In Search of Warmth Ch. 02

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Sunlight filtered through Beth’s eyelashes as she squinted them partially open in the morning light, trying to understand what woke her suddenly it seemed.

She found herself in a strange tent, a strange bag and a strange sense of contentment as she took in her surroundings.

Pushing up on her elbows, she tried to recollect what exactly had happened to her. She felt herself naked and smiled as Beth knew she hadn’t dreamt the events of the night before.

Listening, she could hear birds chirping outside of the tent, a soft breeze and the murmur of conversation rising and falling.

Beth rose out of the bag naked and with a slight shiver from the morning chill, crept over to the tent door. Looking out the mostly closed mesh window, she could see Corinne and Tom sitting around a small fire with cups in their hand talking.

Embarrassed, Beth could see all her clothes out hanging on dry lines tied between trees, surrounding the camp. She watched as they moved slightly, flapping in the dappled sunlight as they looked to have been there for a while.

Without really meaning too, Beth could overhear the conversation started to back away when she heard them mention her name.

Guiltily, Beth stepped away from the mesh section of the door, so she could hear unobserved.

“So is Beth ok, she seemed pretty tired this morning,” said Tom in a slightly worried tone.

“Yeah, I think she’ll be fine Tom.”, Beth heard Corinne, “In fact, I have a feeling that she’ll wake up with a smile.”

Blushing, Beth could feel her cheeks blushing even as she felt herself react to the thought of what happened last night.

“Well you look like a cat who got a canary,” Beth heard Tom say in a joking manner, “Anything you want to tell me?”

“She and I got close last night and I will be telling you about tonight as I seduce you if you play your cards right,” before Beth heard them kissing.

She could feel herself blushing hard as she felt a rush of emotions; embarrassment, sexy, self consciousness and yet, Beth felt a little turned on by the fact that she might be a fantasy to them tonight as they make love.

Beth turned away from the window, prepared to sneak back into the warmth of Corinne’s bag. She got a step away from the door when she heard Corinne flirt with Tom.

“In fact, come here and I will give you a sample of what to expect tonight.”

Torn between decency and curiosity, Beth stopped and listened intently as she heard Tom grunt softly and the rustle of clothes and movement.

Beth softly sighed as curiosity won out as she turned back towards the door. Easing up enough to peek out with one eye out of the window, she silently rose up slightly to see what was going on.

Beth gasped involuntarily to the sight that greeted her. Where before she had seen them sitting, Beth watched as Tom stood in front of the sitting Corinne as she reached in Tom’s undone jeans and pulled out his hard penis. Looking up at him, Corinne slowly took Tom deep in her mouth as Tom glanced around worriedly.

“Mmm, Corinne are you sure now is t..,” was all he could get out before a deeper moan escaped him as he watched her take him completely to his base.

Softly moaning, Tom’s hands slipped into Corinne’s hair as he began moving his hips against her. Beth watched as Corinne looked up at him smiling through her handiwork as she eased back to swirl her tongue around his head as she stroked his wet shaft.

“Corinne,” Tom moaned in passion,”You do know how to convince me. Still,” nodding his head towards the tent, “What if she hears or sees us?”

Beth watched as Corinne just slowly pushed herself down on Tom, taking his large member back deep into her and throat, causing Tom to buck uncontrollably against her.

Beth felt her hand brush against her clit, as she softly moaned at feeling herself already excited and wet. Feeling surprisingly voyeuristic, she couldn’t seem to stop herself as she watched them barely through the mesh of the window.

Biting her lip, she softly circled around her clit as she watched as Corinne eased back to just barely having him in her mouth as she recovered.

“Then let her hear Tom as I can already taste you dear,” as Corinne took him in and out of her mouth fast.

Tom’s moan echoed softly through the trees as his hips moved in time with Corinne’s work on him.

Beth’s moan matched Tom’s as she slipped two fingers into now dripping warmth before coming back to rubbing herself quickly.

Thoughts of being in Corinne’s place raced through her mind as she felt herself getting excited. She watched as Corinne slowed and stroked Tom with slick fingers up and down his impressive shaft as she sucked on his head.

“Besides, maybe she’ll like it,” joked Corinne as she glanced over to the tent.

Beth froze as she felt caught by Corinne, sure that she could be seen by her. Instead it seemed like it was only a glance without any recognition as Corinne looked quickly back up to Tom as she let Tom take her Escort bayan mouth with abandon.

Beth and Tom seemed to be working in tandem with each other as she felt herself wanting to cum. Watching how he was taking Corinne, he didn’t seem like he was going to last much longer either.

Moving her fingers quickly, a thought rose up into her mind, of her instead of Tom having Corinne’s mouth on her.

So strong was the thought that Beth moaned hard as she quickly plunged her fingers inside her, moving in and out.

Beth watched as Tom took Corinne, faster now, his moans louder as they echoed around the campsite.

“Mmmm, cum for me baby, I need to taste you,” moaned Corinne as she dove back onto Tom, bobbing her head quickly.

Beth, immersed in her mind, imagined Corinne again telling her to cum for her as Beth’s fingers danced quickly over her clit.

“Yes…right there Corinne, mmmm oh I’m cumming,” moaned Tom as he threw his head back in pleasure as he came hard into Corinne.

Rubbing fast, Beth matched Tom as she imagined cumming against Corinne, as she held her against her, feeling her drinking her in as she came with a muffled moan.

Shudders racked Beth as she watched Corinne stroking Tom slowly, her mouth slowly swallowing him as she looked over towards the tent and Beth.

Beth held her breath as she froze, afraid she had been caught. Her fingers slipped down and in her briefly as she bit her lip, as she brought them out to rub up around her belly and then up her breasts lightly as the after effects of her orgasm still raced through her.

She was sure that Corinne couldn’t see her, yet felt both turned on and guilty at watching them. Corinne took one last glance at the tent and then slowly took all of Tom in her mouth until he relaxed against her.

Beth watched as Corinne, smiling, let Tom ease out of her mouth as she helped him get back dressed and presentable.

Making a show of slowly wiping her finger along the side of her mouth before sucking on it, Corinne rose up with another glance at the tent as she made both Bethr and Tom moan slightly at her antics.

“You were loud, big boy,” crooned Corinne as Tom took her in his arms.

“Oh god, I hope I didn’t wake her,” exclaimed Tom as he glanced over to the tent too, guilt evident on his facial expression.

“You sure about that?” teased Corinne, as she looked up at him. “I think you like her.”

Beth watched Tom blush slightly as he stammered out a denial. Laughing, Corinne kissed him lightly on the cheek as it was evident on his face that she caught him in a lie.

“I’ll go check on our sleeping beauty, why don’t you clean up and check on her clothes. Hopefully they dried out some by now,” said Corinne as she kissed him softly.

Beth quietly scrambled back to the sleeping bag, snuggling down in the bag and feigning sleep as she heard Corinne approaching.

She tried to even out her breathing as she heard the zipper quietly opening as Corinne pulled it up. Eyes closed, she tried to sense her as she heard her step in and quietly zip the door back closed.

Beth held her breath slightly as she felt Corinne kneel down next to hear, only to exhale slightly when she felt Corinne lightly kiss her.

Pretending to wake, Beth opened her eyes in a smiling Corinne. Returning her smile, Beth looked up at her as she received another soft kiss.

“Morning sleepyhead, how did you sleep?”

“Mmm, good Corinne,” said Beth as she stretched in the bag on her back, “I feel much better, thanks again for everything.”

“I’m glad to hear and I enjoyed every minute of it,” Corrine said as she slipped her hands down in the bag to massage Beth’s shoulders and neck.

Blushing slightly at the bluntness of Corinne, Beth smiled up at her as Corinne leaned over her. She felt Corinne massage lower and rub her arms up and down before bending down and kissing her.

As they kissed, Beth felt Corinne rub her thumbs across both her nipples, causing her to gasp. She felt Corinne kiss her deeper, as she realized that was exactly the reaction she wanted, even as she kissed her back.

Beth felt again the stirrings of lust as she felt herself being worked up. She realized as their tongues dueled that she could taste Tom slightly and was surprised at how much this turned her on.

When she felt Corinne run one hand lower, fingers roaming towards between her legs, she found herself naturally opening herself for Corinne.

A moan escaped into their kiss as she felt Corinne stroke her lightly and finding her dripping, slipped two fingers in her.

Beth squirmed underneath Corinne as she felt herself reacting to her touch. Feeling her fingers moving fast as they curled on her g spot, Beth felt herself melting as she kissed Corinne hard.

Corinne broke off their kiss as she looked down at Beth seductively, holding Beth’s eyes locked into hers.

“Mmmm, Beth,” whispered Corinne as she began to rub her palm against Beth’s clit, “I didn’t Bayan Escort expect to find you so excited.”

She could only blush as she felt caught in Corinne’s eyes, staring into them as Corinne was driving her towards her second orgasm of the morning.

“Did you happen to see anything earlier, hmm?” asked Corinne playfully as she rubbed faster, breaking down Beth’s will.

“What mmm, what do you mean?” Beth asked, trying to be innocent as her hips rolled with Corinne’s fingers in her.

Bending down and kissing her hard, Beth moaned as she continued to taste Tom slightly as she felt herself getting close.

“You know, I think you watched me this morning,” whispered Corinne as she rose up slightly from their kiss. “You obviously liked it,” as she smiled at Beth as she rub faster suddenly.

Back arching, Beth felt Corinne’s other hand squeeze her breast and then push away the bag covering her. Cool air rushed against her fevered skin as she spread her legs wider now, free of the confines of the bag.

She could only watch as Corinne bent down over her before she both felt and watched her suck in one of Beth’s nipples.

Beth moaned hard, unable to stifle it as Corinne was working her into a frenzy of lust. She felt herself clenching against Corinne’s fingers as she felt herself close, ready to cum.

With Corinne bent over her, Beth kissed and nuzzled Corinne’s breast as it was held over her face, still held by her clothes. Frustrated, she remembered how it felt last night and ached to feel it again.

Rising up slightly, Corinne smiled at Beth’s frustration, as she slowed down her fingers. Beth reached up with a hand and found Corinne’s waist before shoving her hand up her shirt to cup Corinne’s breast.

Thoughts fuzzy with lust, Beth felt and popped the clasp on the front of Corinne’s bra, freeing her. Moaning in triumph, she pushed up Corinne’s shirt as she tried to rise up to have Corinne.

Corrine was having none of that though as she rose up slightly, just out of reach of Beth’s wanting mouth. Rubbing quickly suddenly, Beth felt herself slammed back against the ground at the sudden pulse of pleasure racing up and down her spine.

“Did you watch us?” Teased Corinne as she rubbed fast, driving Beth towards cumming.

“Mmm, yes,” admitted Beth guiltily as she wiggling against Corinne’s fingers, staring at the breast mere inches away.

Beth was unsure where these wants were coming from, but right now she was too far gone to care as she licked her lips.

She watched as Corinne started to lower herself down on her, as Beth again licked her lips in anticipation. Corinne’s fingers held her on the cusp of cumming as Beth was lost in pleasure, focused only on cumming and feeling Corinne again against her lips.

“You liked it, didn’t you Beth?” Asked Corinne as she felt her fingers slowing further, keeping Beth on the edge now.

Moaning, Beth could only moan her acceptance of that as she felt like a drawn guitar string, aching to be strummed.

“Did you imagine being in my place?” she asked curiously as Beth could only moan guiltily as she clenched Corinne’s fingers before relaxing and trying to move her hips against Corinne’s touch.

“I’m…mmm…sorry, I shouldn’t have watched you and ohh!” Exclaimed Beth as she felt Corinne suddenly bend down and suck on her nipple.

Beth moved slightly as her hand pushed up Corinne’s shirt and bra. Eagerly Beth wrapped her mouth on Corinne’s nipple, enjoying the feel of Corinne hard and excited against her softly flicking tongue.

“Mmm, it’s ok babe, he has a fine one to play with. You thought about having your mouth filled by him, huh?” as she felt Corinne talking against her breast.

Beth could only clench again suddenly against Corinne’s fingers, her body betraying her thoughts as she moaned against the breast in her mouth.

“Relax. I am not mad in the slightest and I bet if you want, we could convince him”, said Corinne breathless as Beth could tell she was turned on.

She moaned against Corinne’s breast, as she felt Corinne rise up and shift so she could suck on her other breast.

Moan happily, Beth continued her foreplay on Corinne as she felt Corinne moving her fingers again. Beth could only grind her hips how, driving them deeper and harder against her g spot.

“You know though,” said Corinne playfully as she rose up enough to talk and flick her tongue against Beth’s nipple, “We share experiences, so you better be ready to get on your knees for me too.”

Beth gasped at the sudden thought and realized she was moaning positively as her mind flooded with erotic thoughts of herself in that position.

Corinne suddenly moved her fingers fast on her, forcing the long awaited orgasm to rip through her, as Beth nearly screamed against Corinne’s breast.

Muffled by her, Beth bucked and jumped as Corinne drew out her orgasm until she laid back spent, the cool air refreshing Beth as she lay open and naked on the floor Escort of the tent.

“Oh!”, Beth heard Tom exclaim from outside the tent.

Beth instinctively tried to cover up, but weak from cumming, she could not stop Corinne from purposely showing her off as she moved her fingers in Beth.

Blushing hard even as she felt Corinne press her breast harder against her to keep her there, Beth knew that Tom was getting an eyeful.

“I umm…have some clothes for you…wow,” the lust in Tom’s voice as it trailed off evident as Corinne, feeling Beth not resisting, rose up slightly off Beth.

“Mmm, thanks babe, I was just getting Beth up, so we’ll come get them in a second. Actually, ” as Beth bucked from Corinne suddenly rubbing her sensitive g spot, “I could use some help so you might as well bring those clothes in. That’s ok, right Beth?”

Gasping in excitement and embarrassment, Beth tried to nod her head as she licked fast on Corinne’s nipple.

“Mmm, our girl here has a talented tongue,” moaned Corinne as she watched Tom bend down and open the tent door, stepping in closing it.

Rising up, Corinne freed Beth from her breast as she eased out her fingers from Beth. She watched as Corinne sucked on her fingers, closing her eyes as she moaned softly, before standing and step over Beth.

Beth glanced back at Tom as she watched his eyes roam over her and then catch her eyes, the want of her evident on his expression.

Even as she felt herself slightly blushing, Beth felt sexy in seeing that reaction. Looking up to Corinne, she found that same expression on her face and any bit of self consciousness left her.

“Here, let me help you up,” smiled Corinne as she reached her hands down before grabbing Beth’s and pulling her up into an embrace.

Shyly, Beth wrapped her arms around Corinne and looked over at Tom. He hadn’t seemed to have moved as he looked into Corinne’s and her face back and forth.

“Umm, good morning,” murmured Beth, “thanks for drying out my clothes.”

“Sure, sure, I bought you the driest clothes I could find,” answered Tom as he stepped closer and held out her clothes. “I hope these are ok.”

She felt Corinne lightly push on her hip, encouraging her to walk towards him. Beth lightly bit her lip and looked at Corinne quickly, seeing her wink at her.

She felt her breasts slightly swaying as she stepped away from Corinne and walked towards Tom. Reaching out, she took her clothes and smiled at him.

“Thanks Tom for everything, I mean it. I worry what would have happened to me otherwise.”

“It’s no problem at all,” Tom stammered as he watched Beth step closer and press herself against him as she looked up at him.

“Hmm, I think these clothes are a little damp still, so I may wait to put them on, that ok?” asked Beth, flirting with him as she tossed down the clothes.

She watched as Tom glanced up at Corinne and then back down to Beth. A couple inches taller, Beth found herself looking upwards slightly even as he looked down on her.

Brazen, Beth reached up and slipped a hand against the back of his head and pulled him into a kiss. His unshaven cheek felt slightly rough against her other hand as she stroked his face before opening her mouth and kissing him deeply and slowly.

She felt his hands wrap around her waist, pulling her tighter against him as they each enjoyed their kiss. Beth liked the feel of him, as her hand slipped from his cheek and around his waist to steady herself.

Gasping, Beth felt Corinne kiss her neck as she felt Corinne’s hands stroking up and down her back. Beth felt Corinne run her fingers along the curve of her ass before lightly squeezing it, causing her to kiss Tom harder.

She heard Corinne laugh softly at her reaction even as Beth felt Corinne slip a hand lower, following her curves until she felt Corinne brush her fingers across her nether lips.

Moaning into their kiss, Beth felt Corinne press herself lightly against Beth’s back, sandwiching her between Tom and her.

Beth felt Tom slip his hand up and caress one of her breasts, softly rubbing his thumb across the tip of her nipple. Already Beth felt herself getting wet again from the continued eroticism of four hands on her, never felt before.

She felt Tom break their kiss and she watched as he kissed Corinne over her shoulder. Opportunistic, Beth kissed his neck as she gasped when she felt Corinne slip a finger inside her.

“Mmmm, Corinnnneee,” Beth moaned as she felt Corinne move in and out before slipping out of her and rubbing her clit.

Already Beth was feeling her thoughts muddled as Corinne wore down her defenses. She felt Corinne expertly rubbing her clit until she was moaning and panting so when Tom came back to kiss her, Beth aggressively kissed him back.

She felt Tom or maybe it was Corinne, Beth didn’t care at this moment, caress her other breast and tease her by tugging on her hard nipple.

Beth moaned against Tom, as her hands went down to his belt. Unbuckling him quickly, she nearly ripped open his jeans as she felt her clit lightly pinched before being let go and rubbed quickly.

“Easy Beth,” see heard Corinne chuckle into her ear, as she felt her slip two fingers into her suddenly.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32