First Time – In a Stockroom

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Non Nude

My name is Tim and this is the true story of my first, and best, gay sexual experience.

I was working for a small shoe store in a shopping large mall. I had been there about a month and I spent most of my days running up and down from the stockroom which was in the basement. Our stock room was stuck at the end of the corridor right next to the truck loading bay.

One day I was fumbling through the keys trying to find the right one for the stock room door’s lock when I heard a soft male voice behind calling.

“Excuse me.” The voice said. “You couldn’t tell me where I have to deliver these boxes to could you? It says to stall number 136 but it’s my first time here.”

“Yeah sure,” I replied, “It just so happens that I’m -” I turned round intending to complete my answer but I was stopped dead in my tracks by the instant arousal I felt over this guy. I was mentally slapping myself, I’d thought about guys a few times but always dismissed it as teenage, hormonal and natural, I never thought I’d actually want a guy! But here I was pretending to put my keys back into my pocket so I could disguise my rising erection.

He pushed me against the wall and forced my lips open with his tongue before letting it loose inside my mouth. He pressed his crotch against my own and he ground his cock into mine. He grabbed the keys out of my pocket, opened the door and threw me into stock room, locking the door bursa eskort bayan behind him. I fell to the ground and lay helplessly on the floor looking up at this intrusive, violent yet intriguing stranger. Without saying a word he began undressing and I gazed in awe as his body emerged, piece by piece to me. He was shaven all of over and glistening in the naked bulb light of the room. He walked forwards and stood, towering over me. His cock hovering just above my head. I knew what he wanted but I wanted him to say it.

“Kneel you little slut.” He said.

I obeyed and knelt down.

“I knew you were a little whore when I saw you! You’re nothing but a little slut aren’t you!”

With that he grabbed my hair, pulled my head back and pushed his cock into my face. Sliding his head all around my face he began pushing it against my tightened lips. I squirmed but he was too strong for me and little by little his cock was parting my lips. With one final push his cock sank deep into the back of my throat and I almost choked with its size! The second he was inside me he tightened his grip on my hair and started to drive my mouth up and down his long hard shaft! The strange thing was that although I was frightened and in a bit of pain I had the hardest erection I’d ever had! I was enjoying this so much! I began bobbing up and down on his cock on my own accord. I think my new master noticed bursa merkez escort this too because he loosened his grip on my hair. I ran my hand up his leg and firmly grasped the base of shaft as I worked my tongue around his head.

My brain had lost control of my body; I was now running purely on my sex drive and instinct. I ran my other hand up his leg once again and gently tapped his inner thigh, signalling for him to part his legs. I wet my finger with all the pre-cum and saliva from my mouth and slowly traced my finger down his balls and up between his legs to his hole. I worked my finger around his entrance a few times before sliding it in inside of him. His cock jolted with the excitement.

“And I thought I was gonna have trouble with you!” He joked as I sank my finger deep into his hole.

But then he suddenly stopped.

“I like bigger and things up there!” He said. “Lie down my little cum slut!”

I law down on the cold, hard floor and he mounted me facing towards me. He spat on my cock and grabbed it roughly pointing it towards his ass. He sat down on top of me and we both let out a sigh as I felt my cock enter his tight hole. He began moving up and down whilst jerking off his own cock. He placed my hands on his hips and told me to fuck him! I thought I was going to be raped at the beginning of this adventure but now here I was forcing bursa sınırsız escort bayan my cock into some stranger’s hole! We fucked for a good while but I was so excited I knew I wouldn’t be able to control myself for too long. I told him that I was gonna cum really soon but he did not reply! I watched his face as he gently bounced every time I thrust my cock deeper inside of him. I screamed once more “Ohhh fuck! I’m gonna fucking cum inside you’re ass!” He opened his eyes and smiled and replied “Ohh fuck! I’m gonna cum all over your pretty little face my little cum slut!! SAY IT!”

“I’m just you’re little cum sl-” I tried to complete his request but the rest of my sentence was just a big long scream as I sensed my balls tighten and I watched his face do the same. I managed one final big push into his hole and once I was the deepest I’d been I came inside of him with such a force! I felt my cock being surrounded in my lovely warm juice. As I was experiencing this ecstasy my new master leaned his hips forwards and screamed as he exploded all over my face! I’d never known someone to cum so much! He soaked my whole face and I opened my mouth for the next few shots and I swallowed as he filled it. He sat up off me and my tired, limp cock fell on to my stomach, exhausted but unbelievably satisfied. He leaned over and kissed me, licking up the remains of his delicious juice.

“Oh I’m Darryl by the way, nice to meet you.” He whispered softly into my ear.

As I gradually regained my breath I managed to whisper “Hi Darryl…..T…Tim….Tim you’re little cum slut…”

We both laughed and cleaned each other up. Turned out he only lives 5 minutes away from my flat. So you can guess where I’ve been every night!

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