Taking Care of Old Men Ch. 03

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With the impromptu performance with Herbert out of the way and with a favourable outcome, I was now onto the main order of the day.

The surroundings were pleasant with the layout analogous to a decent hotel with the additional facilities to be expected of a business intended for looking after persons of advancing years and illnesses naturally expected with people over 65.

Walking behind the reception area with Clive into the bright, white walled and grey carpeted ground floor corridor, the numbered rooms had a first name and age written on card which slid into bronze coloured metal.

“I’ll come in with you for the first one and then go and talk business with Herbert about our prized asset, namely you and how we proceed after today.

The first name was James and he was 69.

Clive tapped on the door and we walked inside.

The man was quite small and was dressed in striped pyjamas, sitting up in bed with the breakfast table still holding the crockery.

“Good morning James. You’ve seen me around the home haven’t you? I have a few friends and acquaintances here.” Clive said. “Are you ready for some fun?”

“Oh yes, I’ll say, I’ve been looking forward to this since we saw the film and I read the circular. Move the table would you?” he requested.

He whipped the sheet and duvet away and said. “I don’t need to use any protection do I because I prefer bareback and haven’t bought condoms for many years. I had a shower yesterday so am quite clean”

I answered in action rather than word by fishing out his 5 inch cock and kissing it.

“How long is it since someone gave you a blow job, tell me if I’m doing anything wrong won’t you” I encouraged.

“It’s none of your business, just suck my cock you little slut and slapped my face.”

“That’s it order him about.” Clive said, walking out.

“Get on the bed escort izmir and open your mouth, I’ll take it from there.” he ordered.

I complied, remembering in my contract that I had to make sure that I satisfy all of my customers. I noticed his cock stand up and grow a couple of inches.

I pulled it close and noticed there was creamy deposit. Although it wasn’t clean, I thought back to the tramps and felt more accepting. I got my tongue to work, licking it all clean and swallowing the unpleasant stuff.

“What a dirty whore you really are. If I hadn’t seen the video of you with Clive and then with Herbert a few minutes ago, I wouldn’t have believed it but you truly are shameless. Let’s get the TV on so I can watch you. There are two angles so I can split screen the above and sideways views.”

“I want to fuck you now. Sit on my cock” He ordered.

Releasing his cock from my mouth, I clambered forward, grabbed his cock and lined his cock up with my hole and lowered myself onto down the shaft until I could go no further then raised myself half way and sat back letting his cock impale me again.

The lubrication from Bert’s cock helped me settle into a rhythm as I started to rock up and down, never letting his cock pull completely out. He pushed up as I lowered and dropped down as I rose to intensify the fucking experience. His technique made up for the lack of size and I became deeply aroused. Hopefully James was too.

“That feels great. I love your cock inside me. You’re fucking me really sensitively.” I whispered.

A few seconds later, James grabbed my hips and took total control forcing his cock deeper into my arse. “Take that, feel my meat screwing your filthy whore arse.

“Yes please. That’s wonderful. Let your bitch have it. Screw me you old git. Fuck me hard until you fill me with your seed.”

That turned him escort izmir on more. He grimaced and thrust up harder as he pulled me onto his cock. “I’m going to empty my nuts into your man cunt, you little whore. Get ready to be bred. Oh yes, here it comes.”

I did felt it; spurt after spurt, shots of his semen hit my anal walls.

I got off slowly, carefully lifting myself so as not to spill any and took his cock back in my mouth, cleaning the residue cum off his cock and balls.

I dressed and said “Thank you.”

I slipped out of the door and onto the next one.It read the name on the door. Mark, 73 years old. I rapped on the door and walked in.

“Good morning Mark, please fuck me?” I asked trying to break the ice quickly.

“I fucking will fuck you, you little slut. Get over here”. He pulled me roughly straight onto the bed and quickly removed his lower garments revealing a long thick 7-8 inch cock already fully erect.

He was a sprightly old man and belied his years and I didn’t waste time getting naked as I didn’t want to offend him.

He slapped his cock on my cheeks and then rammed his cock into my mouth then grabbed my ears and violently began to face fuck me, pulling my mouth onto his cock as he thrust again and again making me choke. He pulled out briefly to let me recover and then resumed his assault on my mouth and throat. He repeated that a couple of times then lifted me up by the arms and bent me over the edge of the bed. Quickly he pointed at my hole and ramming straight in, planted his phallus into me, hitting my butt cheeks with his legs.

He slapped my arse cheeks intermittently as he fucked me silly, encouraged by my continuous moans and whimpers, it didn’t take long for him to unload into me.

When he pulled out he sat on the bed and grabbed my head onto his cock. “Clean me up, show your appreciation slut.” He instructed.

I didn’t hesitate, collecting the spunk on his cock with my tongue and swallowing until it was clean, I kissed it and said. “Thank you for fucking me, it was a pleasure.

Out I went and onto the next one. Derek, 78 years old I read. I knocked and entered.

“Good morning Derek.” I said. Noticing that he was on a wheelchair, this was a first for me in my short experience as a cock slut; a disabled man was going to fuck me.

The side bars opened up and he opened his fly. Letting him put his arms on my shoulders, I helped him up and pulled his trousers and pants off.

“Thank you now sit on my cock and fuck yourself with it, you bitch.” He said

I first sat facing him with my arms around his shoulders, then turned around to bob up and down on his cock.

Very soon, he started calling me degrading names; “Bitch, slut slag whore.”

The old man didn’t last long and as I waited for him to finish, glanced at the clock to see it was 10:05.

I extracted myself from him and got up then repeated the ritual of cleaning his cock with my mouth only to feel his hands on the side of my head to give him a blow job. “Suck my cock, now you little slut.”

I didn’t expect him to be able to recover so quickly but within 5 minutes, he again began to twitch and I prepared myself to receive his spunk in my mouth. “Swallow and don’t spill any.” He said.

By the time I’d finished, the time was now 10:15 and I had taken 4 cocks in less than 2 hours.

Much the same happened as I went from room to room, sometimes a fuck, occasionally coupled with a blow job and less often just the latter, I continued through the morning, afternoon and evening until I left room 54 and was met by Herbert.

Congratulations 55 cocks in a day. I have all of the footage and will forward it to the other homes in the group. I’ve already lined up the next one. There will be 58 residents to service and the manager, Arthur Grahams will meet you at 8:15, here’s the address.

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