Great Neighbors Ch. 04

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This is the forth story in a series about a man and a wife who participate in sexual liaisons with a couple of female neighbors, fulfilling the husband’s sexual desires and reawakening his wife’s sexual drive.


Jon and Linda’s sexual adventure with their neighbor Christina seemed to have stirred some long gone (maybe never even present) sexual appetite in Linda.

Linda returned to work the Monday following the Saturday night threesome with Christina. The sex over the last two days had left Jon very satisfied and for the first time in years he didn’t look at internet porn and jerk off.

Jon was surprised when Linda was home from work at 4:30pm as she hadn’t been home before 7:00pm in years. Jon assumed with only three days to work before she took off nine days for Christmas and New Years that she had a light load at work. He asked, “Easy week at work due to the Holidays coming up?”

Linda responded, “Not really, I’ve just decided that from now on eight hours a day is enough and I’m going to shift my work to the juniors and other staff members and leave at 4:00pm as much as possible.”

Jon was thrilled but asked, “Is that going to cause any problems with the other partners, they seem to depend on you an awful lot?”

“No, I told Phil what I was going to do and he said ‘excellent, I’m very happy you’ve made that decision as I’ve been worried about you. When we made you partner in this law firm we did so because you’d earned it by paying your dues working twelve hour days. A partner sets the agenda for others and leaves at a reasonable time when possible. Let the up and comers pay their dues, we all did in our own time!'”

Jon was joyous, saying, “Linda, I’m so proud of you and love you so much! I can’t wait to have you home more!”

Linda, in an elated voice said, “And I have another surprise for you! Take a look at my year end bonus!” as she pulled an envelope from her purse.

Jon took the envelope and pulled out the check, his knees felt weak as he saw the gross figure, $910,000.

“Oh my God!” he exclaimed. Linda’s previous bonuses as a junior partner had never exceeded $150,000.

Linda excitedly said, “And that share is only based on my nine months as a partner. Just think, if the firm’s success continues I could retire in a couple of years and we can live out our lives as we want to!”

Jon pulled Linda to him and hugged her for a very long time, finally saying, “The money is great, but having you home earlier every day is better than anything!”

Linda pushed Jon away and said, “Let’s celebrate!” and dropped to her knees. She began unbuckling Jon’s pants. Jon couldn’t believe she’d just showed him a check for hundreds of thousands of dollars and then was going to blow him. Who would have ever thought gaziantep bayan escort the sex with Christina just two days ago would change their lives in such away.

Linda looked up and said, “Tell me what to do!”

Jon began telling her to suck it, then lick it, then jerk it. He continued to give the commands and as he was approaching orgasm ordered, “Now suck it hard!”

Linda complied briefly then pulled back and said, “But the ending is mine!” She then opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and jerked Jon off onto her face and tongue.

Linda’s actions brought back for Jon the memory of Christina jerking him off onto their pressed together tongues. The memory made the orgasm incredible, and having not jerked off all day, he covered Linda’s face and tongue with cum.

Jon was then expecting Linda to suck his dick again and give him the sensation that burned him with pleasure/pain, but Linda rose to her feet, jerking his cock, she pulled him to her and licked his face.

It was a strange sensation having his cum rubbed on his face and Jon wondered if Linda wanted him to taste it. Based on how good the sex had been of late he guessed he wouldn’t refuse if she had tried to stick her tongue in his mouth.

Linda then pulled back and said, “Let’s get cleaned up and I’m going to do something I haven’t done in at least five years, make you dinner!”

She then added, “And then we’ll clear the table and you can fuck me on it!”

As Linda made dinner, Jon considered the sexual control game that seemed to be going on between Linda and Christina, the game continuing even with Christina away for the holidays. He wondered how another threesome with Christina would go. Would a fight break out between the two women of both tried to assert control?

The next two days, the pattern repeated itself. Jon continued to feel sexually satisfied with no need to jerk off each day as in the past. Linda would arrive home @ 4:30pm, drop to he knees and suck him off. She jerked him off on her bare breasts the first day and allowed him to fill her mouth on the second.

She did not repeat the experiment of coming to his face with cum on her tongue. He guessed she was just establishing control the other day and seeing what he’d allow her to do. After she made dinner each night, they continued to fuck in the kitchen, once she bent over the table and he took her from behind, the other time she bounced up and down on his cock as he sat in a chair.

And then Linda didn’t have to go to work for nine days. They became blissful days filled with sex and more sex. Linda was an animal. One time she pulled out the dildo and had Jon fuck her with it for forty-five minutes straight. She had at least a dozen orgasms during that experiment, after awhile they ran together and Jon was convinced the last one lasted ten minutes, until she finally couldn’t take it anymore and screamed, “Oh God, just hold it fucking still!”

Another time, when he was using the dildo on her, she ordered him to alternate his dick and the dildo back and forth between her mouth and pussy. Jon began jumping back and forth as she kept yelling at him when to switch. Soon she was in the frenzy of orgasm after orgasm. Eventually her spasms left her unable to talk and Jon exploded in her pussy, causing her to moan and shake. Afterwards, she said the dildo and his cock gave her the feeling of having two men.

Jon had been wondering since they’d had the threesome with Christine, if Linda was going to ask for another man to join them sometime. He felt guilty knowing he wasn’t comfortable with the idea but figured he wouldn’t be able to refuse it if she asked for it.

On the third day Linda said, “John, we’re fucking three or four times a day, I never had any idea you had that kind of sex drive!”

John then admitted that for a couple of years he had jerked off to internet porn as many as four times a day while Linda was at work. This admission caused Linda to lead him to the computer where she insisted that he do it so she could watch. She ordered him to remove all his clothes. He felt silly, but complied. He began looking at a couple of porn sites while jerking off with a tissue. As he came, he felt her eyes staring at him.

Linda then removed all of her clothes, pulled a chair up next to him, and told him to show him all of his favorite porn sites. He did (except for the anal and transvestite sites he sometimes browsed that would have embarrassed him) and they spent about three hours fucking, sucking, jerking, and viewing porn. Jon came two more times after his initial explosion, and Linda must have gotten off twenty times or more.

Jon was starting to wonder if the sex was becoming unhealthy but both of them were happier than they’d ever been. And Linda would be returning to work soon and things would slow down.

During Linda’s days off they had found that morning sex was one of their favorites. Linda would stroke his cock and rub her pussy until she came. Then she would rub Jon’s dick up and down on her clit, leading to another orgasm. Finally, she would get up on all fours and say things like, “Fuck me big boy, fuck me hard!”

Jon would grab her hips, plunge his cock into her pussy, and thrust it in out, while Linda screamed, “Give it to me! Give it to me!”

On the morning of December 31st, Jon rolled over onto Linda and they performed their morning ritual. Afterwards, as they showered, Linda asked, “How do you think Abbey’s party will be tonight?”

Jon was momentarily stunned as he had forgotten all about the party and his fantasies about Abbey. Fucking Linda relentlessly over the last few days had even caused him to forget about Christina and the raucous threesome he and Linda enjoyed after Christina’s Christmas party. His response of, “I doubt it will top the Christmas party we went to,” made Linda laugh out loud.

Linda then reached out and squeezed Jon’s cock, asking, “What do you want to do today?”

Jon laughed and said, “Well of course that, but how about we go shopping and spend some of your money. We’ll buy new everything for you for the party tonight; a new, hot sexy dress, lingerie, stockings, pumps, and jewelry. We’ll get you a pedicure and a manicure. Have your hair styled and your makeup done. Then we’ll come home, go to the party and watch strange men lust after you!”

Linda laughed and hugged Jon and said, “Oh Jon! That is so romantic! Are you sure you want to spend your whole day doing that? You’ll spend a lot of time waiting for me.”

Jon responded, “It will be perfect.”

The day was terrific. Linda allowed Jon to pick out all of the items she purchased. He picked out a black, low cut, short hemmed sexy dress and black leather four inch pumps.

They had lunch out, another rarity, as Linda was generally so tired from work that all she wanted to do on the weekends was stay home. After having her nails, hair, and makeup done Linda looked absolutely fabulous, as beautiful as he’d ever seen her.

After the final stop she climbed into the back of their SUV. Jon asked what she was up to and she responded, “Just drive.”

When they were in their neighborhood, Linda said, “Adjust your mirror so you can see me!” Jon turned the rearview mirror down and saw Linda take off her pants and underwear.

Linda then ordered, “Drive slowly around the neighborhood!”

She then pulled out one of the new pumps and started to masturbate with the toe, working it up and down over her clit just as she and Christina had done after Christina’s party. Jon’s cock was rock hard. As Linda reached her climax, she shoved what appeared to be half the shoe into her cunt, screaming and moaning in pleasure.

Back at home, Jon expected some sexual contact with Linda before the party, but she handed him the shoe she’d masturbated with and ordered, “Clean it while I go get dressed for the party!” then added, “With your tongue!” and headed upstairs.

Jon’s dick had deflated just a bit walking in to the house but now rose back up as he stood licking his wife’s pussy juice off her shoe. It was obvious from Linda’s mimicking Christina masturbating with her pump that a game of sexual control was still continuing.

After he was done cleaning the shoe with his tongue he went and got a damp towel and cleaned his saliva off the shoe. He wondered what sexual fireworks the New Year’s night might bring from his suddenly nymphomaniac wife.

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