The Forest Ch. 04

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The Forest Part 4

Chapter One

The fog was getting thicker. I could barely see five feet in front of me. The shadow of the mountain seemed to have trapped all light from being able to breach the thick whiteness. Like a wave of water, it crept into the cave. William looked almost as white as the fog and didn’t say anything.

“Can’t we just go through it and maybe make our way back?” I hopefully asked as I looked at him.

We were just standing there. I could see him trying to figure out what we should do and I felt the feeling of dread build up in my stomach.

“We can’t… If we go out in this fog, we will get lost.” He replied. He sounded off, unsure of helplessness.

“I mean… I think we might be able to retrace our steps, but I haven’t come this way a lot in the past and we can get separated in the fog. If you wander off in the wrong direction, you won’t ever find your way back.” He added while sitting down with his legs upwards. His face buried on his arms as he tries to figure out what to do.

I felt a sudden drop in temperature as a small amount of cold wind made its way inside. The realization of not being able to get back was setting inside me. What will we do? My dad will skin me alive knowing I went so deep in the forest without any provisions. I sat down next to William not knowing what to say.

“I’m sorry Liam… I should have made sure about the weather and I brought some water or food with for the day.” He said sounding remorseful.

I placed my right arm over his shoulder.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s not like we died or anything. So-what if there is some fog and we can’t make it back? Worse things have happened in life.” I replied while trying to hide the fear in my voice, by sounding optimistic.

He looked at me while I smiled at him. He moved closer to me and I felt his lips touch mine. He kissed me softly. It was like a sudden surge of willpower sparked through his body and he pulled away. In one fluid motion, he was up on his feet with a determined look on his face.

“We can hold out for a night here. There is a small wooden shed on the other side of the railroad track. Just pass the wooden logs.” He said while looking to his right as if seeing the shed through the dense fog.

I quickly got up as well and we made our way towards the blinding white fog. He was leading the way while I tried to see where I was going, but this proved more difficult than it sounds as I could barely see my feet. We climbed over the small piles of logs and found ourselves standing in front of a wooden shed like building.

With a loud bang, William kicked open the door and it flung forward with a loud “Swoosh” noise while the old rusted lock fell down to the floor.

The shed was actually a small cabin of sorts. Inside was a small wooden table with a candle, some rusted pots and a type of rocking chair. On the left side of the wall stood a small wooden single bed with a very thin mattress. It looked as if the place hasn’t been touched in over eighty years. William went inside and I followed suite while we both examined the place.

There was some light coming in on the side where a small window was placed above the bed. The most shocking thing about the room was the lack of dust. There was hardly any dust on the floor or furniture inside. The floors creaked as we walked further inside.

“This will have to do. It’s better than being outside as it will get cold tonight. There must be a cold front moving over. That will explain the fog hanging over the forest.” He said while turning to look at me.

“I should have checked the weather last night. I would have known there would be fog if I knew about the front moving in.” He added and I could see the anger in his face.

“Let’s just make it through the night.” I replied and felt a sudden churn in my stomach.

I could feel the hunger build up inside me. We haven’t eaten since the morning. William sat down on the bed and gave it a few small jumps as to try and feel the softness of the mattress.

“It’s going to be a rough night on this thing.” He joked and got back up again as I made a small chuckle.

“I need to go and get us some water.” He said while looking at some of the metal cups on the table.

“Er… Sure… But where?” I asked turning my head as if looking for a tap.

“There’s an old water pump outside that you manually have to push to pump water out the ground. I’ll go and fill some cups for us.” He said while quickly grabbing two of the tin cups.

He opened the door and entered the white sheet waiting outside. I could hear the loud screech of the pump as he pushed on the handle a few yards away from the cabin. I gave the small cabin one more look over and walked towards the bed. The mattress felt soft, but thin. It was stuffed with feathers that had been worn out from years of use. There was no pillow or blanket in sight.

William entered the cabin with the cups filled with water. aksaray escort

“Hope you are fine with some contaminated water.” He said while placing the cups on the table.

“Contaminated with what?” I cautiously asked.

“Heck knows… I drank some, but it tasted brackish. Probably means it just sat in the pipes for a while.” He said and shrugged.

I got up from the bed and felt a shiver go down my spine. The cold air from outside was making its way through the cracks and spaces between the wooden logs in the wall. Neither of us had any jackets with us, but thank the Lord we had sweat pants on. William tried to close the door entirely, but it seems he displaced the door from its hinges when he kicked it open.

“Oh well. That’s about as closed as it will go.” He said a few minutes later and gave up with the door.

“So, what now?” I asked while trying to sound hopeful.

“Well… Now we wait I guess.” He replied and fell down on the bed with a loud thud.

I could see the hair on his skin stand on end as he did. Seems like he was also feeling the cold nip in the air.

I moved towards the bed and sat down next to him.

“Mind If I join you?” I asked without waiting for a reply.

“Mind?? Are you mad?! You are going to be my source of heat for the night!” He eagerly replied and grabbed me by the shoulders so I could lay down next to him.

I felt him snuggle behind me and placed his right hand over my waist. I felt a sharp flutter in my stomach when he touched me. I could feel his warm breath on the back of my neck and the heat from his body warming me up. We laid for about five minutes in complete silence when I spoke.

“Do you think our parents will freak out, with us not coming home tonight?” I quietly asked while thinking of my dad alone at home. Waiting for me to get back.

“Yeah probably… My mom is going to ground me till I’m sixty.” He replied sounding worried.

“Hopefully the fog will be gone in the morning.” I replied as I felt another cold wave of air enter the cabin.

Chapter Two

I must have fallen asleep for a while as the small amount of light from the sun was gone and it was pitch black inside. We were both still on the bed and I could feel William’s arm still over me. I could tell he was still sleeping from the sound of his breathing. I wanted to adjust my body a bit, but I didn’t want to wake him. I slowly turned myself over to face him.

I could just make out his face from the dim light inside. His mouth was slightly open and I felt the warm air flowing from him as he breathed. There was something mesmerizing about him. I have never had feelings for another guy before, but here I am, looking at William made me feel safe. Life really has a weird way of showing you who you really are. A year ago, I would never have done what I did today. Even to imagine it with someone else right now seems wrong.

William started to move and turned around so his back was against me. I moved so he could adjust himself. I lowered my body towards him and slowly placed my arm around his waist. He moved again and took my hand in his. He pulled my arm closer to him so I was very tightly snugged against him. I couldn’t believe how warm his body felt against mine. I lowered my head and placed my lips slowly on the back of his neck. I gently kissed him and pulled away. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Chapter Three

I woke up when I heard William talk.

“Liam… Wake up…” He gently whispered and shook me on the shoulder.

It was still pitch black inside and the temperature seemed to have dropped even more while we slept. I guessed it at about midnight when I opened and closed my eyes rapidly to try and see.

“Wha… What’s wrong?” I quickly asked in distress.

“I think I heard something outside.” He replied sounding alarmed.

It was like ice went down my spine and I sat up instantly. We both kept quiet as to try and listen for any noise. About a minute later we both heard it. A loud scraping noise about twenty yards away drained the rest of the colour from my skin. William was up and out of bed in seconds. He quickly paced towards the door and peered outside.

“Come have a look.” He said in a calm manner which took me off guard.

I quietly walked towards where he stood as not to make the floor give off any sound and looked through the small opening in the door. An elk the size of a small car was scraping his horns against the closest tree next to the cabin, trying to clean them. I felt myself relax and gazed in awe at the sheer size of him. It had a beautiful coat of hair and horns so big it would easily tear the tree in two. William tried to open the door wider so we could both get a better glance at him as he pushed his horns against the tree. This proved to be a mistake as the door made a loud crack noise and in a matter of seconds, the elk was gone.

“Sorry…” He slowly apologised and looked escort at me.

“That thing was huge!” I replied with a look of excitement on my face.

I’ve always liked animals and my dad was part of the animal rights group in his spare time. He taught me to respect and love animals. So seeing the elk was really something.

The cold air over my naked arms brought me back to reality and where I was. I peered outside again just to be sure. I couldn’t make out the trees behind the logs and I wasn’t able to see the metal railings against the mountain cliff side. The fog was still as thick as ever and I felt myself feel ill all over. Would the fog even ne gone in the morning? I wondered to myself.

“Don’t worry. The sun will help dissipate the fog in the morning and it will clear up.” William said to me as he must have guessed what I was thinking.

I tried to smile at him, but felt my face twitch in a weird manner. William closed the door shut again, so we could get back on the bed, but I didn’t feel sleepy at all. I felt cold and hungry.

“Come here. You must be freezing…” He placed both his arms around my waist and I felt him pull me towards him.

He embraced me hard against him and I felt the heat from his body warm me up again. Why did I feel like this whenever he touched me?

“Let’s get back on the bed, so I can warm you up.” He said as I felt him pulled me towards the bed.

I got on the bed and moved so he could get on, but to my surprise he placed his legs over mine and lowered himself on me. Not with full weight, but just enough so his body covered mine. His face was so close to mine. I felt his eyes look into mine as if searching for something.

“Kiss me…” I whispered softly.

I felt him slowly lower his face towards me. A small electrical shock went through me as his lips touched mine. I could feel the warmth of his breath blowing over me. I couldn’t get enough of him. He placed his right hand behind my head and pulled me hard against him. I opened my mouth in response to let our tongues meet. The taste of him was memorizing in every sense. My dick was getting hard as he kissed me deeper and I could feel him start to thrust his hips against mine. The friction of him rubbing himself against me was almost enough to make me cum, but he got up and took his shirt off. The room was cold, but he still wanted me to see his defined muscles underneath. He lifted my shirt up, but just pulled it towards my chest. His hand found its way to my chest and I experienced something new. My entire body trembled when he took my nipple in between his fingers squeezed on it lightly.

He placed his lips on me again and kissed me ferociously. I could feel a wet spot forming in my underwear as my dick started to leak its pre-cum. He was grinding his hip against me the whole time.

“You taste really good… I don’t ever want to stop kissing you.” He said to my face when he pulled away and I looked into his eyes as the light caught them.

I pulled my right hand up and placed it between our bodies and slowly made my way down. I felt the rock-hard bulge in his pants as he lifted himself a bit up so I had access. I placed my fingers around the base of his thick dick and felt the warmth of his breath on my face again when he moaned from pleasure. I slowly moved my hand up and down over the material of his pants, feeling his hard dick throb in my hand. I couldn’t believe I was doing something like this again. I felt my head spin as he moved towards my neck and kissed me softly. I pulled my head backwards as he opened his mouth, letting his tongue make contact with my bare skin.

I slowly with one finger lifted the elastic of his pants as to try and feel his dick directly in my hand. As my finger slowly entered underneath I felt him tense. I felt his short coarse pubic hair around my finger as I moved more into his pants. I was welcomed by a wet sensation on my finger and knew he was also leaking his pre-cum out from the excitement.

He moaned on my neck when I touched his dick. I wrapped my hand around the head, whilst spreading his self-made lube around the tip. His foreskin was halfway down from him humping me when I pulled on the skin down to fully expose the pulsating head. He lifted his body upwards with him sitting over my lap. I pulled his pants down more to fully expose his hard dick. He lowered himself a little and I felt his ass make contact on my hard dick. He slowly dry humped me between the material of our sweat pants. As he moved forward and backward, his massive dick pulled in and out of my hand. His foreskin pulling forwards and backwards with each hump.

I was leaking the entire front part of my pants wet and really just wanted to take them off, but with him rubbing his ass over my hard bulge was making it feel too good. I felt a moan escape my mouth when he pushed down a little harder against my dick with his well-shaped buttocks. I haven’t felt this type of lust before in my kağıthane escort life. He lifted himself up to push down again and I grabbed the opportunity. I heaved my hips forward to try and use my left hand to pull my pants down, however, he must have thought I wanted something different.

He pulled himself forward and I could see his dick coming closer to my face. I didn’t know what to say. I have never sucked a dick before in my life and here one was edging closer and closer to my face. He placed both his legs over my chest and closed in towards my mouth. The smell was intoxicating. It didn’t smell bad, but rather like a small amount musk. I pushed my tongue out to taste just the tip and I felt my heart race. He was really wet with pre-cum by the time he closed in onto my mouth and I was surprised at how sweet it was. It tasted really good and I found myself wanting more. He pushed his hips forward and entered my now open mouth. I had to really open wide in order for him to enter my mouth.

He could barely get quarter of his dick inside me, when my gag reflex stopped him. I was in a state of pure lust. I wanted him to push more inside me, but I just couldn’t handle the size of his dick. He pulled back and pushed forward again, making moaning sounds every time he went in. I placed both my hands on his firm ass to try and help him push down further into my mouth. I could feel him clench his butt muscles as he pushed forward. He reached behind him and pulled the front of my pants down in one motion. He grabbed my dick and furiously started jerking it while I tried to give him the best blowjob I could manage. Although I wasn’t doing much since he started face fucking my mouth faster and faster.

“Your mouth feels so good… Shit!” He said between taking breath’s.

I could feel myself getting closer as he pulled faster on my dick. His hand was rubbing over my sensitive head every time he moved back up again.

“I’m getting close… I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to shoot my load in your mouth…” He said and increased his pace.

His dick was sliding in and out of my mouth at a furious pace. His pre-cum leaving a sweet taste in my mouth every time the head of his dick slid over my tongue. I wondered if his cum would taste the same, but I didn’t have to wonder long as he pushed down hard into my mouth and started moaning loudly. I could feel his dick expand in my mouth seconds before the first shot of cum entered my mouth.

I barely had time to wonder if I should swallow or not when more and more of his sperm shot in my mouth. I had no choice but to swallow or drown in his thick cum. The taste was so much different from the sweet tasting pre-cum. It was strong and a bit salty but not too unpleasant. I swallowed every drop that came out his thick member in my mouth. He eased up slowly and pulled out when he finished unloading everything in me. His dick fell out my mouth with a loud “pop”.

“Shit! That was so hot, but it’s now your turn.” He said out of breath and lifted his legs off me.

I was leaking pre-cum everywhere and really needed to relieve the pressure building up in my balls. I thought he was just going to jerk me off, but a second later I felt a warm wet feeling over the head of my dick. I have never received a blowjob before and the feeling made me arch my back in pleasure. He took me in his mouth about half way and pulled back again.

“Your pre-cum taste really good.” He quickly said and went down on my dick again.

He would pull back until just the tip remained in his mouth and go down again. Trying to take my entire dick in his warm mouth. He quickened his pace going deeper and deeper every time he went down. I knew I wasn’t going to last long.

“I’m getting close… Fuck… You’re going to make me shoot.” I said and looked down as he went down with his head again.

A sudden increase in pressure around my dick told me I just entered into his throat. I couldn’t hold off anymore. The feeling of his throat around my dick drove me over the edge and I felt my balls pull up.

“Aaw fuck!” I yelled loudly as the first shot of sperm bulleted out my dick straight into him.

He quickly pulled my dick out his throat, but kept it in his mouth as the rest of my sperm burst out my pulsating dick. I could feel he was fighting the urge to cough, but started swallowing everything. It felt as though I wanted to pass out from lack of oxygen as I stopped breathing from pure enjoyment. My body tensed as my orgasm subsided and I felt him pull off.

He fell down next to me, clearly exhausted from the ordeal. I just laid next him breathing heavily.

“That was amazing.” I said and turned to look at him.

He gave me a grin, but said nothing. I pulled my pants back on me as he quickly grabbed his shirt to cover himself from the cold. He turned towards me and gave me a deep kiss again.

“Thanks.” Was all he said and made me turn on my side so he could place his arm over me.

I felt the familiar flutter in my stomach again as he touched my body. “I wanted this to last forever. I want to stay with him forever.” I thought to myself as I felt my body relax and my eyes begin to close.

Part Five to follow soon…

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