In Love

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You’ve been antsy all day, wanting to leave work. Kissing me goodbye this morning while I was still sound asleep before you left for work just wasn’t enough. Ever since we found out that we’re expecting him, you haven’t wanted to leave my side. Working a few hours a day while I’m at home with my now big belly seems to drag on forever, day in and day out.

But it’s time to go home and you say your goodbyes quickly and race out the door. It doesn’t take you ten minutes to get home, and you run up to the door, but walk through the house slowly because you know that since pregnant, I’ve been taking naps at this time of day. Tiptoeing into our bedroom, you indeed find me propped up on three pillows, dozing away, my tummy bulging in front of me and my chest rising and falling slowly with every breath I take.

You smile to yourself and walk over to the bed quietly. I open my eyes and smile at you, half asleep as you whisper, “I’m sorry baby girl; I didn’t mean to wake you.” I just stretch my arms out for you to hug me and lay down next to me. You can tell I’m happy that you’re home and that I don’t mind at all being awake now. “How was your day? Did he cause you any trouble?” you ask as you pet my belly, lying down next to me now.

“He kicked every time I thought about you. He loves his daddy, already almost as much as his mommy does.” I smile and place my hand over yours on my tummy. I see the sparkle in your eyes as you lean down and kiss me softly on my lips. After a few seconds, they part and I feel the tip of your tongue caressing mine. Suddenly we both feel a kick in my tummy and we can’t help but laugh.

I turn to my side carefully so that now I’m facing you. I catch your eyes moving towards my cleavage, which admittedly, over the last few months seems to have doubled. “They’re huge, aren’t they?” I smile and whisper to you. “Yes, they are, baby. But I love them.” You grin devilishly. I take your hand off my tummy and lead it up to my chest, placing it right between my breasts. I hear a low growl escape your lips and clearly notice the movement in your pants as you let your fingers slide across my skin and place your palm completely over my breast, squeezing ever so gently.

“Aren’t you tired, baby girl?” üvey kız kardeş porno you ask, but don’t move your hand from my chest. I smile and nod no, “Why do you think I was taking a nap?” Within seconds, your lips are pressed to mine and my tongue is hungrily devouring yours. My hand finds its way under your shirt as I slide my fingers up your smooth stomach to your chest, tweaking one nipple between my fingertips for a while before moving over to the other side and repeating the teasing there, too.

You know how much I love hearing you growl, and as I feel your hand slide past mine, you start undoing your belt. I grab your hand, however, and smile, “No, baby- I want to do that.” You obey happily and move your hand away. I tug at the big belt buckle and it clangs as I let it fall to the ground. As you hear the leather sliding out of your belt loops, one by one, you grow harder by the second. You can’t help it, and as soon as I’ve removed the belt, you jump up and rip your pants and boxer briefs off.

“Couldn’t wait to get home again, could you baby?” I giggle, staring at your huge erection just a few feet from my face. You nod nuh-uh, and, remaining on your knees, reach under my flowery summer dress. The expression on your face lets me know that you just now discovered that I’m already wet… and panty-less. I just smile innocently and whisper, “I had some fun on my own before my nap, baby.” The sheets under me still contain some honey from my play before and you can’t wait till you get some of it, too. Without even hiking up my dress, you press your hand between my thighs, dipping one finger teasingly into me. I moan your name softly and roll instinctively onto my back again. Moments later, I find you kneeling between my legs and my dress bunched up at my waist.

You lean down far enough for me to grab ahold of your shirt at the bottom and I tug at it, pulling it up past your chest and off of you. As soon as your shirt is off and you realize you’re now completely naked, unlike me. My dress straps have already slid off my shoulders, and you see this as an invitation to sit me up and tug at the dress to take it off of me as well. My swollen breasts bounce as they fall xnxx porno out of my dress and I feel you stir between my legs just at the sight of them.

Not wasting any time, you lean down carefully and take one of my nipples into your hot mouth. Sucking on it teasingly, you keep this up until you feel me grow hard in your mouth and hear me gasp for air, growling lowly. Your free hand squeezes my other breast, caressing it and slowly massaging it. My fingers have found their way into your hair and I tug at it in ecstasy. This turns you on so much that I scream out in delightful pain as I feel your teeth sink into my already hard nipple. I can see your eyes as you look up at me, and smiling back at you, I spread my legs for you invitingly.

You’ve been waiting for this all day and don’t waste any time. Positioning yourself between my legs, you grab yourself and stroke it a few times, teasing us both before placing the tip right between my now soaking lips. We both hold our breath as you ever so slowly inch into me, taking all the time in the world. All the way in, you don’t move for a few seconds and it seems like an eternity before we both exhale sharply. Leaning down on me, you kiss me passionately, still barely moving.

Our tongues dance with one another as you slowly begin to slide back out of me and push inside again. We start breathing in rhythm, in as you push deep inside me, and exhale with every time you slide out pull out again. Almost forgetting that we’re not alone, our baby stirs below your chest in my tummy and we look into each other’s eyes, reading the passion off of one another’s face, and smile. Increasing your pace, you kiss me again and as I start moaning faster and a bit louder, your lips clasp around my nipple and you suck on my breast until it is rock hard in your mouth again.

Enjoying this, I beg you without speaking to do the same to my other already semi-hard breast. As soon as you switch, my hand moves to the now wet nipple and replaces your tongue there, tweaking it while I run my other hand through your hair and down your back, digging my nails into your skin and shoulders.

With every thrust, you seem to go even deeper than the time before and my moans zenci porno seem to make you hard and harder each time you hear them. Your beautiful eyes stare deeply into mine and I can see all the love you have for me and your angel. Hovering above me, your arms supporting your weight, you lean down and start kissing my belly. I love that you do that and prop myself up as much as I can so you can slide in even deeper while you kiss my bulging belly. I smile at you and you look at me once again with joy in your eyes. “If he only knew…” you grin at me evilly and to your surprise, I tighten my muscles around your shaft, making you shiver, whispering, “I think he knows, daddy.”

You growl at me once again as I feel you start to shiver. “You know what it does to me when you call me that, baby.” You immediately increase your speed and I start moaning as I feel your push deeper, thrusting more forcefully now. With every thrust you make me get louder to the point where I am almost screaming your name.

I feel my body starting to tense up and my eyes seek out yours. Thrusting fast into me, you bring your hand between my legs now, too, to feel your slick shaft sliding in and out of me. I feel your fingers start to rub me and I beg you not to stop. “I love you, baby”, I manage to whisper between desperate gasps for air, and staring into your eyes, I allow my body to convulse in what seems a minute- long orgasm.

Moments later, after my muscles have returned to their relaxed state, I realize that you haven’t slowed your pace at all. With my excess honey sliding past your shaft onto the sheets, you thrust harder and faster. I tighten up once again and stare into your eyes. You moan my name and exhale sharply, and I feel you release into me. You don’t stop thrusting and seconds later another moan is shortly followed by a second orgasm.

You kiss me hard, all your energy having escaped your body moments prior. You look into my eyes questioningly, and I just nod an answer with a smile on my face. Finally, you collapse on top of me, lying with your head on my chest as I wrap my arms lovingly around you. Lifting your head briefly, you whisper, “Are you sure I’m not hurting him like this?” I giggle softly, kissing your lips, “You ask me that every time, baby. Yes, I am sure.” You feel the stir in my tummy and his little kick against your chest as you roll off me and lay on your side next to me. “I don’t know about the two of you,” you smile while pulling the blanket over our naked, yet satisfied bodies, “but I sure could go for a nap.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32