Jacinta and Beverly: Lesbians

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Part Two Stand alone. Good enough for a quick wank 😉


Jacinta brought me back to her bachelorette pad after our foray in the park. We were so convinced that there was a creep who might have seen us, that I didn’t think twice about how drunk I was when my tires squealed away from the parking garage and headed to the highway.

“Come on in. We can have a sleepover and share toys.” Jacinta said as she unlocked her apartment door and took my hand. I felt so excited by her words that I immediately began to take my clothing off as we walked to the bathroom to have a nice hot shower. We kissed under the steamy droplets and helped each other get clean. I could tell Jacey had my nice round and brown ass on her mind, because her hands kept probing the area as we bathed.

“Bev, I can’t believe we’re doing this!” Jacey said as she popped on of my tits out of her mouth. We were teasing and toying with each other’s bodies in the shower which was doing an amazing job at building up the steam. I had already succeeded in making Jacey cum nice and hard just an hour earlier in the park, and I could still taste the flavour of her on my lips.

“I want you to fuck me,” I said looking Onwin Jacey square in her eyes. “I want you to turn me out.”

We cut off the water, dried off, and went straight into the bedroom. I laid down on her bed ad Jacey pulled out a strap on dildo and harness. It had black straps and a long pink dildo that looked just a bit too big for what I was accustomed to. For lubrication, Jacey jammed the pink dildo down my throat until I gagged on it. I was never into gagging when it came to my previous male partner’s cocks, but with my bestie and a pink dildo it was a totally different experience! I felt my pussy get wetter with the sensation of gagging on the long cock that was going to fuck me. It was the long pink cock of friendship. All kidding aside, I was ready to let Jacinta use my cunt for her pleasure.

Starting on my back with my thighs as wide as I could spread them, Jacey worked the cock into me at a nice pace, allowing me to stretch to accommodate the size. After a few minutes of calm strokes, she picked up the pace. My breasts began to wobble and bounce from the force of being fucked.

I could feel the softness of Jacey’s skin pressing against mine; it was so Onwin giriş feminine and supple.

I squeezed her thighs where they met mine.

I looked down to my brown and pink cunt lips swallowing several inches of pink at each thrust.

Jacinta leaned down with her plush lips to kiss me, and I climaxed as our mouths opened to allow our tongues to meet.

She held me closely as I rode out the shockwave of my orgasm. As my awareness came back to reality, she licked and teased my nipples to keep my mind in the game.

“We aren’t done yet, my friend.” Jacey announced. “Who knows when the next time I will be able to get you in bed will be?

I groaned and laughed. This was partly my own fault. Jacey kissed me on the lips, true; but I was the little minx that sunk to my knees at the simple provocation. Oral sex isn’t the usual response to an unexpected kiss, at least not where I’m from.

This time Jacey pulled a small silver object from her trunk and some KY gel.

I was ready to do whatever she asked at that point so that I could drink her booze and fall asleep on her sofa; so I laid on my side with my back to her and offered my virgin ass hole up like it was on a platter.

“This has to stay in for the rest of the night if you want to stay over and drink all my booze.” She said, as if she had just read my thoughts out of the air. “Plus I will make you pancakes in the morning.”

“Okay.” I agreed to her terms. “Just make sure my pancakes are cinnamon.”

She licked my ass to soften it up, then worked in the KY gel around the edges of my ass hole. As the butt plug went in, it felt like it was getting wider and wider. I was about to yelp from the pain when suddenly the stretching sensation stopped.

“There, it’s in!” Jacey said. She grabbed a hand mirror off the night stand to show me the green emerald coloured gem that now sat in place of where I would normally see my butt hole. The painful sensation was being replaced by an erotic one, as the feeling of my ass being opened sent a shockwave of pleasure through my pussy. As my ass became stretched, my cunt also softened and became very wet.

Over the rest of the night, with the butt plug in my ass, Jacey took my body twice more. Once with her fingers after pushing me over the countertop in her kitchen, and again as she kissed me goodnight between my legs.

The morning came, and Jacey made me pancakes, with cinnamon. I drove back home and slept the next day away with a monumental hangover, and an exhausted body.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32