Experiments in the Doctor’s Lair Ch. 01

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This story is written form the view point of one of my slaves;

I am walking down the street with my girlfriend, gently I reached over and gave a ass a little squeeze, “I love you,” I whispered in her ear, but then suddenly I feel a sharp stab in my neck as I turn round to see I collapse to the floor Laura next to me.

When we recover I notice we are in a dark room, like a prison cell with no windows, suddenly the door flies open and a guard comes and drags Laura out leaving me in the cell wondering what is going on. I lie down on the bed still groggy from the drug wondering what is going to happen next.

I awake with a start as once again the big metal door is flung open I am dragged out of the cell down a corridor into a bright room there I see suspended off the floor by ropes Laura totally naked. I see she is crying, attached to both her firm nipples where hooks, obviously new as I had not noticed she had had any piercing before. The piercings where attached together to a chain that led down between her legs, they had also pierced her clit again with a small ring attached by the chain to all three points were ropes running up to the ceiling.

I had no more time to look they led me over to what looked like an exercise bike however the saddle had been replaced by a thick leather harness. Forcefully they ripped all my cloths off leaving me there, standing totally naked and scared.

I was instructed to sit and a large vibrator was attached to the seat and then the whole harness was pulled tight forcing the vibrator deep inside me, stretching my pussy and putting pressure on my clit, however it was not turned on yet.

When I was ready in walked a man dressed as a doctor, he clapped his hands and the ‘porters’ left. He then started to explain his contraption; “I will now give you one chance to prove your devotion to your partner if she submits you shall both be my sex slaves together.

“You see the piercings are attached to a winch you must counter act this winch by peddling your bike so she is not pulled apart, but that is not all.”

He slowly pulled out a big black dildo presenting it before my eyes, “This inflatable dildo will be placed up your dear friends ass, however I am sure no person could take it fully inflated!” he lent on a piston and the already large looking thing swelled up to the size of a water melon I winced as he shoved it in a slightly deflated state up Laura ass.

Laura screamed as the so called doctor rammed it into her virgin hole not bothering with any lubrication, and she once again started to sob, “Now the handle bars of you bike are connected to another winch porno which will stop the weight inflating the thing so you must keep both you arms and legs moving.” My head was already spinning from the thought of the task ahead when he chimed in again.

The Doctor continued, “Thirdly this is my patented electric stimulator,” he pulled out a large silver dildo with a lead coming out of it. This time it did look lubricated no doubt to make the connection. Gently his evil device glided into Laura’s pussy and she let out a moan. “Now you see this can simulate all the sensations of real sex by artificially stimulating the nerves however over stimulation can occur even causing death, so if you want to keep her sensations in the safe limit, you must keep your heart rate down.”

Bringing out two pads he gently moistened them and stuck them onto my naked chest, roughly fondling my breasts as he did so. My pulse was already quite high. “Start peddling I am going to arm the machine,” as he did so I knew now I must not stop yet I must keep my pulse low. “Remember if you friend here gives up and pushes this button in her hand you mine,” he drawled on and I peddled.

“Now we can’t have Laura her having all the fun can we, how silly of me,” said the doctor menacingly and he picked up a remote control and turned it on instantly I felt the vibrating dildo strapped inside my already moist lips spring into life, not only was it humming on my clit as it spun it would pass over my g-spot, instantly my hart rate increased and I could here Laura moan as her electric stimulation increased inside her ravaged body.

I could tell she was getting a very intensive stimulation. Her cunt was dripping on to the floor. As the doctor increased the speed at which my own vibrator was whirling I found it hard to keep moving. I was facing a losing battle I could no longer stretch my arms out far enough to keep up the weight. Slowly Laura’s tight ass was being torn open by the inflatable dildo swelling up inside her.

However she seemed to like this new sensation probably brought on by the intense stimulation from the docs electric rod. She began bucking against an imaginary body almost reaching her orgasm. I could tell I was not far off as the vibrator locked onto my lower body was too good and soon both Laura and I were coming in unison screaming as the doctor looked on with glee.

The mixture of exhaustion and the sensation of the thing strapped into me were so intense I forgot everything and stopped peddling my exhilaration was instantly cut short by a scream as the weight were ripping on Laura young breasts and clit I can remember shouting japon porno just push the button and as she did I felt that horrible pain in my neck again as I collapsed seeing the doctor leaning over in satisfaction with the needle I knew we were his.

As I lay there in my cell I thought about my situation under the power of someone I don’t even know. The door flew open and a ‘nurse’ told me to change into the surgical style gown that had been thrown into the room.

As I changed into the open backed degrading article I could sense the ‘security’ camera, my ever-present friend, was following me, zooming in on my naked body. I imagined the Doc behind the screen sinisterly watching, I shuddered.

As soon as I had changed a nurse came back into the room and took my old cloths away locking me back in. I noticed he had left me a cup of something I was suspicious but a voice came over the intercom, with a slightly aggressive controlling tone, “Drink it!”, I was under his control since our last adventure so I had to obey. As I sipped it down I felt the predictable comforting, sleepy feeling coming over me, it had been drugged.

I woke up again on something like a bed made of soft leather with a soft pillow like in a doctor’s surgery. I tried to move realising my hands where tied by my side and my legs spread open tied at the ankles to the corners of the bed. It was then I realised I was totally naked I felt a slight breeze blow over my exposed, shaven pussy.

The doc walked into the room, “Now for your punishment for failing my last little experiment.” He raised my head slightly I looked down and saw a small box attached to the bed, to this box the doc fitted a smooth shiny metallic dildo with a thick long shaft topped off with a small nib that was obviously for my clit. Nevertheless my heart sank when I saw he was strapping the heart monitor onto me again, not more of that I thought but all I could do was wait.

“Now let us begin!” he cried clapping his hands, slowly the smooth object slid towards me shining from the lubrication added for my comfort. I gasped as it entered me pushing deep inside it felt smooth as it slid in, then as the small nib touched my clit it started to vibrate sending me into ecstasy as the vibrations penetrated throughout my body.

I felt it rolling round inside me pushing in and out I knew I couldn’t last long I wondered why this was punishment, now I wish I had never asked, just I was about to go over the edge and feel the terrific orgasm washing over me the thing stopped and withdrew so that there was that the head was barely inside but tickling lezbiyen porno it none the less. “Now for the punishment I can tell when you are about to orgasm and I will keep stopping the machine just before you go over the edge I will control if you cum, after all, your mine.”

At first I was naive and thought this was not much of a punishment, not having had it withheld before. For the next few days he kept me from coming either strapped onto the table or hands shackled so I could not relieve myself. Soon I wanted to cum so badly. I thought I could hide the feeling from him until it was too late and I came but he was smart, cutting it closer each time all. All I wanted to do was reach climax. I was desperate I thought I would do anything to feel the warm waves of an orgasm wash over me in the heightened state of horniness from the machine. It was then he issued another ultimatum;

He flicked a switch and revealed Laura through the one way mirror in the room I hadn’t noticed before. She was strapped onto an upright frame with a large dildo in her pussy but something more sinister as well. On her wrists and ankles were large cuffs with power leads running from them and on her head was a cap she was in an electric chair my heart sank I had already pre-empted his words.

“Just say the word and I’ll let the machine continue,” all I had to do was betray my friend, my partner, and once again I could feel satisfied but she would die. I thought about what I should do when the doc once again started the torturing of my throbbing slit.

As the dildo moved inside and once again started its ministrations on my clit I knew I might not stop myself. His voice was in my head now screaming at me in a low menacing tone, “Just do it! Say the word and I’ll let u come,” I felt the powerful tool pushing in and out sliding inside, touching every part of my pussy and clit I was losing control I had to cum this time.

As I reached the point where I was so far gone I knew the machine was about to pull out once again, I felt the words escape my lips without conscious thought I had said it, “Go ahead, do it.” My orgasm exploded inside me, the most amazing reminding me of the first time I had ever felt the feeling, strong and powerful stirrings washing over me in warm waves. My body was wracked with the feeling and was aware of nothing else but my pleasure brought on by this machine.

As I passed out from the feeling the last thing I saw as I looked over towards Laura was her spasming from electric shock and it was all my fault, I had betrayed her for sexual gratification, I felt terrible I had killed her, the doc had won, broken my spirit.

Post script, the doc didn’t actually kill Laura he just wanted me to feel like a Judas so all her spasm was low voltage giving her a fantastic orgasm from the electrified dildo, after all he didn’t want to lose any of his sex slave guinea pigs.

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