Returning to an Ex-Lover

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Chad had last seen her nearly two years ago. He had been amazed that through the two children and marriage she had that Sarah hadn’t changed all that much. If anything she appeared more beautiful than before. They were both married now and shared a friendship that still ran deep even though they had been lovers in the past they were still working on maintaining a good friendship.

About a month before he had scheduled to come home for a week or so to visit family and friends she had popped up again. It had been almost a year since the last time he had talked to her due to her husband being a very jealous person and getting enraged over even the simplest of emails or phone calls between them. They both could only guess that he saw Chad as a threat and while this wasn’t true the passion that had always been between them couldn’t be denied.

In her first email to Chad they had shared updates on their spouses and children and just idle chit chat. But as the weeks progressed and both of their desires for one another returned Chad realized that this trip home was about to become a very interesting one. His wife had moved half way across the world to Hawaii from their home in Virginia for work. He had decided to stay behind and finish his schooling and then would be joining her. The six months had been terribly difficult financially and physically for them both though. He had taken a trip out to see her a few months after she had flown out there and spent time making love to her, and playing with his toddler daughters. He knew that when he returned to her this time it would be for good and he was looking forward to it.

But at the same time he was feeling arousal for his ex-lover and friend Sarah. She had confided in him the jealousy her husband had and told him how it was disturbing their marriage. “Chad,” she had written, “I finally asked him to move out. It’s over I can’t stand to have to be precise with my every second of the day. He has to go.”

Chad had tried desperately to console her and told her when he came home they would have to go out one afternoon for lunch and maybe go play pool at a local billiards hall. Her response had been that she’d love to play pool with him….in private.

Seeing the opening he needed to possibly get her into bed on his trip home, Chad had teased her relating a ridiculous analogy as close to sex using euphemisms about pool along the way. Her response this time had shocked him, “Honey, I don’t want to play pool, just with your stick and balls.”

Chad had read that over and over again and then they had begun to push pass the cutesy phase and into what they both really wanted. He had asked point blank if she wanted to fuck him again like they had before, nearly ten years prior. Of course she had replied yes and then they had teased one another until it was time for him to drive home. They had decided to meet at a hotel the day after he arrived home. She said she would call him at his parents house and let him know which room number when she got to the hotel.

A day later Chad awoke to the phone ringing at 9 am. “Hello,” he said groggily, “huh, oh hi there pretty lady. Ok, give me half an hour and I’ll be there.” Hanging up the phone he leapt out of bed and began to gather his clothes and headed to the shower. As he washed off, his cock wouldn’t go down, it was at a constant hard on state it seemed. Chad briefly thought about going ahead and taking care of his rising problem but decided to wait, because in nearly an hour Sarah’s lips he was sure would be wrapped around his swollen member.

Stepping out of the shower and having just shaved he looked at his reflection, he knew that he hadn’t changed that much in the last ten years, his body was still in good shape, the only thing that was different now were his piercings. Both ears were now pierced and so where his nipples and finally his tongue. He thought Sarah might like this but wasn’t going to be sure until he was naked in front of her.

Hurriedly he dressed and got into his car, as he drove towards town he tried to put the fact that he was about to commit adultery out of his mind, he loved his wife and knew that this was for pure physical satisfaction, and to find out if this girl that he had dated so many years ago could still pleasure him in the ways she used to. It was also for her, he thought stupidly that it might give some closure and comfort to a woman that was still in love with him and stuck in a faltering marriage.

Driving into the lot he wondered if he could actually go through with this, to write about it online in emails and to talk about it on the phone were two very easy things but, to actually go through with it and fuck her was a completely different story. He was about to find out as he wrapped on the door to the hotel room number she had provided. Slowly the door opened after a moment and there she stood, a vision of beauty.

Her sandy hair cut in a short coif and her body barely covered by garments that should have been rags by now he thought. They weren’t old or tattered just bahis siteleri too skimpy to be worn for much more than working around the house he thought, or for enticing an ex-lover into fucking her. He watched her as she stepped back with a smile into the room, crooking a finger and beckoning him inward.

As he smiled at her and still hadn’t been able to find the words to speak he looked over her body, her breasts were fuller than he remembered, her having children had enriched her bra size by a full cup he figured. His eyes drifted down to her belly which barely could be seen beneath the bottom of the tank top she had on, and as his eyes hit her shorts he realized her hips were a bit fuller but equally as sexy as before. Her shorts were tight and he noticed the button to them was undone, he had to wonder if she had been teasing herself or was just making it easier for him to gain access to the treasure trapped beneath the fabric.

Chad couldn’t speak he closed the door behind him and grabbed her wrist, with a wicked grin from both of them Sarah allowed herself to be pulled toward the door and have her back pressed up against it. As he closed the distance between their bodies he began to reach up and rub her nipples through the fabric, and at the same time he locked his mouth over hers and forced his tongue through her parted lips.

Sarah gave a little gasp and pulled him to her. Her hand sneaking down between their bodies to find his trapped erection. She smiled as they kissed finding that he was a bit larger than she remembered and as horny as always. She felt herself being pressed against the door harder and began to pant as he whipped her top off over her head and reached around and deftly undid her bra. As soon as the straps came off her shoulders he began his descent on her body. His lips grazed her neck and throat and his tongue trailed softly behind it. He worked his mouth over her collarbone and down to the peaks of her breasts. He didn’t want to attack her nipples right away he was waiting to let her impatience and desire take over. In reality he wanted to drive her crazy and make her beg for more attention.

Sarah could feel Chad’s lips traveling down her body and he began to lavish kisses all over her breasts until she was moaning and wishing that he would trap her nipples between his fingers or teeth and tease her like the days of ole. Suddenly she felt his fingers drop to her shorts and he quickly began to undo her zipper and then pushed her panties and shorts down with one fluid motion. As the garments dropped he began to kiss his way down her belly and knelt before her with a gleam in his eye. His lips danced on her inner thighs and yet he wouldn’t touch her wet pussy for anything. She looked down at him with pleading eyes and just as she began to think he wouldn’t touch her there he reached up and twisted each of her nipples and then ran his tongue around the edges of her swollen lips. She felt the shivers begin and wondered how long she could stifle her orgasm while he teased her expertly.

Chad knew just what buttons to push on Sarah and he was letting her know that he was in control. Something she rarely gave up but would willingly do for him. He had always known this and what was more he knew that she still loved him and would do absolutely anything to please him. For him that was enough as he thought about it to take one long lick up the center of her slit and his fingers followed closely behind as he probed her wet sex. Sarah was watching him as his faced showed that intensity that had always driven her crazy with love and lust. She knew that he was commanding her without words or force, only with teasing and pleasure. She resigned at that moment that he was the one person she would never be able to live without in her life one way or another, with or without the sex.

Chad slowly opened the folds of her pussy with his fingers and toyed with her until he found her clit poking out and ready to be pleasured. In that split second he looked up and Sarah and told her, “I just have to taste you baby,” and then began to flutter his tongue along the edges of her clit and finally centering on the button of love. His fingers easily slid up inside her warm hole and he curled the fingers until they were rubbing her g-spot with curling motions. Now only one thing left to do he thought, he slowly stood up with his fingers still sunk deep inside of her and kissed her briefly before lowering his head and sucking in each nipple. One at a time he licked, chewed, and sucked on each little peak of pleasure and then lowering himself down again he lapped at her clit as he switched hands and began to finger her with his left as his right hand slipped its wet fingers coated in her juices to her tight little anus. He began to rub her there and as he teased she held his head grinding her hips and moaning.

Sarah couldn’t believe that Chad was now this skilled, he had always been a good fuck, but he had never taken her to heights like this, foreplay had never lasted this long or been this intense with canlı bahis siteleri any lover she had been with. Sarah held her breath as her orgasm began and when it hit her fully she was seeing bright flashes of light behind her eyes. She began to breathe again in raspy pants and whimpering moans. Pushing Chad away she smiled seductively at him with a glazed look in her eye. Pushing him back toward the bed Sarah began to pull off his shirt and tug down his shorts as she knelt in front of him. She reached inside his boxers with one hand and held him as she lowered his shorts and boxers at once. With his cock free she looked up and stroked him for a moment. She had planned on teasing him but her own desires were running rampant and she couldn’t deny herself the pleasure of wrapping her full lips around the tip of his shaft and licking away at the precum that had oozed out.

“Chad,” she said as she broke away for a moment, “I want you to fuck my mouth and shoot your cum down my throat before we do anything else. Don’t warn me don’t try to hold out just fuck my mouth with this big cock of yours and cum for me.”

A bit shocked, Sarah had never said more than, “Fuck me harder,” in all their time together, Chad began to give over to the immediate sensations as Sarah licked his shaft and cupped his swollen balls in her hand. He knew this wouldn’t last long and he desperately wanted to fill her mouth with cum, something she had never let him do prior to today.

Sarah teased him as long as she could with little licks and nibbles along the base of his shaft, when she came to the top again she swiped the head of his tool with her tongue and then plunged her mouth to the base and began to bob her head wildly. She felt freed, and possessed by the desperate urge to taste his cum, she had wanted this for so long and she wasn’t about to deny either of them this pleasure. She felt his hands close on the back of her head and as he began to thrust his hips she swallowed again and again sucking his swollen cock and running her tongue over it as he fucked her mouth. She knew he wouldn’t hold out long and she soon began to feel him swelling even more as he prepared to shoot.

Chad felt his cum rising and almost warned her but figured that she wasn’t really going to need it or want it. He held her head and as the lust overtook him he fucked her mouth with feverish speed and need. In another few seconds he felt the release flowing from his cock and flooding her mouth. “Yes, you dirty little cumslut, suck my cock and swallow all the spunk I over you.”

Sarah heard these words and renewed her attack on his spurting cock, she wanted to drain him and then revive him with her mouth in hopes that the moment he left her lips he would be shoving himself between her legs. She reached down to find her pussy dripping with juices and her clit throbbing and aching to be touched. She let her fingers graze her clit and then as she began to cum she took him all the way into her throat and milked the last of his seed into her mouth.

Chad felt his cock stop spewing its seed and knew that there wasn’t going to be a lapse in action or a time to talk, now was the time to fuck her. He pulled Sarah up from her kneeling position and reached into one of his pockets of his shorts laying on the floor. As he pulled out the condom he began to slide it down and Sarah laid back on the bed and spread her legs wide, he watched as she ran her fingers up and down her slit and began to play with her clit as she slid two fingers of her other hand deep inside her.

“Oh fuck Chad, I need your big cock right inside here, I want you to shove all of it inside right now.”

“I’m going to baby move those fingers and I’ll slam my cock in to the hilt just like my little slut wants.”

Chad slid between her legs and as she withdrew her fingers and brought them up to her mouth to be lapped clean he slid in to her deepest depths. Tighter than he could remember her being Chad could feel every inch of her wrapping around him as she came from the pleasure of being penetrated. Chad thrust deep again and began to rotate his hips as she bucked her own against him. Their rhythm was fluid and harmonious as they danced beneath the sheets. Her body melding into his as his hand played with her ass and held her as he dipped deeper into her inner sanctuary. He knew he wouldn’t last long even though he had just cum but, that was what today was for, hours of sex.

Sarah was careful to not scratch her nails down his back for fear that this would get them both caught later on. But she did reach down and hold his ass cheeks and squeeze his rock hard backside as he slammed his length into her. Again and again she felt the waves of pleasure rock her body, whether it was one long orgasm or numerous minuscule ones she didn’t know nor did she care, the only thing she was focusing on was the pleasure he was giving her at the moment.

“Sarah,” Chad growled in her ear, “your pussy is so tight and I don’t think I can last much longer baby.”

“That’s fine,” she cooed, “cum canlı bahis as soon as you’re ready I’m haven’t stopped since you slid your big cock into me lover.”

Chad backed away and grabbed her legs pulling them parallel with his chest and slammed into her. Holding her hips as she tilted her pelvis he fucked her faster and harder than he had before. As he felt his orgasm begin he remembered her request from the phone. Pulling out of her clinching pussy he slipped the condom off and stroked himself over her stomach as he began to come up and straddle chest. Jerking his cock feverishly he began to spurt over her big tits as he directed his shots toward them.

“Yeah stud, cum all over me, when you finish I’ll rub it in and lick it from my fingers and nipples.”

Chad feeling encouraged by her words continued stroking himself until no more would spill out of the tip of his spent shaft. Still semi-hard he slid back down her body and shoved his bare cock into her cunt hard and pounded her as she rubbed his semen into her chest and over her nipples with a sated look in her eyes. She scooped up the little pools left over after her tits were glistening in his cum and put the gooey fingers into her mouth slurping and sucking on them as she ran her tongue through the widespread fingers.

“Oh fuck yes you stud, pound my pussy with that big bare cock until I cum again,” she begged.

Chad couldn’t speak, only fuck her hard as he began to feel his cock harden a bit more. Normally he figured he would need a brief brake by now but not this time. He couldn’t make his cock go down and he was going to fuck her until either she was raw or his erection failed to come again.

Sarah pushed him away briefly and flipped over raising her ass in the air, “Fuck me this way lover,” she whispered as she looked back at him over her shoulder with a devilish smile.

Chad grabbed her hips and plunged his cock in to the hilt and as he did he raised his hand and swatted her ass hard, “You’re my slut today,” he barked, “I’m not letting you out of this room until you are covered in cum and I’ve fucked every hole.”

Sarah heard this and felt her pulse quicken and her pussy tighten, she hadn’t been fucked in the ass in a few years and was not too keen on the idea but considering who said it and how he said it she knew that she would willingly offer her puckered hole to him for his pleasure.

Chad reached beneath Sarah and began to rub her clit and get his fingers moist with her juice, as he did he flicked her clit again and then reached back up and slipped his finger into her nether opening. Slipping his finger around the tight little opening he gently massaged never trying to force it inside yet. Sarah slowly begin to relax and as she did his finger after a few more passes slipped into the only hole he had never fucked on this beauty.

Sarah felt the finger slip into her ass and unprepared for the pleasure it would cause felt herself climax once again. The stimulation was so great and as she decided to fully allow him access to her body she reached down and began to rub her clit. She could feel Chad behind her working his finger into her tight asshole and knew that it was starting to loosen up and she was really beginning to enjoy the anal intrusion. She relaxed even more and felt him probe deeper as he continued his thorough fucking of her tight pussy. Suddenly another of his fingers joined the first, Sarah sighed a mixture of pain and pleasure as he slipped both fingers deep into her back passage.

Chad watched as Sarah’s tight ass accepted his fingers now fully and he felt his cock jump at the thought that he would soon be pounding her tight ass with it. A few more deep strokes with both his fingers and cock and he knew she was ready. “Get ready baby, I’m going to fuck this gorgeous ass of yours now.”

Chad pulled his engorged prick from her clenching snatch and ran it up and down the crack of her ass. Slowly he pulled his fingers from her backside and began to press his cock against the crinkled opening. Sarah took a deep breath and pushed back against him as she fingered her pussy. Feeling the head slip in she gave a yelp and told him to hold still for a minute. Finally she began to push back slowly and felt him slipping inch by inch into her stretched anus.

“Oh good fucking god, it hurts Chad, but it also feels so good baby. I’ve always wondered if you’d get a chance to fuck my ass and now hereee oh dammit, I am with your cock forcing its way into my tight asshole.”

“Yeah,” Chad grunted, “and from the way it feels you love it baby, I can feel your tight hole clenching me and trying to suck me in deeper. I’m going to give you the rest and then fuck your tight ass until you scream.”

Holding her hips Chad began the plunge into the deepest recesses of her ass. When he bottomed out and his balls were nestled against her wet pussy he slowly pulled out and then thrust back in. She wailed and moaned and he watched her hand clutch the bed sheets as he began to fuck her ass slowly with deep penetrating strokes. Her other hand he could feel brushing against his nuts as she fingered herself intensely. Chad grabbed her hips and began fucking her faster swatting her ass every few strokes and being careful to not hurt her.

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