If You Please… Ch. 03

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Big Tits

I feel you stir just before your lips cover mine. This surprises me because most men don’t kiss someone who’s just sucked them off. Our lips play together; licking, biting and suckling. I feel your fingers in my hair and the pressure of your lips increases on mine. I wasn’t sure of your intentions before, but with every shallow breath we draw they become clearer.

My heart is beating faster and I ask you what’s going on. You just smile while you guide my hand to your hardening phallus. My eye widen in surprise and joy! My lips meet yours with renewed fervor. I feel your hands at my breasts again and your mouth leaves mine to follow them. Your fingers separate my engorged lips and test the sensitivity of my clit. You flick it and rub it, making me cry out and arch my hips.

Then I ask you to spread me wide before you plunge your steely rod into me. God! The friction and heat, the sensation of being completely filled by a hard dick after so long, oooooooh, it feels IN-CREDIBLE! It’s too fucking much! My hips are Escort bayan lifting; you’re thrusting in and out with a slow, teasing rhythm. You plunge in and retreat, only to tease me with just the head the next time. Slowly with the head…in and out, only the head at first and then a bit more with the next thrust, and a bit more, then withdrawing completely before slamming into me full-force!! Oh, fuck me! Tease me with your cock, take me to the edge and hold me there…it’s soo good!

Our mouths meet in a frenzy of lips and tongue and I moan as you suck lightly on my neck and use your tongue to trace my ear. I use the opportunity to suck on your neck and shoulder as well before it is lost to me. Your mouth trails just a bit lower to worship my breasts with your wet mouth, going from one to the other, pulling each nipple into your mouth and licking it with your tongue.

You grab my hips so you can turn me over and enter me from behind. We know each others affinity for this position. You grab my cheeks and spread Bayan Escort my fuck-hole wide open for a great shot and drive your cock into me! Oh my fucking god! Your hands are sliding over my ass and up my back. I feel your heat and know you are above me. Your mouth wet; your lips firm but soft nibbling at my shoulders.

Our rhythm has slowed down a bit and your hands are massaging my swaying breasts; enjoying the corresponding clench of my pussy when you pinch my nipples. I hang my head giving you perfect access to my neck and you take it like a hawk; zooming in with your mouth and biting gently at the intersection of my neck and shoulder. My juicy cunt grips your cock more tightly bringing us both closer to that edge.

“Do you like that?” you ask me. “Unnhhhhh!” is my reply, and I spread my legs wide so that I may feel you completely within me. This is why I love being fucked from behind; to be fucked hard and fast, taking every inch of your dick within my silken cunt. Can it get any better?

I hear a small Escort buzzing noise and jump when I feel the vibe on my clit. My hand reaches down and you pass it to me so I can place it where I want. All this pleasure is so intense and even though I know it must come to an end at some point, I take the vibe away so I don’t come too soon. I want to keep these feelings going.

“Oh fuck,” I moan.

“What?” you ask.

“I need to come, but this…feels…so…good!” I pant.

“You mean THIS?” and you drive into me, “Or this?” again you thrust with the same intensity. “Aaaahhh,” is all I can manage.

I bring back the vibe and click it on. Your hand reaches up and pinches my nipple and within seconds I am exploding around you, screaming in pure pleasure as my orgasm blazes through me. My pussy contracts around you as you fiercely thrust in and out until you stiffen, give a shout, and release your seed. You give a few more thrusts to empty yourself and we both collapse in each others arms, sweating profusely. I laugh to myself as you nuzzle my neck and I sigh in contentment.

“That was a-MAZING,” I say as I turn to you.

It’s your turn to laugh as we kiss, and you reply “That’s just the beginning…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32