I Wrestle Bill Again

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Bill had beaten me in our first match and now we were meeting again. The rules were the same. The first to cum loses and holds use to immobilize not to hurt. Bill had beaten me and forced me to swallow his load. To remind you I am 6’1″ 270 and a 6″ cut thick cock. Bill is a very handsome 6’4″ around 240 with short blonde hair and a sort of 70’s porn mustache. He has a bigger cut cock than I do by about an inch. We agreed to start nude.

We met at his house and went right to the room he had cleared out. I went to put my stuff down and when I turned Bill sent his tongue down my throat and grabbed my cock through my pants. I was not expecting this surprise attack and he had his thigh tight into me so I could not get at his cock. He kept this up and I was getting turned on. He broke off the kiss and started to work my neck with his mouth and tongue. I was in trouble as he was also starting to really jack my cock through my thin pants. I was moaning and he laughed and pushed me away. Get naked he said as he saw I was rubbery on my legs and shaking from desire. I was in real trouble. I felt like if he touched my cock I was going to blow my load. I stripped slowly to buy some time. This time I kept my eye on the dirty fighting fucker.

I was at least only semi hard now as we met on our knees. I told him he was going to pay for that sneak attack. I told him I was going to work his cock over until he begged me to make him cum. Bill got a smile on his face and said you want to up the wager? illegal bahis I asked what he had in mind. He said we wrestle for top. winner fucks the loser. This made my heart race but I was beyond thinking as I was hot with lust. You got it, I said, I will enjoy pounding your ass after you cum. We got ready and now there was a more serious tone to the match. I know I did not want him cumming up my ass. We looked at each other and charged.

We came together and each of us were trying to get the other on his back. We went back and forth but I got him to lose his balance and I covered him. My legs trapped one of his arms and I trapped the other helplessly by his head. It took a bit but I got my legs to trap one of his so I could hold his legs open. Now I had the fucker. I started to scratch at his nipples and body. I lightly twisted his nipples over and over again. I watched and waited. When I twisted one a bit harder his mouth opened and I jammed my tongue down his throat and kissed him deeply. He was jumping and struggling and spending a ton of energy. I started to lick his ear and neck and trash talk him. I told him I was going to cum deep in his ass and make him lick my cock clean after I cum. I was rewarded with a groan and now I was ready to take my attack to the next level.

I reached down and slowly started to jack his cock off while licking his neck and talking to him. What do we have here. Why it is a rock hard cock. My and it is leaking something fierce. Am I going illegal bahis siteleri to make you cum like the loser you are. Bill started screaming obscenities at me until I shut him up by jacking him off at a much faster rate. His head went back and he whimpered and groaned. I slowed down and was able to get my mouth on a nipple and start to play with it. Bill was now starting to quiver and I was not going to let up. I was so turned on by this match, and what he had done to me at the beginning, I knew if I gave him a chance I was going to lose. No fooling around here. I wanted to fuck Bill bad. I got dirty.

At this point bill was not going to react quickly to whatever I had planned. He was just trying not to cum. My hand was slick with his juices and I knew how I wanted to finish him. I quickly jumped up and sat on top of him facing his cock. I slid my legs down and pulled him by his blonde hair into a reverse head scissors. I held him just hard enough that he was going no where. His drooling cock was in front of my face and I started to blow him slowly. He jumped and tried to escape but he was locked in. I had my hands on his legs in case he tried to scissor me and I sucked him ever so slowly. He was swearing at me and caressing my ass and upper legs. It felt so good but I concentrated on getting him off. Now it was time to finish him.

I reached between his legs and started to gently finger the rim off his asshole. Bill jumped and really tried to get away. While he canlı bahis siteleri jumped I rammed my middle finger deep in his ass and Bill quieted down quickly. I knew this was going to get him over the edge. His moans and whimpers were much louder and he started to hump my mouth. I started to use a technique a female wrestler used on me to defeat me. At the end of each stroke I sent my tongue around the base of his cock head. This was driving him wild. I started to really finger fuck his ass and blow him. I added a hand to his shaft and went into overdrive. In a very short while Bill screamed and released his load into my waiting mouth. He bucked and came hard. I kept sucking him until he was dry.

I climbed on his chest and put my rock hard cock on his face. You lose mother fucker. I made Bill kiss my cock and balls over and over. I was ready to claim my prize.

Bill got on all fours and I got behind him. I put on a condom. I worked some lube into his ass and he groaned. I finger banged him for a minute and just when he was starting to get into it I rammed my cock as deep into his ass as I could. He screamed but quickly started to hump my cock hard. I started to pump him and it felt amazing. I knew I would not hold out long. I tried to last but it took no more than a minute or two. I felt my balls contract and I came a ton. Bill kept humping me while I came. I finished and fell on my back exhausted. I commanded Bill to take the condom off and clean my cock with his mouth. By the time he had finished I came down his throat.

Bill and I are going to break the tie with a match where you have to make the other guy cum twice to win. We are going to have a special wager as well. I will write about this match after it happens.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32