I tell you? Did I ask you to fill two glasses?”

I continued in a more friendly tone: “When you are here, I expect you to learn something about the respectful handling of wine. Because white wines are cooled doesn’t mean that they don’t have to breathe, the fridge is often just too cold and pouring them immediately after getting them out a large part of the bouquet is going to be lost. That is why we give the wine time to reach the right temperature. Patience is a beautiful thing, certainly when it comes to enjoying the joys of the earth.”

She looked at me strangely. “What do you mean Dito?”

I released her wrists and rubbed an imaginary strand of hair from her face with the back of my hand.

“Eating and drinking are things that we must learn to appreciate. It’s like making love. You have to wish it doesn’t pass. That the pleasure lasts as long as possible. It means that you take the time to enjoy, that you are not guided by your primary satisfaction, but that you keep yourself in control”

She nodded. “I think I understand.”

And, I thought to myself, and even if you think you already understand it, I am going to teach you to understand infinitely. We are going to work slowly, very slowly, even painfully slowly, on your understanding. You will ask me, yes, probably beg me to make you understand it even better.

I put the tortillas in the warmed oven and picked up the bottle of Chardonnay from the table. I walked back to the counter and filled the glasses while I looked closely at Juanita. She opened her mouth when I filled the glasses, but closed it immediately when she saw my eyes on her. I offered her a glass and stood against the counter again. I kept looking at her but said nothing.

20 In her past

While you read this part of the story, listen to the album:

The Köln Concerts by Keith Jarrett (continued from Chapter 19)

Juanita took a sip and looked down at the floor. “Shall I continue to talk about Pablo?” I nodded.

“Where was I?” She took another sip of wine.

“You said that Pablo had asked you if he could take better photos of you, but you have not yet said what you replied to that.”

She looked at me from under her bangs and thought about how she would proceed.

“Well, I said yes. Pablo did not really expect this and almost fell off the couch. However, he recovered quickly and told me he would arrange a location. He stood up and flew out görükle escort the door, probably he was afraid that I would go back on my words. In his rush to get away, he forgot to take the album. This was my chance to take a very good look at the photos.”

She looked at me again. “This stays between us, right? You promised.”

I nodded.

She came a step closer, as if she were afraid that we would be bugged. I could hardly suppress a smile. There was that smell again.

“There were still several pictures in the shed and a few that were taken by the sea. They were innocently erotic. It had become a special album.

The next day, he came around the corner of the street at the end of the afternoon. I was talking to some neighbor girls when I saw him. He stopped at the corner and beckoned to me. I walked toward him casually looking back to see if there were any adults who saw me walk away.

I passed him just before I turned the corner. He was leaning against a wall and lit a cigarette. Then he turned and followed me quickly around the corner.

I had stopped immediately around the corner and grabbed his hand, pulled him towards me, and quickly gave him a kiss. He didn’t answer the kiss but grabbed my arm and walked with me to a car that was parked a little further down the street.

Pablo opened the passenger door and pushed me in gently. He still had not said a word. After closing the door, he walked around the car and got on the driver’s side. He threw the cigarette on the street. He quickly turned the key and we tore away. I had to hold onto the seat. I was not used to this reckless style; he was always careful on the bike.”

She took a sip of wine and moved her legs so that she could lean her hip against the counter. She touched my hand against the edge. I thought I felt a slight shiver. She looked at me for a moment and then lowered her eyes.

“Outside the city, Pablo stopped the car by the side of the road. He turned to me and said in a soft voice that I looked beautiful. “Trust me, Juanita!” he said as he got out of the car and headed for the passenger side. He opened the door and I started to get out. He gently pushed me back into the chair and pulled out a black cloth from his back pocket.

He stooped and said again that I had to trust him. He pulled my head toward him and gently kissed me on my eyelids and then on my mouth. I felt his fingers behind my head make a knot in the black cloth that now covered my eyes.

“That blindfold is because I’m going to take you to a secret place, don’t take it off, because then the surprise will be gone.” he said as he stood up. He closed the door again.

A moment later I heard the other door open and close and the car pulled out again. We drove for about half an hour, I think, most of it was on the same road, or so it seemed.

I didn’t dare ask him anything and he said nothing.

After a while the car slowed down and turned right into a less straight road. After about five minutes I felt that we were starting to climb. The engine was straining as the climb became more steep. I heard Pablo muttering to himself from time to time, although I could not understand what he was saying.

Suddenly the sound of the road changed, the pavement seemed to disappear and we were now on an unpaved dirt road, a moment later the car slowed down and stopped.

Pablo got out for a moment and I heard a squeaky fence. When he got back in, he drove the car a little past the fence and got out again to close it. We were now on a gravel path.

It was not that steep anymore, but it was twisting considerably and I really did not know which direction we were heading. Also because I noticed that we were driving in the shade and I no longer knew where the sun was.

The car drove slowly over the gravel path and the pebbles crackled under the tires, but we did not go very far.

21 In the armchair

While you read this part of the story, listen to the album:

Caverna Magica by Andreas Vollenweider

I tapped her hand to interrupt her, took a shallow dish from a cupboard and walked to the oven which I opened. I emptied the baking tray of tortillas onto the dish and put the tray back in the oven, which I turned off and closed. I put the dish and sauces together with my glass on a tray.

“Grab another bottle and the opener.”

She went to the fridge and picked up a Chardonnay and the open bottle and the waiter’s knife.

I stood looking at her with the tray in my hands and asked “Do we have everything? I don’t feel like walking back.” She nodded.

I let her take the lead. In the library, the wood crackled in the fireplace and a soft glow spread throughout the room. I placed the tray on the carpet in front of the hearth and picked up a chunk of wood that I carefully placed over the splash guard on the fire.

Keith Jarrett had finished his concert in Cologne.

Juanita had placed the bottles on the tray and had nestled bursa escort bayan in the pillows. After I grabbed my glass I put on another CD. I had taken a few from the bedroom when I went downstairs. I chose Andreas Vollenweider’s Caverna Magica. When the clear tones of his harp sounded through the room I dimmed the volume a bit.

I took a seat in the armchair in front of her. “Were you afraid?”

She looked at me and shook her head.

“No, I don’t think I was scared. Although it was weird. Pablo hadn’t spoken to me in all this time, and I had accepted that he had abducted me in this way. I found it very exciting.”

She picked up a tortilla and put some sauce on it. She stuck it out at me. I just nodded so she had to get up and come to me. I took the tortilla from her hand but did not let go of her hand. She looked at me in surprise. I gently pushed her down with my thumb on the back of her hand so that she had to get down on her knees to make it not painful.

I heard her breathing speed up.

When she was sitting on her knees beside me, I looked at her. All the while she had looked at my thumb on her hand. Her eyes were now looking for mine, as if to ask what was expected of her.

While I kept looking at her, I brought the tortilla to her mouth. I nodded encouragingly. She opened her mouth closing her eyes. I pushed the tortilla between her teeth and she bit a piece off. A crumb remained on the corner of her mouth and she wanted to remove it with her tongue.

My finger was there at the same time. She opened her eyes in shock. I gently rubbed her tongue and mouth with my finger. Juanita opened her mouth to say something, but I put my finger over her lips.


She closed her mouth and I continued my way. I took my finger from her mouth. Her eyes had followed my finger and I imagined that I saw a slight twinkle when I put my finger in my own mouth and licked it off.

“Grab some more sauce, honey.” She got up and went to the tray. “Oh, and take the bottle with you.”


Apparently I had been staring at her bum and hadn’t heard that she asked me something before she turned around.

“Tell me, honey.”

“Dito I think I should call a cab, it’s late and tomorrow …”

I raised my hand to silence her.

“Tomorrow is arranged. I called Carlos when I got home to tell him we had made good progress and told him I wanted to finish it with you. We have till noon tomorrow. You also had an appointment, but he will take it off your hands. I told him that he should make it an order and put it in your name. He sputtered a little, but I told him that when he does what I asked, I will say a good word for him with the director. Not that I am going to do that, but he also knows that I am on good terms with the management. He will not spoil it.”

She looked at me in surprise and began: “But … but then again, it’s just a weekday and Tomàs …”

Again I stopped her and motioned her with my index finger.

“Come here for a moment, take the bottle with you, grab your glass and come and sit with me.” I patted my knee encouragingly.

She grabbed her glass, the bottle and pushed a cushion to the chair and sat down in front of me.

“Listen, sweetheart, Tomàs is sound asleep now and being taken to school in the morning, right?”

She nodded.

“Then there is no reason to leave, now is there?”

She shook her head.

I took the bottle and her glass from her and poured it. “That’s settled then.”

“And now tell me what that photographer of yours did to you after you hit that gravel path.”

I handed her her glass, and I ran my thumb over the back of her hand. “And don’t worry about getting home. There are plenty of bedrooms here, so you can drive to the office with me tomorrow.”

I looked intently at her and when she wanted to react and looked at me I shook my head lightly and said softly: “Don’t go there, Hun.”

She hesitated for a moment but then continued with her story as she shrugged her shoulders slightly. As if she wanted to say: what does it really matter.

I felt like the spider that just saw a nice snack flying into its web.

“Well, we were on that gravel path for a short while and then he stopped the car. He warned me that I should keep the blindfold on until he said it was all right to take it off. I nodded and listened carefully. He opened the door and got out. I heard the gravel crunching under his feet. Then I heard the sound of the trunk opening and closing. I was getting a little nervous now. What were we going to do?

The door on my side opened and I felt his hand on my shoulder.

“Come out ..” He helped me so I didn’t hit my head. And suddenly I felt that I was in full sunlight.

“Careful now, we are going up the stairs.” He gave me an arm and I held on to him with both hands. We carefully climbed the steps. I counted five. At the top I felt that he was stooping without releasing my arm. He put something down it seemed. Then he released me.

“Wait a minute, Nita, I have to open the door.” I now froze anxiously because I did not know how far I was from the stairs. I heard a door open and Pablo walked back. For a moment I heard something on my side and I felt how he grabbed my arm again.

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