The Law of Attraction Ch. 08

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This story is a transsexual fantasy.

Before reading this chapter I highly recommend that you read chapters 1 to 7.

The first four chapters of this tale were told from the prospective of James/Jamie who started out as a shy cross dresser.

This is the forth chapter to be told by Ashley a hard core lesbian who becomes attracted and eventually falls in love with Jamie, the feminine side of James.

The plot device around which the whole tale is built is Deblock therapy, a therapy that unlocks the full power of the human mind and allows ‘The Law of Attraction’ to fulfill people’s deepest desires, in this case allowing the physical transformation of a man to a woman.

The true essence of the story is of how Ashley, the beautiful lesbian is able to heal herself of the damage done to her in her childhood through intervention from the most unlikely source, the beautiful MtoF transsexual, Jamie, who prior to meeting Ashley wasn’t even aware of her true female identity.

This chapter moves the tale on further to the point where Jamie and Ashley are married and their children are at the toddler stage, and Ashley is living her dream with one big exception, although she loves Jamie’s pussy, she also misses her dick…


“Imagine starting to believe in yourself and your infinite possibilities. Imagine believing you deserve everything you want out of life. Imagine getting everything you want out of life.

Once you apply the ‘Law of Attraction’ everything is possible.”

My name is Ashley, and I am an orphan who lost my parents at a very early age. I did not fare well in the state adoption and fell into the hands of a very cruel pedophile who sexually abused myself and other children both girls and boys. The result of the cruel abuses of this man was that I grew up hating and fearing men. Also by natural inclination I was attracted to women anyway.

For some reason however I was not successful in my relationships with women, the only exception being my long time friend and lover Jackie who was bisexual. Jackie however had always honestly told me that her ultimate desire was to find a man who she could settle down and have children with.

After a long period of trying to find a co-sharer, finally on impulse and against my better judgment, I decided to try sharing my apartment with a man, James. Despite my fear and hatred of men, I finally justified my decision to share with James because he was physically weak and could be described as the type of man who couldn’t hurt a fly.

Over time I formed a close friendship with James, and then finding that James was a cross dresser I started to become attracted to the feminine side of him calling him Jamie in my mind and wanting to see him dressed.

Things came to a head when I was dumped by a young woman that I was having a relationship with. I turned to James for consolation making him dress for me and later helped him to dress as a woman. I found that James was starting to look better in female form than even I had anticipated and the more I helped him to dress and act as a woman in private the more I obsessed over the idea of him needing to become a woman.

Then I stumbled upon deblock therapy which allowed people to become aligned with their subconscious desires and paid for a course for James, in my own mind believing that this would allow him/her to become a woman, and as James/Jamie was becoming more female every day I entered into a full blown relationship with her except that I would not do anything with her dick.

After this we had a nightly threesome with Jackie while Jeff was out of town and Jackie being bisexual sucked Jamie’s dick for the first time. Later on Jeff’s return we all met up together and had a night of sex where Jackie asked Jamie to fuck her. The night culminated with Jeff cumming on Jamie’s tits and Jackie licking them clean.

Strangely I began to harbor the idea of wanting to feel Jamie’s ‘female’ dick inside me.

Now both my career and Jamie’s were starting to come to fruition, and Jamie and I lived with the sexually aggressive Annabel who wanted to explore her bi side while getting dick from Jamie, I in return was happy because I got pussy.

Then just a few weeks after the launching of Jamie’s introduction to the art world, Annabel met a guy called Alex and suddenly dropped everything to go off on a long cruise with him, leaving Jamie and myself alone again.

Shortly after we met up for a foursome with Jackie and Jeff, and Jackie wanted to see my lovely shemale partner Jamie suck Jeff’s dick. And using my need to eat out Jackie’s pussy as leverage, she made the ultimatum that Jamie had to suck Jeff’s cock before she would let me eat her out. I pleaded with Jamie to suck Jeff’s dick so I could get the opportunity to eat Jackie out, finally promising to let her put her dick inside me if she would do it.

Finally I did take Jamie’s dick inside me, but not before I had fucked her hard in the ass with a strapon, something I would continue sex izle to enjoy. Once I did feel Jamie inside of me I couldn’t get enough of it and wanted to have her in me every day, I also wanted her child.

Finally when Jamie’s dick disappeared which I knew it would, being replaced by a wonderful pussy which I immediately fell in love with, but I still missed her dick terribly, something I could never have imagined before I met her.

Later we met up with Jackie and her boyfriend Jeff who fucked Jamie because she wanted to have the experience of having a dick inside her.

The following day Jamie took her art exhibition on tour with Annabel, while I rehearsed for the play that I was starring in.

Jamie came back a day early from her tour to see my opening night which received rave reviews and we found that Jamie was pregnant and I told her that I was pregnant also.

Four years later I was sitting in my living room looking out on the back yard of our leafy suburban house, and watching two beautiful little girls holding and hands and laughing as they played. The older of the two, Emily, had dark hair, and the younger, Alice, had blond hair, actually the age difference, I reminded myself, was only 10 weeks.

The play where I had had my first starring role, four years previously had really launched my career as an actress and going on tour with her work had established Jamie as a major artist. And two months later Jamie and I had had a small exclusive wedding to which only a few close friends were invited.

Our maids of honor were Annabel for Jamie, and Jackie for me, and they were of course accompanied by their respective boyfriends Alex and Jeff. Jamie looked beautiful in her pure white wedding dress, which contrasted nicely with mine which was an ivory color. In my own case I was showing a bulge as by that stage I was more than four months pregnant.

For our wedding night it was just the two of us, Jamie and me, and after getting naked and into the 69 position we gently ate each other out for what must have been more than 2 hours, savoring each other’s delicious pussies. I loved the sweet taste of Jamie’s cunt and could never get enough of eating her out and sucking her clit.

After eating each other out, we both got our strapons and took it in turns fucking the other in the pussy while we kissed. When it came to my turn I made Jamie lie beneath me and spread her legs wide while I pushed my thick 8″ dildo deep inside her. The dildo was double ended so I felt the same pleasure as I fucked Jamie kissing her as I did, our tits crushed against each other.

After doing each other lying down we then did each other doggie style, and Jamie, at my insistence, rammed her 8 inch dildo deep inside me, at the same time squeezing my tit hard. Later as she continued to fuck me like this she pulled my long hair hard, causing me to cry out. I loved it when Jamie fucked me, but at the same time it brought back memories of when she had a dick, and I realized that the strapon dildo was only a pale substitute for the real thing. I realized that I still missed her dick a lot.

Later as I returned the favor and fucked Jamie doggie style, I was really getting off on fucking her and dominating her and as I had many times before, I wondered what it might be like to fuck Jamie with a real dick, to be inside her and make her mine in the way you only can if you have a dick.

That night we had slept like babies with our clits in each other’s mouths.

As I looked at the two girls playing, it seemed like only yesterday that they were both new born babies. Jamie and I had had Lamar’s classes together and she had supported me all the way through my pregnancy as I had supported her through hers.

Giving birth to Emily was the most painful experience of my life but also the most rewarding, and Jamie was beside me all the way through the birth, hugging me kissing me and generally encouraging me. It was Jamie who cut the cord and put the tiny bundle of life on my chest, it was not long before little Emily was sucking away at my breast.

When it came to the time for Jamie to give birth I was really able to empathize with her all the way. When the baby finally came out of Jamie, I found that I was crying because I understood how much pain Jamie was in, but Jamie took it very well, better than me really.

From the time Alice was born the girls were always together and in time became inseparable. Jamie and I would take it in turn to breast feed the two babies, for example if I were on night duty I would put a baby on each of my breasts and they would watch each other as they sucked, increasing their bonding.

The girls were playing out in the yard with Jeff, who was Alice’s father. I guess you could say that in my own way I had come to love Jeff like the brother I had never had. He was a devoted father, but not just to Alice, because he had always treated Emily and Alice the same, like they were both his kids, and they both sikiş izle loved him like he was their dad.

Amazing as it may seem from somebody who had been a hard core lesbian, I had decided that Emily and Alice should have somebody to call dad.

I had grown up hating men and everything about them because as a child I had been abused by a male pedophile. But since meeting Jamie, who originally I had known as James of course, a healing had taken place within me.

I now realized that although there was a dysfunctional male stereotype, that society for whatever reason had foisted upon itself, not all men felt the need to conform to this macho image. Men like Jeff and his brother Alex for example could be manly and yet sensitive and gentle at the same time, true gentlemen if you like.

I also realized that if my own father (and mother for that matter), had not died in an automobile accident, then he would never have let me fall into the hands of a pedophile, because I had been told that my parents had loved me.

For this reason I had wanted our girls to grow up having somebody to call dad, because I didn’t want them to grow up hating men the way I had.

As I was watching the girls playing with Jeff in the yard, Jamie was talking with Jackie about baby care, Jackie’s three month old girl was up in the spare bedroom sleeping.

A year after Jamie and I had got married, Jackie had married Jeff, and Annabel had married his brother Alex in a joint ceremony, and although the respective couples had spent their wedding nights as individual couples, they had all gone on their honeymoon together where apparently they had a foursome between them more often than not.

At their wedding reception Jeff had pulled me aside, saying, “Ashley I just wanted to let you know that you are very important in my life and I consider it an honor to have you in it.”

He continued, “Firstly I know how important you are to Jackie and in a very real sense she wouldn’t be who she is today without the time she spent with you, she wouldn’t be the wonderful Jackie that I love so much.

Secondly if you were not Jackie’s friend then my brother Alex would never have met Annabel through you and Jamie.

And finally if it had not been for you, James would probably never have become Jamie, and my beautiful baby daughter Alice would never have been conceived and born.”

I replied slowly looking for the words to express what I really felt, “Look Jeff, the feeling is mutual.

I won’t lie to you, when you first took Jackie away from me, I was devastated and I really resented you, and yet Jackie had always told me that she was looking for the right guy to have kids with. She made it clear to me that she had not told you about the extent of her relationship with me because she knew you would be honorable and not get into a relationship with her, she also made me promise not to tell you about it.

And yet if Jackie had not left the apartment at that specific point, I would never have come into contact with Jamie, James as she was then, I would never have got to know the woman I love more than life itself.

If it were not for you getting Jamie pregnant, Jamie and I could not have gone through the experience of being pregnant together, and our beautiful Alice would never have been born.

And talking of Alice, I have something very important to ask of you, I have decided that I want both our kids to have a dad, not just Alice but Emily as well. Could you do that for me? Could you do it for Jamie and me?”

As I looked at Jeff, I could see he was tearing up, as was I.

Jeff replied to my request, “Ashley, it would be an honor, Emily is a great kid as is Alice, I would love to be a father to both of them.”

Hearing this, both of us crying, we hugged and kissed, and Jackie seeing us like this together came over and joined in our embrace.

Choking back the tears I said, “Well one thing is for certain, Jackie must have known you were the guy for her, to start dating you while she was still initially in a relationship with me.”

“Oh I know,” Jeff said, looking lovingly at Jackie, “but be very clear about this, we want you in our lives for the rest of our lives, you and Jamie.”

“That’s for damn sure.” Jackie said, turning towards me and kissing me hard pushing her tongue down my throat.

As I continued to watch the girls play with Jeff, Jamie continued to give Jackie the benefit of her experience regarding child care. Jackie listened intently to what Jamie had to say about bathing babies and the importance of always looking at the baby and playing with them while you did. In the end it had become apparent to me that Jamie had turned out to be very maternal, where as it was me who would go and explore and climb trees and stuff with our girls.

That evening, after Jackie and Jeff had gone home with their baby girl Tina, the girls were all excited about the games they had played with Jeff, wanting to tell Jamie and türk porno I about them in minute detail and it was a long time before we could get them to bed.

When they were finally sleeping, I had Jamie strap on her 8 inch dildo and fuck me with it while she kissed me tenderly. Jamie took it gently, whispering to me in my ear as she expertly fucked me with the dildo, telling me that I was her baby girl and the love of her life.

As I felt the sensation of the rubber dick deep inside me I started coming with one orgasm after another, concentrating on not crying out to avoid waking the girls who still slept in cots in our room. To this extent I pushed my lips harder against Jamie to smother any sound I might make.

It was just perfect having Jamie make love to me like this, well not quite perfect. The problem was that it didn’t feel the same as when she had fucked me with her real dick prior to her change, I really deeply missed having her truly inside me.

After Jamie and I had come several times from fucking me with her dildo (it was a double ended dildo), I strapped on my double ended dildo and fucked her doggie style. I was really getting off on fucking her like this alternately squeezing her tits and pulling her long blond hair as I plowed into her.

As many times before I fantasized about having a real dick myself and coming deep inside my beautiful Jamie. And as I fucked her hard, Jamie was biting the bed sheets to avoid crying out, and again we came several times before collapsing and falling asleep.

The following morning I went out shopping, mostly for stuff for the kids, while Jamie worked on her art and watched the kids at the same time. While I was shopping I ran into the guy who used to be Jamie’s doctor, Bill.

I had met Bill at our wedding, and Bill had explained to me how he had watched Jamie’s transformation to a female from a medical perspective. He had been so intrigued by a process which seemed to defy medical science that he had ended up investigating and finally joining the company TramsformSys which had provided the Deblock therapy which allowed James to become Jamie.

Bill had explained to me that TransformSys was actually a not for profit organization which had an altruistic objective. He told me that the company charged money to clients in the US and other countries in order to fund what they considered their real work, which was mostly in Africa and Asia.

The objective Bill declared was no more and no less than to work towards world peace and increased cooperation to distribute resources, by freeing people up to be their true altruistic selves, by means of Deblock therapy.

He explained that the approach was one of seeding poor countries that had malnourished populations, with a few Deblocked individuals who would put their newly released talents to work helping to rebuild their impoverished nations.

He told me that the people selected for Deblock therapy in these countries were people who had suffered great hardship and childhood suffering. The result of these people rebuilding their lives and releasing new creative energies served to inspire those around them with hope for a better future for their nation.

I was snapped out of my thoughts about our first meeting by Bill asking if I wanted to get a coffee with him, I said yes and once we were sat down drinking coffee, he asked, “So how has it been with you and Jamie since her transformation.”

I replied, “It really has been like an impossible dream come true for me, for both of us. She has become such an incredibly beautiful person, or should I say more correctly her inner beauty has been manifested to all around her.” “That is certainly true.” Bill replied, “She is certainly the best example of how Deblock therapy can really help bring out somebody’s true essence that I have ever seen. I still laugh to myself when I remember how Jamie would come to my office worrying about the physical changes happening to her body. Yet at the same time there would be a real vitality and zest for life oozing from her.”

“So I take it you are completely happy with her?” Bill continued.

“Yes,” I replied, “I am blissfully happy with her especially now we have the kids, there is only one thing I miss.”

“And that is?” Bill asked, raising his eyebrows.

“The feel of her dick inside me from time to time,” I said blushing.

Bill looked at me and chuckled, honestly at that moment I could have hit him.

“What, you think it’s silly that I, a lesbian, liked her girly cock in me?” I asked indignant.

“No no,” Bill replied, realizing how much his reaction had pissed me off. “Quite the contrary, I am sure there are many lesbians out there who would love it if their girlfriend could have a real cock from time to time and put it inside them and fucked them with it, provided that they got their pussy back afterwards.

Actually I am sure that there are more than a few straight men out there that have the fantasy that their girlfriend could grow a dick and fuck them in the ass with it for a while before returning to their normal state. “

Feeling reassured that Bill understood where I was coming from but still a little pissed off I said, “So what is it exactly that you find so funny about my desire.”

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