First Bi Experience

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This is my first time submitting a story, so I thought it only appropriate to write it about my first experience. My story will be a little different then a lot of those I find on concerning men having sex with men. For one I don’t have the obligatory 12″ cock nor does the other man I’m writing about. Also, I can’t cum get hard, cum get hard, and cum again in a half hour period. Not now at 60 nor when this story took place 28 years ago.

It was 1972, I was 25 and in a failing marriage. Money, married to young, the constant relocation of a military marriage and sex proved too much for the two of us. Especially sex, my wife hated sex; at least she seemed to hate sex with me! Truly a day didn’t go by that I wasn’t accused of being a perverted pig, a sex maniac, or just plain disgusting. We would go several months without sex and when we did have sex it was lights out, missionary style, and towel at hand. I hear woman say I like to cuddle or my old man gets off then disappears. For us climax, on my part, meant a mad dash to the bathroom with towel securely between her legs and a shower… all this within the first 40 seconds of my ejaculating! Not having much experience I figured that was the normal sex life after six years of marriage.

We had just gotten out of the military and settled in Santa Clara in a nice little bungalow right off the San Tomas Expressway. I remember it was a Wednesday night and neither of us had to work the next day. I tried getting close to her sitting on the couch but was met with the usual resistance. The certain fight followed and Dinah ran upstairs to get away and finish watching the exciting 12 year old movie she’d seen a dozen times. I had just showered and figured I’d go do what I always do alone in the bathroom. I needed to calm down first so instead of the bathroom I went for a ride. I was still new to the area and liked driving down El Camino Real, sometimes when I was really horny Escort bayan I would masturbate in the car. It felt good and at the same time naughty stroking my hard cock in the car. I even went without under pants and wore sweats to make it easier to get my cock out in the car. This night I was stopped at a light and noticed the sign for an adult book store tucked in the middle of an old burned out strip mall. As I already had a hard-on, I figured why not and pulled in to see what these places were really like.

Inside the small store was a counter with all kinds of toys and a clerk that looked younger then dirt and equally as interesting. Behind the counter in the main body of the store were books, movies, and magazines. On one wall between the gay porn films and the fetish magazines was an open doorway. I was standing at the fetish magazines just looking around and every once in a while a guy would go through the doorway into the back room or out of the back room into the store. I noticed one guy cam from the back room and his erection was sticking straight out, straining the material confining it. I looked down and realized mine too was pushing against the grey fabric of my sweet pants. My curiosity aroused I walked through the doorway into the back room.

The small passage way had six booths on each side. There were no doors on the booths, rather a crude curtain, which hung from the top stopping about a foot from the floor. It was basically a shower curtain and the occupant could pull it closed or as I soon found out ‘almost’ closed. On the wall next to the curtain was a sign that displayed what movie was playing in the adjacent booth. Guys would look at the sign then go in if that was the video they wanted to view.

I was about half way down and the movie on the wall indicated a gay film. I had never been with a man but I was so horny I thought maybe that’s the ticket, surely to guys wouldn’t Escort bitch about giving head. The description of the film was getting me hard again and I casually started to rub myself. I looked to my left and realized the curtain was drawn open enough for me to see the person inside. He was about my age and was or seemed to be intently watching the movie. His hand was wrapped firmly around his hard cock and I could see the pre-cum drips on the huge swollen head. I looked around, if anyone knew what I was starring no one cared. I moved a little close and was transfixed as his hand slid up and down his hard cock. I soon realized without even looking up or acknowledging I was there he had turned slightly so his cock was now facing the open curtain instead of the screen. Without saying a word, he put a bunch of quarters in the slot, pulled up his pants and just walked out. He said nothing and walked to the front of the booths. If he hadn’t just filled it with quarters I would have thought he was offended or didn’t want to be the object of my fantasies.

I walked into the booth and with my back against the wall and the video screen in front of me; I pulled the curtain almost closed. The movie showed a guy on his knees sucking off too men while a third seemed to be getting it ready for his turn. I was too excited to think at this point and pulled my sweat pants all the way down to my ankles. Seconds later I saw the original occupant standing where I had been seconds before, I decide to give him a show. I let my hand slide very slowly along the length of my hard cock, the palm of my hand would slip over the head and get wet with pre-cum, then back down to the base where I would squeeze my balls and start the process again. Each time I slide my hand back up I would moan fairly loud. At this point I was no longer paying any attention to the screen.

My watcher, I suppose having more experience or less inhibitions Bayan escort then I, reached out and placed his hand around my hard cock. I was so fucking horny at this point, I thought I would cum all over the place and struggled to maintain as his hand felt sooooooo good I didn’t want this feeling to end. I opened my eyes and realized I was in a public place with a guy half in my booth stroking my hard cock. I also realized I didn’t care and let desire take over. I grabbed at the front of his pants and freed his hot dick. I never experienced anything like this, I didn’t fantasize about men or anything but I knew this was something I wanted…. I started by cupping his huge hairy balls in my hand. My fingers opened and closed gently kneading them and teasing the base of his erection. Next I started to stroke his hard cock and felt the heat from his cock along with the sticky but sweet drips forming on the purple head.

He said, “Suck me.” At that point I was too far gone to consider where I was or what it all meant. Without another word I dropped to my knees and for the first time in my life brought another man’s cock to my lips. I know what turns me on so I figured I’d go with that. I started to gently rub his hard cock across my cheeks letting the pre-cum wet my lips. Then pushing it gently against his belly I started to lick and nibble his balls, taking them in my mouth. I licked along the shaft my hot mouth eagerly taking in his manhood. I let him push his cock gently into my willing mouth, then I pulled it out and licked the swollen hard like it was my favorite lolly pop. Man this was so hot! I kept licking and sucking underneath his balls then pulling him in my mouth until finally, he grabbed the back of my head. At that moment I knew I was a good and willing cocksucker and eagerly waited my reward. I wasn’t disappointed. His cock soon empted his hot sweet cum in my open and waiting mouth. I swallowed his cum and wished there were ten more guys standing behind him.

He left the booth and I realized that sometime during the last few minutes I had com all over my pants. So, that was my first experience let me know if you’d like to hear more…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32