Hidden Desires Pt. 02

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Author’s note: One of the core themes of this story is the subject of being born intersex. If you are not interested in such a subject then please move on.

Dru_Druthers wishes to express a heartfelt thank you to all who read, voted, favorited and commented on Part 01 of this story. The overwhelming support has made writing this story worthwhile.

(The story previously ended with: ” ‘Let me love you,’ Jade whispered as she tugged Terry towards the center of the bed. She gently eased Terry onto her back, her head propped by a couple of pillows. Then Jade straddled Terry’s stomach.”)

Chapter 13

This was entirely new to Jade, but knowing how she liked her breasts treated, she utilized that knowledge to bring pleasure to Terry, as well as stir herself with the new excitement of feeling Terry’s clitoris as she brushed it with her pussy with every movement she made. Each touch was maddening, her mind and emotions going through a rush of new thoughts that were so unfamiliar, and so stimulating. Though she tried to lighten the touches, they proved even more thrilling, more sexually provocative, sending ripples of sensations through her body.

Terry’s senses were sent into overdrive as Jade caressed every inch of her face, neck and chest with her lips and tongue. She suckled Terry’s nipples and licked the undersides of Terry’s breasts. She squeezed and fondled them lovingly causing Terry to moan, groan, and cry out in sheer bliss. The light brushes Terry also felt from Jade’s pussy, Jade’s wetness against her clit thrilled her continually, her clit being so very sensitive.

Slowly, Jade worked her way down Terry’s stomach and finally looked at Terry’s sex. She had a small patch of brownish blond pubic hair that was neatly trimmed. She did indeed have a penis-like growth, right about where a clitoris should have been. It was very erect and about five maybe five and a half inches long. It wasn’t too thick but very smooth. Unlike the rest of her body it wasn’t pale but was pinkish red, she didn’t have a foreskin and no head as Jade’s ex had but did have a small opening which Jade knew was Terry’s urethra. No testicles, but otherwise it did have the appearance of a penis Jade noted.

Just below her enlarged clitoris, Terry had a vagina too but her lips were very tiny, seeming almost none existent to Jade. There was no sign of a clitoris otherwise as far as Jade could tell but she could see signs of Terry being wet, both from her urethral opening, and from her pussy’s slit. The whole experience was so unknown and new to Jade, with her love of Terry, Jade was about to explode with her growing lust.

Jade had loved intercourse with Michael, and had given him oral too, but she’d never honestly liked it, only giving it to him occasionally because she knew he loved it. However, with Terry, it wasn’t a penis, it was her clitoris, her ultimate font of sexual sensation, and it was calling to Jade fiercely, hotly. That pull, that knowing that here she could provide Terry with innumerable joys, was so sexually compelling that Jade’s nostrils were flaring with the passionate desire to give Terry a sexual experience unlike any woman ever had. Her breathing was becoming ragged, she so wanted Terry’s enlarged clitoris.

Terry was watching Jade carefully, gauging her reaction.

“May I touch you?” Jade asked quietly, controlling her boiling heat.

“If you want to,” Terry whispered.

“Do you want me to touch you?” Jade asked.

“Yessss!” Terry hissed.

She watched as Jade wrapped her hand around her hardness and stroked her gently. The sensations were mind blowing and caused Terry to let out a low groan.

She had stroked herself before, but this felt so different. Jade’s hands were soft and so warm, and more, she always knew where she would touch, but with Jade, each touch was unexpected providing a greater sexual thrill with each movement of Jade’s fingers.

“Does this feel good baby?” Jade asked. It wasn’t the first erection she had handled but knew that everyone was different—and Terry certainly was different —she didn’t want to hurt her by being overzealous.

“God yes!” Terry quietly panted. She was so aroused that Jade’s efforts were bringing her dangerously close to the edge of orgasm.

“Jade, if you don’t stop I’m going to…” Terry warned Jade. She slowed down not wanting Terry to blow just yet.

It was a bit odd for Jade. She had loved her husband and had held his hard cock in her hands many times but never had she felt the overwhelming joy she was feeling, touching Terry’s member was constantly stifling her breathing, making her gasp repeatedly.

Jade had not only disliked giving oral sex to Michael, she didn’t like the idea of him cumming in her mouth but with Terry, she had no such reservations. In fact the thought of Terry cumming in her mouth excited her beyond words.

She locked eyes with Terry and smiled and then she slowly lowered to lick the head of Terry’s enlarged clit. Terry’s eyes went wide as xnxx she watched the erotic display of this exotic beauty placing her open mouth on her member.

Jade’s tongue glided along the smooth head and she tasted Terry’s wetness. It was more than just intoxicating to her; it was wondrous, pulling powerfully at her desire for more of Terry’s love. To her, there was an underlying hint of sweetness that inexplicably screamed at her to want to drink of it without end. Licking slowly, Jade found that she absolutely did love the taste that was so wondrous to her senses.

Her tongue on the head of Terry’s clit had all of Terry’s nerve endings on fire. Wave after wave of pure sexual bliss shot through Terry causing her body to jerk from all of the conflicting sensations of pleasure she was receiving.

As they clashed marvelously in her, shooting arrows of sexual delights through her body, Terry reveled in them, and anxiously awaited the next and sweeter pleasures that she somehow knew were coming. Her moans and groans became louder and louder, her breathing coming in short, harsh pants.

So little had been done, yet Terry had felt so much. Is this how it was meant to be for her? Jade took things a little further and closed her mouth around Terry’s member. She sucked softly on the warm, smooth skin that was throbbing mildly, an inviting staccato as fingers saying come hither. Occasionally running her tongue on the head, then moving her mouth softly up and down the shaft, she felt Terry’s body stiffen.

Terry had never expected anything to feel as wonderful as a mouth on her large clitoris that had previously given her so much shame and guilt. The shaft was every bit as sensitive as the head, shocking her with so many delightful sensations that threatened to have her orgasmic soon. Jade’s gentle ministrations had Terry going out of her mind. She had had orgasms in the past at her own hands, but it never felt like this.

Her whole body shook, and then her muscles tightened. She closed her eyes tightly and saw lights behind her eyelids. She felt lightheaded and something monstrous building inside, just below her stomach and lower back.

Jade looked at Terry’s body. Terry’s knuckles were white from how she was gripping the sheets. She was covered in a light sheen of sweat and her skin had a light flush to it. Her face held a look of the sweetest ecstasy. In that moment Jade thought she looked so beautiful.

Terry let out a sudden feral scream; her hips bucked causing Jade to hold on tightly to Terry’s cheeks. Terry’s climax consumed her entire body as she ejaculated a torrent of fluid into Jade’s mouth.

Jade swallowed as much as she could but it was just too much and some spilled out of her mouth and down her chin and chest. Jade was so hot, so aroused that the feeling of Terry’s orgasm caused her own climax. She felt her own juices pouring out of her, but the taste of Terry’s love consumed her, her mind swimming deliriously, all of her senses demanding more.

It became a series of orgasms between them as Jade kept on gently at times, overcome with lust at others, working tongue and lips on Terry’s marvelous enlarged clitoris. Jade’s orgasms were mild, insignificant, where Terry’s were strong, taking her to heights of pleasure she had never imagined possible.

Jade’s heart was bursting with her feelings of joy, she thrilled at sensing Terry’s delight, her orgasmic self unleashed in a way that was never expected, they were so often, so continuous. At last, when Jade stopped, Terry was having trouble breathing, her eyes closed, her face looking strained, yet somehow angelically satisfied. Jade crawled up to her and lay down beside her. She kissed Terry’s lips softly sensing that she needed to control her lusting. Terry’s eyes fluttered open and she smiled at Jade, albeit, shakily.

“How are you feeling, love?” Jade asked.

“Spectacular. I never thought?what you did… My god!” Terry answered breathlessly. Her mind was reeling from all that had just happened, was still happening. She couldn’t believe she had been missing out on something so unexpectedly wonderful for so long.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it sweetheart,” Jade told her softly and kissed her again. Terry was feeling energized and kissed Jade with a renewed passion, turning onto Jade then working her way down, tasting herself on Jade’s lips and elsewhere before continuing on to her neck and breasts.

She moved quickly and purposefully planting kisses all along Jade’s body. All of Terry’s earlier apprehensions were gone as she caressed, kissed, and touched all of Jade. She finally settled herself between Jade’s legs and kissed her right above her slit. She inhaled Jade’s strong scent and slowly extended her tongue. She licked tentatively at first, but slowly became more enthusiastic and explorative, varying the pressure of her strokes.

The effects on Jade were phenomenal, but her mind couldn’t forget how Terry’s clit had felt, its sensitivity, and what it did to brazzers both of them.

Terry reveled in the feelings, both the physical sensations of her tongue moving through the juicy folds of Jade’s labia and the emotions that were bubbling over inside her.

She was with the one she loved, bringing her pleasure, touching, tasting her lover in the most intimate of ways. Jade truly loved and accepted her, Jade had given her the greatest sign of this and now it was her turn to show her love too.

Terry’s enthusiasm was driving Jade mad with pleasure. Her swift tongue was pushing Jade over the brink once again but more than that, Jade could feel Terry’s love for her through every touch, caress and tease.

Terry felt like she could stay right there, between Jade’s open legs, her tongue pushing inside of Jade forever but she wanted Jade to feel what she had, that unbridled, uninhibited, rampant release. Terry locked her lips around Jade’s little nub and suckled hard. The effects were immediate.

Jade screamed, instinctively jerking away from the sharpness of the feelings that so suddenly shot through her, but then grabbed Terry’s head and pulled her tightly to her as Jade’s hips rose up off the bed, her features strained.

All of the anticipation, all of the unexpected sensations from making love to Terry, all of the love she felt for Terry were about to explode in raptures that were engulfing Jade’s feelings along with every nerve in her body.

To her surprise, Terry felt a hot spurt of liquid shoot out onto her chin and down to her breasts. It was followed by two more bursts before Jade let go of her and fell limply back on the bed.

Terry looked up amazed; she didn’t know women could have a climax like that with an ejaculation similar to her own.

Jade was panting hard, her eyelids half closed. It took a few seconds for her to come out of her orgasmic haze. When she did, she reached for Terry, who crawled up and tenderly kissed Jade’s lips.

“Baby are you alright?” Jade asked seeing the perplexed look on Terry’s face.

“Yes. It was just; do all women climax like that?”

“Like what?” Jade asked concerned.

“Well, you kinda did it like me, in a sort of spurt. It—they—were short and quite powerful.”

“Really, I’ve never done that before,” Jade said thoughtfully, “but then again, no one has ever made me feel like you do or did just now.”

With a huge smile on her face, Jade pulled Terry to her and kissed her deeply. Terry kissed her back and snuggled close. They were both feeling the relaxing after effects of their orgasms and holding each other, they drifted off into a blissful nap.

Chapter 14

They napped for about an hour before Jade awoke and sighed contently as she watched the still sleeping Terry next to her. Terry looked so sweet, so peaceful and utterly beautiful.

They had drifted off, both uncovered and not caring. As the night progressed the room was slightly chilled and both women’s nipples were responding to the drop in temperature.

Terry’s buds were small and cute and Jade couldn’t resist the urge to reach over and lick the closest one. Jade sucked softly but then, savoring the feel of Terry’s hard nipple in her mouth, she sucked harder until she heard Terry moan. She felt Terry’s hand on the back of her head gently playing in her hair.

Jade moved to the other breast and sucked that nipple, running her tongue over it in circular motions. Terry’s back arched and she cried out Jade’s name in a harsh whisper.

Jade released the bud and kissed her way gently up to Terry’s lips and after a sound kiss, snuggled close.

“How are you feeling my love?” Jade asked.

“I can’t believe how wonderful this is. Being here with you, lying naked with you after having some glorious, unbelievable sex; I never thought I’d experience this. I’m so happy I can’t even describe it. I feel like I’m going to burst with joy.”

“And excitement it seems,” Jade giggled as she noticed Terry’s enlarged clit becoming rigid again.

“I can’t help it,” Terry blushed. “You’re lying here all warm and naked and sexy and I just want to?”

“Get physical again?” Jade asked with a smile. Terry bit her bottom lip in the cutest way and nodded.

“Well I have some ideas about some things we can try if you’d like?” Jade offered.


Jade turned her body around so they were lying on their sides facing each other’s sex for a sideways sixty-nine.

They each went slow, teasing each other with soft licks and gentle suckling. Jade had focused only on Terry’s clit earlier and now tenderly licked and probed at Terry’s slit.

Terry was more confident and gently probed with her fingers, working one gently inside of Jade. She loved the warm, velvety feeling as her finger moved in and out of Jade.

Soon their movements became erratic as the sensations each were generating were causing the other to lose focus.

Jade’s orgasm took her first. Her hips bucked sikiş izle as she rode Terry’s fingers?now three?as they rubbed her most sensitive spots. Her moans were muffled as she tongued Terry’s slit.

With Terry, it took a little more time as Jade was being careful, her finger just barely entering Terry. Terry was a virgin?in every sense of the word?and Jade didn’t want to accidently deflower her. Jade had special plans for that. Terry’s vaginal slit was, naturally, not nearly as sensitive so it took patience on Jade’s part.

Taking Terry’s clit into her mouth, Jade sucked softly and rolled her tongue over the tip, allowing for Jade to catch all of Terry’s sweet spending. It also added some more sweet stimulation to the pleasures that Terry felt.

When the orgasm did come it was beautiful in its sensuality, leaving Terry feeling relaxed and in heaven as she felt herself as if floating in all the bodily joys coursing through her.

Having both had another sweet taste of sexual bliss, Jade pulled back the covers and they held tightly to each other and with a last few whispers of love both fell into a deep but contented sleep.

* * * *

Saturday morning seemed to come all too quickly as Terry awoke. She felt Jade’s soft breasts pressed against her back, Jade’s arm was around her and her hand was holding one of Terry’s breasts. It was all so new for Terry, to wake up naked in bed with another person. Her mind went back to all that had happened the previous evening.

From the time they arrived until now, Jade had been so wonderfully attentive. She had been so caring and loving and most of all so understanding of Terry’s feelings about her body.

The love that they made was passionate, extremely intense and so unbelievably mind blowing that just the memories made Terry’s body tingle deliciously.

She felt Jade stir then she felt a soft kiss on the back of her neck.

“Good morning my love,” Jade said then kissed Terry’s shoulder. Terry turned around and looked into Jade’s eyes. The love she saw there made her heart sing. She leaned in and kissed Jade’s lips, pressing their bodies together. Jade felt Terry’s stiff clitoris as it pressed against her.

“Good morning.”

“So, I can feel that somebody’s very lively this morning,” Jade said as she rubbed herself mildly against Terry’s clit. Terry shuddered and pulled back.

“It is feeling pretty good, but I need to pee; then it’ll go down unless we start doing this again,” Terry explained. “I better go before I have an accident I haven’t had since I was four years old,” Terry joked. She looked towards the door and hesitated for a few moments before she left the safety of the covers and walked across the room naked.

Jade watched her and felt proud of Terry. She knew that it was hard for her to show herself, her body in the light of day after hiding it for so long.

As Terry went through the door, Jade bounded out of bed and followed. She needed to pee too and they both needed to shower anyway.

Terry was standing in front of the toilet bowl when Jade entered. Terry froze.

Jade went past her to start the shower but noticed Terry, looking uneasy.

“What’s wrong?” She asked concerned.

“It’s just that I’ve never peed in front of anyone before,” Terry answered and blushed.

“Oh sweetie, I’m sorry, I didn’t even think,” Jade answered, “I’ll leave, okay?”

“No, we are lovers so it’s okay.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. It’s just another part of us being closer. It’s just a little strange for me, that’s all.” Terry said with a small smile.

Jade watched in fascination as Terry sat down on the toilet. Tucking her member so it pointed downward into the bowl and letting her stream flow. When she was done, she took some paper and wiped the end of her clit and then stood.

Jade stopped her from flushing and took her turn. This time it was Terry who was fascinated to see how Jade peed and wiped.

After flushing, Jade went to the shower and pulled Terry into the warm spray.

It was another first for Terry. She had not shared a bath with anyone since she was a child with her mother giving her a bath. Of course this was entirely different. Underneath the spray of hot water, Jade’s hands were delicate and sensuous, washing every inch of Terry’s body.

Starting with shampooing and conditioning Terry’s hair?which in itself was a heavenly experience?Jade thrilled and titillated Terry with every touch. Working on Terry’s back, scrubbing thoroughly with a bath sponge and moving down, she rubbed Terry’s arms and legs, even working the sponge gently between Terry’s butt cheeks.

Jade lingered on her breasts, using her hands to massage them and pulling deliciously on Terry’s nipples. By the time Jade reached Terry’s clit, it was hard and stood upright almost pointing straight up.

Focused on Terry’s genitals, Jade’s hands played a sensual symphony of pleasurable sensations. Accompanied by a chorus of ‘I love you’, a climax swept through Terry’s body, leaving her shaky and holding on to Jade for fear of falling. Afterward, Jade was sorry not to have positioned herself to drink of Terry’s plentiful love offering, then ruefully cleaned Terry again.

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