Getting Naughty While Knitting

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When you saw me knitting on the subway and moved over to ask me about it, I was very pleased. Lots of people give me funny looks when they see a young woman knitting but no one ever asks what I’m doing or shows any interest. Engrossed in my knitting, I didn’t even notice you on the train till you came and sat next to me. “Are you knitting?” you asked.

“Yes,” I smiled and nodded.

“It looks really beautiful – what’s that going to be, a scarf?”

“I think so. A Christmas present for someone on the list.”

“I’ve always wanted to learn to knit.”

“Really? Do you crochet or do any other needlecrafts?”

“No, nothing like that.”

“I’d be happy to teach you, if you want to learn. It wouldn’t take long and once you know how, you’re hooked. It happened to me.” I looked at you full in the face when I said this and smiled widely. You were fantastically pretty – your hair kind of blown around and your eyes sparkling kindly – and in a white button-down shirt and nicely fitting jeans. I am in the habit of checking girls out and I looked you over as discretely as I could, considering you were sitting so close to me.

“Really? I’d love that! I don’t want to be any trouble, though.”

“Not at all. I knit all the time anyway and I would love to show you how. How’s tomorrow for you?”

“Tomorrow afternoon is fine. Should I bring anything?”

“If you have time, you should try to buy a pair of needles, say number 7 or 8, and some yarn. But don’t buy cheap yarn, buy something decent and made of natural fibers. I can give you the address of a good shop,” I offered. I wrote down the address of my favorite yarn shop and then underneath, my address and directions to my apartment. We chatted for a few more moments about needle type and yarn color when your stop came up.

“Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow at 2 or so,” you said as you got off the train. The next day, I got up and straightened up the house for your lesson. Made sure the couch cushions were straight, that the kitchen was clean and the floor swept. I took out my collection of knitting books and put them on the coffee table in case you wanted to consult them. I took a long, hot shower – typical for me, enjoying the water, the soap, even the razor. I wasn’t thinking specifically about seducing you or anything – I did want it to be a legitimate knitting lesson – but I didn’t want you to think I wasn’t preparing for your visit. I put on nice panties and a beautiful bra, even though I don’t usually wear one, and got dressed.

You rang the bell just after two. I ran down the stairs to let you in and showed you up to my apartment. We greeted each other warmly, and I noticed you were holding a bag.

“So you bought some supplies?” I asked, motioning toward it.

“Oh yeah. That store you recommended was great! I hardly knew which kind of yarn to chose.”

“Let’s see it.” You pulled out a ball of a lovely silk blend in a great shade of blue. “This will knit up really nicely. Want to get started?”

“Yeah!” We sat down on the couch.

“Oh, do you want anything to drink or anything? Some tea, water, juice, whatever?”

“Mmmm… how about some tea?” I put the kettle on and presently came out with our mugs.

I started out by showing you how to cast on. The yarn ran through your lovely long fingers as you wrapped it around your thumb, then around the needle. You were off to a great start.

“Okay, all of knitting is based on two stitches. The knit stitch and the purl stitch. Once you get the knit stitch down, we’ll go on to purl. Now watch what I do.” I made one stitch and looked back at you. It didn’t seem like you had watched me do it, so I did it again. I made about five more knit stitches and invited you to try with your needles. You pushed the needle under the stitch, just like I had shown you. You looped the yarn around the tip of the needle and then carefully and with just a little awkwardness, olgun porno pulled the stitch off the left needle.

“Alright! You just knitted!” I told you. You went on to knit your whole row and had started on your second. I drank some tea and watched you. You were wearing a tight button down and had the first couple buttons undone, exposing your chest. I had to stare for just a moment when you caught me.

“Am I doing this right?” you asked. I was flustered.

“Yes, yes, let me see.” I took the knitting from you and looked at your stitches. They were well formed, neat – a little loose, which is common at first – but overall they looked really good. “Yeah, you’re doing great. Finish that row and I’ll show you how to purl.” I took the opportunity to look you over some more. Your breasts pressed against the front of your shirt and the buttons had to strain just a little to close the shirt. Your pants showed your legs to be powerful and lovely. I wished I had checked out your ass when we were still standing.

I started showing you how to purl the same way I demonstrated the knitting. I did it first and then let you follow. For right handers, it is kind of difficult to get purl down at first, as it is absolutely backward from the easier knit. I watched as you pushed the needle through the top of the stitch and tried to loop the yarn around the same way as you would for a knit stitch.

“You have to wrap the yarn opposite of how you do it for a knit stitch.” I said. You looked at me kind of puzzled and I couldn’t blame you. That made very little sense. “Here, watch me.” I did another couple of purl stitches and watched as you tried. You managed to wrap it in the right direction but you were having trouble withdrawing it from the left needle. “I had the exact same problem when I taught myself how to knit.” I saw my opportunity and took it. “Here, let me help you. Come and sit in this chair,” I offered, pulling out one of the wooden chairs around the dining room table. You sat down and held the knitting, ready to stitch. I stood behind you and ran my hands down the outsides of your arms till I reached your hands. I held my hands over yours in the same position.

“Now this is how you purl,” I explained, moving closer so that your head was between my breasts. I pushed the needle in and wrapped the yarn around the tip. I held your hand very tightly as we withdrew the needle together and made the first purl stitch.

“Now you’re purling,” I whispered into your ear. You moved back in the chair so that your head was touching the sides of my breasts. “You see this little bump?” I whispered, continuing, “That’s the purl stitch. That’s how you know you’re purling.” I let go of your hands and let you admire your work.

“Let’s try it again,” you asked. So I placed my hands on yours and leaned over so you were sure to feel my breasts on either side of your head. You moved the side of your face to nuzzle in closer to my right breast. I smiled to myself and held your hands tightly as we made another purl stitch together. And another. I had moved my whole body so that I was up against the chair, as close to you as I could be as we knitted together. You laid the work in your lap and I kept my hands on yours, interlocking our fingers tightly. You rolled your head around between my breasts and I moved my hands up your body to your lovely hair. I stroked it, ran my fingers through it, down to your neck. I cupped my hands around your neck and then caressed your cheeks with the outsides of my hands.

You were responding positively, and I was starting to crave you. I ran one of my fingers over your lips and you opened your mouth and sucked it. I came around to the front of the chair and put your knitting on the table. I sat on your lap and looked straight in to your eyes. Then we kissed. Just kissing on the lips at first, but in seconds your tongue was in my mouth, porno licking my lips, laying on my tongue and caressing it. We were kissing deeply and passionately and my head was already spinning. I got up off your lap and took your hand, leading you to the couch.

We sat down next to one another and kissed again. As we kissed, my hands were on your neck, under your shirt on the shoulders, feeling your beautiful warm body and pressing it up to me. I broke from your kiss and started to kiss your neck. I licked it up and down, watched your lovely face as you stretched your neck to give me more to lick. I kissed your chest and then undid the first button that was fastened on your shirt. Your cleavage came in to view, full and firm and inviting. I immediately moved down to kiss your breasts and love them, rub my face against them, hold them in my hands.

I unbuttoned a few more buttons so my access to your beautiful breasts was unrestricted. I helped you sit up and I slid the shirt off your shoulders, down your arms, off. I leaned back to look at you in your bra and couldn’t help but kiss you more. I was so driven to feel you and be close to you that I could barely control myself, I didn’t know what I wanted to do to you because I wanted to do everything.

I touched your breasts in your bra, spread out my fingers and held each one, ran my fingers all over it. I love breasts and yours were fulfilling all my desires. I reached around to your back and unhooked your bra, watching as your breasts relaxed and were freed. I slowly slid the straps down your arms, enjoying every moment of revealing them entirely, watching your nipples appear. Once I saw them, I lost all restraint and yanked your bra off the rest of the way and began to suck your nipples.

They were so lovely, looking absolutely delicious. I kissed them, wrapped my tongue around them, enjoyed them every way I knew how. I bit them carefully, pinched them just enough to let you know I wanted you badly. Then pinched them a little harder. I knew I wanted to feel our chests together, feel how your breasts met mine, so I unbuttoned my shirt in your view, letting you watch as I revealed my small but beautiful breasts. I was down to my bra, which I unhooked and removed in a single quick motion.

You smiled as I lowered myself on to you and we both gasped as soon as our nipples touched. I felt a flood of wetness flow from my pussy. I was already wet, but the sensation of our nipples and breasts so close turned me on even more. We kissed with our breasts touching – you ran your hands up and down my back, in to my hair, over my ass – I couldn’t be close enough to you. We moved so we were both laying on our sides and grabbed each other’s ass and brought our abdomens together. I was moaning, you were moving down my neck to my breasts, squeezing them gently, squeezing the nipples roughly, tasting them, stimulating every part of my breasts. You moved down, licking my stomach, then unbuttoning and unzipping my pants.

You spread apart the zipper placket and exposed my abdomen and the top of my pubic hair. Just that much set my clit throbbing, but you continued by flattening out your hand and sliding it into my panties. My pussy was so warm and so wet. As soon as you lifted my panties, the aroma wafted up to me. I wanted your pussy, I wanted my pussy, I needed to have you naked.

Instead of pulling my pants off, you spread the lips of my pussy under my panties. I moaned as I felt the pressure in my clit. You moved your hand down to cover my whole pussy on the outside, you smiled as you felt how warm and slippery I was because of you. I must have had a begging look in my eye, because you pulled my pants off of me and stood up. I lay on the couch completely naked and you looked down at me, eyeing my body. I was getting so excited, laying there as you just looked at me, obviously enjoying the view.

Then you unbuttoned Porno 64 your pants and slid them off, your panties with them. I looked up at your naked body, gorgeous and creamy, your nipples hard and a drop of your juice visible in the folds of your pussy. I stood up and came to you, our arms around each other, our nude bodies warm and close and buzzing from excitement. You felt so good against me and we sat down on the couch together.

You knelt down on the floor and I spread my legs for you without prompting. I moved to the edge of the sofa and put my hands on your head to reassure you. I needed you to eat me. You ran a finger up and down my pussy, each time I flinched with excitement. Your touch was so gentle and teasing but so promising and fulfilling. You used your finger to get past my lips and in to the slipperiness that was inside. I tightened my grip on you as your finger hit my clit. You drew your finger down firmly, so my lips were separated and my hole was in view. You lowered your mouth closer to my pussy and I prepared myself for the sensation of your tongue on my clit.

To my surprise, though, you thrust your tongue into my pussy, sticking it in deeper, licking it inside – it made me absolutely crazy. I have excellent control over my pussy muscles and I squeezed your tongue as you burrowed in. You loved it – you grabbed me around my back and pushed me on to your face. I watched as my juices smeared all over your forehead and nose. You came up and kissed me, let me lick my pussy off of your lips. It was so heavenly, and I wanted yours. I got off the couch and gently pushed you back. You spread your legs for me readily – it was obvious you didn’t want any teasing, as you spread your outer lips for me and gave me a marvelous, intimate view of your cunt, which I was absolutely starving for.

I kissed your clit with just my lips, caressing your inner thighs with my fingers. You were starting to shake, and I grabbed your thighs to steady you as I started to eat your pussy. I sucked your clit and licked it wantonly, with my tongue long and in long, full strokes. I slipped one finger inside you and we both started to breathe heavily – it was so wonderful inside, you were so wet and ready to be satisfied. I slipped in another finger and felt your pussy spread a bit to accommodate it. I kept licking your clit and sucking it, scraping it a little with my teeth. Your head was thrown back in ecstasy and you were pinching at your nipples and rubbing your breasts. I got back up on top of you and we kissed, this time you licking the pussy off my lips. We looked in to each others eyes and we both knew exactly what we wanted. I turned around and we started to sixty-nine.

My finger was back in your pussy and my tongue licking your clit from every side, slowly stirring up your orgasm, bringing it up carefully so you would come slow and hard. You spread my pussy and licked my clit, hovering just above your lips. You slid your finger inside me and I moaned, squeezing it and trying to bring it deeper. I started to thrust you with my finger, gently, and I could feel you start to hum as the orgasm came closer. Not wanting to be the only one to cum, you bit my clit and quickly slid in another finger. Now we were both humming, buzzing, ready to cum. Our sex was amazingly synchronized and we licked each other’s clit rhythmically and could both feel with our fingers deep inside one another when we started to cum. We kept licking, feeling the clits throb as we both came and came.

We left our fingers in one another until all the throbbing had subsided, and I turned around and lay on top of you. We kissed, cleaning each other’s mouths of pussy. As we lay there and I felt our bodies touching, I could feel myself getting turned on again. I saw my knitting on the floor and giggled. We kissed again, for a long time, caressing each other and trying to get back in touch with reality after the experience we just had. We did manage to get up and get dressed – I was almost drooling as I watched you stretch your shirt over your breasts. I was going to take it right off you, but it was only our first lesson.

Knitting is an involved craft, and there would have to be many more.

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