Helping Margaret

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Author’s note. This is the part of what will be a longer story. Please email me at my profile with any feedback. This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 years of age or older.


With the last of our bags and boxes finally brought into our new apartment, mom and I both decided to take a break and settle down for a few minutes in our new apartment’s kitchen. It was a very nice cozy little place. A far cry better than what we’d been living in back in Michigan.

“Can you believe it, we finally made it to Florida!” She exclaimed.

I could tell my mom was excited. I was too, actually.

Life had been pretty chaotic for us these past few months since dad died. It was a fresh start for the both of us. And we both needed a fresh start.

We both sat there pretty well exhausted from hauling all the boxes up stairs. This was a third floor apartment.

Let me catch you up to speed with everything.

My name is David Armstrong. I’m 21 years old, with short light brown hair and brown eyes, I stand at 5’10” and 180 lbs. Not muscular, but well-toned. I just completed Massage Therapist School.

My mother’s name is Diane, she’s a Beautician. She’s 43 years old and as beautiful as ever with lovely green eyes and the smile of an angel, standing at 5’6″ and 130 lbs, with long brown hair that extends just past her breast.

We’ve just completed relocating from Chessville Michigan to St. Cloud, Florida.

My dad, Tom Armstrong, was killed in a car accident a few months ago, and we’d finally received his Life Insurance payout of $500,000.00, and mom and I both have always wanted to live in Florida. Our plan is to start a Beauty & Massage Parlor business. She does hair, make-up, facials, and I do Massage Therapy. And now here we are sitting in our new kitchen, taking a break and catching our breath with a nice cup of coffee.

As mom and I looked out the window, we could see a few birds flying through the air, and there was a slight breeze blowing through the Palm trees, and the beautiful Florida Sunshine was starting to set. It was picture perfect. I just couldn’t imagine it could get any better than this.

Mom and I both sipped on our coffees and looked out the window. Aside from the birds and palm trees, and the sun setting, there were only a few people down below walking and making their way along the towns sidewalks.

“Isn’t this lovely?” Mom said in her typical dreamy voice.

“Yes, actually it was quite lovely.” I answered.

I sat there, watching out of that window in my own dreamy eye sight.

The coffee tasted good, the music from the birds flying by was beautiful, and the sun seemed to be setting down slowly with a smile.

As I took another sip of my coffee, our doorbell rang. Although, it was really a ‘ring’. It was more like a musical chime consisting of several Christmas bells.

Mom and I both looked at each other. We were brand new in this apartment. We didn’t know anyone here yet, and therefore we weren’t exactly expecting any company.

“Well, I guess we’re already popular!” Mom said with her usual cheerful smile.

“Yeah I guess we are!” I answered back.

“Do you want to do the honors sweetie?” Mom asked.

I could tell that she was relaxed and she was also just as exhausted as I was. She was in no mood to get up.

“I’ll get it mom.” I said with a grin.

“Such a lovely son I have.” She said while bringing her coffee back to her warm smiling lips.


As I reached for the door handle, the bell rang again. I instinctively rolled my eyes.

‘This must be an impatient person.’ I thought to myself.

I opened the door, and there in front of me stood a woman who appeared to be in her 50’s. I couldn’t tell exactly. But she had to be at least 50. She was actually very pretty. She had shoulder length wavy brown hair, hazel colored eyes, and she was around 5’8″ and probably weighed 160lbs.

“Hello!” She said with a loud and cheerful voice.

“Hi!” I said back.

Our smiles connected instantly, and so did our eyes.

“I’m Margaret Fuller, I live there!” She giggled as she turned her head and pointed back towards the door behind her.

She was our next door neighbor. She lived right across the hall.

“Well, hello Margaret, I’m David. David Armstrong. And I…’we’ live right here!” I said with a laugh.

“Well, David, it’s a pleasure to meet you!” She said again with her cheerful laughter.

“Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you too!” I said.

I didn’t even realize it, but I was holding out my hand for a handshake.

She extended her hand and began shaking mine.

Her hand felt warm and soft, and her smile was beautiful. I instantly took a liking to her.

“Sweetie, who’s at the door?” I could hear mom calling to me from the kitchen.

“Mom, we have neighbor, her name is-” I stopped suddenly. I couldn’t remember her name, even though she’d just told me a minute ago.

Margret giggled a little bit more and she still stood there shaking my hand.

“My Gaziantep Escort Numaraları name is Margaret, and you’re name is ‘David’, remember?” She giggled.

“Oh yes, sorry, Margaret.” I said. I could tell my face was turning red, and by the looks in her eyes, I could see that she could see that my face was turning red.

“David, why don’t you introduce me to your mom!” She giggled again.

For a brief moment. There was some silence, and some awkwardness. But then our handshake finally broke, and I turned my head back toward the kitchen.

“Sweetie, aren’t you going to bring our guest in?” Mom laughed from the kitchen table.


“Hello!” Margaret said cheerfully with her out-stretched hand.

“I’m Margaret Fuller, your next door neighbor, and you are?” She asked with her cheerful smile.

Mom stood up from her chair and stretched out her hand and smiled.

“I’m Diane Armstrong. I’m his mom.” My mom said with a bright smile and motioning to me.

Margaret looked back and forth between my mom and I for a few seconds before her eyes started looking at the one last chair sitting before her.

“Oh yes, please, please, have a seat, I’m sorry. I’m just so exhausted from the move, I think all of my manners have gone out the window. I’m sorry!” Mom said with red-faced embarrassment.

“No, don’t be silly!” Margaret exclaimed.

“Well, I’m sure you’ve done a move or relocation at some point in your life, so I’m sure you know the feeling. This ain’t fun sister!” Mom laughed while taking another sip of her coffee.

“Oh yes dear, I’ve done my fair share of moves. I don’t want to do any more. I’m quite comfortable living right over here!” She laughed, pointing her right index finger over her shoulder toward door behind her.

“Well, Margaret, it’s wonderful to meet you. How long have you lived here?” Mom asked.

“Well, my husband Ray passed a while back, and this is where I stetted. He had Cancer, and, well, it’s a very long story. Let’s just say, it’s a wonderful sight to see you two here.”

Mom looked at her with sadness in her eyes.

“I’m so sorry to hear that Margaret. Well, we’re happy to have you as a neighbor!” My mom lifted her coffee cup as in a toast.

“Well, I’m sorry, but I don’t have anything to toast with!” Margaret said with her cheerful smile.

“Oh my god, where are my manners!” Mom said. “Margaret, would you like a cup?”

“A small cup would be nice, thank you Diane.” Margaret said with her lovely smile.


The next two days passed with my mom and Margaret talking back and forth. It was actually a beautiful sight, those two women, just talking their womanly talk. They seemed to connect instantly, almost as if they’d been best friends for many years.

I watched outside the kitchen window as several more birds flew by and several more slight breezes danced their way through the palm trees, and I listened as my mom and Margaret simply talked their womanly talk and let their tongues spell out their own little dirty secrets. I sat there on that kitchen chair, with my own cup of coffee, as these two brilliant woman sat there and joked back and forth, talking and talking. And as I sat there, I realized how lucky I was, to have such a beautiful mother, with such an amazing personality, and here is this woman from across the hall, with an equally amazing and bubbly personality.

The only thing I knew about her at this point, is that her name is Margaret Fuller, and she’s lived alone ever since her husband passed way from Cancer. And she’s actually quite pretty.

From what I could see of her, she was a kind hearted, good and decent morale woman. And from what I also saw of her, I thought she’d make a great new friend.

I thought to myself, ‘This is going to be the start of something beautiful.’


As I was watching a few birds fly through the air, mom and Margaret’s voices caught me.

“Hello! Earth to David!” I could hear both of them calling to me simultaneously.

They were both sitting there laughing at me.

“He’s such a cutie!” Margaret said.

I think she thought I wasn’t listening. But I was.

I was listening and watching.

“Yeah, he’s probably out in his own world.” My mom said with a smile.

“I think all guys are ‘out in their own worlds’ now days!” Margaret said with a laugh.

“Sweetie. If you’re too tired, I can do the rest of the unpacking.” Mom said.

Somehow, I suddenly came straight back to reality.

“Nah, don’t be silly mom, I can handle it. Just sit there and enjoy yourself.” I said, sitting upright.

“Well, I’m just saying, I can help!” Mom said.

“I think I’ll be ok, mom.” I said with a grin.

I was looking out of the kitchen window, and I could see Margaret’s reflection in the glass. I wasn’t for sure, but it looked like she was stealing little glances at my ass.

“Well, I think my baby is tired!” My mom said cheerfully.

“He does look a bit tired.” Margaret chimed in with her cheerful giggle.

“Ok, let’s do this, let’s continue this conversation some other time. You know, I do live right across the hall. Let’s just have another chat, at another time, like tomorrow!” Margaret cheered. “But let’s get you two settled in first.” Margaret said while extending her arms out for a hug from the both of us.

Mom laughed. It was obvious that these two ladies were going to be hanging out together quite frequently.

Mom was sitting closest to Margaret, so she instantly stood up and leaned right in and wrapped her arms around our neighbor.

“It’s so good to have you as our neighbor! I think this is gonna be wonderful!” My mom said while planting a little friendship kiss on Margaret’s right cheek.

“Well, I think you’re right dear! I think this is going to be the start of something wonderful as well!” Margaret said, returning a small kiss on my mom’s right cheek.

After a few seconds, the ladies broke off from their hug and then Margaret turned towards me.

“And as for you Mr. David, I think you know how lucky you are to have her for a mother?” She said with a bit of sarcasm and seriousness mixed.

“Yeah, I think I do realize how lucky I am actually.” I said with a grin.

“Well…” She said as she walked towards me and stretched her arms out for a good-bye hug. “You’d better be good to her, or I’ll have to spank you!” She said with a giggle while giving me a little swat on my left butt cheek.

Margaret wrapped her arms around me, and I her, and we shared a nice hug which seemed to last for close to a minute.

I’m not sure if it was all in my mind, but it seemed like she was intentionally pressing her big boobs into my chest. And just before the hug broke off, she planted a small kiss on my neck.

Margaret took a step back and smiled.

“Well, you two have a good night. If you need anything, you know where I am!” She said.

“Thanks for the lovely chit-chat!” Mom said. “We’ll see you tomorrow!”

“Have a good night dear. See you two tomorrow!” Margaret said as she walked towards the door.

I followed her and opened the door for her, and wished her a good night.

“Hmmm.” She smiled. “You’re such a cutie!” She said with her pretty smile and reached up with her right hand and touched the tip of my nose. Then she turned and walked out while saying “Nighty night!”


The next day, a Saturday, was spent making several trips up and down the apartment stairs. There were 5 flights of stairs in total, so it was a good workout. Both mom and I were in pretty good shape, but it was still exhausting. We did however take frequent coffee breaks.

As I was making my way up the stairs again, for the tenth time probably, Margaret came out of her apartment with her typical loud and cheerful ‘Good morning Mr. David Armstrong!”

I had three heavy boxes stacked in my arms and I was out-of breath, and sweating, so I had to set everything down and catch my breath in order to respond.

“Morning Margaret.” I said while panting.

“Oh, you poor dear! Let me help!” She said.

“No, it’s ok, I’ve got this. These boxes are kind of heavy!” I said.

“Oh nonsense! You think you’re the only one who’s ever had to carry heavy boxes? Now step back dear, let me try and help.”

Margaret was insistent, and refused to take ‘no’ for an answer. So, what else could I do beside step aside and let her prove herself.

All three boxes together probably weighed close to 30 lbs.

Margaret bent down and tried to get her fingers on the sides and underneath the bottom box. After a few strained attempts, she finally succeeded.

But the position she was in as she started lifting, put more strain on her back, and half way up, she screeched. She’d pulled a muscle in either her back, her neck, or somewhere else on her backside.

I could see she was struggling and about to drop all three boxes, so I stepped forward and quickly lifted them out of her hands.

She stood there for a few moments breathing heavily. She simply wasn’t in shape for this kind of work.

“Are you ok?” I asked. I was really worried that she’d injured herself.

“Yeah, I’m ok dear. I guess I’m just not as in good of shape as you are!” She managed to give a little laugh. But I could tell she was really hurting.

“Why don’t you come inside with me,” I said. “Mom is in there right now unpacking, and then we’re going to have some coffee. You need to sit down for a few minutes.”

“Yes, I think that would be a good idea.” She said, still trying to give a little smile and rubbing her lower back with both hands.

I opened the door for Margaret and she slowly walked in, slightly bending forward.

As I picked up the three boxes, I could hear mom.

“Oh no! What happened honey!” Mom said with great concern.

“Oh, it’s nothing dear. Just me trying to be a show-off and lift heavy boxes.” She said.

Mom slowly guided Margaret to the same chair that our new neighbor had sat in the previous night, and she slowly sat down. I could see that Margaret was in a lot of pain and she groaned while trying to find a comfortable position on the chair.

“You poor thing!” Mom said. “Do you think you need to go to the hospital?” Mom asked.

“Oh no, it’s not that bad dear. But maybe a glass of water and a couple Tylenol would help.” Margaret said.

“Certainly honey. Just a minute.” Mom said.

I sat the boxes down, walked over and sat next to Margaret, who was still rubbing her back with both hands.

“Where exactly is the pain?” I asked her.

“Well, right now, it’s all over. But I think I must’ve pulled a muscle in my lower back. It’s my own stupidity.” She said with a look of frustration.

“Nah, you were just trying to help.” I replied.

“Here’s some water and a couple Tylenol.” Mom said with a smile as sat the glass down and held out her hand with the Tylenol to Margaret.

“Are you sure you don’t need to go to the hospital?” Mom asked her again.

“Nope, I’ll just take these pills and I should be fine within a couple hours.” Margaret said as she tilted her head back and took a sip of her water and swallowed.

“Well, you were just trying to help me. It’s not your fault.” I said, trying to make her feel better.

“David, sweetie, you’ve just recently finished that Massage School. Didn’t they teach you in that school how to treat pulled muscles?” Mom asked me.

And, mom was right. I was trained for this type of situation. Although I knew I couldn’t make Margaret’s pain completely go away, I could however relieve most of it.

“Margaret, if you’d like, I could give you a Therapeutic Back Massage. I’m not promising it’ll make all of your pain disappear, but I’m sure it’ll help. Would you like me to work on your back muscles?” I asked.

Margaret’s face instantly went from a look of pain and frustration, back to her cheerful and happy face. It was almost as though she’d forgotten she was in pain.

“Oh really? You wouldn’t mind doing that for me?” She asked. She was nearly smiling ear-to-ear now.

“Of course he wouldn’t mind!” Mom chimed in. “This is what he does! I’m a Beautician, and he’s a Masseur. We’re actually going to start our own Beauty and Massage Parlor soon.

“Wow! So I’ve got a Masseur and a Beautician living next to me!” Margaret cheered.

“You sure do honey!” Mom said.

“Well, like we both said yesterday, ‘this is going be the start of something beautiful!'” Margaret said as she reached over with her left hand and patted my inner right thigh.

I suddenly had a small stirring and tingling in my pants. I excused myself to go use the restroom.

“Well, don’t be long dear, we’re already missing you!” Margaret laughed.


The bathroom was only 9 feet away at the end of a small hallway. I could hear everything that mom and Margaret were saying. Which also meant they could probably hear me as well. And I need to relieve myself, sexually. Margaret was having some strange effect on me. I didn’t think she was extremely pretty, but I did find her attractive enough. And whatever she wore for perfume, it was definitely arousing.

Almost 10 minutes later, I finally returned to the kitchen, and both ladies were still sipping on their drinks and giggling away. It appeared as though Margaret was no longer in much pain, if any at all. They both looked up at me.

“Well, there’s my man!” Mom smiled.

“Well, is it ok if I say that too?” Margaret laughed.

“Yeah, I think its ok.” Mom giggled.

“I was beginning to think we were gonna have to come and rescue you!” Margaret laughed.

“Yeah, very funny.” I said.

“I’m guessing the Tylenol helped?” I said to Margaret.

“Well, yes it did. But you’re not getting out of giving me a massage young man!” She winked at me.

“That’s right sweetie, make him keep his promise!” Mom laughed.

“Ah, I don’t remember promising anything.” I said with a grin and raised eye brows.

“You’re not going to back out on me, are you? My back really does still hurt…” Margaret said while batting her eyes at me.

“Well, now that you put it that way, nope, I don’t think I’ll be backing out on you.” I said.

“Good boy! Then when should we start my first massage?” She asked.

“Well, that’s a bit of a problem. I don’t have a Massage Table as of yet. I wanted to wait until we arrived here, and then order one once mom and I were ready to start up our business.

“Nah, it’s no problem at all. The most comfortable place in the entire world for me is my own bed. It’s a King-sized bed. My husband and I always use to be bed-hogs, so we’d decided on a large bed. It’s so very comfortable. I think it’ll be just perfect for a massage.” Margaret said as she winked at me.

“Well, ok then. I guess that’s how we’ll do it.” I said. I was getting another tingling sensation I my pants. “Just let me know when you want to begin.” I said.

“Well Diane, sweetie, do mind if I kidnap your son for a few minutes?” Margaret asked.

“Not at all honey. If he can work his magical fingers on your sore muscles and help to make you feel better, then why wait?” Mom said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32