Holiday Love

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This is based on actual events which happened to me during my recent vacation. We are both of consenting and legal age. No purposeful offence wants to be made. Please note that ALL of the dialogue in this story was done in Turkish which I have then translated for your enjoyment. I would also like to apologise for the length of this story. I wanted to add in all of the detail I remembered so that I could relive the memory and so that you could have a better experience.


For me, family holidays are always boring. So I’m sure you can understand that while sitting on the plane going to Cyprus, I was not too pleased. I hadn’t been there in 8 years so was excited to see my family, but to be honest; there was nothing to do where I was staying.

I would wake up each morning, get ready and go out to town. Three days into the vacation, my cousin asked me to get a movie to watch in the evening. In town there was no place to rent movies, but there were two shops which sold them so I decided to go them.

The first store was cramped with hardly any light due to masses of movie posters stretched across the windows. I navigated my way through the stands of CD’s and unsold cassette tapes to the back of the shop where the DVD’s were shelved. I ran a finger along the covers, tilting my head to the left to read the titles; however, nothing really stood out for me. I knew I had to choose a movie soon, because it was around the time where the shops started to close. Feeling disappointed, I stepped out of the store ready to go home empty-handed when I remembered that there was a second store straight across from the one I had just been in. I crossed the road, fast, dodging the oncoming traffic, stepped inside and took a deep breath.

The girl at the counter looked up from the newspaper she was reading, gave me a smile. Stepping out from behind the counter she asked,

“Hi. I’m Aliye. Do you need any help?”

“Nice to meet you Aliye” I said, holding out my hand as she held out hers, “I’m Gee. Can you tell me where the horror movies are?”

Her hand touched mine, and I felt her warm skin. I looked into her eyes which were an amazing shade of blue. I got lost in them. It is unusual for Turkish girls to have blue eyes and blonde hair, but it suited her wonderfully. Then it clicked. She was the Aliye my aunt had told me about. She was what they called “the town lesbian”. She had come out in front of her whole school when she was 12 and ever since then, word had spread and she had been treated differently. I was a little surprised at first. From the way my aunt had described her, I imagined her to be really butch. I let my eyes scan over her from head-to-toe, taking in all her features. She was quite petite, around 5″4, which was the same height as me and she had slender hands, with a curvy figure. Her face was round and her lips were plump. Again, she looked around my age. Her short, blonde crop was swept behind her ears; her ample breasts seemed about the same size as mine, again, through her tee. In one word, she was angelic.

With a smile, she led me to the back, right hand corner of the store. Her head kept checking back, as she walked, to see if I was still following her. Every time she turned to face the front, I couldn’t help but let my eyes wander to her perfect behind. It shape was just visible through her low-rise jeans, and I couldn’t help but notice the swirling black lines coming up from inside the jeans. It was a tattoo, but I couldn’t work out how far it went down. Finally she came to a halt. She flashed me another smile and told me that they were on the two shelves in front of her. I was mesmerized by her presence and must have zoned out, because next thing I know, she had her hand on my shoulder asking if I was ok. I gave her a small nod and she smiled again, walking back to the counter to leave me to browse.

I waited until she was out of sight. I shook my head. I had never been so captivated by a lady before. I wanted to know all I could about her, and not second hand information. I wanted to be near her. From the 2 minutes I had spent in the shop, I could not think of anything other than her. What was wrong with me, I asked myself. I composed myself, picked out a DVD without even looking at what it was, and walked slowly to the counter, breathing deeply to calm myself.

Once I reached the front, she looked up at me. I placed the DVD onto the counter, and waited for her to speak.

“This DVD is actually in Turkish with English subtitles. Is that alright?” she asked. I nodded, not wanting to speak at the risk of stammering like a fool.

“Okay. Then that’s £3. Is that all you want?”

This time I had to speak. “Nope, that’s all thank you” I said handing over the money. She gave me a small nod, and handed me the bag with the DVD inside. I took porno 64 it, and went outside without another word. As I stepped outside, I screamed at myself, inside me. Why didn’t I just ask her out? I must have looked like an idiot rushing out the store like that. I convinced myself to go back in the store to ask her. I couldn’t let this chance get away. I knew I would regret it if I didn’t say anything. I composed myself, once again, turned back around, and walked back into the shop.

She looked up, and gave me a smile. “Is everything alright” she asked.

I walked up to the counter, took a deep breath, looked into her captivating eyes, and just let the words flow out. “Do you want to go out? Like for something to eat?”

Her eyes widened, but she looked a little puzzled.

“I can’t help but notice the way you asked that. Do you mean like a date?” she said.

I fumbled my fingers and looked down. “Yeah, I mean, if that’s okay with you.”

The corners of her mouth curled into a smile. “I’d love to, but I hope you don’t have a problem with me being gay. A lot of people tend to not want to speak to me because of it” she said.

“I don’t mind. That’s why I asked you out” I said, again, averting my eyes away from her, not wanting to get lost in her eyes and embarrass myself.

“Oh” she said. I knew she understood that I was attracted to her because her hand reached out, and she placed it on mine. She looked into my eyes, and smiled. I felt like I was about to melt. She asked me if I was out. I told her that I was to my parents, but not to any of my family in Cyprus. Understanding my situation, she went on to say that if I was seen by the community with her at a restaurant, I would be out. Since that was case, she suggested that I go over to her place and order take-away food. I readily agreed and she smiled as she gave me her address. As I left I glanced back and saw her looking at me as I walked away, awaiting the time we met again that evening.

Walking home, I was thinking of what to tell my family. I was supposed to be spending the night with them. What was I going to say? I approached the front door and let myself in. I was greeted by my aunt as I entered.

“You took your time” she laughed, “what took you so long? What did you get?” I showed her the DVD and she said that it looked good. I looked for the first time to see what it was and realised that I had seen it before. She seemed to like it so I went to answer her other question, hoping that my mind would make something good up.

“I met some friends. We got talking. They invited me out tonight. I hope you don’t mind, but I said yes” I lied. My mum was standing in to corner and she shot me a look. She knew what was up. I had used that excuse on her many times before when I had a date with a girl. She knew I was gay, but I still didn’t feel comfortable telling her about my dates. She gave me a smile, and I knew it was okay with her.

“That’s great,” my aunt smiled. “Have a great time” she said.

“I will” I laughed, and went to get ready.

I had a shower, got changed and went to sit in the garden until it was time to leave.

“Who is she then?” the voice behind me whispered into my ear. Startled, I turned around to find my mum there smiling.

“Aliye. From the video shop” I spoke, smiling widely.

“Oh. Her” my mum said laughing. “She’s a pretty girl. I see what you like about her.”

“Yeah. Auntie described her super differently. I wasn’t expecting her to be so beautiful” I said.

“Your Auntie doesn’t know how to describe anything. Ignore her. Have fun tonight, okay?”

“Okay mum,” I said and hugged her. I had got my mum’s approval. I looked at my watch and realised I needed to leave. I hugged my mum again and left the house.

Aliye’s house was around a 5 minute walk from mine. The weather was mild that evening, and the sun had just started to go down. It was perfect weather for walking. I kept looking at my watch to see if I was going to make it on time. I didn’t want to be late. After a short time, I reached her house. It was an averaged sized, white washed, one-floor building. Baskets were hanging on either side of the door, letting out a sweet scent. I knocked on the wooden door and she opened it at once. She had a huge smile on her face. The smell of dinner wafted through the door and made my mouth water. She hugged me and greeted me as all Turks do; she kissed me on both of my cheeks. I felt blood rush to my face making me blush. She simply smiled at my reaction.

“Please, come in. Make yourself comfortable. My parents are out tonight, so don’t worry about getting found out” she told me.

I laughed, at once feeling more relaxed. I sat down to where her hand directed; at one end of her dinner table. She went into the kitchen and came back after porno izle a few minutes with two plates of food. She sat beside me, and we talked, ate and drank. I had never felt so relaxed before.

After dinner, we went to the couch and we spoke some more. I learned more about her than I had about anyone else in my entire life. She was so easy to talk to, and I loved listening to her. I can’t remember now exactly how it happened, but one minute we were laughing and the next her hand was on my leg. She leaned her head forward and parted her lips slightly. In response, I met her lips with mine, placing my hand on her cheek, cupping her face. Our lips gently moved other each others. I could feel myself getting aroused. Just then, I felt her tongue tease my lips and slip itself into my mouth. Our tongues were entwined in a full on embrace. I felt like the world was spinning around me, but we were the only ones present. An eternity had passed when we finally broke apart. I opened my eyes, breathing heavily, and searched for her eyes. When I found them, I noticed that her eyes were wandering all over my body, just as mine had over hers in the video shop.

Her hands reached around my neck, and I felt her come closer. Subconsciously, I felt myself adjusting my position, so that my head was on the arm of the couch, while she was positioned above me. This time she broke the kiss.

“Do you want me?” she whispered in my ear. Her words sent electricity down my spine and through my veins. From her words, I could feel myself getting even more wet.

“Mmm-hmmm” I said to signal yes.

At that moment our lips were united once more, her hand started sweeping down the left side of my body. I couldn’t stop a moan from escaping my lips. I felt her smile as she kissed me hungrily. Her hand went between us and started to undo the pop-buttons on my shirt. I felt her fingers caress my skin as she unbuttoned downwards, finally reaching the waistband of my trousers. She laid her palm just on my navel, and began to run it up. She found the bottom of my bra and ran her fingers along it, finally placing a hand on one of my breasts. I arched my back wanting more of her touch.

“Do you like that” she asked, straddling me, so that I was able to sit up, inches away, or noses just apart.

“Yeah. Yeah I do” I uttered. I moved my hands to the bottom of her tee, and lifted it up over her head, dropping it onto the floor below us. I placed a trail of loving kisses from below her right ear, down her neck and onto her ample breasts. Her head flew back, as I ran my hands up her back, and undid her bra. I swept my hands along her shoulders, slipping the straps off her arms, and dropping that to the ground too, catching a glimpse of the label inside; 38D, perfect.

I kissed her dark pink nipples, taking each into my mouth, nibbling and flicking my tongue over one whilst my fingers teased the other. Soft purrs were released from her mouth as I felt goose bumps rise up on her skin. Her hands felt down my body, and began to push me back down to our previous position. When I was down again, her hands found their destination; my zipper. She slowly pulled it down after already undoing the button, still kissing me passionately. I lifted my body slightly off the couch, allowing her to pull the trousers off me. They fell to the ground, when she got off me, breaking the kiss. I sat up to get a full look at what she was doing. Her eyes never left mine as she ran her hands over her body, down her perky boobs, and finally hooking her thumbs on the waistband of her skirt, pulling it down until it fell from her petite frame. There I was sitting on the couch, in still in my bra and panties, watching her in just her panties. She took me by the hand, and led me through the corridors of her house, all the time I was looking at her perfect behind covered by the white lingerie, the black swirls I had seen earlier in the shop now very much in perfect view. I couldn’t help but stare; the lines ran from just above her knicker-line across the base of her back, and swirled out of view onto the front of her body coming up around her hips.

Finally, we reached a bedroom, dimly lit by a three-bulb light.

She gently lay me down on the bed, my skin tingling as I felt the cold sheets below me, putting out the fire burning through my skin. I had never felt this way before. She lay beside me, one arm cushioning my head, whilst one leg was thrown over mine to bring her closer. Her other hand finally took off my bra, teasing my newly-freed nipples, making them grow harder than they already were. Her hands moved along, between my bosoms, and down towards the waistband of my knickers, where she placed her palm where my slit was, rubbing me though my underwear.

“Oh, my God! That feels so good” I sighed, unable to keep myself controlled.

She sex izle laughed. As she felt me through my underwear, her thumb hooked the top of them, and pulled them down, over my ankles and onto the floor. A rush of air hit me, which made me buck my hips wildly. I turned to face her, my hands now pulling at the top of her underwear, which was now soaked through. I dropped them beside mine, and began to kiss her. I cupped her face with one hand, whilst the other began to gently tease her clit. Her pussy was hairless, just like mine, which let me see the whole of her.

I pushed a finger inside her, two fingers, and began to move them in and out, making her write eagerly under my touch. I moved down her body, placing my lips on her cunt, kissing and licking as I worked my fingers in the same motion. That was it. She started to become vocal, making my body become even more heated and I started to quiver. Her hands snaked over my back, holding my shoulders tight, lifting her hips off the bed for more contact. Her body against mine felt amazing, her hips grinding into my mouth, her fingers searching through my hair, pulling me closer. I began to move faster, making her almost scream in pleasure. She begged for more, pleaded, until I felt her pussy start to contract around my fingers. She let out a yell which seemed to penetrate my very soul. She had come. I could hear her panting, her body shaking. I slowly removed my fingers from her opening, and moving up to meet her face. I placed a finger into my mouth, tasting her, teasing her. She tastes so good. She cupped my face with her hands, still breathing heavy, and pulled me in for an embrace. She was tender yet passionate. She moved.

She was now on me, my back on the bed where she had been moments ago. A million thoughts ran through my head, I couldn’t believe this was happening. Only last night was I thinking that I couldn’t wait to get on the plane back home, and now I didn’t want this moment to end. She ran her palms down my breasts, teasing my nipples once more. Her hands weaved down my body, sending flames through my veins. She took hold of my thighs, parted them, and dipping her head, and finally licking me with her hot, wet tongue.

I could almost feel the electricity in the air. With one hand she opened my cunny, with the other; she played with my ample breasts. I thrust my hips higher, my body aching to be touched more.

“Do you like it like that?” she asked, her voice vibrating through my entire body. She moved her hand down and began to play with my sensitive bead.

“I do. Aliye, fuck me, make me come!” I moaned. I reached my hands down, and moved the hair from her face. I looked into her eyes, as I saw her tongue lapping at my slit.

“I love it when you do that” I gasped when she sucked my clit, letting it out of her mouth with an audible pop.

“I want you to come for me” she said, “I want you to feel as hot as you look right now.”

In that moment, the electricity began to surge through my body, I could hear her every breath, every lick she made and every sigh. My body began to tingle as I arched my back, closed my eyes and let the hot sparks come up from in front of my eyelids. I tried to breath, but I couldn’t; it was stuck in my throat, caught by the ecstasy I was feeling. A wave of immense pleasure washed over me.

Finally, I collapsed on the bed, pulling her up for a kiss. Her eyes looked deep into mine as she kissed me, giving me my breath back.

After a while of laying there, our bodies entwined with each others, our hands running over each other’s bodies, breathing in unison, she spoke.

“I feel like nothing in the world can stop me feeling so happy. You were amazing and I can’t believe I have never met you before today. I wish we had met years ago. I want to spend every waking moment you have with you. I don’t want you to go back home. I want you so stay with me. I want you to be with me” she breathed, looking into my eyes, her face serious but still soft.

“I feel the same. You gave me so much pleasure; I didn’t want it to end. I never want to be away from you,” I replied, making her smile, and pull me in for another embrace.

Sitting on the plane going back home, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. From that first encounter and the many more that followed until the morning of the flight was something I knew I would never forget. I didn’t want to be here. I wanted to be beside the video store girl, with her bending over the counter, asking me if I needed any help, having another meeting with her in her garden, in the bedroom, on the kitchen and on the counter of the store. She made me wild, and I knew I was in love. But I knew it wouldn’t work as the distance was too far. I will always have the memories of her voice, her touch, her scent, and her taste when she was with me. I will always have that holiday love.


For all of you who may be wondering, I am still in regular, every day contact with Aliye. She hasn’t forgotten the time we spent together and neither have I. We never will.

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