Jayne Returns Ch. 01

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Big Tits

When I found out that Jayne and her family were moving to the same city that I lived in, I was ecstatic. Our friendship had been vital to me for years, she was after all one of my dearest friends in the world, and I hated that she lived 12 hours away. I had worried that after the threesome that we’d had now many months ago, we’d drift apart, or not quite have the same sort of friendship we’d always had. I shouldn’t have worried. We were closer now than we’d ever been. We shared a little secret, an escapade that made that bond stronger.

She had lived here for only a few months when she decided to find a part time job while her kids were in school, just to enjoy some adult interaction. I was not surprised to hear my phone ring the same day she was going out to start her job search.

“Hey girl, guess what, I got a job.”

“No, really, I’d have never guessed. Where will you be flaunting your ass to sell something?”

“You bitch… how’d you guess?”

“I know you, remember?”

“Oh, yeah, right, well, I’ll be flaunting my ass and tits at Victoria’s Secret now. In fact, I start next week, and, get this, they gave me one of the new bras they are trying to sell, so I can sell it better after I wear it.”

“Oooh, freebies? You’d better let me in on those.”

“Maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll show you mine later this week.”

“Name the time and place, and I’ll be there.”

“You are so easy, you know it? You could play hard to get for once.”

“Why, you know I want to see you in and out of that bra, and you want me to see you in and out of the bra, so where’s the issue?”

“Hmm, you have a point.”

As it turned out the week got away from both of us before we had the chance to sneak off for a few hours, so I made it a point to stop by her store her first week on the job.

“Can I help you?” smiled the cute little blonde as I walked in the door.

Rather than let everyone know that I knew an employee, I said, “No thanks, not right now, I’m just looking.”

“Well, my name is Annie, let me know if you need anything, ok?”

“Alright Annie, I will.”

I Ankara escort wandered around the store, browsing slowly through the displays, picking up a couple things that caught my eye, when I heard Jayne laugh. I looked up to see her standing next to Annie, talking and laughing. She looked over in my direction and said, “Is there anything I can help you find, ma’am?”

I suppressed a glare over the ma’am and smiled a saccharine smile, and said, “No thanks, I think I’m finding everything just fine.”

“Well, if you are interested, we are selling the hell out of these new bras,” she said as she none too subtly stuck her chest out even farther. “See, we’re both wearing them,” she said, standing shoulder to shoulder with Annie.

“Hmm, I don’t know, I’m pretty happy with the one I have.”

“I know, why don’t we grab you one and you can try it on, and I’ll show you mine, so you can see how well it fits.”

I glanced at Annie, wondering how she’d react to that, but apparently it didn’t bother her at all, she just turned to the display and asked me what size and color she could select for me. I gave her the specifics, and let her choose the color. She turned and handed me a fire red lace bra, and said, “Let me know if Jayne doesn’t treat you right, she’s new and still learning the ropes.”

“I sure will,” I said, barely containing a laugh.

“Right this way, please,” Jayne said as she took my arm and led me to the dressing rooms, all the way to the very back to the largest dressing room available. She closed the door behind her, and as she turned back around, she undid the buttons on her white shirt. She pulled it open to reveal the flesh colored bra she wore supporting her truly amazing tits. “See how well this new bra supports and lifts,” she sighed as she ran her fingers up her sides, over her breasts and stopping to lightly pinch her nipples through the thin material.

“Hmm, I’m not sure, let me see.” I pulled her shirt open a little further, and starting from her hips, I ran my hands up along her satin skin until I reached the bra which was Escort ankara supposedly the reason for us being in the dressing room. “Mmm, nice fabric, I like how sheer the lace is.” I let my hands lightly slide over the flesh exposed above the lace of the bra, giving her goose bumps from the slow teasing caresses. I pulled the fabric down and began to lightly roll her nipples between my fingers, I watched with satisfaction as her eyes rolled back in her head, and she leaned against the wall behind her. I quickly undid the front closure of the bra and watched as her more than ample breasts bounced out of the restraint of lace and spandex. I replaced the bra with my palms, supporting and lifting her as I leaned my head in to gently run my tongue across her nipple and then nip at it, using my teeth to pull lightly on the distended flesh. A gasp escaped from her mouth as her passion filled eyes met mine.

Like a long caged animal, she moved so quickly, pushing me back ’till my knees met the bench and she began desperately trying to get my shirt off. “Let’s see how this bra will work for you.” I continued kneading her breasts and grazing my fingernails across her nipples, keeping her fervor high. She finally managed to pull my shirt open, and I let her pull it completely off and she threw it behind her. I beat her to her next goal and opened my bra and let it slide off my shoulders and down my arms where she threw it in the same random direction my shirt had gone. She attacked my body with a passion I’d never seen before. Her mouth and hands were relentless on me as they savagely used my tits, squeezing, licking, sucking, biting, and scratching. I could do little more than drop my head against the wall behind me and hang on. She pushed my skirt up, and I lifted my hips to accommodate her, she pulled my panties so hard she ripped part of a seam. She removed those as well, never moving her mouth from my tits, never slowing her frenzied attack on them. She slammed one, then two fingers deep into my pussy and with the same hurried movements, she fucked me with her fingers, rubbing her thumb Ankara escort bayan over my clit unrelentingly, even as my hips bucked up off the bench, uncontrolled as I came all over her hand. I bit my lip, trying not to scream my intense satisfaction. She never let me recover, never let me stop, one orgasm rolled into a dozen more as she abandoned my tits for my still throbbing pussy. She held my legs apart as far as she could and continued her brutal attack. Her fingers were still pushing into my pussy as hard and fast as she could as her tongue was beating a rhythm on my clit that had me seeing stars over and over again. Time seemed to stand still inside that little dressing room, I had no comprehension of anything except her mouth and hands on what had become the center of my being. Finally, I think I could take no more, so I reached down, and putting my hands on either side of her face, I pulled her to me, and licked my juices from her face, then kissed her, enjoying my taste coming from her mouth. I tried to reach down to unbutton her pants wanting to give her the same wild ride she had just given me, but she stopped me.

“I get off in about 10 minutes, and I want more. Call him. Please?”

I checked the time, and nodded, “I’ll see if he’s busy this afternoon.”

“Ok, I’ll help you with those purchases at the check out whenever you’re ready ma’am,” she said as she buttoned the last button of her shirt and eased out the door of the dressing room. I found my bra and shirt and replaced them, but one look at the g-string I’d worn into the store told me that one new purchase would have to be replacement panties; she had torn the material away from the lace edging. Gathering the items I intended to buy I walked on still weak legs to the counter where she was once again talking to Annie.

“I hope you found everything you were looking for today, did Jayne assist you with everything you needed today?” she asked.

“Yes, she certainly did,” I laughed as Jayne rang up my purchases. Annie walked away and Jayne whispered, “I’ll call you as soon as I’m done here, tell me where you’ll be.”

“You know there is no guarantee he’ll be free, right?”

“He damn well better be, how could he turn us down?”

“Well, there is that, I’ll let you know when you call.” I walked out of the store and immediately had my phone out and dialing.

To be continued…

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