The Lost Boy Ch. 19

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Group Sex

A.N. What’s this? What’s this? A new chapter in the air? What’s this? White stuff in Cassie’s hair? What’s this? I can’t believe my eyes I must be dreaming wake up guys this isn’t fair! What’s this?? :DDDD

…My niece’s like the nightmare before Christmas. Lol

I hope you guys enjoy this! This is one of my favorite chapters so far, I saw somebody ask if this was the final chapter because of the title, that is not true, there is still quite a waaaaayyys to go before the lost boy series is finished. 🙂

Anyway, enjoy! Let me know what you think down below!


Shelter: Den Mother’s Roadhouse, Morning

Blue Moon…you saw me standing…alone…without a dream in my heart…without a love of, my own…

The loud original 1934 tune blared from his headphones, almost funny listening to the lyrics when the bright shining sun bore through the nearby windows. But he preferred his own choice of music in comparison to what the Urul here were playing on the jukebox. Early morning light giving the beer he guzzled a lighter color through the glass as he slammed it down. The average sized bottle looking like a small toy replica a child may pretend to drink out of in his enormous hand. Even more so as it had been placed beside the several other empty glasses of drained alcohol, Fenr’s breakfast of champions.

Burritos and beer.

Six burritos and four beers to be exact. The crumpled wrappers and used napkins lay strewn about the table, having served their purpose as the behemoth of a man devoured his morning meal.

He bobbed his head to the beat of the tune, to the naked eye, it would be a little difficult to spot that he was actually even wearing headphones beneath his lion’s mane of shoulder length fiery blonde hair.

Many of the Urul in the Roadhouse looked at him strangely. Partly concerned, partly interested, and partly worried. To an untrained observer, Fenr might come across as a freak of nature with his mountain like frame. Over seven feet of solid muscle on muscle with not a single ounce of body fat in sight despite what his unhealthy breakfast selection would suggest. Broad shoulders, narrow waist, strong chin and nice hairline for his golden locks and all together a very well-proportioned face for his large body.

Although many of them tried to hide it, it was painfully obvious that he held the attention of every Werewolf in the room. Some were playing pool, occasionally making bad shots or missing entirely due to casting continuous glances in his direction. But none of the girls had the energy or enthusiasm to actually approach him or show any higher form of interest aside from their casual peaks. After the surprising failure of what seemed like it was going to be an easy win against the Fallen Agrat, the Urul basically threw an ongoing rager party to help mend the crushed spirits of the wolves who were expecting victory.

Right about now was when they were slowing down and recovering from it, so at this point girls were nursing leftover drinks, and trying to come to peace with the acceptance of their loss.

The girl who had been serving him food on the house, courtesy of the Alpha Helle’s orders, nervously approached him again. “Umm, can I get you another one of those?” She gestured over the whole table, trying to encompass both the drinks and food he had polished off.

A pair of benevolent, light-blue eyes looked up at her.

“Mm mm.” He shook his head happily, “No thanks, I’m good.” He picked up one of the last surviving napkins and went about wiping himself clean. Not wanting to have himself be as much of a mess as he had left the table.

There was a womanly chuckle from a few feet away, drawing the attention of the golden-haired man in its direction. “Wow, stopping at six? And only four beers for breakfast? Tsk, tsk, getting soft blondie.” Helle approached from the back of the room, hands on her hips and a radiant glow about her. She had a really good night last night, and now today things were only getting better as she looked upon the face of a millennia-old friendship.

Fenr chuckled as well, “I can still drink you under the table!”

She sat across from him, immediately leaning the wooden chair back and kicking her legs up onto the table like she owned the place.

Which to be fair she did.

“Not possible. But anyway, thank you for coming, especially so soon.” She said, softening her joking demeanor in favor of a more serious one.

He shrugged, “Eh, I wasn’t doing anything.” His elbow came up to lean on the back of his own chair. The girl who had been standing nearby was a bit worried he was going to break it under his weight, but she bit her tongue in favor of not saying anything during an important conversation with the Alpha. “Nothing new I mean. Not much out there that I haven’t done actually. So I’m always up for something that might tecavüz porno be new.”

“Yeah well…trust me this is something new.” She fiddled with one of the strands on her leather bracelet for a moment before Fenr spoke again.

“Okay, what do you got?”

“Turns out, you’ve got a new baby brother in town Fenr.” She said and turned her gaze to him to gauge his reaction. No change, he didn’t even seem to flinch. “And it seems like this little kid has somehow managed to take over the town. Literally, Shelter, the famous city of Succubi. Apparently, it belongs to him now, but still there’s no sign of his father.” She retracted her legs and sat up straight, instead leaning her elbows on the table to address the seriousness of the situation.

Fenr nodded, “I know. I felt the Mark shift not long ago, and it just gave me a feeling something like this was happening. But I’m still pretty sure that dear old dad isn’t coming back any time soon. If ever even, he’s probably trapped in Nod and Lord knows how to get out of there.”

“Well that’s good to know but it still doesn’t address the problem that I’ve got living down the street from the Mcdonalds.” Helle said, “I’ve seen what that boy can do, he nearly killed one of my pack along with her lover with minimal…and I mean minimal effort on his part. I could feel his power from a hundred feet away. And I’m not putting my pack at risk like that again, so I would like you to help me. The same way you helped against the Aesir would be preferable.”

His eyes finally blinked, and Helle had then realized that she had no clue how long he had actually gone without blinking. The baby blue color flickering like that almost stunned her as she remembered how she had seen it once somewhere else before.

“I mean, asking me to kill my brother, that’s a pretty interesting reason to invite me back over to hang out with you and your pack. I mean I can’t promise you anything. But alright, I’ll talk to him. See how he is, what he’s planning, all that.” He too pushed himself back off the chair, thankfully not breaking it. “Figure out what needs to be done.”

Helle nodded but her own eyes looked away from him for a moment and she seemed to chew on the inside of her cheek. “That’s fine.” She looked back up at the baby blues, “I think you should just solve the problem straight up but if you think that’s better, I trust your infinite wisdom.”

“You’d be surprised how much wisdom you gain over two thousand years, she-wolf.” He fired back, earning the smallest snicker from Helle.

But quickly the laughing passed, and Helle was serious again. “Really Fenr, I hope you take care of this. Otherwise I’ll have to, and you probably won’t like how I’ll have to do it.” She stood, “So I hope you sort things out, one way or another.”

Fenr also stood up, both of them were two tall titans in the room, but Fenr managed to beat out Helle’s 6’9 stature by about half a foot. “Don’t you worry, I can take care of anything.” He said confidently.

It was at that moment that Helle tilted her head, her brow furrowing for a moment as if she was trying to figure something out as she looked at him. Eventually, she smirked when it finally clicked, she knew she recognized those baby blue orbs before.

“Heh, you two have the same eyes.”

Shelter University: Campus, Noon

No one had taken a single bite of their food.

Ian, Ronnie, and Peter all sat in very uncomfortable silence among each other at their usual spot for lunch. There was no sign of Cassiel which worried Ian, but after everything that had happened, he assumed that she…he was gone on very important angel business with Samantha. Nothing he could do about that.

He actually had to remind himself why he was going to high school again this morning, since Ian had gotten his memories back he nearly forgot that the persona his Mommies concocted was that he was only sixteen years old. Ian huffed at the thought, why did he even bother showing up here again if he, and several of his teachers, knew that it was a lie?

The obvious answer was his friends at the table but given that they also knew there was something supernatural about him, and with the huge conflict between species going on, it didn’t offer much incentive for them to attend school either.

But here they are, quietly waiting for one of them to take the lead and just say something. Ian definitely wasn’t going to, he had been so rattled by the entire circumstance that he sat there quietly. Just a withdrawn body wallowing in self guilt.

Ronnie was the first one to say words, “Do you think Feles is gonna show?” And the first statement was like a knife in Ian’s heart.

Samantha had promised that Cassie would do his best to help Feles, but that was days ago. Ian hadn’t heard anything back from them yet despite the reassurances he got from Melody, Liline and Sin. He couldn’t believe what he had done, üvey anne porno he thought that he killed Feles for the briefest of moments. But it was more than enough to live in Ian’s mind forever, every time he closed his eyes, he saw Feles laying on that woman’s body. Motionless and bleeding, Ian almost wanted to cry again at the memory. When he got home that night he bawled, Liline and Sin did their best to hold him, trying to comfort him. But the damage was done, Ian felt like a monster.

It wasn’t until his blonde friend sitting before him made it to school and was able to relay some information. Peter was able to tell him what he knew since he stayed with the Urul and Ian finally learned Feles had recovered thanks to Cassiel. And it was a major relief to him knowing that he hadn’t murdered his friend in cold blood, but the guilt had yet to leave. Ian wasn’t sure if he could even face Feles again without breaking down.

Peter shrugged his shoulders, “Just give him a few minutes, he’ll be here.” He was there with Catalina when Erica and Feles finally came down from her apartment, both looking a little embarrassed and like they hadn’t slept for days despite being unconscious for nearly three. Whatever divine mumbo jumbo that Cassie had used to heal them seemed to take effect, and the pair was on their way to a full recovery. So he knew that Feles would probably be showing up any time now, wanting to keep up appearances rather than take a few more days of rest.

And eventually, about fifteen minutes into their half-hour lunch period, Ronnie caught sight of the vibrant red hair, carrying a plastic tray with cheese pizza and a milk carton on it heading towards their table.

“Feles.” He said, perking up both Peter and Ian, the latter of which practically created a gust of wind with how fast he spun in his seat to look for him.

Immediately they could tell something was off. He wasn’t skipping, and each step lacked that notable spring to it that Feles always carried with him. The overabundance of flirty energy just seemed to be absent. His legs moved carefully, no sway to his hips and no show of pep, he seemed stiff and deflated. Like he just found out if he took a bite of the steaming, greasy pizza in front of him it would turn into tofu.

Everyone could see the difference in his stature, someone as enthusiastic as Feles stuck out like a sore thumb when their energy was down.

He approached the table, moving around to the bench where Ronnie and Peter were sitting, leaving Ian on his side alone.

That didn’t go unnoticed, all three of the boys at the table knew he used to always sit next to Ian. He was never shy about sitting as closely as possible to him in fact. But now he sat down with the other two, wincing ever so slightly as he lowered himself onto the bench. It looked as if he was trying to cover it up but did so poorly.

Now if the silence was uncomfortable before, it was even worse now. Each of the four boys cast uneasy looks at each other around the table. Feles now was the only one to begin eating his food while the others still didn’t touch their own.

Ian just kept looking over at Feles, remorse heavy in his eyes, but also happy to see he was actually okay. He definitely noticed how he decided not to sit near him, he’d have to be blind and deaf to not notice the obvious coldness directed his way. And while it upset Ian, he knew that he could accept it, after what he did to him, that was the least he could do.

Ronnie did try to ask how Feles was doing, but the only response he earned was a slight shrug. Feles still appeared to be their friend, otherwise why would he have sat near them. But he seemed to be holding at least a small grudge and didn’t openly talk back.

Finally seeming to be finished with this silence, Peter spoke out, “This town is going to Hell.” All heads turned toward their glasses wearing friend, “Okay guys look, I know we all got sucked up into different sides of whatever conflict is going on here but we’re still friends. And whatever happened with the Urul that night isn’t the end, I know. I’ve heard them talking, and Catalina likes to talk a lot when she’s satisfied.” Ronnie blinked at the statement a couple times, taken aback by how bold nerdy Peter had become. “The wolves have called in someone, some kind of heavy hitter that they believe can ‘solve their problems.'” He made air quotes then nodded in the direction of Ian.

Ian didn’t say anything but Ronnie did, “What do you mean by that?”

Peter continued, “Isn’t it obvious? They’re calling in somebody to kill Ian.” Feles, who’s head had mostly been down in his tray throughout this conversation, suddenly turned towards Peter. Now listening in much more closely. “I know that for a fact, and plus everyone that we all have gotten attached to, all the people that we love are at risk because of this stupid war. I know that you’re in love with the Succubi.” Peter üvey erkek kardeş porno pointed at Ian, who flinched back a bit at this. “You’re with the Vampires.” He said to Ronnie, “And you and me are with the Urul.” Addressing Feles, now having every boys undivided attention, Peter continued. “We all got wrapped up in this because we all were scooped up by some kind of supernatural creature that took a liking to us. And now we’re all in too deep to want to lose them, at least I am but I have a feeling that you all are too.” Peter said openly admitting that he had caught onto some feelings for Catalina.

It really was amazing how much Peter had changed, and all it took was a war of demonic and otherworldly beings to get him to take charge like this. And maybe some girl cock too… “Okay…what do you think we should do then?” Again only Ronnie spoke, Ian and Feles chose to remain quiet.

“We need a plan to save ourselves. And the people that we love…and I think I might have one.”

Shelter Crossroads Park: Afternoon

The sun was beginning to go down, making the twilight sky a brilliant orange color. Daytime was so short in Shelter now that it was Autumn, but Ian didn’t mind. It made for a great view of the sunset.

He was walking home now that school had ended, deciding to take the Crossroads path through the park so that he could both contemplate Peter’s plan and to just think over everything that had happened.

There was a small park bench in front of a sandwich shop that overlooked the center of a sparkling pond which people occasionally swam in during summer. But now it was getting chilly out so no one was near the water. It gave a perfect view of the sunset, so Ian decided he’d be late walking home so that he could watch it. He figured his mothers wouldn’t mind, they knew better than anyone that he could take care of himself.

So he plopped his backpack on the cement walkway and sat down, listening to the wood creak adjusting to his weight. The bright circle in the sky giving off a beautiful golden glow, being a seaside town, Shelter had the best sunsets when combined with its views over water. Whether it was the ocean, or a small pond, Ian was happy he got to experience it.

He took a breath through the nose and out his mouth, “So…someone’s coming to kill me…” He said to no one in particular. “Because of what I am, and what I can do…what I’ve done…” His head fell and his back slumped against the bench. He rested his face into his palms, the weight of the world on his shoulders. How could everything have gotten so bad? How could it go from a decent life to literally on the brink of war in a split second? With apparently, assassins coming for him, what if whoever it was got him? What if he died? What if he left Liline alone… “Oh God…”

“God…” He thought. Feeling himself get an idea that hadn’t occurred to him for the longest time. You’d think that someone who deals with demons and supernatural creatures all the time would’ve thought of something like this a while ago. If anything could actually help him at this time, it would probably be the big man upstairs right? If Angels and Demons existed, that meant that he did too.

From this position, he removed his hands from his face and locked his fingers together in front of him. Unsure if he was doing it right or not, but he figured he might as well give it a shot and see what happens. “…God…” He closed his eyes, lowered his head and began to pray.

“I uh…I don’t know how this stuff works. I mean, you might not even be listening because…I’m probably not even welcome in your house after all the things I’ve done…I think I’ve committed just about every sin that there is. And for the longest time I didn’t even acknowledge your existence, so I guess I won’t blame you if you decide to just ignore everything I’m about to say. But…I don’t know what I really am, I don’t know what my purpose is in this world. I thought for a long time that my purpose was finding my family and, finding a home. But now that I have those two things…there’s more questions than ever before. And everything’s falling apart here…Peter says he has a plan but I have no idea if that’ll work. If anything goes wrong than we could lose everything, and I don’t want to lose what I have now. But again…I lie with demons, so you might not even care…But…if there’s even the slightest chance that you do…I could use something…something to help me. Something to guide me in the right direction, to show that I’m doing what’s right, to show me that I’m not a monster and that there’s hope for me please a sign, anything please…If you can hear me…if you can help me…please…tell me…”

“It’s beautiful isn’t it?”

Ian snapped up in shock hearing the masculine voice that came from above him. For a moment he thought he actually heard something omnipotent, but as he flailed his head in the direction where the question came from. He was greeted by a huge man, towering over his tiny demeanor on the bench. Long tresses of golden hair over his shoulders and headphones around his neck. “What?”

He pointed out to the horizon, “The sunset, it’s beautiful.”

Ian looked back and forth between the giant man and the setting sun, “Oh…yeah, yeah it is.”

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