Free Wolf Ch. 02

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It was some time later, morning because I could see the light behind the drawn curtains. But the light was weak and made me think early morning. I came to quickly at the feeling of Kyle’s dick nudging against my ass. He was behind and above me. My dick was hard and throbbing against the mattress as I lay on my stomach.

“Baby, you awake? I didn’t want to bother you but, shit, you’re so fucking hot.” His left hand was rubbing along my spine and shoulders. I felt his lips pressed against the nape of my neck and it set me to purring.

“I’m awake. You can get me up like this anytime.” I turned my head while I spoke and found his face above me. The shadow of his beard was darker and thicker. The hard look of wanting in his eyes had my dick extra hard and aching.

“I bet you’re still wet inside. I’ve never come so much in my life as when I filled and claimed you.” Even as he spoke he was pushing the big head of his dick against my asshole.

“Oh fuck, Kyle. Uhh, shit.” I felt the big head of his giant dick violate my ass. I pushed the muscles inside of me out against the intrusion. I was still sore from the earlier fucking. Weretigers heal fast but my hole was still tender. I moved a hand back to push against his stomach, to urge him to take it easy on me.

Kyle grabbed my arm and pinned it against my back even while he told me, “Take it, Tony. Remember, when and how I want?” I moaned half in pain as he slowly pushed more into me. It was different than the night before. He was taking his time, making me feel every damn inch. I’d stopped purring and I couldn’t stop my ass from spasming around his dick. I couldn’t get used to the spearing invasion, get over the pain to the pleasure I knew was coming.

“Fuck, Tony. Milk my cock. Squeeze it, shit.” He didn’t slow or speed up once until he was seated to the base inside me. Then he lay down atop me, keeping my arm trapped between us and against his chest. I groped higher for his nipple and pinched it hard. His dick throbbed inside me, stretching me even wider. He growled and gave me a short, sharp thrust. I gasped and buried my face in the pillow.

I flicked the nipple with my fingernail, wanting to pay him back. My hole had finally accepted his assault and I felt like I could control the muscles inside again. He pushed hard into me at the stinging surprise and I did it again, scraping the sensitive skin this time. He pushed harder making sure every inch was inside me. I groaned at the feel of him, so big and hard. The feel of his hairy balls pressed into my butt and the crease where my cheeks meet my thighs.

He whispered in my ear, “Cocktease.” I started rhythmically squeezing against his prick, trying to squeeze from the base to the head in a wave ending with him clenched tight inside of me. I’d started purring again. “Shit, when you purr….” It started as a whisper against my ear and ended as a growl from his chest. He brought his right hand up from my hip and turned my head. He stretched and leaned over me more to bring our mouths together. He pushed his tongue between my lips and I suckled at it. He pulled his tongue slowly from my mouth as he pulled his cock from inside me then thrust both back in at the same time. I groaned around his tongue, purring even deeper.

“Your ass juice is all over me dick, Tony. You’re so slick and tight. Want me to fuck you hard, or you like it slow like this?”

“Fuck, I need you to pound me out. Please, oh God, please. You’re so big and deep.”

“Next time we’ll take it slow. I’ll make you crazy, having you begging for my cock in your pussy.” I clenched hard on the shaft impaling me, my breath suddenly panting.

I felt his weight lessen above me and his hands went to my hips, gripping hard as he pulled me up onto my knees. Doggy style. It took seconds and his dick barely left my chute.

“You like it when I talk dirty.” It wasn’t a question. “When I talk about your hot little cunt.” He pulled his dick out of me until just the head breached me. “You love it, bent over, taking my big cock in your sloppy hole, my hole.” With his last words he thrust hard and buried his dick inside me. I sobbed into the pillow, on the knife edge of pain and pleasure, turned on more by his words than I would have ever thought possible.

“Fuck, you turn me on. You’re perfect, perfect for me.” He started thrusting hard into me. He didn’t hold back and set a punishing pace, going faster, harder with each ragged pull of his breath. I groaned, purred and mumbled incoherently into the pillow. His hand in the center of my back kept me from raising my shoulders and head, kept me from pushing back to meet each demanding thrust.

My ass opened to him completely. I couldn’t think, couldn’t move, all I could do was take what he was giving me. The sounds of his flesh pummeling mine rang in my ears. The ripe smell of his body and our sex made my own dick harder than I thought possible. He paused, just a second, and pushed me legs out wider bringing my ankles over Halkalı travesti his calves. His dick went even deeper.

A half dozen pumps using the full length of his cock and I was spewing come onto the bed below me. He picked up the incredible pace even more and the last shots from my dick were more like streams of ejaculate. The pleasure was beyond anything I could have ever imagined. My breath stopped, my dick froze. With a bellow he came inside me. The sudden hot wash of his sperm caused a few more weak spurts from my own dick. It felt like a hose has been turned on inside me.

Barely breathing, just as I was, Kyle collapsed onto my back, forcing us both down onto the bed. I lay in the puddle of my own come and sighed contentedly, his dick plugging the flood of come from escaping my use-swollen ass.

“Sleep, baby. It’s early yet and you need it.” I felt his lips brush against the nape of my neck again and surrendered to the warm weight of his body and my overwhelming exhaustion. I slept.

I woke up feeling unsteady, angry and sticky. I was covered in come. My own was smeared and dried all over my belly, chest and arms. Kyle’s come was all over my crotch: in my pubes, sticky behind my balls and mushy in the crack of my ass. Some of his come leaked out as I rolled over and stood up.

I glanced to the clock to see that it was nine am, early for me on a weekend. I heard voices outside the bedroom. I used my extra senses to determine that it was actually people and not the tv. They were discussing work, something about cabinets. Who the fuck had Kyle let into my house? I smelled coffee and some kind of pastries.

I pulled on some running shorts and a t-shirt to go confront Kyle. I was angry with him, not for letting people into my little rented bungalow, but for what had passed between us last night and this morning. I had been half-dreaming half-considering what we’d done and I felt used and dirty. Not that Kyle had really used me, but it was the way I’d responded to him. I had acted so slutty. I wasn’t some bottom-boy to be fucked. I was mad at Kyle for making me feel all this and the embarrassment it caused me, the blow to my masculinity. I knew all of this was true, but I couldn’t admit to it so I used the excuse of his inviting strangers into my home to vent my anger and desperation.

I pulled back the door roughly and stormed into the hall, pacing to the kitchen. The conversation had stopped and all eyes turned to me. One of the men, there were about eight people sitting or standing around the little kitchen, gave me a funny look. Like he was considering me. He raised his head and gave an exaggerated sniff to the air.

“Someone had fun last night. Man, Kyle, your boy smells like a ten-dollar hooker.”

I felt my cheeks redden and heat suffused my entire body. Of course they were all wolves; they could smell my come-drenched body and my anger. I looked down at my feet, my body shaking. I went from angry to fucking-pissed in two seconds.

“Shut the fuck up Brady.” Kyle’s warning was just above a whisper. I looked up to find him in the group and saw him pushing away from the cabinet where he’d been leaning. He started toward me, hitting the jerk Brady in the back of the head, as he advanced. I held up both hands, palms out. He looked good. He’d obviously showered and was dressed in the clothes he’d worn the night before. I knew if I let him he’d have me back in bed, begging to be fucked. I didn’t want that.

“Who the fuck do you think you are? What are these people doing in my house?”

“Baby, calm down. Brady didn’t mean anything, he’s just a wise ass. Go take a shower and I’ll bring you some coffee. It’s OK, Tony.” He was still coming around the table toward me, his posture conveying that he was trying to settle me down. It only made me madder.

“Get the fuck out of my house. You too, Kyle. Thanks for the good time, I’ll see you around.” I turned back to the bedroom. The house had gone eerily silent. I almost ran to my bedroom and slammed the door behind me, listening for them to leave. Instead I heard footsteps coming my way. I locked the door and walked further into the room.

“Tony, let me in.” There was a commanding tone to Kyle’s voice and a gentle rapping at the door. The tone had me seeing red.

“Go away, Kyle. Take your pack and fuck off.”

The door slammed open, Kyle filled the doorway as I whirled on him. The expression on his face showed that he was mad and uncertain, maybe a little fearful. I took great pleasure in putting that look on his face, turning my back on him again. He cooed at me and put a hand gently on my shoulder.

“Go away, freak. It was a nice fuck, or two. Hopefully the next guy will be that good, but without all the possessive mate bullshit. That’ll teach me to fuck around with wolves.”

The grip on my shoulder turned tight and he spun me around. I could tell that he was really angry and hurt. I almost felt bad for what I’d done but I was Levent travesti too wounded to follow my own instincts and soothe him.

“Tony, tell me what’s wrong. Where is this coming from?”

“Nothing’s wrong. Thanks for the good time, maybe we could hook up again sometime. Leave your number on the counter where I can find it.”

Even with my tiger’s reflexes I couldn’t duck the punch. He hit me hard, against the jaw. I fell onto the bed, but bounced up before he’d taken another breath. I pounced on him, pushing him into the wall. I didn’t hold back and he left a man-size dent in the drywall. He jumped up, fists clenched, rounding on me. We were both breathing hard.

All of sudden he smelled different. It wasn’t like when we were having sex and I could smell that his beast was close to the surface. That was hot because I knew how he was mating with me and almost feral with desire. Now I smelled his beast was close but it smelled different. I knew that it was angry and wanted to attack. My own beast rose up ready for him, hungry for the challenge. For the first time in my life I changed without conscious thought. One moment I was glaring at him, the next I felt heat running through my body and I was on four legs, a tiger.

I roared, reveling in the power and loss of human control. Now he smelled good enough to eat. All tiger, I sensed the other members of his pack crowding the door to the bedroom while I eyed Kyle. He was frozen, then stepped back slowly, his head hung in a gesture of submission. He looked up and I saw his eyes glistened with moisture. I licked my lips and bared my fangs.

“Tony… what’s going on? I don’t understand… please….”

It was the pleading in his voice that brought me back to myself. I realized that I’d lost control. With disbelief I willed myself back to my human form. It wasn’t easy, my tiger wanted out to play. I fought and pulled my skin back around me, standing naked before them.

“I’m sorry.” I was gasping for breath from the mental exertion. “I’ve never changed like that before. I was… angry. I lost control, I swear I’ve never done that. I smelled you, you were hungry for a fight.” My gaze was locked on Kyle’s. I paused, embarrassed and lost. “Kyle, I would never hurt you. I’m so sorry.”

Kyle’s eyes still glistened and a tear rolled slowly down one cheek. He almost looked like a little boy, he looked so uncertain. This big, muscled man shouldn’t look so forlorn and it broke my heart a little, making me feel worse.

“He’s a fucking big cat. Shit, who’d of thought? He could’ve of taken us all apart.” I recognized Brady’s voice, and the awe his words held. One of the women punched his shoulder, “Shut up, Brady.”

“We need some time to talk, you guys head back to the hotel. I’ll call you in awhile.” Kyle never turned his back to me and I felt my own eyes hurting, my throat tightening that he didn’t trust me to put his back to me.

“Kyle, I don’t think that’s a good idea. I know he’s your mate, but what just happened? That’s dangerous. If one of us did that you’d beat their ass.”

“John, it’s OK. Tony wouldn’t hurt me.” He turned to look at his pack mates. “We just need to figure stuff out. I… assumed too much. I’ll call you guys in two hours to let you know I’m fine.” Kyle put his hand on the man’s shoulder, John, who’d spoken. I felt better, seeing that maybe he did trust me, unsure if it was all for show to the pack. “Go, I’ll be fine. Don’t make me order you guys. Come on.” I could hear the cajoling tone in his voice and I felt lower than scum that all of them thought I might hurt their leader, their Alpha.

They grumbled under their breath but turned to the hall. I realized that I was right, Kyle was the pack Alpha. He was the strongest wolf, I’d known that but hadn’t realized it until that moment. He followed them to the door and I heard him close it behind him. I ran out into the hall.

“God, Kyle. I’m so sorry.” He held up a hand to stop me.

“Don’t. Give me a second. I don’t know what to think. Go take a shower. When you’re done, I’ll be in the kitchen.” The command in his voice didn’t bother me so much this time and I turned to the bathroom.

I showered quickly and pulled on some more running shorts. I stopped to pick up the shreads of what I’d been wearing before I changed and put it in the trash. I went into the kitchen, afraid Kyle had left despite smelling him and hearing his heartbeat. He held a cup of coffee out to me and I took it gratefully.

“Tony, that was crazy. What happened? What’d I do to set you off like that? I really thought you were going to take my head off there.”

“I’m sorry. God, I’d never hurt you. I’d never hurt anyone. I just… part of it was your scent. Your wolf was ready to go and my tiger just responded. Part of it was that I was so mad. I was… am mad at you. Then that guy Brady, it made me feel worse, I mean madder. And when you busted open the door? And then you hit me? It set me off, I Şirinevler travesti guess.”

Kyle stood and came around the table to guide me to a seat. “Fuck, Tony, I’m sorry I hit you. I just didn’t understand where you were coming from. You’re my mate. I know it in my bones. We had such an amazing time last night, I’ve never had better. Then you were telling me to get out? Talking about the next guy? You’re mine, even the thought of a ‘next guy’ has me seeing red. But I’m sorry I reacted like that. I’ll never hit you again, I swear.”

I could see the conviction in his eyes, in his posture. It was sexy seeing that confidence in him. Without the audience I felt calmer. I drank some of the coffee, it helped. Kyle sat next to me and took my free hand.

“Tony, why were you mad? Did I do something? I called one of my guys to come over and we went to get your car from the bar. I wanted to make you happy. I told him that I’d found my mate. They all wanted to come and meet you. It’s a big deal for us, for werewolves. I thought you’d be happy too. Am I wrong? Please tell me.” He squeezed my hand, looking deep into me. My eyes started to hurt again, like I might cry.

“Kyle….” I had to clear my throat, my voice was rough. “You didn’t do anything. I wasn’t really mad at you. Not for bringing them over, but…. This is really hard.” I found myself struggling to keep my eyes on his. “I was… am? Mad for the way you made me act last night. It was hot, better than I could have ever imagined. It just wasn’t what I expected… how I thought it would be. I won’t lie to you, Kyle. When I woke up, I thought of all we’d done. How it was?” He was nodding his head for me to continue, encouraging me with a smile.

“Shit, Kyle. I know we have to get this out there. I don’t know what to think. It’s really hard for me to say all this…..” I drank some more coffee, letting my gaze stray. When I put down the cup and still hadn’t met his eyes, Kyle cupped my chin and forced me to look at him.

“Tony, I… well, I love you. I don’t know how weretigers mate. If it’s for life, like we do. If you know instantly, like we do. But I know that you’re mine, and I’m yours. You’re killing me here. You can tell me anything.” He sighed and squeezed my hand tighter.

“I didn’t like being your bottom-boy. I feel, felt, weak and… used. It’s not right. The way you talked, calling my ass a cunt? It’s just… not right.”

“Tony, what wasn’t right about it? It made you hot right? I know it made me hot. I never had a guy be so submissive for me. It was perfect, what I’ve always dreamed of, fantasized about. Don’t look away, Tony.” He kept his hand at my jaw, forcing me.

“I’m not a girl, I’m not a wolf. It shouldn’t, it’s not right… to feel like that. We should be equal.” The tears really did start this time, not heavy but steady. Kyle slid out of the seat and knelt before me, taking my hand in both of his.

“Baby, we are equal. God, don’t you understand? I might be bigger than you now, but your tiger is twice the size of my wolf. You’re the size of a fucking pony. I felt your need to sub for me, and I am dominant. Look right here, baby.” Forcing my eyes back on his. “Is this about how you feel, or about how you think you should feel?”

I let myself wonder. I knew he was right. I even let myself acknowledge that he was right about everything. I was his mate, he was mine. I’d known from the first instant I caught his scent at the Free Wolf. I even let myself think that maybe I was submissive by nature, but I knew I wasn’t. I always took the lead. I was always the one pushing people, trying to get my way. My eyes had lost focus and I zeroed back into Kyle.

“Kyle, I’m not a ‘sub’, ever. I don’t know what it is about you. About us. Last night, it’s… well, it’s shocking to me. But, you’re right. I’m yours and I suppose you’re mine. I don’t know what it means fully, not yet. We’re so different. We’re not even the same species, really. But we are mates.”

He leaned up, moving quick with his easy canine grace and enveloped me in his arms. He rained kisses on my face before connecting with my lips. He gave me a deep, soul-baring kiss and sat back on his haunches.

“We can figure this out, lover. Whatever it takes, we’ll do it. I only just found you, I won’t give you up for anything or anyone. Forever, baby.” He held both my hands and the moisture in his eyes only reflected the same in mine. I was at peace, for the moment.

He drew me up and held my hand as he led me back to the bedroom. He pulled me down to sit on the edge of the bed with him. He put a hand on my thigh to reassure me then stood. He pulled off all of his clothes until he was quickly naked. I couldn’t help but admire his body, so perfect in front of me. He knelt before me and took the waist of my shorts. He gently pulled them off me and I was naked too.

He lowered his lips to my hardening dick and took the head into his mouth. His tongue quickly brought me to full hardness and I gasped as he sunk half my cock into his hot mouth. He went back up to the head and concentrated even more tongue-work there. I was purring and groaning when he finished and suddenly swallowed the whole length of my dick. As he drew up the suction had my balls pulling up tight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32