Immigrant Ch. 01

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All characters in sexual situations are 18 years of age and older.

It is a very hot summer day and Henry feels frustrated by the intense heat. He left home in a hurry after hearing his dad screaming his mother’s name and begging her to fuck him harder. His mom is a muscular colonel and much stronger than his dad. She once broke their bed. It was so awkward when Henry heard the sound and rushed in, worrying that his dad might have been injured. Fortunately, all that’s on Alan Rodriguez’s body were a few bruises. He knows his mom would never, ever intentionally hurt his dad, but she could still get carried away sometime. Henry shivers thinking about the way his mom would demand his dad’s cum as breakfast.

Suddenly, the boy sees something that makes him frown. A plump, middle aged man is being harassed by two of the guys in his year. The man is shorter than them and they are shoving him up against a car, slapping the side of his head and spitting in his face. He seems to have a brown complexion and looks like someone from the Middle East. It makes Henry wonder if racism is the issue here. He watches for just a few seconds before walking towards them so that he could hear what is going on between the three. Normally Henry is not one for snooping but he is worried for the older man’s safety.

“Why won’t you and your family just go back to your shithole country?” one of his burly classmates asks the cowered man, making him flinch. Henry’s blood boils as he witnesses the shameful sight of two young, strong boys bullying a frail, older man who can not defend himself against them. “We don’t want people like you here.” The boy is now snarling in his victim’s face, baring his teeth in an almost feral way, his jaws tensed up with disgust in his blue eyes. “Your people are disgusting pieces of filth who are ruining our country.”

“Excuse me!” Henry interjects and steps in between the abused man and his two teenager assailants. “I couldn’t help but overhear what the two of you were saying. If he immigrated here legally, and I assume that he did since we run our system based on innocent until proven guilty, then there’s not a damn thing you can do. You have no right to send him back to where he is from. Our country was also founded by immigrants, so don’t treat him as an inferior just because he is one.” He stares down the two larger boys coolly, not budging at all, shielding the olive-skinned man behind him bravely.

The two other boys are surprised by his interference. They didn’t expect anyone to stand up to them and are secretly impressed by Henry’s balls. But they don’t tell him that. Instead, the larger one says “It’s none of your business, you little shrimp,” dramatically staring down Henry, who slightly flinches but stands his ground, not showing signs of weakness to either one of them. They realize they can’t intimidate him and leaves with a huff, deciding to let Henry and the brown-skinned person they were verbally assaulting and slapping go.

Once they’re gone, Henry quickly turns around to inspect the condition of the man he just saved. No visible bleeding or bruises, though he was slapped a few times. So some may form later, but not at the moment. “Are you okay, sir? Did they make any threats to you, other than insults?” Henry asks in a polite tone. His parents have always told him about the importance of respecting older people, but the teenager is also fundamentally good too, and would’ve turned out a nice boy even without being raised in such a way. He gives a warm smile to the middle aged man who appears to still be in shock.

Finally, the man speaks to him “Oh, thank you so much for helping me. My name is Abdullah Hassan. They didn’t threaten me and only insulted me for my race. They were telling me to go back to Egypt. Me and my family did immigrate here legally though. It’s already been three years since we came to this country now.” Henry nods in understanding. “What is your name? You are a very nice young man to stand up for a stranger like that.” Abdullah looks at Henry’s face as the teenage boy smiles lightly after getting the compliment. He has always been a modest boy and never did a good thing simply out of desire for praises.

“I’m Henry Rodriguez,” he says to the short Egyptian, offering a handshake. Abdullah graciously accepts it. “Both my mom and dad told me that I should help other people whenever I can. I am really glad that they didn’t go further than insults but you should still be very careful. Those guys are strong enough to hurt us badly. I’ll report them to a teacher for racism but you should also park your car where there are other people around. They will be much less likely to be willing to attack when there are potential witnesses. It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

Abdullah nods. “Thank you. I will do it as you say,” he tells him before getting back in his car. “I came here to drop of my daughter. She is about your age. I have to get to work now.” Henry says escort izmir bye to him and watches him leave with the car. He didn’t realize that people watched him stand up for the Middle Eastern man and were impressed by what they saw. The boy quickly exits the crowded parking lot and heads to his first class of the day.

He passes many different people on the way there. Many of them just shun him since he has always been an outcast. A few who saw him earlier and were a bit impressed want to talk to Henry. And then there is actually one cheerleader who thinks that he is cute, but she isn’t around at the moment so he doesn’t see her. Instead Henry only sees the people who are mostly indifferent towards him. He is perfectly fine with that since it’s not like he wants to be friends with them anyways. No, he prefers to be by himself like his dad did back when he was in high school.

Once he gets to the classroom, Henry finds that he is the first one in and sits down at his usual place. He waits and people start filing in. Eventually, a girl enters the classroom and sits down next to him. Her name is Shani and she just transferred here around a week ago. It’s a tough move for a senior year but she seemed to be doing well. Right now though, the exotic beauty is rifling through her bag. She has a very similar Middle Eastern complexion to the man that Henry met this morning, also an Egyptian immigrant like him, and is very beautiful, with a toned figure.

It is not very surprising that she is so fit, since she played track and field at her old school and joined his school’s team immediately after starting here. Her thighs are very muscular and her ass is round and tight. The teenager chides himself for getting carried away and he walks over to her. “Hi! You’re Shani, right? Did you forget your homework?” She quickly nods with a guilty look on her pretty face, framed by glossy, long hair. “You can hand in mine. I’ll write your name up at the top of the sheet.”

Shani is astonished. She did not even ask him and here he is, offering to help her out when it is all so detrimental to himself. “Thank you!” she says to him. “But wouldn’t you get into trouble for not handing something in?” She looks at his face with concern as he shakes his head and smiles, confusing Shani. Henry just goes back to his table to get his homework, scribble her name on it and give it to her, without hesitating, despite the very important point that she just raised.

He gives her a warm smile that makes her feel butterflies in her stomach. “No need to worry,” he says. “I’m what you might call a teacher’s pet. I’ve always handed it assignments on time if not ahead of the deadline, so she would only tell me off briefly before collecting other people’s works. You, on the other hand, are a new student. Better avoid starting off on the wrong foot.” He then goes back to his seat, leaving the tall olive-skinned beauty there, still looking stunned, but also grateful. She looks at the homework he did and sees that it is very detailed. He clearly did a lot of work and put in so much effort.

The teacher arrives soon after. She then starts collecting the homework. When she gets to where Henry is sitting, she is clearly surprised to see nothing on his table. “Did you forget to bring your homework today, Henry?” she asks him in a kind, patient tone. He is probably the only one who would get receive this much patience from her, since he has always been a close to perfect student who’s also always polite. A few students are smarter than him but they’re often arrogant and she and other teachers don’t like them as much as they like Henry.

Henry gives his teacher his sweetest, most apologetic smile. “I’m so sorry, Ms. Tyler,” he says to her. “But I forgot to bring it with me today. I promise I will have it on your desk first thing tomorrow morning.” The teacher nods and resumes collecting homework. She then goes to the front of the classroom and starts with her presentation, before giving them assignments. They all have half an hour to do it. Henry manages to finish the work in twenty minutes and spends the remaining time reading news articles.

Once the class is over, Henry gets ready to leave. He is interrupted by someone though. Shani is blocking his way when he is about to exit the classroom. Her exotic good looks nearly enchants him to the point of incoherence, but he manages to pull himself together. “Hey, do you want to walk to our next class together?” he asks in a friendly tone, noticing the look in her eyes. She is still a new student here, after all. It is the least that he could do. He watches her and waits for her to say something.

Shani is looking into his eyes in a way that makes him shiver. Her beautiful face is intimidating him. Then she grins and says “That was really brave of you to get yourself in trouble to save me. I know I already thanked you but I just want to do it again.” He smiles back at her and Shani can feel her face escort izmir going warm. “Thanks so much, Henry. I would have been told off so harshly if you didn’t let me hand in your work as mine. I don’t know how I can ever hope to repay you.”

Henry blushes and Shani finds herself having impure thoughts that she knows her father would strongly disapprove of. The Egyptian bombshell finds herself thinking about how cute he is right now and how much cuter Henry would be if she could tease him to make him blush even more. “It’s better for her to be mad at me than with you,” he mutters. “I’d rather get in trouble myself than see you get into it.” He then runs off in embarrassment after realizing what he just said in front of her. He really needs to be more careful and not wear his heart on his sleeve like this.

Shani stares at his ass when he walks off but then shakes her head, bringing herself out of the reverie. She can not have perverted thoughts about Henry. At least, not right now. Her next class is about to start soon and she has to go to it. There is no way she’d be able to focus if her hairy vagina is throbbing with need and she’s already aroused by how sweet and caring he was towards her. She will fantasize about him later when she has time too.


After the first four classes of the day, there is the lunch break. Henry sits by himself as usual and finds himself with his nose buried in a book. It’s nothing new for him to be alone this way. He is very used to it after years and years of loneliness. You could say that his life is bleak but he’d disagree, preferring the solitude. His mind drifts off to the new girl he met earlier though, and he starts thinking that maybe friendship could work out well for him. Maybe he could finish off high school with someone who he enjoys hanging out with and wants to keep contact with after their graduation.

He reads and eats for a while, before he can hear the sound of yelling. Frowning in irritation, the bookworm sets down his textbook and looks up, only to see that there is bullying at the school again, this time of one of his fellow students. It’s something that already happened here several times, despite him telling them to stop and going to the teachers about it. This alone is already bad enough, but he can see that the victim is Shani, which makes him more upset. Hurting a new student who just moved here and is in need of a friend is even more shitty than usual bullying.

It is taking advantage of someone’s already difficult situation to make them feel even worse than they already did. Shani was struggling hard enough to cope with the stress of transferring to another school in her senior year and they had to make it even worse for her. How could anyone be so evil, he thinks to himself as he decides, yet again, to intervene on the behalf of a victim. He gets up from his chair and inhales. The boy always does this to steady his nerves when he is about to go deal with an asshole, knowing he needs oxygen in his system to be able to focus.

Henry gets up and walks over to them, seeing who the bullies are. It’s Paige, a blonde cheerleader who harassed many other girls before, and her friends Liz and Christina. Paige is a very beautiful girl but her personality is anything but attractive, as she loves nothing more than beating up other people. He once saved Paige’s life by pulling her back when she was about to be hit by a truck, despite how horrible she treated him and other people, since he believes that everyone deserve a second chance. What she did with hers is continue to be a bully.

Right now she is verbally abusing the Egyptian girl, using several demeaning insults and sneering at her with a cruel expression. Her friends are telling her to go on. Henry sighs as he watches them, thinking about how your friends are supposed to bring out the best in you and not your worst. This much he knows, despite now really having any himself. “I still can’t believe that they would let trash like you into our school, raghead.” This pisses Shani off and she pushes Paige really hard, making the voluptuous blonde stumble back.

Liz and Christina quickly grabs Shani’s arms and hold her back. The blonde is now on steady legs and tears back her hand, before slapping Shani’s across her beautiful face. She attempts to hit her again, but Henry grabs her wrist and yanks her away in time, before he shoves aside Christina and pushes Liz away. “You three have no shame at all, do you? Ganging up on one person like a bunch of thugs. And yet you call her trash when your collective behavior is nothing short of disgusting.” He turns to check on Shani, and the Egyptian girl takes this chance to fall into Henry’s arms, getting him to hold her.

Normally Paige would be irate when someone stops her from harassing a target, but this time she is incensed. She has secretly been in love with Henry ever since the day he saved her from getting hit by a truck, but being a popular cheerleader, she feared that a relationship with a geek would ruin her reputation. Thus, she never pursued him. Her feelings never went away though and now he is standing up to her for another girl. “She pushed me first and you saw that! Don’t be biased. It’s the bitch’s own fault I had to slap her.”

Henry stares at the buxom beauty with resentment. Every other guy in their year would give his left nut for a chance to bed one of the sexiest girls in school, but all he sees when he looks at her is a vicious hooligan who spends her time tormenting other students. “She only shoved you after you used an offensive racial slur against her. What did you expect her to do? Let you scare her like you did to some other people? If you had half a brain you would have known that one day someone would refuse to put up with your bullshit.” He pauses. “So stop making life hell for other people because it only paints you in a bad light.”

Paige is stung. She would readily ignore other people’s criticism of her actions but Henry is special. He has always been special to her ever since he saved her last year. She can’t let him hate her like this. “I will stop bullying her. I will stop bullying everyone that I have ever bullied,” Paige says to him, making the nerd raise his eyebrows skeptically. “But you also have to do something for me. You have to eat my pussy.” Her friends wolf-whistle when they hear her demanding this. They all know that she is obsessed with him and wants to feel his tongue in her vagina.

Henry stares at her in anger. He can’t believe how the blonde girl is smirking at him in that arrogant way. Gritting his teeth tightly, he says “I will never ever give head to an insensitive, racist jerk like you. Forget about it.” He then leads Shani away from the group, using his body to shield the pretty Egyptian from view. Henry knows it can easily be so awkward to have other people look at you when you don’t want to receive all the attention. He himself has been the center of attention before when he was bullied for being a geek, but they left him alone after he saved Paige’s life. Saving a cheerleader does earn one some respect in high school.

Paige looks at him with longing in her eyes, muttering “One if these days I’m going to show you just how much I love you. I’ll rape you until you love me too, baby.” She then heads off with her two friends who are telling her that she will get her chance. They tell her that soon she will get to rape that cute boy, and all she really has to do is wait for the opportunity. The duo even try to help her come up with some idea when a certain weird gleam suddenly flickers across Paige’s eyes. A gleam that they don’t know the meaning of.

Meanwhile, Henry is with Shani in a corner of the school building, far away from prying eyes. He is looking all over to see if she has been hit before he went to stop the other girls, and is glad to see that the attractive Middle Eastern teen is okay. “Thank you, Henry. You saved me twice today,” she says to him with a smile on her face, her brown skin now positive glowing, reflecting how happy she is to be alone with him. The way he defended her makes her feel so touched and also got her pussy very moist. Her panties is now creamed as he shows his concern for her. Nothing ever turned the girl on more than how much Henry obviously cares.

She feels her underwear get even more soaked when he says “You don’t have to thank me just for doing a decent thing. I don’t want to see you or anybody get hurt.” He brushes a strand of Shani’s luxurious hair out of her oval shaped face and she has a mini-orgasm just from his gentle touch, squirting more into her already drenched lace panties. If he keeps being this adorable then she will have no choice but to take him right there. She was planning to get to his place and rape him in his room but now she is seriously considering raping Henry right at school.

She knows that she can do it too, being an athlete and stronger than him. The girl decides to throw caution to the wind and grabs Henry’s balls with her strong hand, cupping them through his pants. He gasps as Shani squeezes them. “You are so cute, Henry. I want you so bad,” she says to him. “I couldn’t focus on class after you helped me out in the morning, since I got so busy thinking about playing with your cock. Now I want to slide it in my mouth and suck until you empty these nice balls down my throat.” Her words have the desired effect as his penis becomes engorged.

Henry is in shock as the smoking hot Egyptian molests him, rubbing his balls with her fingers. “Wait a second, Shani. I think you’re really beautiful and sweet but I’ve never even held a girl’s hand before. Maybe we should start slow,” he says to her, sweating profusely, hoping that he isn’t upsetting the undeniably attractive girl. “I want to go on actual dates with you rather than just having sex. Sex would be more meaningful if we start dating first.” He means it too. He isn’t one to jump headfirst into things and is more for a long term romance, rather than immediate sex after just a couple of meetings in one day.

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