Frigid Air, Warm Spew Ch. 02

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Sable panties and ski tights in a wad at her ankles, round firm breasts peaking from a sky blue top and sports bra bunched around her slender waist, and snug in her creamed muff a immense wet cock with its recently released white spunk deep within her, Anya purrs in the warm sunlight and dry meadow grass as I, behind, run a hand through her flaxen hair and, with the other, fondle her curved and alluring bright white ass.

Unfamiliar voices rouse us before the cold does.

Seven figures on skis emerge from the forest nearby, swiftly gliding down a slope in our direction. The group is following the Howard Eaton trail which is marked by six inch square bright orange markers placed on prominent tree trunks and limbs along the way. One such marker is a few feet away, which means the seven figures are likely to come right by us and soon. Sliding my cum drenched cock from Anya, we both awkwardly attempt to put our clothes back on before the figures reach us.

As the figures approach I discern that the group is composed of five males and two females.

Such a male to female ratio is not unusual for winter in Yellowstone National Park, which is often hard on straight males in this one respect; men vastly outnumber females by perhaps ten to one. Year after year many more men than women are attracted to Yellowstone’s frontier like circumstances featuring extreme cold, prolonged and profound isolation and a dearth of basic services. At two million acres, a larger territory than a few of the smaller states in America, Yellowstone in winter has a population of only a few hundred people. This population is spread out over eight or nine villages, most of which — including Yellowstone Lake where I am stationed – have no commercial services whatsoever. It is a minimum two hour snowmobile ride just to reach my snow covered vehicle on the outskirts of the park.

Many women scoff at the peculiar fact that men outnumber women during the colder months, maintaining that the men that Yellowstone attracts in the winter are not attractive themselves. Rather, insist these women, such men are loners, social outcasts and just plain weird. “The odds are good” they say “but the goods are odd.”

Be that as it may, the five males in the group of seven appear to be good looking, as are the women. All seven are Yellowstone snow coach drivers and tour guides, comprising some of the more popular Xanterra Corporation employees. Xanterra is the official Yellowstone National Park concession company that runs the hotels, public transportation and many of its stores.

Since Xanterra recruits employees from all over the world it isn’t surprising that its work force is very diverse. The seven Xanterra employees in the group are from seven different nations. The two young women, Andrea and Akie, are from Romania and Japan. The men, Kiet, Jawara, Sacha, Mats and Trevor, are from, respectively, Thailand, Senegal, Russia, Sweden and the United States. Each of them, male and female, is in their early twenties and they are without exception exotic and alluring.

Since the winter population of Yellowstone employees is rather small, the Xanterra employees recognize that Anya and I are park rangers. We encounter each other often in our daily business. While Anya and I are friendly with everyone, a certain amount of animosity exists between many National Park Service rangers and Xanterra employees. The rangers and Xanterra employees see each other as constant sources of trouble and friction. Law enforcement rangers with drug sniffing dogs occasionally sweep through Xanterra winter residences searching for contraband and making arrests. While there are many significant exceptions, for the most part the two groups don’t socialize much with each other. Thus, as the group approaches, Anya and I aren’t sure if anyone in this group likes or trusts us.

Akie and Andrea both have curvy hourglass shaped body frames, though Akie, at five feet and three inches, is considerably shorter and more compact than Andrea at five feet and eight inches. While Andrea is extremely outgoing and Akie is shy and reclusive, the two have bonded as roommates, each bringing out a different side of the other. They both have bands of bright cloth around their slender mid-sections, highlighting their arousing feminine forms. Akie has shoulder length hair, a slightly upturned and pointy nose, an angular jaw, prominent cheeks and a narrow mouth. Andrea, feisty and spunky, has a wide and large mouth with luscious pink lips, brown hair extending just below her shoulders, and dark, hauntingly beautiful eyes. Young Akie and Andrea each possess huge, round breasts, asses and hips that attract my attention as they approach Anya and I in the patch of dry, sunlit meadow grass surrounded by snow.

Mats and Trevor are both tall, each above six feet, and are in great-shape. They have long hair and possess capricious and fun-loving attitudes. They are funny and colorful. Everyone likes to be around them and they are consistently surrounded by other people. They are different Bayan Escort in that Mats has brown hair, emerald eyes and does not, of course, speak English with a native tongue. Trevor has blond hair and indigo eyes. Jawara is as tall and muscular as Mats and Trevor, yet is dark skinned and has short curly hair. Sacha and Kiet both are of medium height and build. They, like Mats and Trevor, have longer hair than most men. All are good-looking, fit and pleasant in demeanor.

As the seven approach, Anya and I try to act natural and as if we are only taking a break, hoping that no one in the group noticed that the two of us just finished fucking each other in the wilderness, or that they did not hear or see us entwined earlier. Anya and I don’t have a hypocritical holier-than-thou attitude, nevertheless we’d still like to hold up a decent image. If they knew Anya and I fucked each other on this spot, then soon the whole park, which is a small community during the winter, would know too.

We exchange curt greetings. Though each of them looks at us carefully, nothing seems amiss or unusual in their faces or behavior. Anya and I, relieved, take a short break before following them down the trail.

We do not travel far before hearing an evident commotion and voices filled with much emotion. Emerging from the dark forest Anya and I witness, in a patch of sunlight and dry grass, two of the males struggling with Akie, one holding her in an arm lock from behind, and the other in front endeavoring to take off her ski tights. Andrea, surrounded by the other three males, is pushed on her knees in front of Trevor whose erect cock is exposed near her face.

Believing the women are being raped by the much bigger and more numerous males, she leaps into ranger mode and goes charging at the group, screaming for them to stop. “We’ve got to help them!” Anya declares with alarm. I chase after her.

All seven in the Xanterra group appear suspended in disbelief as Anya, breathless, reaches them and orders the men to “let them go, let them go RIGHT NOW!” They all comply though Trevor, with his massive, thick wet cock only just removed from Andrea’s lips, moves more slowly and reluctantly than the other four.

“What is your problem!?” asks Andrea, who is still on her knees with a bit of pre-cum dribbled on her plump lips.

“Aren’t you being hurt?!” gasps Anya. Having just released her skis she is able to walk in the grass up to Andrea.

“No, leave us alone, get out of here!” Andrea exclaims.

“You can’t just fuck out in the open like this!”

“Oh, it is against the law?! Well that didn’t stop you did it?!”

“What are you talking about?!”

“You just fucked in the woods, so why can’t we?!”

“What, we did no such thing!”

“Liar, we heard you, we saw you and, and.. just look at you covered in cum and trying to tell us what to do! If you’re going to order us around then be sure you’re not doing the same thing yourself, you fucking, cum-coated hypocrite!”

Anya looks down at her jacket and tights. Indeed there are tell-tale creamy and dark splotches on her crotch and thighs. The seven of them look at us with barely concealed sneers and some sniggering, as if they are well aware what Anya and I were doing long before they reached us. Anya and I should have known that sounds carry well on a windless day in the silent and still wilderness. Indeed, one can often hear the wing beats of a bird as it takes off or flaps overhead.

By this time, having released my skis, I am beside and behind Anya. Her breathing is heavy and labored, and she is shaking from an adrenaline rush. “It’s OK” I tell Anya, placing my hand gently on her shoulder, attempting to calm her.

“But Akie is resisting them!” Anya continues to protest.

“No she was not, it is just that way with her and with the Japanese” feisty Andrea shoots back, not used to backing down from anything she is involved with and not about to back down now. “In their culture they say ‘no’ to things when they mean ‘yes.’ It is that way with them. She is only being polite.”

Everyone looks at Akie, who shyly nods in agreement. This confession brings big smiles to the faces of Mats and Jawara who were roughly trying to get her clothes off just moments before.

“It’s OK, everything is alright” I whisper to Anya while massaging her shoulders.

“We weren’t doing anything wrong” Trevor declares.

Anya looks around in disbelief as I continue to soothe her, slowly rubbing her upper arms. Her eyes become fixed on the bulge in Trevor’s pants. I begin to think that Anya was partly motivated by jealousy in confronting this group. She is envious of the attention that Andrea and Akie were receiving from the handsome young men.

Andrea also notices Anya staring at Trevor’s package. “Ahh, I see you want some don’t you!?” Andrea insists with a smile “don’t you?!”

Andrea’s smile and arousing words, the soothing massage she is receiving, and the pleasing sight of the huge protuberance in Trevor’s pants, combine to disarm Anya of her anger.

Everyone is looking at Anya as I continue to massage and soothe her. My cock stiffens. Anya looks at those around her, breathes slowly and deeply, and relaxes. She fixes her eyes on Trevor’s crotch as my hands work down her back.

Andrea gives voice to the general feeling. “You want their cocks don’t you?!” suggests Andrea. Anya’s eyes widen but she says nothing. Andrea realizes she has touched a nerve in Anya, “yes you DO don’t you?! Ranger Anya wants Trevor’s big cock!” As Andrea says this she reaches for and massages the lump in Trevor’s pants which is now stretching the seams.

I pet Anya’s ass and thighs, kiss her neck and continue to tell her everything is OK. She sighs with pleasure. My massive cock is fully erect and pressed on her thigh.

Andrea gingerly pulls Trevor’s pants down, exposing a gigantic, stiff, thick and pink cock. While initially shocked at the cold touch, Trevor moans with pleasure as Andrea strokes him. “Ranger Anya likes?!” Andrea says with a smile. Anya must for she doesn’t take her eyes of Trevor’s cock. She appears hypnotized.

“We make trade?” Andrea suggests in her broken English, to Anya.

“What kind of trade?” Anya asks.

“Your ranger’s cock” Andrea suggests, looking at me.

After a long, thoughtful pause Anya asks, pretending to be mad, “for what?”

“For them” Andrea responds, pointing at all except Mats who is busy renewing his assault upon Akie.

“Alright” says Anya sweetly and with a grin.

Liking the idea of the trade myself, realizing the eyes of Kiet, Jawara, Sacha and Trevor are all on Anya, and noticing the big bulges in their pants, I shift Anya’s tights and panties down her thighs to expose her hairy muff. Anya stands still and allows me to exhibit and play with her. I warm my hands by rubbing them together briskly and begin to massage her pussy in front of the young men.

The four of them remove their clothing and begin stroking their cocks to full length, as much to keep them warm as anything else. I push down Anya’s top so her round, erect breasts are exposed. The nude forms of Jawara, Kiet, Sacha and Trevor, with exposed and stiff cocks, approach Anya as I finger and rub her wet pussy.

Releasing Anya to the four young men, they surround her like ravenous coyotes and strip her of the rest of her clothing. As her nude body is stroked and massaged by eight arms at different heights, sides and angles, Anya smiles and moans in pleasure. Different colored hands massage her bare thighs, firm breasts, arms and ass cheeks, rub her slender waist and back, and run slowly through her bush.

Anya drops to her knees in front of Trevor, places her thick lips on the purple cap of his shaft and begins sucking him. His wide, lengthy and altogether massive wet pole continuously disappears up to his balls in, and reappears from, Anya’s mouth. Her cheeks bulge as his titanic cock slides on the inside of them. Trevor moans and Anya slurps and gurgles with the tremendous bulk inside her mouth and throat.

“Yeah honey!” Trevor moans as Anya works his shaft, “suck my cock ranger!”

Sacha and Jawara, nude and flanking Trevor with fully erect cocks, stroke themselves and wait for their turns as Kiet, also nude and stiff, stoops and massages Anya’s ass and pussy from behind. Her bright white bubble ass and hairy muff bob up and down as she sucks Trevor’s thick, wet cock.

“I traded for you fair and square!” I tell Andrea with a grin, “now suck my cock you gypsy!” Andrea, back on her knees, smiles and plays along. “If you say so ranger sir” she says sweetly as she drops my pants and reveals my immense, lengthy and erect cock, “am I under arrest?!”

“Less talk and more sucking!” I demand.

Andrea throttles my crown and scepter with both hands, opens her mouth and places my pink head on her extended tongue. She looks up at me for a moment, fluttering her pretty eye lashes, before deep throating me, sliding my lengthy cock repeatedly to the back of her warm and wet throat, almost reaching my balls with her thick lips. She holds as much of my stiff shaft in her throat as she can, looking up at me and holding her breath, until gulping for air. My wet cock quivers with the rough and quick release though she continues to grip me with one hand. She slaps my shaft and purple head a few times on her bare cheeks and puffy lips, takes a deep breath and sucks again.

“If you expect me not to arrest you, let’s see that gypsy pussy of yours!”

“No ranger, not my pussy!” Andrea plays along, “what are you arresting me for anyway? What are the charges?”

“Disorderly conduct” I say, “now stop being uncooperative and strip!”

“Do you intend to fuck me?” she asks with a seductive, sly grin.

Andrea stands and removes her clothing, first revealing pink panties with white polka dots, then her massive round and erect breasts, and her enticing hairy muff.

“I’m innocent” she pleads.

“Tell it to the judge! Less talk and more sucking gypsy!”

She gets on her knees and deep throats my long, wet cock as I grab her long black hair with one hand and gently encourage the back and forth movements of her head. I groan as she slurps on my shaft, sliding it back and forth in her thick lips.

Mats corners Akie against a sunlit boulder a few feet from the rest of us. Facing him Akie tells him “no” yet her body language says otherwise. She isn’t struggling to get away, rather she helps him remove her clothing. Akie has a hairy pussy too, to the delight of Mats. Since Akie is young, she isn’t too bushy. He sets some articles of clothing on the boulder, preparing a soft and warm seat for her, and lifts her nude body so her pussy is about waist level with him. Mats spreads her legs, eagerly puts his face in her young hairy muff and laps at the outside of her hood with his tongue. Akie, placing both hands behind her on the rock to brace herself and spreading her legs wide, trembles and moans with delight as Mat’s tongue lashes at her wet slit. Her round and massive breasts jiggle and she squeals as Mats reaches and plays with her clit.

Anya, meanwhile, grabs at, strokes and sucks three big, thick and stiff cocks, each dripping with her saliva and mixed pre-cum. One of the cocks is Russian, one is domestic and the third is dark and African. A fourth stiff shaft, this one from Thailand, is shifting underneath her. Anya rises slightly on her knees as Kiet slides his legs, feet first, between her bare thighs. He attempts to line his Thai cock with her bobbing wet pussy lips. Soon, as Anya churns downward while jostling with three cocks around her face, Kiet’s enters her from below. Anya briefly removes her mouth from Sacha’s thick, wet cock and, while continuing to grasp the other two cocks, gasps with pleasure as Kiet holds her bare white ass and slides his entire length in Anya’s pussy, up to his purple sack.

All four young men moan as Anya, on her knees in a reverse cowgirl on Kiet’s cock, begins to ride the shaft in her muff. As she moves up and down on Kiet, she eagerly grabs, strokes and sucks the other three pre-cum moistened cocks jousting for attention from her lips and hands. Anya repeatedly thrusts Trevor’s thick cock in her mouth, strokes Jawara with her right hand and jerks Sacha with her left. Each of the cocks gets repeated turns in her lips and jerking hands.

Kiet grips Anya’s slender waist as her round white ass cheeks churn on his cock and her inner thighs slap continuously upon him. Her pussy is so soft, wet and warm. Soon he stops Anya’s motion by gripping her ass, his cock throbs and he releases his sperm in bursts deep in Anya’s muff. She looks down at him, smiles and flexes her pussy on Kiet’s spurting cock. His face is contorted and his mouth is wide open yet no words come out. She slowly rocks on Kiet as he continues to spurt cum in her.

The Russian deeply moans and grunts as he looks down on Anya with her lips wrapped on his wet shaft and Kiet cums in her from below. Kiet collapses in exhaustion. Strings of saliva and pre-cum are in ribbons on Anya’s face and breasts as she renews her attention to the trio of cocks in front of her face.

Mats, removing his face from Akie’s muff, enters her with his long and thick Swedish shaft. It quickly disappears in Akie’s pink and wet pussy. His bright white shaft contrasts with her darker hue and sable, hairy muff. With each stroke of his cock she utters a sigh of delight. Akie’s breasts jiggle faster and faster as their thighs slap together.

Andrea, hearing Akie’s sighs and moans, and glancing at Mats fucking her wildly, declares that “it’s Akie’s first white cock.”

“Your pussy is international now!” declares Mats in an official sounding tone.

“Mmmmm, mmm!” the big Swede moans as he fucks the tiny Asian in front of him. His great white cock appears much larger in her tiny frame. He plunges his full length repeatedly in Akie’s wet pussy. Mats holds Akie’s legs wide open with his hands, gripping just below her ankles, and fucks her furiously.

“Hiie, hiie, hiie, hiie!” screeches Akie with each thrust of the vast white cock inside her. Her dark eyes look up at Mats in longing, as if urging him to go faster and deeper as he fucks her. Their thighs slap together in rhythm with Akie’s screeches. Each slap of their thighs sounds soggy, for her young pussy is drenched with their combined juices. Her utterances become shorter, closer together and higher pitched like a locomotive getting up to speed.

“On your back gypsy!” I demand of Andrea.

Andrea complies, releasing my cock from her mouth and settling back in the warm, dry, soft and sunlit grass. She spreads her legs as I crawl over her, kiss her thighs, massage her breasts and lap at her pussy. Andrea’s dark, young and hairy muff is moist and warm as my tongue laps at her slit. I move further over her and let my cock and balls slide back and forth upon the outside of her pussy. Her pussy and my shaft exchange and mix our juices. We lock our lips together, entwine our tongues and I slide my cock on the outside of her muff until Andrea, with a free hand, directs me into her pussy.

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