Guardian Angel Ch. 06

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Hello everyone! Sorry for the long delay in this chapter, unfortunately life got in the way but here it is now. I’d like to thank all of those who have followed and enjoyed Quinn and Galen’s story; this will be the final chapter. I hope you all will enjoy it just as much as all of the others and please vote or leave a comment to let me know!

Also, I changed the POV to Galen’s perspective for the ending, I hope you all enjoy.


I slowly woke to the sounds of Quinn’s father leaving for work; Quinn was staying home today due to what happened with Ryan yesterday. I looked down at Quinn’s sleeping form I held in my arms, God he’s so beautiful. He always looks this peaceful in his sleep, like nothing could ever bring harm to him when he is like this. Last night had been fantastic, Quinn had been so responsive when I took him, and then again three more times afterwards. Each time I made love to him was a completely different experience, like learning something knew about Quinn each time. Sometimes he likes it slow, other times fast; he truly is the perfect lover.

I kissed his neck then, light, open mouth kisses starting at the back and then making my way to the side of his neck. He began to stir then. I started to suck his neck gently, circling the area with my tongue. He let out a soft moan and opened his eyes only to moan once more. I rubbed my hand up and down his side, tickling his ribs each time. My aching cock lay nestled between his warm globes and I began a gentle humping motion between them. I brought my hand up to his left nipple and tweaked the tiny pink bud. Quinn shuddered as I gently nipped his shoulder, crying my name out in ecstasy.

“Ohhh g-g-god G-G-Galenn!” Quinn moaned. Quinn began to slowly push his supple bottom against my hard cock and moaned a little louder. “I-I-I w-want y-you i-ins-side.” He moaned out. I took my left hand away from his nipple and brought it down between us to position my cock for entry, using my pre-cum as lubricant. With my free hand I turned his head so I could kiss Quinn on the mouth.

“I love you Quinn.” I whispered in his ear. With that I pressed my aching penis against his quivering entrance, Quinn moaned as I started to breach his protesting sphincter. The feeling of his body surrounding the head of my cock was fantastic.

This. Was. Heaven.

With just the head of my penis inside I brought my left hand to his semi-hard penis and peeled his foreskin back and rubbed the head with my thumb. I raised myself on my elbow to look over his body and watched as I began to slowly stroke of his hot pink erection. While stroking Quinn’s penis I began to sink my own member the rest of the way into his heated rectum. Quinn let out a low moan as I bottomed out inside of him. I started a slow pumping of my hips and stroked Quinn’s hot little prick at the same rhythm.

“Ohh Quinn, you feel so good” I whispered next to his ear. His response was a high pitched moan as I pumped three times in quick succession, hitting his pleasure button on each stroke. “How does it feel Quinn?” He moaned once more and rocked his hips back. “Tell me, I wanna know Quinn, how does it feel to have my hot, hard cock pumping in and out of you as I stroke your penis? Tell me in detail how it feels, I want to hear you say it.” I whispered in his ear. I love talking dirty while making love, especially since Quinn is so modest; his blushes are just too adorable to pass up. Also, I just love hearing him vocalise how much he truly enjoys our making love.

“I-It feels l-l-like st-stret-tching. L-Like y-you’re st-stretching m-m-me, b-but i-i-in a g-g-good way. I c-can f-f-feel y-you m-m-mov-ving i-i-ins-side of me, rub-b-bing m-m-my i-i-ins-sides. Oh oh oh.” Quinn panted out.

“That’s what I wanted to hear, you have no idea how much you turn me on Quinn.” I whispered and then nibbled on his earlobe. I started to thrust in and out a little faster, I could feel my balls drawing up, I knew I was going to come soon. I pulled out of him – wanting to prolong it – and turned Quinn onto his back. Quinn began to protest but I cut him short by covering his mouth with my own. I snaked my tongue inside of his mouth and we rubbed our tongues together. I started to kiss my way down his jaw, suckling on it right before getting to his shoulder, lightly nipping him there. I proceeded with feather light kisses on his chest and then went for his sensitive nipple. He moaned as I circled the little bud with my tongue. I took his hardened nipple between my teeth and nipped at him gently before taking it inside my mouth and suckling it gently while flicking it with my tongue. Quinn was thrashing by now and moaning loudly, I had to hold him still as I repeated my actions with his other nipple.

I moved on from his nipples, sucking and kissing my way down his ribs to his flat belly, sealing my mouth around his naval. I sucked on his naval while darting my tongue in and out of the little button mecidiyeköy escort as a preview of what was to come. Satisfied that Quinn got the message I kissed my way farther down, ignoring his aching penis. Quinn let out a whine of disapproval as I moved around it and kissed his soft blonde pubic hair instead. I lifted my head up and stared down at his throbbing member with his ball sack pulled up tight. I brought my face down and nuzzled his balls, smelling Quinn’s essence. I opened my mouth and took his left ball in, sucking him gently while swirling my tongue around the sensitive skin. Quinn was moaning in earnest now as I sucked on his balls harder, he was the instrument, and I the musician.

Letting his balls out of my mouth I lifted his legs up to expose his rosy bottom. I kept his legs in place while I dipped down and licked his soft cheeks. Getting the hint Quinn wrapped his arms around his own legs so he could keep them up, allowing me full reign over his ass. I continued to kiss and suck his cheeks for a few minutes before palming and rubbing them with my hands. I separated the cheeks of Quinn’s ass and watched as his small rosebud appeared. His hole had not fully closed from when I had entered him this morning and I watched as it fluttered beneath my gaze. Quinn was squirming a little, he was extremely shy about me seeing the most intimate part of his body. I loved that about him, the way he blushed as I stared at him here, it was incredibly adorable.

“G-Galen?” Quinn whispered.

“Yes Quinn?” He started to squirm a little more as I brought my thumb closer to his hole.

“W-w-what are y-you d-doing?” He took in a deep breath as a started to rub my thumb inside of his crack, avoiding the fluttering rosebud.

“I’m watching you Quinn. You’re perfect Quinn, especially riggghhhhhhtttt here.” Quinn held his breath as I brought my thumb to his hole and slowly pushed inside. I pushed my thumb all of the way in and then slowly drew back; he was still slick with my pre-cum from earlier. I took my thumb out and replaced it with my index and middle finger and thrust them in and out quickly. Quinn was moaning loudly now, making all sorts of wonderful noises as I thrust my fingers in and out. I changed my angle just a bit and found the spot I wanted, Quinn’s prostate. His body jerked as I hit his button every time I thrust my fingers into him. I eyed his balls, bending forward and taking his balls within my mouth as I continued to thrust my fingers in and out, in and out. Quinn was trembling now as I licked my way up his penis, paying special attention to his now purple head. He thrust his hips forward, urging me to take him into my mouth. I quickly obliged his request and engulfed his aching penis, taking him into my mouth as far as I could. He started thrusting into my mouth as fast as he could, I knew he would orgasm soon, his body was extremely tense, toes curled, hands holding tightly to the bed as if he might fall off with the force of his oncoming orgasm. I stopped thrusting my fingers in and out and instead started to rub his prostate, applying a firm pressure to his pleasure spot.

That did it, he let out a loud moan and jerked his hips harder and then went completely still as his semen exploded out of his penis. I could feel his penis inflate a little more as each spurt jetted out of his cock and hit the back of my throat. I moved my mouth up so that only the head of his cock was inside of my mouth so I could taste his essence. He tasted terribly delicious, I felt as though I were even more connected to Quinn than I already am, if that’s even possible. Quinn let out a shaky moan as his cock deflated a bit, and his spurts started to lessen in power, now only oozing out of his piss slit. I licked at his slit, seeking more of his nectar. At this he began to jerk his hips away because the head of his cock was extremely sensitive after his orgasm, but I held on tight.

“G-g-g-gal-l-len! P-p-please l-l-let it o-o-out!” Quinn begged. I reluctantly released his semi-erect penis from my mouth, kissing the head before moving up Quinn’s body.

I still had some of his cum inside of my mouth, swishing it around with my tongue I leaned down and kissed Quinn, urging him to open his mouth. Immediately he opened up, allowing me to share his own essence with him. For the next few minutes we swished his semen back and forth between us, simply tasting the other. I swallowed what was left in my mouth of Quinn’s cum as he pulled back away from me, ending our kiss. He swallowed and then looked down at my throbbing penis.

“I-I-I w-w-want y-you i-i-inside m-me.” Quinn said, blushing. As much as I loved his shyness, I was glad that Quinn was getting better at expressing what he wanted.

“Ohh I planned on it.” I whispered into his ear as I brought my hand underneath him to his ass.

I went straight for his hole with my fingers only to find that he was still ready from my previous ministrations etiler escort just moments ago. I smiled mischievously as I brought his legs up over my shoulders and positioned my hard penis at his fluttering hole. I held his gaze as I pushed my hips forward against his hole, both our bodies shuddered as the head of my cock popped inside of Quinn. The way Quinn’s tight passage was fisting my cock was driving me crazy, I wanted to just pound into him, drive my cock to the hilt immediately. But I knew if I did it would all be over too fast and I wanted to prolong and enjoy our love making.

I slowly sank my cock into his tight heat, my body quivering with the urge to thrust. Once fully in I leaned forward and hungrily attacked Quinn’s mouth with my own. As I thrust my tongue into Quinn’s mouth I slowly withdrew my cock from Quinn’s body, taking all of it out except for the head. After which I just as slowly sank back into Quinn. Quinn pushed his bottom upwards, trying to make me go deeper faster; I grabbed his hips with my hands and held him in place much to his disappointment.

“I want to make love to you slowly right now.” I whispered to him.

He nodded to me and I began to slowly and gently rock my hips into his body causing both of us to whimper and moan at the pleasure that created. I could feel the pleasure building in both of our bodies as his hole gripped my cock tightly. Quinn was once again rock hard and squirming beneath me, I tried to keep the urge to pound into him under control but after so long it was impossible and much to Quinn’s delight I began to rapidly thrust my cock into his body. I grasped his cock and started to jerk him off at the same speed as I was fucking him at. He moaned loudly at the assault on both his prostate and his aching hard penis. I thrust even harder then, hitting those pleasure filled nerves with my cock repeatedly with each thrust as I stroked his cock with great speed.

Not long after Quinn let out a long and loud cry as his cock spurted out his seed for the second time that morning. I could feel his anal walls grasping my cock even tighter, rippling around my penis with each wave of his orgasm. With the extra stimulation to my cock I quickly followed him and enjoyed the most satisfying orgasm I’ve ever had. I tensed up as my semen exploded out of my cock and into his body, each wave of my orgasm more satisfying than the last. I collapsed on top of Quinn as our orgasms finished, his sticky cum gluing us together.

“Th-th-that f-f-felt s-s-so g-g-good.” Quinn panted.

“Agreed.” I responded.

We just laid in silence for the next few minutes, only the sounds of our heavy breathing could be heard. The silence was broken by the rumble of Quinn’s belly, effectively reminding him that he had not eaten yet. We kissed once more before pulling apart from each other, my now soft cock coming out of Quinn with a pop. I stood up and looked down at Quinn’s naked body, his soft penis nestled in his pubic hair looked so sated. He blushed at my gaze and looked away, I picked him up then and threw him over my shoulder and walked out to the kitchen.

“I-I-I’m n-n-not d-dressed!” Quinn protested.

“You don’t need to be.” I responded and then gave his butt cheek a good squeeze with my hand.

“B-B-But m-m-my d-dad-“

“Is at work. And I want to eat naked.” I interrupted him. Quinn sighed and quit his struggles then.

We ate breakfast and spent the rest of the day in the nude, a lot of it in bed or just cuddling while we watched some T.V. We did get dressed around four-thirty because his father got finished work at five. I suppose seeing his son –who he is extremely protective of-cuddled up naked with me wouldn’t exactly be a good impression. I had been able to hear his thoughts in the morning before he left for work, he planned on speaking to Quinn about me and our relationship. I could tell he was worried about the possibility of Quinn getting hurt.

“Your father will be home soon Quinn.”

“I-I-I kn-know.” He moved his body backwards, snuggling against me as we lay on the couch.

“He wants to have a discussion with you when he gets home, it’s best that I not be seen here by him.” I felt him tense a little, from his thoughts I could tell he didn’t like the idea of me leaving. I kissed his head and pulled him closer to me. “I’m not leaving, I’ll stay inside of your room while he talks to you.” He relaxed a little at that.

“W-w-what d-d-does he w-want to t-t-talk a-about?” Quinn asked.

“He wants to talk about you being gay, he wants you to know that he knows and that he still loves you. He also wants to talk to you about me and our relationship together.” I told him

“W-w-why d-d-does he w-want to t-t-talk a-a-about u-u-us?” Quinn asked.

“He worries about you and doesn’t want to see you hurt, that’s all.”

“I-I-I’m j-just w-worried th-th-that h-he w-w-won’t be o-o-okay w-with you.” Quinn said.

Just kağıthane escort then we heard a car door in the driveway, I kissed Quinn and told him it would be alright and then made my way up to his bedroom. I could hear the door downstairs open as Jackson entered; I wanted to know what Jackson had to say so I laid down on Quinn’s bed and separated my spirit from my solid body. In spirit form I made my way downstairs and into the living room to see what Jackson would say to Quinn about us.

“How’re you doing Quinn?” Jackson asked.

“I-I-I-I’m f-f-fine, y-y-you?”

“Pretty good, long day. So umm .. Galen seems nice, he a good friend?” Jackson asked, I could tell he was unsure of how to approach the subject.

“Y-y-yess, he r-r-really i-i-is.” Quinn replied.

“Quinn I umm, I need to talk to you about something.”

“W-w-what?” Quinn asked, sounding a little nervous now.

Jackson stayed silent for a moment, I could hear him in his head contemplating how to ask the question. Once deciding on a way he took a deep breath and looked Quinn in the eyes. “What kind of relationship do you have with Galen?” Jackson asked.

Quinn looked really nervous now although he tried to hide it. “W-w-what d-do y-you m-m-mean?” Quinn whispered, unable to look Jackson in the eyes. Jackson walked over to Quinn then and sat beside him on the couch, putting his arm around Quinn and pulling Quinn close to him.

“I know Quinn. I know that you are gay. I don’t want you to be afraid of what I think about your being gay because I still love you. You’re my son, being gay won’t ruin my love for you. I need you to know that.” Jackson said. Quinn nodded against Jackson’s chest, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. I could feel Quinn’s emotions and he was close to tears. Hearing me tell him that his father knows he is gay and still loves him and then hearing his father say it are two totally different things. “So, tell me about your relationship with Galen. I want to know that he is good for you, everyday I’m worried that you will get hurt, I don’t like to see you hurt Quinn, so I want to know that Galen won’t hurt you.” Jackson said with a shaky breath.

“H-h-h-he w-won’t h-hurt me d-dad. H-h-he l-loves m-me, and I-I-I l-love h-him.” Quinn whispered.

Jackson stiffened at Quinn’s announcement of love, “Quinn, I think it’s a little too early to say stuff like that.” Jackson said.

“N-n-no it i-i-isn’t.” Quinn said, sounding a little unhappy.

“Ok, it isn’t too early then.” Jackson said softly, not wanting to make Quinn upset.

Quinn nodded and then looked away. He could not see me but he could sense that I was in the room. I walked over to him and wrapped my arms and wings around him, he would not be able to feel me the same way he would feel me if I were in my solid form but he was able to feel a warmth accompanied by a slight tingling sensation. I could feel Quinn relax, he knew that I was touching him and he was grateful for it. I could hear Jackson’s thoughts, he was worried Quinn was going to get hurt, he also planned to talk to me about this the next time we met.

“Quinn?” Jackson asked, breaking the silence.


“Have you and Galen …” he broke off for a moment, clearly uncomfortable. I knew what he was going to ask, and Quinn was hoping he wouldn’t. Jackson took a breath and then continued. “Have you and Galen had sex? I know you probably don’t want to talk about this but I need to know that if you are that you are protected properly.” Jackson stated quickly, getting the words out fast before he could change his mind.

I had to smile at Quinn’s face; he was beet red with embarrassment. He didn’t answer right away; instead he looked down at the ground and took a few deep breaths. This was answer enough for Jackson, this told him that Quinn and I were indeed having sex, what he did not know was that we don’t use protection, for obvious reasons, those being that I am an angel and cannot contract nor give any diseases. I listened more intently to Jackson’s thoughts, he was extremely uncomfortable with the fact that we were having sex so soon, but more so than that he was uncomfortable with the mechanics of sex between me and Quinn. He was thinking in stereotypes, Quinn was small and fragile, I was bigger and stronger than Quinn and to him that meant that Quinn was the submissive –which he’s not entirely wrong about, though I couldn’t care less as to whether I’m submissive or dominant, as long as it’s with Quinn I’m happy- and he was not too comfortable with the idea of me being the dominant partner during sex. I imagine it is much like an over protective father and his daughter, only this time it’s and overprotective father and his gay son.

“Quinn? You use protection don’t you?” Jackson asked, afraid of the answer. Now Quinn isn’t a very good liar but if he said “yes” to Jackson’s question Jackson would likely assume the topic of conversation is the cause of Quinn being uncomfortable while answering the question.

Quinn looked at Jackson and nodded, “Y-y-yes, w-w-we d-d-do.” Quinn said softly.

“Ok, that’s um good.” Jackson replied quietly.



“I-I-I’m s-s-sorry.” Quinn whispered.

“What for?” Jackson asked, a little confused.

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