Her First Humiliation Experience

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This story was one of my first. I wrote it about a dozen years ago based on an experience I had with my partner at the time. I hope you enjoy it!



Holding your hands tightly behind your head, you open your mouth wide and push yourself deep onto the cock in front of you gagging a little as the shaft reaches the back of your throat. You look up at the man in front of you as he moans in pleasure. Your underwear is absolutely soaked as the vibrator strapped to your clit continues to hum away, making you shudder. Glancing down past the cock in your mouth you see that your tiny, translucent black top is soaked, partly with sweat, partly with your own saliva. Your skirt doesn’t even come close to touching the floor even though you’re on your knees. You can feel a gentle breeze across your partially-exposed ass. You are shocked that you’re enjoying this as much as you do. But you are. So you push yourself a little deeper onto his cock, gagging some more as you feel your saliva sliding down your lips and chin. As you feel the moisture begin to drip off of you onto your top you pull one of your hands out from behind you and move to wipe yourself clean. You hear a firm, deep voice above you. “I said keep your hands behind your head.” You glance up and quickly move your hand back as you get just a little wetter, a little more excited, and try to remember how it was that you got here.

Two weeks ago, we had been talking about our desires. After perusing the age old 500 question purity test, you said that your interest had been piqued. “What do you think you’d enjoy?” I had inquired. Hesitating, you replied. “Well, I kinda like being told what to do.” I waited. “Like, that one time when you told me to suck you off and exactly how to do it.” Another pause. “Or when you tied me up and made me beg a little.”

“Ah. I see. And is there anything new that you’d like to try?”

Now with more confidence. “I think I like the idea of being told what to wear. Maybe even when we go out to dance or something. And I think that I’d really like you to really take control sometime. I’d like to push myself a little and see what I’d actually enjoy. I sort of liked gagging a bit the other night.” You stopped and thought for a moment before blurting, “Actually, I’d really like to be humiliated.” You blush.

I smiled that charming smile of mine. “Interesting. We’ll have to try that sometime.”

It was now two weeks later. We hadn’t said a word about it. Plus I’d been on vacation for most of the time. But while I was gone, I had asked if you could set aside the night for me. That usually meant a fun night of play, so you weren’t about to object.

So that night I arrived from the airport and we hopped into a taxi to head back to my place. As usual, we were a bit frisky in the cab, but not so overt as to make the driver too uncomfortable. You wanted to change before dinner and clubbing, and I had a long flight, so I jumped into the shower to rinse off while you changed. I emerged from the bedroom decked out in your favorite outfit. “I like your outfit,” I said.

“Should I wear this top, or the other one?”

“Well,” I started. Then I trailed off and paused for a moment, as if I committing to some course of action. “Do you trust me?,” I asked. You looked at me blankly for a moment.


A pregnant pause.


“Good.” I see the faintest of trembles in your hands. “Now, close your eyes. Tell yourself that you’re going to let go of yourself completely tonight. When you believe it, tell me.”

Your nose wrinkles for a moment, you open your eyes and say “I’m going to let go of myself completely tonight.”

“No,” I say gently. “You have to mean it.”

You close your eyes again. This time your face relaxes and I can see the resolve coursing through you. Perhaps 30 seconds pass before you open your eyes. “I’m going to let go of myself completely tonight.”

“Say it again.”

Declaratively, “I’m going to let myself go completely tonight.”

“And you’re going to let me do whatever I want with you.” You hesitate, so I smile and say “don’t worry, I won’t have you do anything that you don’t want to do.”

Relaxing a little you repeat my phrase.

“Look directly into my eyes and say it again.” You do.

Satisfied, I beckon you back to my bedroom where you see an assortment of clothes laid out for you. Two tops. One a spaghetti-strap tube top, mostly solid across the top, but completely transparent below, the other somewhat longer, but translucent throughout. Two skirts, one very short and revealing, the other a touch longer and more playful, but also more subject to flipping up from light breezes. Black boots with spiked heels sit on the floor. To the right you see something purple with straps.

“It’s just a small dildo, with and added bonus that rubs across your clit,” I explain. Fifteen minutes of selection ensue, and you ultimately choose the fully translucent top and the short skirt. You don’t have a choice about Gaziantep Escort Numaraları the purple toy. You can’t believe that you’re wearing this — you can’t even bend a little over without your ass being exposed for all to see. “I guess you’ll just have to maintain your posture,” I say with a wicked grin.

We head down my stairs to the car, the dildo in your pussy making you walk with a slightly stilted but distinctly more pleasurable gait. The drive to the Sushi bar is uneventful, dominated by conversations about my recent trip and your adventures while I was gone. After finding parking, we step out of the car and head toward the restaurant. Slightly embarrassed, you walk down the sidewalk, eyes slightly downcast. “You should look up,” I say. “You’re getting checked out by everybody. And the women are looking at you with jealousy.” You look up and realize that it’s true, but you somehow still feel a bit embarrassed in public.

We get seated at a table, where you realize that you can’t even sit on your skirt. Instead, it just acts as a sort of stage curtain for your ass. You make sure that you sit up straight so that nothing shows which, of course, pushes the dildo a little deeper into you and makes the protrusion for your clit rub more firmly against your clit. “What would you like to order,” I ask. We discuss the menu for a couple of minutes and decide on half a dozen dishes before the waitress comes by and asks what we want. “You’re ordering,” I say.

You begin to read off the list of items that we’d like when you’re suddenly jolted by fast, deep vibration in your pussy and against your clit. Your speech immediately falters and you start taking short, halting breaths as you futilely try to wiggle into a less compromising position and try to maintain your composure while the waitress waits for your order. You look at me. I merely smile and indicate that you should continue. Perhaps a minute later you finish an order that doesn’t at all resemble what we had intended to get. The buzzing stops and you slap my arm. “Don’t hit me,” I say sternly before quickly returning to my usual smile. I pull a keychain out of my pocket. “Remote control,” I explain.

The rest of dinner passes with occasional vibratory interruptions and a fair amount of blushing both on your part and the part of a couple fortunate enough to be sitting across from you when you couldn’t resist spreading your legs apart and adjusting the vibrator.

The next stop is our favorite club. It’s almost midnight and the venue is already a bit crowded. As we head up the open stairs I stop you and say that I want to show you something. “What?,” you ask. “Glance down below you.” You do and see several guys sneaking a peak up your skirt. You quickly close your legs. “No,” I say. “Look at me. Look at me and open your legs so they can see.” You hesitate. “Now,” I command. Your legs open and I can see guys beginning to sneak looks in my peripheral vision.

You look away from my face, worried. “I’m embarrassed.”

“Just let yourself go,” I respond. “A little humiliation never hurts.”

You look back into my eyes, realizing for the first time where this night might really lead. “Good girl,” I say, recognizing the comprehension in your eyes. “Now, spread them wider and move the vibrator to the side so that they can see your pussy.” A touch of fear makes its way onto your face, but you do as you’re told. I make you hold the position for about 30 seconds. Everyone below knows what’s going on, and you know it. “Can I….,” you begin before I cut you off. “No. And I’m the one who tells you what you can and cannot do.” Your heart races, but you keep your legs spread. An eternity passes and you can only imagine what the people below you are thinking and doing. “Well, I think that we’ve given cause for enough masturbation for the moment. Let’s dance.”

So we head on to the dance floor and dance as only close couples can. I reach underneath your skirt and grab your ass. Occasionally I hold your skirt up while looking someone else in the eye. Sometimes the vibrator goes off unexpectedly. But most of the time, you find yourself grinding your ass against my cock. When the dance floor is sufficiently crowded, I reach down and start stroking your clit while the vibrator buzzes incessantly inside your pussy. I start slow, just as you like it and then begin to speed up, my fingers flicking against your clit faster and faster. “Look at that guy in the blue shirt dancing with his girlfriend and get his attention,” I instruct. You do so. “Now stroke my cock,” I say. You look up. “How?” “Just do it. And look at him.” Steeling yourself, you turn around so that your ass is against my cock, reach back and push your hand down into my pants, wrap your hand around my thick, hard cock, look at the guy, and begin to stroke.

I lean down and whisper into your ear. “That feels fantastic babe. Now, when I tell you, I want you to come for me.” I feel you tense up and glance away. “Look at him.” I start to rub faster and feel you respond in kind. I begin to feel your legs tremble and smile to myself. “Come for me. Now.”

Your whole body shudders and I feel you flooding your underwear with your juices that begin to drip down your legs. You try to hold the other guy’s gaze, but can’t. You look away in shame from him and his girlfriend who is now starting as us in shock. I smile at them.

“Let’s go,” I say. “The night has just begun.”

We arrive at the car and you prepare to get in. “Stop. Squat down and blow me.” You look at me, incredulous. “But we’re on the street, and there are people up in that apartment who can see.” I just look at you. Slowly, you get down, unzip my pants and pull out my still hard cock.

You pull my shaft into your mouth, sucking me as well as you always do. You even seem to forget that you have company for a moment. Within moments I’m ready to explode. “Jack me off until I come all over your face.” Now, this is something that we’ve never done before, much less in public. You look up at me again, hesitation clearly winning over. “I said, jack me off until I come all over your face,” I command huskily. And suddenly you find yourself very turned on. You don’t notice the women at the window watching you disapprovingly. You no longer heed the sound of the occasional car driving by. All you know is that you have to make me come. And so you wrap both hands around my cock and stroke for all you’re worth. Seconds later my come is spurting everywhere over your lips, face, and hair. Your expression is bliss.

I smile down at you. “Don’t clean your face. Oh, and look up at the girls.” You glance up briefly and then have to look away. “Let’s go,” I say while waving goodbye.

On our way home, the come drips down your face. I clean some off of your face and feed it to you. Minutes later we’re up in my room. “Get on your knees,” I command. “Put your hands behind your head. And don’t move them for any reason. Now suck my cock again.” My pants are still on. “How?,” you ask. I just look at you again.

For the next few minutes you struggle to unbutton and unzip my pants with your teeth. I eventually help you a little and you manage to pull them and my boxers down around my ankles. Startlingly, my cock is rock hard again. Leaning forward, you take it into your mouth and start sucking as you always do. I let you continue this way for a minute to two. Then I tell you take me in deeper. So you do, my cock edging closer and closer to the back of your throat. You’re narrowly avoiding the gag reflex that you’ve recently become acquainted with.

“Push it in deeper.” You lean forward onto my cock even more and begin to gag. You pull back and then try pushing back onto me again as your saliva escapes from your lips and begins to drip down your chin. “You said that you liked to gag. Now, I want you to take it as deep as you can.” You pull back momentarily and then push yourself deep onto me. My cock gets buried into your throat and you find yourself gagging, your throat spasming around the head of my cock. “Take me deeper.” I feel your throat relax a bit, and then suddenly you lean in and push my cock even deeper into you. You feel yourself choking a bit, pull out, and then, to my surprise, slam yourself back onto me. This time you choke for real. Liquid ejects around my cock from your mouth and sprays onto my shaft, stomach, and balls before cascading down onto your translucent top. You pull back and breathe in deep before repeating the process. This time however, you stop.

I sense that something is wrong so I squat down and see you with tears streaming down your face. I shut off the vibrator. You look at me with a mix of embarrassment, shame, and pain. “Are you ok?,” I ask while grabbing your hands in mine.

“I feel so humiliated,” you respond, looking down at the mess on your shirt. I kiss the tears off of your cheeks and cradle your head in my hands. You glace furtively up at me.

“And how does that make you feel?”

“I… I’m not sure.” I let you think for a few seconds.

“If you’re not enjoying it, then I want you to stop.” I pause. “But if you are enjoying it, then I want you to keep going.”

You collect your thoughts for a moment and look at me. Then, with firm resolve, you clasp your hands behind your head and bend down to take my cock in your mouth. I stand up. And this time you go at me with abandon.

You look me straight in the eye as you slam down again and again. This time you work your way deeper and deeper onto me. I hear you choking, and with each sound you push yourself on deeper. I’m stunned. Finally, your body gives in and I feel more hot saliva and other fluids cascading down across us both. You pull back and move your hand from behind your head as you prepare to wipe yourself clean. You hear a firm, deep voice above you. “I said keep your hands behind your head.” You glance up and quickly move your hand back as you get just a little wetter and a little more excited.

“Choke yourself on my cock. Make things as messy as you can.” You push me back against the wall as you plunge down onto me with vigor. Each time I hear you choke I feel you push down a little harder, forcing yourself a little further. My cock pops in and out of your throat as you struggle to contain yourself. Then, without any warning, you lurch over and a massive flow of liquid spews forth from your mouth covering my cock, your chest, and your shirt. You keep going for a moment until I grab your hair and pull you away.

Leaning down, I pick you up, throw you onto the bed, and kiss you deeply on the lips. Our tongues intertwine as I quickly pull out some rope and begin to bind your hands to the posts of the bed. After making sure that you’re secure I dive down, rip off your underwear, pull the vibrator out of you, and start sucking your clit.

You begin to writhe in pleasure. I stop, reach up, pull your top off your shoulders and begin to trace slow circles around your nipples. I hear you begin to whimper. “What was that?,” I ask? “Please.” “Please what?” You whimper again, not wanting to say anything. I remove my fingers from your breasts. “Please what?,” I repeat.

Quietly, you say, “My nipples. Please pinch my nipples.” I reach back up and start caressing your nipples.

“Say it louder.”

You arch your back up toward me as you struggle to let the words escape from your mouth. I remove my hands again and wait. I hear you whimper and see you look at my pleadingly. But I make no move to help you. “Please,” you intone again. “Please! Please pinch my nipples!”

“Very good,” I respond. I proceed to gently caress your moist , messy, nipples in one slow motion before suddenly clamping down and pinching them hard. I hear a sharp intake of breath followed by a muttered “oh god.”

I release you, move my hands away, and wait. You look at me helplessly, you hands still spread and bound. “Please? Please do it again. Please pinch my nipples again!”


“I… Please just pinch them. Hard. And twist them.” Your hard nipples arch up toward me. I look at them and then at you before reaching one hand up and pinching and twisting savagely. I take your other wet nipple in my mouth and bite down hard, pulling your nipple out toward me, letting my teeth tug it around in wide, stretched circles.

Without any warning I plunge two free fingers deep into your pussy and immediately find your g-spot. Caressing it gently, I feel your wetness leak onto my hand and bed. “Oh god, please go faster.” You’re wetter than I’ve ever seen you and my cock responds sympathetically. I release your nipple from between my teeth. “No. You’ll come when I want you to.”

I spend the next twenty minutes exquisitely torturing you. My fingers dip deep into you and quickly pulse against your g-spot. They pull up so that you can taste your own fluids. My teeth find your nipples, your neck, your sides. Two fingers dip into your asshole, spreading it. My fingers find your mouth again and you hungrily suck them. Throughout I make you beg for nearly every small reward. I feel your heartbeat rise, and your breathing becomes increasingly shallow and ragged. Moments of pleasure are punctuated by moans of pleasure or screams that we both know the neighbors can hear clearly. You beg to suck my cock again, so I kneel over your face and force myself down onto you, lodging my cock deep in your throat until you choke again. Pulling out, I have you clean off the mess you made on my cock, but let the rest drip down your face.

As I bend over to kiss you, I reach down again with my hand, dip three fingers into you, and begin to pulsate them in the way that makes you come hard, squirting all over the bed. But I stop just short, unwilling to let you come. You’re begging for real now. I smile, completely in control. “What would you do to get me to fuck you right now?”

“Oh, god. Please just fuck me!”

“No.” My fingers keep moving inside of you at a maddeningly inadequate pace. “Tell me what you would do to get fucked.”

“Fuck!” You moan again before whispering. “Anything.”

“What was that?”

Louder this time. “Anything.”

“Anything what?”

“I’d do anything to have you fuck me right now.”

“Very good, but I don’t think that the neighbors could hear.”

You stop. It’s one thing to have the neighbors that you know hear you scream at two in the morning. It’s another to have them hear you begging to get fucked.

But you really want to get fucked, so as my fingers suddenly pulse more quickly and I reach up and pinch your nipples hard again, you scream it out loud. “Please! I’ll do anything if you just fuck me!”

“You’ll lick my ass clean?”

This time without any hesitation. “Yes, I’ll lick your ass clean! Please, let me lick your ass clean before fucking me!”

And so I turn around and squat over you, lowering my asshole down onto your face. The first lick, your first ever, is hesitant. And then you go at my ass as if it were the finest dessert you’ve ever had. I’m a bit shocked at your enthusiasm as you rim my asshole and dip your tongue deep into me. I push myself down onto you harder, forcing you to dig deeper and my hands reach down and pinch your nipples. Both of us moan.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32