Further Adventures of Susan Adams Ch. 04

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Dinner was very pleasant, the ?rst they had together since Maine. After a reasonable time for digestion, Don found himself facing two very seductive women who ushered him to the bedroom where two very hot cunts were ?nally cooled off. Don never did find out why they were so fired up, but he certainly made the most of the situation. Both women were soundly fucked, the ejaculation taking place deep within Susan as usual, and they all relaxed, lying on the bed, reminiscing about their experiences in Maine. Inevitably, those memories, and the two naked women with him, caused a revival of D0n’s cock. Susan began to work on it with her mouth, anticipating sucking it to completion, but Jean interrupted the process, saying to Don, “I have a better idea. We don’t have to rush tonight, so why don’t you fuck her in the ass? You haven’t done that since we came home.” As might be expected, Don was all in favor, so Susan ended up with her stomach resting on several pillows, raising her ass to the proper angle. With her legs widespread, her asshole exposed, Don eased his lubricated cock inside and proceeded to a mutually very satisfying ass fucking. Finally withdrawing his now-limp cock from her asshole, Don lay back, sated and through for the evening. Susan ?ngered and licked Jean to one last orgasm, concluding an exceedingly enjoyable evening.

After dressing, Susan went home to discover that Jim was already there, in bed, reading — and very tired. There are few things more tiring, or innervating, than spending a day and evening in meetings with self-important, opinionated windbags, a type of character that is always present on university faculties. After a day of listening to useless proposals and self-serving pronouncements, Jim was ready for bed — and sleep, to Susan’s relief. As she undressed, she felt uneasiness, or shyness, in front of Jim for the first time since the early days of their marriage. This was particularly true as he watched her take her panties off. She knew that her cunt and ass looked the same as always, but, somehow, it didn’t feel that way.

Afterwards, lying in bed next to her sleeping husband, she still had peculiar feelings. She’d had sex with him immediately after Don had screwed her, and had felt no moral qualms about having done so, even when Jim had licked her freshly fucked cunt. Nonetheless, she still felt funny, probably, she realized, finally, it was because she had just been ass fucked, something Jim had never done to her. She began speculating why she could do that with Don, but wouldn’t think of doing it with her husband. A real puzzle.

Actually, of course, the question Susan was asking herself was answered frequently by psychologists, sociologists and, for that matter, by the police. When a well-known married man, a pillar of the community, would be arrested for soliciting sex from a female undercover agent or was caught in a prostitution raid, the question invariably would be asked, “Why, with a perfectly lovely wife back home, would he want a prostitute?” If asked, his wife certainly would assure her friends (or lawyer) that she had never refused sex with him. The answer, of course, was that he was interested in a different kind of sex, different practices that he would never suggest to his straight-laced wife.

There is nothing new in this. In Victorian times, good old “Victorian morality,” it was almost assumed that a wealthy man would have a mistress. He would go out in the evening to the club (or whatever), and actually spend several pleasant hours with another woman, leaving his chaste, unsullied wife at home to do womanly things (e.g. embroidery, poetry reading, etc.). His mistress would happily accommodate his aberrant desires, sucking his cock, permitting him to plumb the depths of her ass, or whatever other deviant activity appealed to him. He could then go home, his “unnatural” fantasies satis?ed, returning to his virtuous spouse who would be scandalized if he so much as hinted at such perverted activities. In fact, of course, he would never dream of suggesting such things, and would certainly expect her to be outraged if he did so. As a wife and, potentially if not yet, a MOTHER, she was supposed to be too virtuous too countenance such behavior.

Ironically, quite often, the woman who happily provided the unconventional sex he wanted was the pure and chaste wife of another man! When she lay in bed beside her husband with the semen of a lover deep in the recesses of her cunt and ass (and, perhaps, stomach), his ejaculate might well reside in the same regions of another man’s wife. So, as Susan dozed off, her question unanswered, her cunt and ass ?ooded with Don’s cum, she was not too different from millions of other adulterous women throughout history. In any case, as said before, she did, finally, use her mouth to satisfy Jim when she was deep in her pregnancy, surprising him since he thought she was too upright and uptight to do such a thing. However, her ass remained Don’s private preserve, primarily because she was too self-conscious to suggest such lewd activity and he never gaziantep bayan escort dreamed that she would permit such a depraved act. Too bad.

The rest of August went smoothly, with no unusual happenings. While reading an account of their lives, it might seem that there was one major sexual experience after another, but, in actuality, most activities were quite mundane. Susan went grocery shopping, cooked, cleaned house, shopped at the mall fully dressed and quite modest, etc. Most evenings were spent quietly reading, watching television with Jim or Jean, or just enjoying an unimportant conversation with either. Such things are mundane, and, while they make up most of people’s lives, they don’t make edge-of-the-seat reading. Sex, on the other hand, is always titillating, particularly the voyeuristic peeking into the illicit activities of regular, normal people. So, while their day-to-day activities, the minutiae of everyday life, would not interest an outsider (or Literotica reader), there were enough of those illicit interludes to maintain interest.

Don continued to screw Susan several times a week and she also sucked him occasionally. Her bisexual, relationship with Jean went on as before, so Susan had plenty of extra-marital sexual satisfaction. Jim usually screwed her two, rarely three, times a week, but his pre-school regime kept him busy, so the Friday night session continued to be the main marital sexual focus. As it happened, Don ejaculated so deeply into Susan on those nights that, when Susan returned home to Jim, the exterior of her cunt was not particularly “messy.” Plenty still leaked out so that her cunt tasted the way Jim expected it to, but there was no obvious evidence of adultery.

As August came to a close, things changed somewhat. Susan didn’t have to go to school every day, but she found working with Jean to be very companionable and pleasant. Jim’s classes started, so, with preparing and giving lectures, grading papers and the omnipresent research requirements, he was very busy. Don finally had cleared up his problems, and his business was running smoothly, just in time to permit him to suggest a quick trip back to Maine. He and Jean usually went up for the weekend in the fall to see the foliage, and, as Jean told Susan, the whole area was beautiful in September. Since Susan wasn’t teaching, she was invited to go along, an invitation she accepted with alacrity (after consulting with Jim, of course). They would go up on Friday, spend Saturday there, and return Sunday evening.

The trip north was even more pleasant than the last time, with Susan making no objection to riding partly undressed. She said goodbye to Jim wearing a modest out?t of a long jacket, blouse and slacks over bra and panties. A few miles down the road, however, she was instructed to strip, and in a few minutes, was completely naked in the back seat. Over her embarrassed protests, she was forced to ride that way for a few miles, after which she was permitted to put the jacket on. However, even so, she still enlivened the day for several drivers who were treated to a quick glimpse of her “charms” as they rode along. This time, unlike the first trip, Susan frankly enjoyed revealing those charms.

As they rode through the wooded drive to the lake and cabin, Susan was thrilled by the brilliant and beautiful colors in the trees overhead. The afternoon sunlight ?ltered through the yellow and red leaves created a golden luminescence that suffused the entire forest. Then, as they emerged out of the woods, she exclaimed with delight at the re?ection of the trees along the shore, their radiant colors contrasting with the deep blue water of the lake. The cabin standing, under its massive white pine tree, on the dark gray rocks, added to the beauty of the scene, a scene worthy of a great painting.

As before, Don and Jean were delighted by Susan’s undisguised and unfeigned enthusiasm. She got out of the car, wearing only an open jacket that barely covered her hips, and, without hesitation, ran down toward the shore. In Maine, in the fall, the days usually are clear and warm, but the night air quite chilly, making sunbathing still pleasant, but ruling out swimming for all but the most hardy souls. However, the dark rocks in front of the cabin still worked their magic, and, when she checked, Susan was surprised and pleased to find the water quite comfortable in the natural pool. So, after taking things in and quickly unpacking, she shed the jacket and, completely nude, hurried down and dived in. Shortly afterwards, more modestly attired, Jean and Don joined her in washing away the weariness of traveling.

Refreshed, they got out the boat and made a leisurely tour along the shore, “oohing and ahing” at the beautiful foliage set against the vivid blue of the sky. Then, back to the cabin to settle in and have a quick dinner. To no one’s great surprise, as they set on the deck watching the sunset, a boat pulled in at their dock, and Jimmy came hurrying up the path. He was obviously pleased to see all of them, but his eyes were generally focused on Susan.

After a short conversation during which the sunset ended and sudden darkness fell, Don suggested a night-time swim. Susan, already chilly, was aghast at the idea, but with assurances that it would be warm in the water, agreed to try it. As dark as it was, they agreed that suits were not needed so Jimmy and Don hurried down to the pool, undressed, and walked into the warm water. Shortly afterwards, the women came down, bringing towels and wearing robes against the expected nighttime chill. As they removed their robes, it was too dark to see details, but their nipples and cunt hair stood out against their white bodies as they made their way in. Jimmy had never seen Jean completely naked before, and he enjoyed what he could see in the dim light, but he concentrated more on Susan. Everyone swam vigorously for a while, maintaining body heat, but soon Jimmy had Susan over a sheltered area, feeling everything he could reach. By then, the moon was up and, in its light her body was quite visible through the water — as was his very hard cock.

A short time later, Don and Jean discreetly excused themselves, getting out of the way. Very shortly after that, Jimmy’s cock was ?rmly implanted in Susan’s cunt, giving positive proof, if it were needed, that fucking can take place standing up in a swimming pool. The position and the relative coolness of the water had the virtue of slowing down the climax of the screwing, but that just made it more explosive when it came, and both had very satisfactory orgasms. By that time, much of the heat had left the water, forcing an end to their sexual activities. As she went in, Susan couldn’t help but think how she had changed in such a short time. She remembered, vividly, standing there while Don and Jimmy opened the pool, concerned that Jimmy could see her panties — now, not only was she was naked with him, but, without hesitation, she let him put his cock into her and fuck her! Astounding!

Saturday was a delightful day. They took the boat across the lake to town, shopping in the small tourist-type shops, ate lunch at a local inn, and returned by going around the shore, seeing the transformation from a solidly green forest to a multi-colored fantasy land. When they returned, Susan and Don went into the pool again, where Don fucked her on screwing rock in broad daylight. After relaxing awhile, Don went into the cabin while Susan lay on the rocks sunbathing and enjoying looking at the lake’s water rippling in the sunlight. Finally, she got up and, still completely nude, walked down to the shore and sat on a rock, looking out at the sailboats in the distance. The feeling of being exposed, naked in public, was very pleasant, far enough from people to feel secure from being seen, yet close enough for it to be possible.

When she went in, relaxed and happy, she found a surprise waiting for her; plans for an evening that would become one of the most memorable in Susan’s life. Jean had called Cynthia Stuart to say hello, and, as a result, the three of them were invited to dinner with John and Cynthia, an invitation that Susan received with mixed feelings, mostly bad. She remembered with dismay the occurrences, particularly the spanking and screwing, when she had seen them last, but, that aside (if she could put it aside), she also remembered that she had liked them. In any case, she had no choice since Jean had accepted immediately and the date was set. That evening, the three of them got in the car for the half-hour trip, it being too cold at night for the boat. Both Jean and Susan dressed up for the occasion, wearing skirts (and, by special dispensation, panties, with hose and garter belts) and dressy blouses. Neither wore bras, a fact made clearly evident by the clinging material.

To Susan’s pleasure and great relief, John and Cynthia were charming and made no reference to their last meeting. Dinner was excellent and, afterwards, they sat around making pleasant and innocuous conversation on a wide variety of subjects. After a while, however, the discussion turned somewhat desultory and it crossed Susan’s mind that the evening might end soon. However, at that point, Cynthia said, “Oh, by the way, we have a video dvd to show you if you want to see it.” Everyone, including Susan, who suspected nothing, was in favor, so John turned on the TV and put a dvd in the VCR. The dvd began with scenes around the lake, including a view of Don’s cabin from the water.

Suddenly, the camera zoomed in on a ?gure lying on the rock, clearly a well-built woman, nude to the waist. At that point, Susan’s heart dropped and if she could have, she would have run from the room, for she knew who that woman was. Shortly afterwards the dvd showed the woman, now obviously Susan, standing up, revealing that all she was wearing was a pair of very sheer panties which hid absolutely nothing. The camera followed her as she stretched and turned to walk up to the cabin. The sway of her hips through those almost nonexistent panties was extraordinarily sensuous and the camera had followed every inch of the way.

Susan had known that Cynthia had taken such a picture, but she just had forgotten it until it was shown. She was morti?ed, but she had a horrible feeling that worse was coming. A new scene appeared, showing the cabin from the water, this time showing two women, Jean and a semi-nude Susan standing on the deck as the Stuarts came for their infamous (for Susan) visit of last July. The scene ended as the Stuart’s boat went around, out of sight, to the dock, but few seconds later, her fears were realized, although not quite the way she expected!

The picture had faded to black as the previous scene had ended, but that blackness was suddenly ended by the appearance of two struggling women, one now completely naked. The scene started abruptly with the smaller woman, the nude, trying to escape, being roughly thrown over the lap of the other. Susan’s premonition was, of course, correct — the movie was a record of her futile attempt to avoid the meeting with John and Cynthia last July. Obviously, Cynthia, seeing the unbelievable scenario being played out before her, had gotten her omnipresent camera operating just after the battle had begun, missing the preliminary struggle but recording the main event. On the screen the battle continued, Susan thrashing up and down, hitting Jean’s legs and screaming hysterically. Jean’s much greater strength prevailed, however, and, with her left arm holding the squirming Susan ?rmly, she brought her right hand down with a vicious smack, making a loud cracking noise followed by Susan’s enraged cry of pain.

The two protagonists presented an amazing picture of two very different women: Jean larger and enraged by Susan’s seemingly inexplicable actions, and Susan, hysterical and desperately trying to get away. Susan looked much smaller, her nude ?gure draped over Jean’s knees, looking delicate and very vulnerable. Her continuing struggle, arms and legs going in all directions, her head raised up as she demanded to be released, almost belied that impression of helplessness as her anger and fear gave her strength far beyond her normal powers. None the less, she was very vulnerable and, really, defenseless once Jean had her held down.

The spanking began, Jean’s hand raising and falling rapidly, the blows slapping Susan’s bare bottom with a steady rhythm, accompanied by continued shrieks of rage and cries of pain. The camera had caught every nuance of the struggle, starting with an overall look at the combatants, and then focusing in of the action. Susan presented an extraordinary picture, a nude woman, struggling mightily and paying absolutely no attention to her appearance or what was being revealed. The lens ran over her entire body, focusing ?rst on her breasts as they hung down, bouncing and jiggling as she endeavored to reach back to protect her rear. Zooming in, they seemed immense, their erect nipples like little, pink stalactites as they swayed in time with the spanking. Obviously some editing had been done to the recording, for the zooming in and focusing on the breasts was repeated in slow motion, revealing a rippling and quivering effect not apparent at regular speed. With each blow on her behind, Susan’s breasts surged forward like oil-?lled balloons, the tips distended toward the ?oor. Then the close-up showed a rebound in which each ?attened out against her chest, the nipples vibrating like little finger-tips, then ?owing back out to their normal shape until the next blow came. A fascinating, and very sexy example of ?uid dynamics.

Normal speed resumed and the camera panned back to the scene of the real action, Susan’s ass. There, something of the same reaction was taking place, as revealed by another slow motion interval. The ass cheeks looked like two smooth, round and very soft-looking sand dunes, the surface already reddened by being spanked. As Jean’s hand drifted (it appeared) down, it sank into the ?esh, creating a wall of displaced ?esh around it and sending a quivering wave outward. As the hand withdrew, it momentarily left a white, hand-shaped indentation in which each finger could be seen. The compressed ?esh rebounded and, as the blood ?owed back in, it turned a deep crimson, leaving the clear outline of Jean’s hand. It was fascinating to watch this ebb and ?ow as the slow motion spanking went on. Finally, the normal speed resumed and the view pulled back to get the entire picture.

As the spanking session went on, the only sounds in the room was the rhythmic slapping of Jean’s hand and the cries and, now, moans of Susan as the pain began to overcome her hysteric need to get away. The audience was engrossed in the drama unfolding before it, a very erotic and stimulating drama. Don and Jean had never seen the movie before, of course, and their eyes never left the screen for a moment. Cynthia and John had watched it many times, but it never failed to captivate them. Most surprising, however, was Susan’s reaction. The first hint of what was coming caused her to sink deep into the couch, but, when the spanking display came on, the scene was not what she had feared since she had not been aware that Cynthia had recorded the action. Still, she was morti?ed, at first, when she realized what everyone was going to see, but, quite quickly, she was as immersed as the others in-the, struggle on the TV screen.

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