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I woke with anticipation of sexual play, but at the moment I felt frustrated and bothered, almost immorally wanton with desire for a man at my beckoned call.

It was the end of the week. I was just feeling kind of ‘blobbish’ after a long holiday weekend. Tired, irritable, moody and tearful, I left work early. I was not feeling like doing anything except reading and relaxing for the remainder of the afternoon.

In my solitude and privacy, I laid on the bed feeling sorry for myself. In the isolation and seclusion of my thoughts and feelings, I lay in bed fatigued. I wasn’t quite sure why I was so moody. I wasn’t quite sure what was wrong with me today. I felt useless and unmotivated.

As I lay on the daybed, I drifted into a light slumber while having lustful and immodest thoughts.

Impious and licentious, not feeling restrained in the least, I knew what I needed. I needed lovemaking before my husband Ken came home from work. He would probably be exhausted after the rush of the work week. I needed satisfaction now.

Intensely impure and tainted, I began touching and rubbing myself dispersing the warmth of my gentle hands on my soft body and pale skin. I began to relax as I drifted into a heavier sleep, despite the daylight, the traffic noise and the pedestrians walking their dogs outside my window.

I was thinking that I needed some intense orgasms. Not the gentle and tender kind of orgasm, but the intense and forceful type that would leave me satisfied, fulfilled and reenergized.

Hmmm. What should I do next; alone with my ideas and inspiration; planning my next moves in my anticipation while in slumber of lustful dreams? I lay on my stomach, prepared to embark on my quest for an intense orgasm.


At this juncture, I heard the door open slowly. I was too lethargic and drowsy to be interrupted by an intrusion. Too inconvenienced by the vexation that was interrupting my sexual thoughts, I continued to sleep naked flatly on my stomach. The covers were thrown off and pulled off to the side of me. I was uncovered and exposed in nudity. I was out in the bare open as I heard the opened door.

As I lay on my bed unassumably, a pair of hands began massaging my shoulders and arms. I felt soft and tender loving lips on my mouth and then touching my neck with dozens of butterfly kisses. My neck was then rubbed and stroked so much to my delight and contentment while I lay motionless and frozen with the enchantment of lust.

As the stranger continued to touch me, my wrists were worked melodiously and my fingers were kneaded sensuously. This stranger ran his hands up my neck manipulating my temples and massaging the top of my head until I was woozy and faint.

Lightheaded and almost giddy, I wanted to turn over but the weight of my slumber and enjoyment wouldn’t let me budge an inch from where I lay naked stripped in an unadulterated state of spotlight and exposure.

In torturous agony, I felt paralyzed. The famine of my hunger for sex increased my appetite for more stimulation. Giving into my selfishness and coveted desire for ultimate intensity, I laid powerless and numb in anticipation of an overwhelming orgasm.

“But, not too soon impatient woman,” I convinced myself willfully.

Next, I felt the soothing, gentle touch of a tongue going up and down the middle of my back and spine while my shoulders were still being manipulated with escort istanbul strong hands. The stranger’s hands squeezed my back pressing against my ribs gently and arousingly.

I felt the tingling of heat and release of my blood, sinuously flowing throughout my entire body. With a fervor awareness and eagerness, I impatiently sought more.

Moving his brazen hands down towards my thighs, he continued to maneuver my body more compellingly. His chafing of my inner thighs caused me to moan in ecstasy.

In my inner thoughts, I was begging for him to stroke my aching pussy but he wouldn’t. Instead, he continued to increase my meandering torment of amplifying pleasure with his masculine touch.

“Just wait and linger sweetheart till you can’t take anymore,” the stranger murmured.

I tried to hold my fire inside but my blood was boiling in a torrid blistering inferno centered inside my loins. The cool air conditioning wafted across my nude and erotically beleaguered body. I couldn’t move. I wouldn’t move. I didn’t move.

Bending my knees towards my ass, the stranger massaged my calves while raising and sucking my toes. The sucking of my toes was so erotic spasms at this point causing my hot pussy to pulsate uncontrollably. The harder he sucked my toes while massaging my feel the better the sensation I was feeling in my pussy.

As fingers trickled between my thighs and teased the outer labia my clit, reaching the mound of Venus, I yearned for his ‘langer’ inside of me.

He stalled sticking his cock inside of me while he was provoking me and teasing my pussy causing a deeper desire for him inside of me.


As he blindfolded me and pulled my long brown hair back, tying it with a ribbon that lay on the table, he turned me over and began kissing me furiously.

Who was this person? This man felt familiar but peculiar at the same time.

I managed to reach for his cock which was enlarged, inflamed and substantial.

The stranger clutched my shoulders with his open crasp and gently laid me down on the bed. He felt my arms while filtering back up and down me, touching my enlarged nipples and tits. With my erect nipples in his mouth, I feared what was about to transpire next.

As he rubbed me down towards my ribcage, a finger brushed inside my soft and furry pussy. He entered my hot, wet, and climaxing fire within my saturated pussy. He was rougher than I was accustomed to, but I was still enchanted and mesmerized by the mystery that bequeathed me with him touching me.

His tongue began to titillate my labia and the glans of my clitoris. While he was going down on me sucking the forbidden territory of my clitoral hood and swallowing my juices licking the thin lining of my ‘yoni’, he was violating me and seducing me in the drunkenness of my temperament and console.

I was positioned on my bed, embarrassed and self-conscious now at feeling so good exposing my nakedness in front of this stranger.

My embarrassment was short-lived as he started jolting his tongue flickering into my pussy and sucking out the hot deep orifice of my twat. Embracing what was about to ensue, I began moaning and whimpering at the pleasure I was feeling.

Combating the pugnacious orgasm that was beginning to erupt while trying to hold back my screams, I skirmished and then relinquished all control as I cried out in agony escort bayan istanbul and with emitted pleasure.

I heard the stranger pant with desire. He couldn’t resist me now as he put his hard, swollen, erect dick into my cunt watching me struggle in plight uncontrollably.

The stranger pulled his cock out as he rubbed his precious cock up and down my inner thighs. I could feel him begin to cum with a hot projection of what he had in store for me.

He massaged my legs up and down twisting my ankles sideways.

Pushing my stomach upward and whirling me around, I adjusted my body resting on my hands knees with my intriguing ass gesturing for more delight.

By gosh, he’s not through with me yet!

This man played with my pussy from behind engaged in the recreation and amusing me with his invisible participation inserting the finger from his other hand into my anus in and out and up and down.

I didn’t know what area he was actually touching or arousing.

I was feeling euphoric and dense to the pleasure I was enduring passionately and single-mindedly. Keenly, he entered my pussy with his hard cock again. I began to orgasm quickly, excitedly and overpoweringly. He kept thrusting into me with his stiff and upright cock. He twiddled my asshole with something else I couldn’t identify weakening me with amusement and glee.

“Stop, stop,” I uttered but the words wouldn’t come out. I started squeezing his cock with my ass clasping and enveloping his penis as I heard him ache with discomfort but pleasure.

The stranger kept propelling his cock in and out of my cunt. As I tried to expel him from my seared pussy, he plunged into me deeper instead.

The driving force in my ass was reaching a pinnacle.

My pussy was peaking with a heightening culmination of monumental proportion. I couldn’t tolerate his hard cock any longer.

My next orgasm was so intense; yet he wouldn’t stop. Suffering with intensity and power, I accepted his victory allowing him to take full advantage of me.

The stranger came inside of me deeply squirting his hot cum into my blistering pussy. He clutched my shoulders seizing the back of my neck encompassing me with his tongue and lips.

He arched me over as he started injecting his retargeted cock between my tits and then snatching my nipples.

I wept in awe and worship of this man and his cock.

He was hard again and penetrated me inflexibly and rapidly.

He pulled out and performed oral sex on me instead. Not knowing where he was finding this endurance, I came again withering in my satisfaction and blissful flight.

As he entered my drenched pussy again I lay back with a lack of control.

I felt the saturation of his masculinity as my body was trembling for continuance and disbelief of the longevity of his lovemaking.

As he climaxed inside me once again, my orgasm was so intense that I didn’t know where he began or where he ended.

I rolled back over onto my stomach, naked and satisfied immobile while still trying to sit up.

There was a numbed feeling throughout my body brushing over my shoulders, legs, back and inside my loins. I was uplifted and worriless while no longer in need.


Being the defensive, feisty woman I am most of the time shunning men and their carefree natures, I wondered what had happened bayan escort istanbul to me today. This mystery man had filled a void I never knew could be filled.

The experience felt like an illusion yet realistic. The fantasy or daydream I had deceived me. The trickery and deception of the moment caused recurring feelings and sensations throughout my body and my brainwaves.

An elusive stranger had caused magic in my soul, a chimera of sorts satisfying my fantasy of fantasies but precluding the lack of reality I was feeling.

I felt passive, lucid, placid yet tamed like a wild bear defending her turf. I was dwelling in the delusion of satisfaction, misapprehension and false consciousness of what had just happened to me.

I knew I hadn’t just felt an artifice of impressions. My sensation, my alerted senses and my fulfillment affected me in many dimensions somewhat indescribable.


I pulled the mask off my eyes as I gradually widened them. As I unveiled my blurriness I managed to sit up and look around. There was no one in the room. The room was empty and silent. I was still naked still in my solitude.

The door was ajar and a glass of unfinished wine sat on the nightstand.

Confused and bewildered, satisfied and spent, I rose with the heaviness of content still weighing against me

“Who was that?” I wondered to myself, “and when will he be back?”

I got up, put my robe and closed the door. I poured myself a drink and put on some relaxing music remaining in the stillness of contentment and preoccupation of the stranger who entered and left my house so quietly and transparent.


A few minutes later, my husband walked in. He was still dressed in the business suit from this morning as he left for work.

“How was your day?” he asked.

“You couldn’t imagine!” I quivered. “Do you want a martini?”

He sat down waiting for his martini.

Sipping our martinis, I told him how much I missed him all week and especially today.


It’s been two years since my last lover left the country. He went back to see his family and never returned. I haven’t heard a word from him since.

Our years together culminated in the agony of his departure with relief for both of us at the time of his exodus. The preceding years had left us with a tormented love, a trial of love and disruption.


A few days earlier, I had received a call telling me that Thomas would be coming back to the United States. I became immensely confused and beleaguered. I was told that Tom still loved me and had always loved me but reluctant to show his commitment because of the chance of rejection from me.

I was expecting a call shortly afterwards. I didn’t know if I had a dream or if in reality, I would indeed receive a call and welcome Thomas back into my life.


I wondered if the stranger whom entered my home that day was indeed Tom. I speculated that if it was him and after eyeing my house, Tom saw the new life I had made leaving in tears.

A great sadness between two forlorn lovers would be the end of the tale.

However, despite the separation of miles and time, I still think of Tom often.

We were soul mates at one point with a poignant understanding of each other in spite of cultural differences.

I wasn’t sure what would happen next? What if Tom reappeared in my life again? Would I take him back … and then what? I was baffled and mystified by the stranger who had entered and exited my house that day, leaving me with the satisfaction of a returning lover knowing every spore of my body.


At that moment, I woke up to the reality of life and its consequences.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32