First Release Ch. 04

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I pulled into the parking area, and brought my car to a stop. It was already after ten and starting to get dark but it was summer, and a warm evening. I was wearing a loose T-shirt and jean shorts, and not much else.

This was the infamous ‘gay park’ that John had told me about. John, who I had met in the video booth a few nights previously. He said he sometimes came out here. While the video booth had been in the heart of the seediest part of the city, the park was some way out. There wasn’t much traffic, not many signs of life, apart from a few cars parked here. Perhaps people out for a walk. Or perhaps something else? I was here to find out.

I locked my car and started into the park, down the only path I could see. I had no idea where I was going. All I had was a few condoms in my pocket. My experience in the video booth had been unbelievably hot, but who was I kidding? If I wanted to fuck strangers like this, I wanted to be safe. Who knows how long I would want this adventure to last?

After a few minutes, I was somewhere in the heart of the park, and I’d lost sight of my car. Everything was pretty quiet now, except for a few muffled voices. Or moans. The excitement immediately began to build in me again, and I followed the sounds off the path. The bushes and trees began to thicken, but I thought I could see something going on past them, and I pushed through, the voices getting louder.

I had arrived. It was a clearing, completely enclosed by trees and thick bushes. I stood at the edge and looked on. There were several guys standing around. Some were wearing vests and shorts, a few were naked. I saw one man standing with his pants down while another kneeled on the ground, sucking his cock. One guy was lying on his back on the ground, his knees up by his shoulders, while a second guy fucked his cock in and out of his ass. They were both straining and moaning. In another part of the glade, I saw a naked man on his hands and knees, groaning as a big muscular guy pumped his ass. A second lay underneath him in a sixty-nine, sucking the man’s cock as he thrust his own up to meet the man’s mouth. Some other men stood around watching. I lost count. The light wasn’t perfect, but most of the guys looked surprisingly young. My idea had been that this kind of place was a haunt for older guys. Obviously not tonight. There was probably no-one much over forty.

My cock was alread hard and straining watching all these men having sex with each other, right here in the park. I grasped it through my shorts and squeezed and fondled myself a little. I was nervous as hell, but horny too, and I had come this far, and wanted sex.

Walking a little way into the clearing, one black guy noticed me and walked over. He was wearing nothing but a tiny pair of jean shorts and I couldn’t help noticing a large bulge in them. He smiled warmly.

“Haven’t seen you before. New guy. I like that. Wanna suck me?”

He didn’t waste time. This is what I had come to do. I knelt down as he pulled open the buttons on his shorts and held his meaty shaft in front of my face. Eagerly I took him in my mouth, sucking the head first, then some of the shaft. I could feel his cock expanding to full hardness in my mouth, pulsing and jerking and thickening as it filled my mouth more. The guy moaned and grabbed my head, beginning to thrust his cock in and out of my mouth slightly as I sucked him. I could taste the slight sweetness of his pre-cum, as his juicy cockhead slipped over my tongue. He was moaning more and more. Then he cried out, as his cock stiffened and I felt his warm cum shooting into my mouth. He tasted delicious. He put his hand around my back as I stood up, and we shared a cum-filled kiss. He looked me in the eye.

“Thanks man. I’d love it if you fucked me.”

With that he turned around and held his muscular cheeks apart. I rolled on a condom and put my hand round to hold his stomach as I pulled him towards me, and placed my cock at the entrance to his hole. His stomach felt hard and smooth. This guy worked out. He reminded me of Lynn, Dave’s flatmate from across the road. I ran my hand over his stomach, as I pushed gently at his entrance.

“Ah, that’s it, slide all the way in. Just like that, yeah.”

He grimaced a little as I pushed into him fully, and I stayed like that for a few moments, allowing him to relax a little. Then I pulled out before pushing in again, a little harder, as I began to get into a rhythm. He was tight, and so warm. His sphincter gripped my shaft beautifully as I fucked bursa escort him. He cried out and started moaning louder.

“Oh yes, fuck me like that, oh come on, hunnnhh. Do me. Take my asshole. Your cock feels so great in me.”

I thrust harder, pushing in deeply, and speeding up my onslaught. The guy started to push his tight, hard ass back to meet my thrusts. A delicious warmth was spreading from my cock all through my stomach and the rest of my body as I began to sweat with the hot fucking I was giving him. I could feel a flush across my chest and face. Suddenly my balls tightened and I unloaded a huge load of cum from my cock. I held his hips close to me and stopped thrusting as I enjoyed the delicious feelings of cumming inside him. His asshole tightened around my cock, heightening the sensations. Pulling out, I slipped off the condom.

We both walked further into the clearing, and stood next to some other guys who were watching a guy get fucked in his ass as he sucked off a third guy. One of the guys who had been standing then knelt underneath this threesome and took the cock of the man who was being fucked, into his mouth and started to suck him with relish. They were all moaning.

It was hot, being so immersed in all this sex. We could have been anywhere, but I felt like I was part of some private club, where there were no rules, and we could do what we liked. Just men, enjoying each other’s bodies. Enjoying the hottest sex between us. OK, I was new, but I already felt part of it. I had been initiated in a hot sweaty man on man fuck. Now I felt ready to fuck anyone here.

I felt a hand on my naked ass, feeling my cheeks. Then a finger started inching its way inwards, towards my hole. Mmmmm. I wanted more. I turned to face the guy who was feeling me up. He was completely naked. We pulled together and kissed, our hardening cocks rubbing together as our bodies met. Another pair of hands grasped my butt. Then I was pushed to the ground, and I felt a condom-covered cock pushing against my asshole. I reached around and held my cheeks wide, relaxing at the same time, as the cock of this faceless stranger pushed deeper, stretching me as it eased inch by inch inside. Then he started to fuck me. It was a little sore to start, but I was getting good at relaxing into it quickly now. Within a minute or two, all the soreness had gone, and I was enjoying this new cock sliding smoothly in and out of me. My asshole gripped his cock just enough to make it a delicious fit.

“Aaaagh. Yes, man, fuck my ass. Oh yes. Yes. Unnnngh. Fuck me like I need to be fucked.”

I was uttering all sorts of obscenities, loving the deep dicking I was receiving. The guy in front of me meanwhile, knelt down and whispered in my ear.

“You ever have two cocks in your ass, buddy?”

I couldn’t believe it. The thought had never crossed my mind. How could I? No way, they would tear me apart.

“It’s ok,” the man whispered reassuringly. “You don’t have to. But it’s a great feeling. We’ll take it slow, and loosen you up.”

Something in me clicked. The image of being filled with two cocks excited and scared me. Without waiting, the guy moved around behind me, and I felt the first guy pull out as something wet was sprayed on my ass. Then several fingers pushed inside my ass, moving around, stretching me further, gently.

Then he slid under me, just far enough to push his cock inside me from underneath. He held still, and I waited, feeling a little tense. I didn’t know if I could take it. But it was too late. Looking down into the guy’s face, he smiled.

“Relax as much as you can and it’ll be easy.”

Then I felt it, the second cock pushing in. At first, the guy’s cock just bounced around the outside of my ass, then he started to hold it against me and push. I felt the stretch and yelled out. It hurt. How could it not?

“Relax, relax. Relax and you can take it. Yeh, buddy. You have a great ass.”

The guy’s words had an effect, and I felt myself easing gradually. And as I did, the second guy pushed a little deeper. Slowly, until he was as far as he could go. Then they both stopped. I got used to it. I felt so full, and lay still for a moment, feeling them both in my ass, stretching it wider than ever before. Little by little, it began to feel better.

Suddenly the guy on top began to move his cock, slowly at first.

“How does it feel?”

I moaned. “It’s so tight. I think I’m getting used to it.”

The man pushed a little harder. He grunted aggressively bursa escort as he thrust into me.

“Your ass feels so tight. I can feel our two cocks rubbing together. Oh, it’s so hot.”

Both guys started to move a little quicker as they both got into the fucking. It started to feel even better. I wanted them to fuck me now. I wanted them to fill me even more. I could feel them stretching my insides, but it was making me hotter and hornier now. It felt so good to be taken by two cocks at once. I groaned out loud.

“Unnngh, yes, that’s it, fill me up with your two cocks, take me all the way. I don’t care, just fuck me with your big cocks. Two at once, I love it. Yehh.”

Suddenly I felt that stiffening feeling that told me one of the guys was about to come. The guy underneath me moaned and cried out as his cock jerked and spasmed inside me. Then the second guy stiffened up, and yelled as he unloaded as well. For a moment, I could feel those two cocks jerking and unloading inside me. It was an unbelievable sensation.

Slowly, one man, then the other, pulled out from me, and I fell over onto the grass, to recover. One guy looked down at me and spoke.

“That was amazing. You did great. I remember the first time I took two cocks in me. It hurt like fuck. The second time, though, I enjoyed them. We’ll come in you bareback next time.”

I wasn’t so sure about that, but the thought turned me on.

It was pretty dark now, and most of the guys were standing around. I wondered if that was it. Then I saw a light from outside the clearing, and heard voices.

“Fuck, park wardens. Or police. Let’s move it,” said one guy, as he started to panic and look around, probably for his clothes.

It was just my luck if I got busted the first night I came to this park. I jumped up, and grabbed my clothes, just as the lights shone into the clearing. It was two guys; attendants or police, I couldn’t tell.

“What do we have here? Quite a gathering. Look at them, what a bunch.”

I hurried to pull my shorts on, and looked around a little desperately, searching for the easiest way to escape. Most of the other guys were doing the same. It was a bit frantic. I could make out the two men more clearly now. They were park officers. I was in trouble now. My ass was still hurting a little, and feeling so loose. But this was not the time to be caring too much about that.

The officers ran into the clearing, and grabbed two of the guys. A couple of the men had already gone, and I started to crawl towards the bushes hoping I wouldn’t be seen. It was pretty dark after all.

One of the officers held onto the man he’d caught. The man was naked. I heard the officer speak.

“We’ve got you now.” He sounded aggressive and spoke with authority. But I noticed his voice soften in the commotion.

“It’s late and we’re at the end of our shift. How about we make this a night to remember. I could do with a nice fucking.”

I wasn’t sure I could believe my ears. I watched as the officer pulled open his trousers and pushed the man he’d caught to the ground. He held the man’s head and pulled him towards his groin. The officer pulled out his shaft and pushed it towards the man, who didn’t seem to have too much choice. The man opened his mouth.

“Aaagh, yess, that’s it. Suck me.”

The man kneeling on the ground was already into it. He seemed to be sucking the officer hard. The second officer was pulling off his clothes. What was this? I was confused. Were we in trouble or was this some kind of set-up?

The second officer looked my way and called me over. Still a little muddled, I stood and walked towards them. There were three other men still left. Everyone else had gone. The second officer was now naked. He looked little different from everyone else. I was still a little scared. He looked at me.

“We’ve been on patrol all night. We’ll keep quiet about this. But as long as you bend over for me, eh.”

He held and stroked his cock as it began to get hard. I was already secretly checking him out. He looked hot, and he had a nice thick cock. The officer noticed my glance.

“You want my cock in you?”

I didn’t know what came over me, but I moved forward and knelt immediately, grabbing his ass and sliding my mouth over his cock. He was fully hard and I started to enjoy the smoothness and warmth of his shaft as it slid in and out of my mouth. But he pulled out.

“Aagh, if you suck me any more , I’ll cum straightaway. Let me see bursa eskort that ass of yours.”

He pushed me forward onto the ground and paused to roll on a condom. Then I felt him nudging between my cheeks. I knew he would have no problem sliding in. He pushed all the way in easily and starting pounding my ass. I was already slippery from the previous double fucking I had enjoyed. The officer started to moan and he leaned forward, his mouth right by my ear.

“You like that yeh? Your ass feels so great around my cock. It’s just right for me, not too tight. I bet you’ve already taken a good fucking tonight. You’ve been enjoying these guy’s cocks all night here. Well you can take my cock in you too. Oh yessss, I love fucking another guy like this. Tell me you love it.”

He thrust deeper into me, stroking in and out faster now. I groaned back at him.

“Yes, I love it. Fuck me deeper, man. Give me your cum.”

This set him off. I could feel him stiffen and start to shoot his cum inside me.

“Unnnnnnghhh. I’m cumming in you.”

He slumped forward onto me, then rolled off onto the grass. I looked up and saw the other officer pull his cock from the mouth of the guy who had been sucking him. He hadn’t come yet. I could tell. He quickly pulled off his pants, then turned around, showing me his butt. I knew what he wanted, and I was feeling horny again. This was a little like a dream. I had almost forgotten where I was, in the middle of a park in the dead of night, surrounded by naked men, and being busted by the park officers. And then this. But it was happening. I wanted to fuck this guy in the ass.

I grabbed another condom from my pants and rolled it on. Moving forward I pressed my cock to his tight hole and pushed. He was tight, and I slid in slowly. As I began to thrust in a rhythm, I felt someone grab my own ass, then that familiar feeling of a hard cock inching past my sphincter. The feeling of being fucked as I fucked another guy sent shivers down my spine, then a wonderful pleasure streamed all around my groin and ass, heating me up as the man behind me fucked in and out. I turned to see the officer who had already fucked me.

“You were so good I thought I’d do you again.” I didn’t reply and turned back to concentrate on the shafting I was giving his buddy. I settled into the middle of this fuck-train and set the pace as I thrust back and forth, my cock sliding in and out the man in front of me, while my ass rode the cock of the man behind me. I don’t know what kind of authority these guys had, but I knew they weren’t gonna be causing any trouble for us.

I felt a tongue on my balls. Looking down, I could see on of the other guys trying to join in our hot fucking. He tongued my balls, sucking and nibbling on them gently, before moving back around to my ass, licking around me, and I imagine, the officer’s cock as it impaled me for the second time. It was the horniest fuck I’d had all night. I thrust faster, then moaned as I shot another load of cum inside the officer’s asshole. My ass gripped tightly around the cock it was enjoying, which was all the man behind me needed. He groaned too, before cumming in me once more.

The officer pulled out of me slowly. Then I eased out of the man I’d been fucking. He still hadn’t cum. Without warning he quickly turned me round and slid his cock straight up my ass. He didn’t even have a condom. But I was too horny to care. He stroked in and out, drilling me with his thick shaft. I could feel his cockhead hitting the end of my tunnel. It hurt a little but was an added sensation. He held my hips and grunted as he fucked me. He leaned forward and moaned and gasped into my ear. His voice was breathy, filled with an aggressive lust.

“Yeh, that’s it, I need to cum in you so bad. You’re gonna take my cum. Tell me you want me to cum in you. You’re such a good fuck man. I love fucking a man out here. It’s what I need right now. Only another guy can take my cum tonight.”

He was mad with lust. Then I felt it, his cum shooting deep into my rectum. Filling me with warm juice. Emptying his heavy balls into me. Like only a man can do. I grinned and glowed, revelling in the sensation.

The officer pulled out.

“You want to do this again, just drop by this place. We’re here every night,” he said, smiling at me.

I was exhausted. Both full and drained at the same time. And my ass did hurt. For the time being I had had enough. And I knew I had to be more careful next time. I had broken my promise to myself in the lust of the moment. Next time it was condoms or nothing.

I pulled on my clothes and wandered back to my car. This was it for the time being. I had loved man on man sex. But I could choose to give it a rest. And for certain, the network was always there if I wanted it again.

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