Letters to Purvi Ch. 10

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The correspondence is between me and a lonely housewife in Calcutta, who has since become a very close friend.

* * * * *

Darling Purvi,

Remember the time we partied here in Bombay and I didn’t let Uday fuck me in the ass? I promised I’d tell you the moment I lost my virginity there – and yes!! — it’s happened! I finally got fucked in the ass!

Remember Pinky and Monty, the couple with whom we party from time to time out here? We keep in touch even when we are not meeting for a fuck, and it came as no surprise when Pinky called me up a while back. She was her usual excited self, bubbling all over about the beautiful lingerie Monty had picked up on his recent flight to Dubai, and a whole lot of other stuff. Then she quieted down and reminded me that it was my birthday in a week — as if I was likely to forget. When you are the wrong side of 30, it is not a date you are easily able to pass up!

Pinky said she had a special present for me. Giggling all the while and sounding most mysterious, she said that she had arranged a ‘special’ massage for me — “…his name is Darius, darling, and he’s very, very special! I have had three treatments by him and I feel so wonderful!! Please, please say you’ll go…”

Since Raj was out of town (again!) and I really had nothing in particular planned, I agreed. She gave me the address and the time, suggesting that I keep the rest of the day free — “…you’ll feel so relaxed, you just can’t think of returning to work!”

So five days later, I found myself at this swanky apartment address in South Bombay. Not quite knowing what to expect, I had dressed in simple tights and a loose shirt, with just basic make-up and jewelry. When Darius opened the door, I wished I had taken some more time over my appearance — he was gorgeous!

Over 6″ tall, beautifully muscled, with close-cropped brown hair, he smile a handsome smile. ” Hi there. You must be Lalitha…”

“Call me Lali,” I said as I moved into the flat, very aware of his masculinity. He was dressed in a short toweling robe, which left most of his legs and his arms bare. I felt a rush of moisture in my groin as I suddenly thought of being held by his strong hands as his cock thrust into me.

His voice was soft and deep and he was so very polite. He showed me into his massage room — a large sunlit room filled with plants, in the center of which was a thick cotton mattress. He then suggested I go into a small room next door and remove all my clothes.

“All?” I asked, a little surprised. He explained that I had been booked for the full massage and he normally preferred such clients to remove all their confining clothing, which would include underwear —it interfered with the circulation.

As you can imagine, I had little inhibitions. I went into the little anteroom and stripped, putting on a matching toweling robe that I found waiting for me on a hook. I couldn’t resist checking my face in the mirror, and added a little lipstick and a touch of color to my face. After a moments thought, I brushed a touch of perfume on my bush — I wasn’t quite sure where this session was going, but I thought it would be nice to be prepared!!

When I came back into the massage room, Darius was waiting for me. He had put on some soft classical music and lit a couple of long incense sticks. The heady scent of flowers filled the room.

He smiled at me and gestured to the mat, asking me to lie face down. I hesitated for a moment and then turned and slipped my robe off as I lay down.

Darius knelt next to me and arranged my arms above my head, pillowing my head on one arm. “Don’t worry,” he murmured. “The session is completely controlled by you — nothing is going to happen here that will be uncomfortable.”

And with that, he moved his hands to my back. At some point, he had filled his palms with warm coconut oil and the nutty scent filled my nostrils as he carefully massaged it into the skin of my naked back. The touch of his strong, large hands was delightful — an involuntary moan escaped me, as he seemed to find every single muscle in my back and caress it delightfully.

He worked his way down my body, moving to my waist, then to my buttocks — I bit my lips as he worked those over — I was so wet by now that I wanted to scream! Than down my legs and right up to my very toes.

He then came up to my head and gave me a lovely head massage, smoothing and stroking the oil right into my scalp. And then he asked me to turn over, but with my eyes closed, so that he could do my face.

Obediently, I rolled over and immediately his hands were all over my face — rubbing the oil into my skin (there goes all the makeup, I thought!). As he moved down to my chest, I wondered if he would say anything about my nipples, which were as hard as pebbles.

I opened my eyes and looked at him — and immediately felt my pussy grow even wetter. He had stripped off the robe and was wearing a pair bursa escort of abbreviated briefs made of Lycra or some similar material. They looked like they had been sprayed onto his muscular body.

His muscles were working as he kneaded my body and his entire torso was covered in a glistening film of sweat and oil. As he poured some more oil onto my stomach and began to move his hand over my skin, he moved slightly and I caught sight of his groin.

Suddenly, I knew I had to have him — right now. And if that large lump at his groin was any indication, he was very interested in having me.

Even as he began to smooth oil over my bush, I moved a hand to his crotch. Scratching a couple of nails over that bulge (it twitched wonderfully in response!) I murmured “Why don’t you let the poor darling out… It certainly looks like it could do with some attention!”

Darius stopped and looked up at me, smiling thoughtfully. For a moment he seemed to consider and his eyes never left mine. Obviously, he liked what he saw, because he suddenly and effortlessly rose and slipped off his briefs.

He had quite a tool. Marble white and corded with veins, it stood straight out from his body, a good 10″, if I was any judge. Not very thick, but a lovely large knob at the head and beautifully hard. With every twitch of his pulse, his tool jumped a little. As he stood there, running one oily hand over his cock and smiling down at me, I could feel my mouth fill with saliva — I wanted him very badly by now.

“Come here,” I husked. “Show me what you can massage with that.”

Soon Darius was kissing and licking my large nipples. His tongue would trace a circle around the areola while his lips enclosed the whole thing and sucked. I could feel a moist heat beginning to build between my legs and I knew I was in for some real hot fucking.

I spread and raised my legs for him, exposing my wet, hot pussy. Darius moved gracefully around into a hot 69 and I was soon slipping his thick rod between my lips. He tasted of sweat and coconut oil.

I gulped and licked at the smooth skin of his cock, loving every bit of it. I swirled my tongue around the head and giggled as his body convulsed in response to my efforts. Darius meanwhile was far from idle.

His gentle fingers opened my pussy lips with ease and his tongue was soon sliding very slowly up and down my pussy, rubbing the clit, the inner lips and my hole with a slow, steady rhythm that was helping to quickly bring me to a climax.

I could feel a hot tingling deep inside and the more Darius licked, the stronger it became. Finally, his fingers let go of my outer lips and the petal-like folds trapped his tongue, which was centered on my clit. He then began a series of slow tantalizing circles. At that point I screamed as the orgasm blossomed inside me. My pussy began pulsing and I could feel my hot juices gushing out and down my ass.

Darius saw my flood of sex juice and quickly moved to what was, for me, uncharted territory. His fingers moved down to my asshole and he began to rub the fluid and slowly push his finger inside me. I could not even begin to protest — it felt too good!!

My orgasm deepened and a hot heat began to permeate my body as Darius’ probing fingers sank deeper in my yielding ass until my throat was raw from screams of pleasure.

He began to pump one, then two fingers in and out of my ass. I realised later that he was opening and relaxing my muscles for his hard man meat. His delicious cock was now bouncing above me, untouched because I couldn’t suck him and cry out at the same time.

Finally he moved off me and helped me turn over so I was lying on my stomach. He pushed two big pillows underneath me to raise my ass off the bed to a comfortable level and then he spread my legs nice and wide and knelt behind me.

My orgasm had stopped and my entire body was vacillating between total relaxation and a heightened sense of sexual awareness. I wondered what he was waiting for and turned to see him unrolling a condom onto his tool. I felt a twinge of disappointment that I would not feel his cum shooting into me — but I was not prepared for the risk of unprotected sex.

I held my breath as I waited for his cock to slip into my body. I felt the rounded head brush against my soaked cunt lips and then, with a quick thrust, his cock was buried deep inside my pussy. I moaned as a huge wave of pleasure pervaded my whole pelvic area. Having him in me was the best feeling in the world.

Darius lay over me, his skin slick against mine. His fingers pulled softly at my sensitive nipples and I moaned again, wondering why he was waiting. It was not long before I found out.

“Have you ever had it in the ass, Lali?” he whispered. For a moment, my throat contracted as I imagined his long tool tearing into my anus — no, never.. I wanted to scream!

“I would very much like to fuck you in the ass, Lali…” he said. escort bayan “I have been hot for your ass ever since you walked in here… Please let me…”

My mind was a chaotic jumble of thoughts. I knew I had wanted to try being fucked in the ass, and I also knew that Raj would never be able to do it — he had never tried it either. I also knew that Raj’s cock would probably be more painful — he was much thicker that Darius, if not as long. And Darius had so far, shown himself to be quite an expert at what ever he was doing.

Not trusting myself to speak, I simply nodded.

In reply, Darius slid his cock around and around very slowly, causing my juices to coat his dick and leak down onto his hairy nut sac. He screwed me like this for a few more seconds and then slowly withdrew his slippery cock for the finale.

We both remained motionless, his wet cock hovering between my legs, my asshole glistening with juice from my dripping pussy. Then – I did it!

Before I could change my mind, I reached back and rubbed my hand over my cunt till it was coated with juice and then grasped Darius’ cock and carefully guided the huge, rounded head to my waiting asshole.

The first contact of his rubber-covered skin on mine was electric and I gasped. I felt the smooth shaft push through my hand and begin to slowly part my asshole, delivering an exquisite feeling of tightness as he slowly sank inside.

The combination of the oil and my juice and saliva on his tool made it very slick, and the head popped into my hole with very little problem. He did not push too hard after that. Rather, he kept up a steady light pressure, while I pushed back into his groin.

It was a strange sensation. The initial penetration was easy, because of the lubrication, I suppose, but then it began to hurt quite a bit. I almost asked him to pull out, but I remembered what you had said about relaxing your ass muscles, so I stopped for a moment and forcibly willed my asshole to relax. Darius must have guessed what I was doing, because he slipped a hand down to my crotch and began to rub a fingertip over my clit.. And suddenly, it was easy! All the resistance was gone and he began to slide effortlessly into my hole.

Each inch of his shaft that entered me went through my fingers and it was like two sensations at once, feeling him in me and in my hand.

As his nuts brushed against my anus, I let go and lay very still, as he pushed completely in. His balls pressed against my soaked pussy lips and I cried out in ecstasy and began to slowly rotate my hips, grinding his cock in my asshole.

Darius held still, exercising great control. I continued to move my hips. Getting drunk on the heat and pleasure that rushed through my body until, with a scream, I began to feel my whole groin contract in a tremendous orgasm.

As the first orgasm shook my body, Darius began to move. He pulled out very slowly until just the head was inside and then pushed back in just as slowly. The friction of his cock against my inner walls was so erotic and strong that I could feel it through my entire body. I buried my face in the bed and screamed as his thrusts began to make me come continuously.

The slower he went the longer he lasted. I concentrated on his cock, feeling the hard smoothness as it slid in and out, in and out with a slow and steady motion.

Each time he slid out, I felt hot and empty, each time he slid in, I felt full beyond belief, and I came. Sweat was pouring down my body and my breath was coming in heavy gasps as if I was running the marathon.

“Please come, darling, come soon!” I begged.

“No way! You’re getting this forever!” he grunted, obviously trying to hold off for as long as he could. Finally, I tightened down on him and his groan of pleasure told me that I had done it.

He began to jam in and out really fast and then I felt it – even with the condom! The wet heat that happens when a man fills you with every drop of his semen.

I screamed once, a guttural cry of pure lust, and the orgasms that exploded through me nearly took my head off. I was thrashing around so much that Darius pulled free by mistake and the condom must have pulled off — I felt the hot splatters of his come firing against my ass, pussy and back.

After another minute or so, I slumped into a sweaty heap and Darius collapsed beside me, his cock red, and glistening with my juices and his cum. We lay very still for a while.

Finally I sat up and felt the flood of come drip from the open condom on to the bed. Darius smiled as I reached for the condom. “Time to take a shower, darling,” he said.

He led me to a large bathroom and we stepped together under the hot steamy water and our lips locked together in a passionate tongue kiss that I felt clear down to my toes.

With one hand around Darius and the other groping for the soap. I took the soap in one hand and worked a good lather altıparmak escort up. Suddenly, all I could think of was doing it again.

I reached down, finding Darius’ semi-stiff rod and began to slide my soapy hand up and down his tool until he broke the kiss, moaning in pleasure. I knew if I kept it up he’d come, so I rubbed just until his cock really began to stiffen and then stopped.

I leaned against the shower wall, pushing my firm ass at him. I did not need to tell him what I wanted — it was quite obvious. He grabbed the soap and worked up lather on my ass and in my asshole. Then he reached into a cupboard in the corner and pulled out another condom. I watched with hungry eyes as he rolled it on, soothing more lather over the thin rubber. Then, with no further warning, he slid his cock deep into my asshole and began a series of quick, hard thrusts.

I felt Darius’ soapy hands slide around my soft tits, and I moaned happily as he brought my nipples up to full erection again. His cock was slamming into my ass and the water cascading over our bodies was like a thousand fingers.

Each quick thrust made the heat in my cunt build until I thought I was burning up and finally, with a cry of sheer delight, Darius thrust hard into me, holding my waist with his strong hands, as he pumped cum into the condom. I groaned too, coming in a quick sharp spasm that turned my legs to jelly.

Darius kept thrusting, coming, until finally his cock began to shrink and he pulled free, pulling off the condom with one quick motion and throwing it into the commode. He leaned against the opposite wall breathing hard and smiling as sperm leaked from his softening cock. We finished our shower, moving our hands slowly over each other’s bodies.

Darius produced a set of large fluffy white towels and we patted each other dry. He spent a while over my hair, which can be the devil to handle when it is wet and heavy. Finally I relaxed on a small seat in front of the mirror, as he moved a hair dryer and brush over my hair.

“That was incredible,” I murmured, feeling the strain on my raw throat as I spoke.

Darius smiled at me in the large mirror “That was the first time you have had it in the ass, wasn’t it?”

I smiled and nodded. “I had no idea it was so good! I will have to make up for lost time!”

“That was what Pinky said,” he laughed. “She wanted you to have a good ass fucking so that you would know what it was all about… from someone good.” I laughed and told him that he must be pretty expert at it and he admitted that he had fucked a lot of women in the ass.

“I have one request, though” Darius said, now brushing my hair. And when I looked up at him, he went on to explain that he would normally be quite happy with the two cums he had had with me — but since he found me so exciting, he would really like to have just one more — in my cunt this time. A ‘straight, simple fuck.’ After all that we had done together, who could have refused?

I could feel my pussy moistening again. I turned slightly on the stool and lifted his thickening tool to my mouth. He moaned as I took its thickness into my warm mouth and began to lick it, playing with his balls all the while. In no time at all, his tool was long and hard again — that man must have the stamina of a stallion! I felt a touch on my cheek and looked up at Darius — he was holding out an opened condom. I let his throbbing cock slide from my lips and slid the condom down its wet length.

Smiling down at me, Darius bent and lifted me up in his strong arms — and he was pretty strong — I am no lightweight! Soon, we were in what was obviously a bedroom and Darius was laying me on the soft white sheets of a huge waterbed.

I lifted my legs high in the air and grasped my ankles exposing my pussy to Darius for the deep, hard penetration we both needed. I stared down at my soaked, open cunt and watched, fascinated, as Darius rose to his knees and bent slightly as his cock slid into me.

His hands moved to my ankles and closed over them and I moved to fondle and rub my breasts. Within a minute or two of his pounding, I could feel a hot, steamy orgasm building deep in my aching, hungry cunt.

I rubbed my tits harder, giving my nipples all the attention they wanted while Darius’ magnificent cock gave my pussy what it wanted. I began to come seconds later and I moaned and sighed, feeling my pussy grab and fondle Darius’ love muscle in a warm, wet embrace that would shortly bring his climax.

I felt Darius’ cock grow even harder inside me and then, with a lusty cry, he began to give me a hot load of his sperm. I cried out again when I felt his hot liquid against my spasming inner walls filling the thin latex, and his eruption brought me to another quick, sharp orgasm.

Darius pumped me for a few more minutes and then sat back, his cock falling limply from my body. We both stared at each other and smiled.

And that was how I lost my virginity in my ass. Please tell Uday that I am looking forward to have him fuck me in the ass the next time we party. For the moment, I am wondering how to convince Raj that this would be a good thing to try.

With a warm kiss,


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