A College Education Pt. 06

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Josh was in heaven, his entire body on fire with arousal and passion, more turned-on than he had ever thought possible. He knew his cock pretty well, but Lexi seemed to have coaxed an extra inch in all directions out of him, as she rode him harder and harder, moaning loudly, leveraging herself by holding onto his shoulders, taking him as deep as she could. Her breasts swung and bounced in front of him, teasingly just out of reach as his hands rested on her perfect ass instead.

On screen, the blonde was being tag-teamed by two new guys, doing well to handle their impressive girths as Lexi continued to give commands from off-camera. Every now and then, Lexi would venture out to help the action, providing lube, a repositioning command or even a quick blow on one of the guys. Josh couldn’t help but feel even more turned on at the thought of Lexi playing with others, seeing someone so skilled and sexy having so much fun. He got the feeling he would be seeing much more of her in action on screen, having caught a glimpse of the other film titles. The thoughts of the levels of kink she was willing to do made Josh even harder, and he took control of her riding, pulling her into him and thrusting, forcing another inch of his member into her dripping sex.

Lexi screamed, her pussy stretched further by his sudden thrust, filling her completely. Every thrust pulled his length free, leaving her feeling completely empty for a split second as his tip paused, tantalizingly brushing against her labia, before slipping deep within her, inch by delicious inch, brushing against her g-spot each time. She had been with plenty of large guys who thought they could just fuck like jackhammers and make her cum, but Josh was a natural, and bigger to boot. Leaning forward and grasping the back of the couch, Lexi surrendered herself to him, letting Josh work his magic, thrusting deeply into her, his hands on her ass controlling the depth. “Baby, I am going to cum” she whispered in his ear, nipping on his ear lobe as he pounded her slick sex, the wet sounds of his thick cock entering her pussy echoing around the room.

Josh could feel Lexi getting close, her breathing quickening in his ear. He spanked her ass hard, eliciting a squeal of pleasure from the sharp sting of pain. Their movements became more in sync, becoming lost in one another completely, as Josh pulled her closer into him. Her pussy took him deeper still, gripping him tighter and tighter. Their moans grew louder, overtaking the sounds from the action on screen, the apartment ringing with the sounds of pure, animalistic fucking. Josh could feel his balls tightening once-more, pulling Lexi down on top Casibom of him and holding her close as he came with a shout of pleasure, flooding her again. The feel of his cock pulsing inside her, his warm sperm blasting her insides send Lexi over the edge, screaming loud enough for her neighbors to hear “Ohhhh yes baby fuuuuuuuuuuuck”. Every part of her body was alive as she came, gushing over Josh’s body, her pussy clamping on his monster cock, milking him for every drop of his seed.

Josh held her for a while, his cock pulsing continuously for an age, barely softening through his orgasm. Lexi nuzzled her head into the side of his neck, panting as her orgasm subsided. The room smelt richly of their sex, and she was sure that the entire block had heard them, but she didn’t care, they had heard it all before. His girth held his enormous load inside her, and she never wanted him to withdraw. “Can we just stay like this forever?” she murmured. Josh smiled at her, spanking her ass again, harder this time, teasing his fingers around her asshole. On screen, the threesome was ending as Lexi zoomed the camera in on the blonde’s sticky, used holes. Josh wanted more of Lexi, more of everything this apartment had to offer. His cock throbbed, almost fully hard still, and he smiled at her, kissing her deeply.


Emma was mad at the universe, as rode the elevator up, angrily slamming the button for her floor. She had been looking forward to the weekend for so long, and everything had had fallen apart. To have her flight cancelled was one thing, but to have her car break down attempting to drive the distance home for her sister’s birthday was just maddening. She had briefly considered hitch-hiking, everyone seemed to do it in the movies, but quickly decided against the risk. Her sister understood, they would miss her horribly and her extended family would have to wait until Christmas to see her again, but the party would go on.

The man from AAA had checked her out in the least subtle way possible, continuing to leer at her as she rode in the passenger seat, back into town. Every bump in the road was like a jolt of electricity through her body, and she bit her lip to prevent her moans from filling the truck cab. Why did I agree to this damn plug? she had wondered, cursing Lexi for persuading her to wear it as much as she could all weekend. It was a bit too late to ask the AAA man to pull over and let her extract the hefty toy.

After an hour of trying not to soak the seat, she was alone at last, cursing her misfortune while at the same time, relieved and excited. Maybe I can see what the guys are up to tonight and tomorrow? Casibom Giriş she thought, sending a few quick texts to the array of guys in her phone. Lexi had introduced her to many new friends, who were all very happy to spend time with them out and about, or in their apartment. Her pussy tingled as the plug shifted with every step, her harness locking it in place. Lexi had made the plug look so easy, but the girth of it gave Emma a lot of trouble walking at first. Practice makes perfect she thought to herself, as she stepped into the hallway.

As she approached, she picked up sounds she knew all too well – Lexi, being fucked senseless. They were lucky to have their apartment slightly separate from others, but she knew that other residents could hear them. Many didn’t mind, many had been appeased by Lexi but still the occasional noise complaint got through. Campus police had got to know Lexi and Emma well from the last year. Answering the door naked together, sweaty, usually covered partially in cum had usually been the way to make the noise complaint disappear quickly.

She unlocked the front door quietly and stepped inside. The whole apartment was rich with the smell of sex, and Emma breathed it in deeply. The couch and floor nearby were covered with cum, and her highlight reel DVD was playing loudly on the TV. Emma grinned, every challenge and new lesson from Lexi a clear memory in her mind. Her first fisting was underway, and the group of guys from that night were hollering their appreciation on screen, as Lexi gave a very clear tutorial, first on herself and then on Emma’s tight pink pussy, opening her up gradually until she had taken Lexi’s entire hand. Her pussy twinged at the memory, as her ass continued to throb, still filled with the large plug. Lexi’s screams of pleasure continued from her bedroom, the sheer amount of cum everywhere sent Emma’s mind racing – Just how many guys does she have here tonight?

Emma threw her bags down, skipping through to the main bathroom. The mirror was misted over, and the smells of sex mixed with orange ginger made for an interesting combination. Emma wiped the mirror clear of moisture, and smiled at her reflection, sweeping her hair back a little. She could never have imagined that she would be in this situation, this lifestyle a couple of years ago. She was a straight A student, hard-working and a little quiet. Now she lived with a sex goddess and was walking around in public stuffed with a plug. Unbuckling the harness in front, she reached back with one hand, bracing herself against the granite sink, tugging on the base of the training toy. With a little effort, it came Casibom Yeni Giriş free, instantly releasing the pressure she had felt all day, leaving only a sense of emptiness which Lexi had taught her to hate. The feel of the thick silicon stretching her made her clit throb even more, having held off all day. 24 hours of frustration and arousal mixed together as she furiously rubbed herself, leaning back against the sinks. Her fingers moved quickly, remembering everything Lexi had taught her. Her orgasm hit hard and fast, sweeping through her entire body, buckling her legs from under her as she gasped in pleasure, sinking to the bathroom floor in orgasmic bliss.

Satisfied and back on her feet, Emma wanted to see what Lexi had going on. She stripped naked, remembering Lexi’s rule of near-constant nudity in the apartment, when possible. Emma tiptoed through the kitchen, grabbing a soda from the fridge while dodging the copious cum on the stone floors. Hmmm, 4, maybe 5 guys? she wondered, which would be counted as a gangbang, but nothing new for Lexi. The door to her bedroom was slightly ajar, and Emma pushed it open quietly, hoping to watch unnoticed and not disturb her mistress.

Lexi was bent over the window-seat, facing away from Emma. Behind her, a strongly built guy was pounding her relentlessly, filling her with everything he had, their bodies slapping together with each thrust. Lexi’s camera was set up next to the couple, capturing their every move. His hands roamed her body, between her ass and perfect breasts, swinging beneath her. Emma was confused, everyone else must have left already. She moved closer, eager to see more of the action. As she approached, her brain began to process things – the depth of his thrusts, the guttural, animalistic sounds coming from Lexi, the continued river of cum running from the lounge to their place by the window. It was like nothing she had ever seen, and she had seen a lot.

The guy eventually paused, spanking Lexi’s firm ass hard and pulling away from her with a wet pop. Lexi giggled, purring in pleasure “don’t stop too long big boy, I need more of that horse cock”. “Ok, just grabbing a drink, I will be back for more of that ass!” Emma was frozen to the spot, half-way into the room as he moved away from Lexi and turned toward her, suddenly jumping in shock. Emma couldn’t help but stare, open mouthed.

“Oh. My. God”

His cock was enormous, hanging thick and long down close to his knees. Lexi’s ass gaped widely, bubbling with cum. Her pussy was visibly pulsing in pleasure, oozing cum as well. Emma had seen her stretched and used before, but this was different. The guy froze, unsure of what to do, mouth open in shock at the intrusion, his still-erect length swinging like a baseball bat. Lexi simply turned her head slightly and waved.

“Hey! Em! You are home early! I’m glad, I could actually use some assistance…”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32