Introducing Dre

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The sounds of 50 scents flooded the room as Andre looked over the club. Insomnia was just what he needed right now. Hip Hop night was full of the thug types trying to act hard but he knew that by the end of the night one of them would be the slowly going up and down on the shaft of his manhood. As he looked towards the bar, he noticed that Kane was motioning for him to come over. That was a good sign, see every straight bar had its Kane, he kept track of who was into what and made sure that those trying to stay on the down low could. There were days when Dre wondered just what it was he got out of this deal, but in the end he didn’t really care–this was after all just a means to an end.

“Kid on the back pouch, Roca Wear.” Kane said handing Dre a drink. Dre smiled downing the drink and nodding. He turned his heading towards the back only pausing for a moment to dance for a second or so with a young lady who had gotten between him and the door. She was cute; he had to admit but not what he wanted to dip into tonight, maybe another time. After noticing she had closed her eyes and was in a different world, he simply continued to the door. As he stepped out onto the deck he couldn’t miss the kid in question since there wasn’t anyone else out there. The kid looked nervous; this was still new to him. Dre smiled as he walked over to him extending his hand.

“Yo what’s up? Dre.” He said as the kid slapped his hand. The kid wasn’t bad on the eyes at all. He was attractive, about 6’3” with that perfect camel brown skin that was smoother then a baby’s ass with barely any facial hair. He couldn’t have been any more then a buck eighty-five and making it perfect were the zigzagging cornrows running along his head. Hell this kid was damn near perfect, but when you added that air of unease to this scene he was just what Dre wanted.

“Martice.” He said simply trying to not seem to check out Dre, but how he couldn’t. Dre was by far one of the hottest guys here. He was 5’11” with skin that was somewhere between caramel and yellow. A body that said he spent hours in the gym, and a smile that said, “yeah I know I’m sexy.” Martice just shook his head as he leaned against the wall seeming to watch the door almost as much as he looked down at the simple gray sweats Dre was wearing as he rocked the wife beater and made sure you saw the body and the tats.

“Don’t sweat the door kid,” Dre said stepping just slightly into Martice’s space “No one comes out here on Wednesday, the stay where the music is mostly, it should be chill.” Martice seemed to relax as he turned back to Dre and looked him up and down. “So you like what you see?”

“Yeah, you keep it tight.” Martice said licking his lips just as if he was trying to wipe something from them.

That was hot; Dre played it off with his trademark smile. “So,” there was a slight pause “what you trying to get into tonight?” Dre glanced back at the door to make sure no one had come Göztepe travesti out the door. He leaned further into Martice’s space cupping his hand across the now nervous man’s rock hard dick and whispered into his ear. “Yo.” He said feeling the throb of Martice’s dick in his hand. He didn’t let go, but rather he ran his hand up the outside of his sweats guessing that he had made a good choice since it felt like about 9 ½ inches and thick.

Yeah Dre would enjoy tonight as he heard a slight moan come from Martice as he stroked his just slightly near the head and softly blow in his ear. Dre was sure that a slight wet spot was forming near the head from pre-cum and that was all he needed. As he stepped back suddenly just leaving the now clearly less experienced man leaning against the wall visibly hard and his eyes still closed. Dre sat back in one of the chairs and smiled. He enjoyed what he did, well he would do it for a living–put you at a loss, then be right picky about who you fuck. “So you got a whip here?” Martice seemed to fade back to this world as he looked down at Dre.

“Yeah,” he said lightly and very airy. He was still floating on cloud nine from just the touch. “Right out front yo.” He said beginning to want this more and more. Dre point back to the high rise building that Club Insomnia was in the shadow of.

“Andre Hawk,” he said standing “I live right in there, look me up when you get to the door in half an hour, I’ll buzz you in.” He turned and started back into the club. As the door opened the sounds of “Holiday Inn” washed over him. He returned to the floor where he saw the young lady from before dancing with some guy. As Martice passed him he touched his arm stopping him. “Make that an hour,” he said and Martice nodded and then went on. Dre simply took off his shirt and walked towards the young lady. At first she played as if she was ignoring him, but it would take less than three minutes before she had forgot whatever game it was she had planed to play.

Dre smiled to the guy as he stood there and Dre began to lead her towards the bathroom as the song ended. Andre just laughed to himself as they walked in to a stall and she started to her knees.

[One and a half hours later]

Martice was annoyed at himself for still standing in front of the Gable’s high rise, it was clear he had been played, he should have known, he told himself as he paced back and forth in front of the doormen sitting at the desk looking up every now and again at him as if he contemplated calling the police. Martice could believe himself fuckin’ standing here sprung over so nicca who has dissed him already!

As he turned to return to his 4 runner he was shocked to see Dre standing there shirt in hand. The steam coming off him from the cold air mixing with his sweat, which already made him seem to glow in the night, lights. “You weren’t leaving…” Dre said as more of a statement of fact then Küçükyalı travesti as a question as he stepped around Martice and opened the door with his key. He held it open for a second as Martice walked by him and into the building. Dre followed him in with a smile as Martice seemed to just shake his head at the remark. What had he gotten himself into with this guy? Was this just an air or was he really like this? Dre nodded to the guard who tipped his hat to him as he pushed the up button for the elevator. As the door opened Dre once again stepped aside and let his guest enter first, and then followed him in. As the door closed Ralph the doorman could hear Dre say. “I hope you like the taste of pussy.”

Few words had been spoken between the two as they sat on the love seat. Then during a quite moment Dre simply reached over placing his hand on the back of the head of Martice and began to pull his head towards him as if to kiss him, but rather he pushed it down towards his dick, which he used his other hand to pull out of the sweats. As Martice took it into his mouth he understood what Dre had meant and as he found Dre’s manhood being forced deeper and deeper into his mouth. He couldn’t help but think this was the hottest moment of his life. Never before had anyone been so aggressive! Dre fucked his mouth slowly going in and out deeper each time until one time he wouldn’t let Martice up.

“Act like you are swallowing,” he said to him. Martice did as he was told as the head of Dre’s dick rubbed against the back of his throat. The act of swallowing seemed to drive Dre crazy as he finally let Martice up and slowly stood moving in front of Martice letting the sweats fall to the floor and simply stepping out of them. Martice wrapped his hands around the hardest piece he had ever seen–hell it was the only piece he had ever seen!

Dre gently gripped the sides of Martice’s head and began to grind his dick in and out of his mouth, first slowly, but it wasn’t long before he had gotten up to a fast pace causing a popping and slurping sound to come from Martice’s mouth as he breathed in the scent of the soft hair around the Dre’s dick. It was a mix of ‘Tommy’ and pussy. Suddenly Martice couldn’t control it as he began to jack Dre and he slid off the loveseat and right to his knees. The sound of him sucking and tugging began to even drive Dre over the edge as he spoke, “Oh yeah, baby boi,” as his hands moved to the back of the Martice’s head and clearly took control of the pace, allowing Martice to only come up a few inches never pulling out. He kept forcing his dick deeper into the mouth and before long Martice found himself jacking his own rock hard dick as he sucked hard. He was beginning to become short of breath.

“Yo don’t waste my seed!” Dre said as he thrust deep into Martice’s mouth. Martice had thought about if he really wanted to do this, but he found himself washed up in the whole thing as he felt Avrupa yakası travesti the energy in Dre’s body rush into his dick. And then in an explosion Dre’s seed burst into his mouth. Stream after stream of the warm salty cum filled his mouth. At first he simply held it in his mouth, but as he looked up at Dre who was seemingly in the same place Martice had been before, he swallowed. It wasn’t really a big deal he told himself as Dre stood there still hard with his head tossed back.

Martice kept jacking himself expecting to finish himself off, but then as he closed his eyes he was shocked when Dre stopped him. “Don’t cum,” he said grabbing his arm. As he lifted Martice to his feet he removed his shirt almost like an animal, he let it fall to the ground as he lightly bit Martice’s nipples causing a slight quake in his body. Martice was happy that this wasn’t ending already; it shocked him that Dre seemed to care that he enjoyed it as much as Dre had. Before he knew it, Dre had swallowed his whole dick into his mouth as his pants fell to the ground. Martice simply shook as Dre sucked his dick quickly running his tongue along the base as he licked his own finger, then softly pushing against Martice’s tight asshole.

“Arrrrh.” Martice groaned as Dre’s finger entered his ass ring and his dick exploded with cum hitting Dre on the shoulder as he undid Martice’s shoes. “Fuck!” Martice said as he felt Dre pull his finger out and begin to stand up.

“You should tell me next time.” Dre said with a smile as he led Martice to the end of the sofa. Running his hands over Martice’s body Dre slowly walked around him turning him toward the sofa. Martice returned to being the nervous first timer he had been in the club as Dre bent him over the sofa and buried his face in Martice’s tight ass. The shivers began in a part of Martice’s body that he had only recently learned could give pleasure–and pleasure he never thought could be this good!

Dre flicked his tongue across the tight hole perched in front of his face winking at him. As he attempted to probe deeper into the hole, Martice clearly couldn’t stand it as he wiggled and moaned until finally Dre gripped him by the hips and tried to stick his tongue all the way into Martice. The sound of pure pleasure shot from Martice’s mouth, “Arh yes!” he moaned as Dre went even farther placing two fingers into his ass.

“Papi!” Martice hissed as Dre entered him going all the way in quickly. Dre realized he hadn’t felt anything like this in a long time. “Not yet!” Martice said pulling away, shocking Dre.

“What’s wrong son, I thought you wanted to do this?” Dre asked trying to hold back the annoyed tone in his voice as he stood there naked, hard, and horny.

“I haven’t been with anyone before.” Martice confessed softly as everything changed for Dre. There they where again the rules–the only thing he respected. Number one was “Never deflower a virgin”.

“Did you hear me papi?” Martice asked. Before when he said papi it was a term of submission, now all Dre heard was endearment and emotional attachment, both of which where worthless to him and neither of which he wanted.

“Yeah, I heard you. Now you should go.”

To be continued.

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