Fem-Tec Ch. 06

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Thanks for all the great feedback and comments. I hope you like this next chapter as well. This is a Femdom story. If that’s not your thing, please don’t read. All characters are at least 18 years old.


I awoke as I had yesterday. Vicky had my cock in her mouth and a smile on her face. Once again she had me under her control as she expertly liked and sucked my stiff member. She took her time. She was in no hurry. My wife brought me to the edge over and over again, only to slow her ministrations to prolong my exquisite agony.

Finally she withdrew her hot wet mouth.

“Cum for me.” She whispered as she lowered her lips and encompassed my erection again. Her tongue swirled around the head of my cock until she found what she was seeking. I exploded into her mouth just as she intended. She had played me like an instrument. She knew me well. I lay panting and helpless as she winked up at me.

“Coffee?” Vicky asked.

“Yes please.” I responded as I attempted to gather my thoughts.

Vicky slid off the bed and donned her robe as she padded off to the kitchen. I started to rise when I noticed I still wore the tiny yellow vest. I was still belled. My belly button was still adorned with a shiny jewel. I reached down and attempted to pull the degrading ornament out to no avail. It seemed that it might be glued in place. I thought back to last night and remembered how my wife had affixed my decoration. I gave the shiny stone a firm tap with my finger. Much to my relief I felt the device contract. I eased it out of my chubby belly and placed it on my night stand. I slipped off the harem vest and laid it beside my belly jewel. I was left with only my golden bells to remind me of my performance last night.

They would have to wait I thought as my bladder now demanded immediate attention. I scanned the room in search of my bath robe. The search was in vain. I could wait not longer and left my bed as I quickly made my way to the bathroom. My bells rang their happy tune as I reached my destination. I let go a mighty steam as I signed in relief. No longer preoccupied with my bladder, I stepped to the sink to splash some water on my face. I ran my wet fingers through my hair to tame the wild mop atop my head. I quickly checked my refection in the mirror before I turned for the bedroom and a much needed coffee.

My wife was sitting on the bed when I returned. A steaming coffee awaited me on my night stand. I sat and took a careful sip from the mug.

“You’re still wearing your bells.” My wife noticed.

“Had to pee badly.” I confessed. Vicky snuggled in closer to me as I drank my coffee.

She ran one hand over my chubby body until her fingers found the belt at my waist just over my cock. She flicked her finger and once again a gentle tingling could be heard.

“Thank you for last night. You were amazing!” She said as she continued to flick the tiny bells.

“I don’t know what came over me.” I said sheepishly.

“You indulged my fantasy. We’re two consenting adults and we had some kinky sex.

We both had amazing orgasms. How many couples are too afraid to let go of their inhibitions to enjoy each other the way we did last night?” She rightfully stated.

“I guess you’re right. I just didn’t know I could behave like that. I mean I was so submissive. I didn’t know that turned me on. I still can’t believe it.” I said honestly

as I moved my hands to my undo my humiliating belly belt. I set it beside the rest of my harem slave costume. My ankle bells soon joined them.

“Well, I guess you just discovered something new about yourself. Anyway, I’m starving. Go jump in the shower and we’ll go out for breakfast.” Vicky ordered.

“Sure, I’m pretty hungry too. Have you seen my robe?” I asked.

“That ratty old thing? I threw it out. Here I brought you your new robe.” I was informed as my wife passed me the same garment I had modeled for pizza girl the night before. I started to open my mouth to complain when I noticed the look in my wife’s eyes. Her eyes shot daggers at me, daring me to complain. I closed my mouth and slipped the robe on. Vicky smiled as I obeyed her. There would be time for us to discuss my wardrobe later I reasoned. I leaned over to give my wife a kiss. The back of my robe slid up barring my bottom as was it’s intention. My wife took advantage as her hand moved over my chubby cheeks cupping one in a firm grip as we kissed. Finally she released both my lips and my bottom and delivered a firm slap to my bare ass. “Get going. Now boy!” She teased. I hurried to the bathroom to complete my task.

I took a quick shower and donned my robe as I made my way back to the bedroom. On the bed I noticed my wife had laid my wardrobe out. The pink polo and white pants were visible as well as a pink hugger. I could live with the pants and shirt I thought, but I hated the thought of the hugger tightly encircling my cock and balls. Never the less, I pulled the tiny garment up my legs and adjusted it as my wife had done the night Betturkey before. I made sure it rode high on my hips and that the base of my cock and the top of my ring were visible. I turned my back to the mirror atop the dresser and centered the small triangle of lace so that it sat properly, high between my cheeks. I was about to put on the rest of my outfit when Vicky walked n.

“Change of plans Babe. I just got a call from Sandra and she told me a crew would be here in an hour to set up some equipment.” She stated.

“What kind of equipment?” I asked innocently.

“Mainly some audio and video displays, camera’s, that kind of thing. The shots I took of you on my phone were mainly for the hiring process. Fem-Tec needs hi def images to post on our website. There’s also some interactive stuff. I’ll go through it all when it’s set up.” I was told.

Great. I thought glumly. My humiliations were now to be recorded in high def. My shame was to be displayed in greater detail I knew.

“Tell you what. I’ll clean up that back bedroom while you make us some breakfast.” Vicky suggested.

“Sure.” I said as I reached for my robe.

“Leave the robe off. I don’t want you to splatter any grease on it while you’re cooking. You can leave the hugger on. I think it looks cute on you.” She said as she pointed me towards the kitchen. She dismissed me with a slap on the bottom. I was going to object, but then I remembered how I woke this morning. Fuck, if she woke me up like that every morning I’d make her breakfast wearing anything she wants I thought.

I rummaged around the fridge till I found some bacon and eggs and started to cook.

The fridge was almost empty I noticed. We’d need some groceries soon.

I fried up the food and started a fresh pot of coffee. A hand on my bare ass was my first indication that my wife had joined me in the kitchen. She peppered the back of my neck with tiny kisses as she continued to fondle me.

“I love it when you dress so sexy for me.” My wife whispered in my ear. I wiggled my bottom playfully. I would have been sporting an erection had the hugger not been present to contain my package so securely.

“Lets eat, I’m starving.” Vicky said as she released me.

I put the food on plates and brought them to the table. “Your breakfast is served Ma’am.” I said sarcastically as I lowered her plate to the table.

“Very good boy!” She said as she patted the sheer material that did nothing to conceal my cock and balls. We ate quickly and mostly in silence as Vicky’s attention was drawn to her phone. I was cleaning up when I heard the door bell ring.

“They must be early. I’ll let them in. I left you some clothes on the bed.” Vicky stated.

I practically ran to the bedroom to see what my wife had laid out for me to wear. I was bare ass and bare foot as I scurried to my room. Much to my surprise and relief, there appeared to be a normal set of shorts and a t-shirt lying on the bed. I hurried to put them on as I heard Vicky letting the delivery guys in.

I watched with interest as the guys starting carting equipment into the back bedroom. It was fairly large for a second bedroom so there was plenty of room to set up their gear. Vicky shooed me away from the room and handed me a list.

“We need some grocery’s and a few other things. Why don’t you get those while I handle things here. Vicky suggested as she handed me a credit card.

“Sure I said. Were out of almost everything.” I agreed. I put on my sneaks and jumped in the Van. We needed a lot of supplies. We didn’t have the money to keep up on things and this was going to be our last weekend at the house. The cupboards were bare.

I got back to the house just over 3 hours later. I called out to my wife as I lugged a couple of heavy bags into the house.

“Hi Baby! I’m still working on things here. Could you be a dear and unpack. I need a bit more time in here.”

“I guess so.” I replied glumly. Why should I do all the work I thought.

“Don’ give me any attitude Danny!” My wife replied angrily. “I’m in here working. That’s why there’s groceries in the house!” She spat back.

“OK, OK, sorry!”I said as a backed off quickly. “I’ll get on it now.” I assured her.

“That’s better. Don’t forget, we’re a team here. We both need to do our part!” I was reminded.

“You’re right, I’m sorry.” I said for the second time. I turned to the door and quickly set off to empty the van. When I was done I stood in the kitchen ready to start unpacking. A thought struck me. Maybe I should do the unpacking wearing something my wife might like I pondered. Would she be pleased to see me in a showy? I asked myself. I didn’t want her to be angry with me any more. I knew I had been sulky and immature by thinking I was doing all the work. The reality was, she was doing the hard lifting. All I had to do was my part and I bitched about it like a whiny little kid I reasoned. I made up my mind.

I walked to our bedroom in search of a my costume. Betturkey Giriş I saw the tiny garment I had worn for my wife yesterday laying on my dresser. I stripped off my shorts and T-shirt. I looked at myself in the dresser mirror. I observed my naked shaved body. My reflection showed a chubby naked boy looking back at me. With the extra weight I had put on, my cheeks were rounded and my body, without hair looked younger. I slipped the pink fabric on and adjusted it as my wife had done yesterday. I fed my cock through the hole followed by one ball at at time until my package was thrust forward from my body fully exposing and presenting me. My cock started to rise. Again I wondered why. I scurried to the kitchen my cock bobbing in front of me to put away the groceries.

I was almost done when I felt my wife’s hand caressing my mostly bare bottom. I had been reaching up to put away some items on the top shelve of the cabinets. I was on my tiptoes, my legs pressed tightly together and my arms outstretched when I felt her caress. I started to lower myself to turn.

“No, stay like that. Vicky said huskily. I raised myself on my toes again still facing the cabinets. I felt her hands reach up to my shoulders. She slowly ran them down my sides until they found my hips. He right hand moved forward until she grasped my cock. “I love you like this.” She said as she planted kisses all over my bare back. My hips started to rock as she stroked me. “Come with me.” my wife ordered as she led me to the spare bedroom by my erect cock.

I entered the room and was astounded by the sight that confronted me. The far wall was almost totally covered in huge monitors. A giant Fem-Tec logo, the size of a basketball bounced happily from screen to screen. There were various benches and exercise equipment placed along one adjoining wall. Finally, opposite the screens sat a large comfortable looking wing back chair with foot stool. Beside the chair stood a medium side table where a remote sat blinking away.

“Wow, this must have cost a fortune!” I stammered out.

“It did, Fem-Tec spares no expense. It’s all state of the art.”Vicky stated proudly.

“How does it work?” I asked.

“Let me show you.” Vicky said as she settled into the wing back. She picked up the remote and the screens came to life. I stared in wonder as I saw a full size reflection of myself. The angle slowly turned and I saw myself from every angle as it appeared that I was being panned in 3D. There must be dozens of camera’s in here I thought.

Then it hit me. With this system my wife would be able to display me completely I realized. I would be posed in any position and wearing anything I was given. I would do it with a smile I had been told. The thought shook me. It was one thing to be photographed alone with my wife and her camera phone, but this took things to a whole new level. Vicky looked delighted.

“This is where you’ll do most of your modeling.” I was informed. “We’ll start your posing from the same position each time. Kneel here in front of me. Spread your legs, sit back on your heels and place your hands behind your back, wrists to elbows.” She ordered. Still in shock I complied and assumed the position. “This is the “Kneel” position.” She explained. I looked up at my fully dressed wife. She wore the same jeans and T-shirt she had put on this morning. I was naked save for my showy. Worse than naked I realized. The showy pulled my cock and balls forward presenting my hairless package for my wife’s viewing pleasure. A pleasure my wife intended to share I knew. Vicky gazed at the wall of monitors behind me. A smile spreading on her face. I knew she was viewing me from every angle. Nothing would be hidden. I would be allowed no modesty I knew.

“Before we get started I’m going to change into something more comfortable. Meanwhile you can go get us a drink. I’ll have a glass of wine thank you” Vicky stated as she started for our bedroom.

“OK, sure.” I answered as I rose off my knees. I made my way to the kitchen and poured my wife a glass of wine. I grabbed a bottle of water for myself and headed back to the spare room.

I entered the room to find Vicky seated comfortably in her chair. I set our beverages on the table beside her. She wore a loose fitting black silk robe I hadn’t seen on her before. She was braless I noted as I observed her nipples poking at the fabric. She looked at me and raised her eyebrows expectantly. It took me a few seconds to realize what was expected of me. I dropped to my knees and assumed the “kneel” position.

“Very good Danny!” My wife congratulated me. “Sit up a little straighter. Good. Now spread your legs a little wider.” She ordered. She smiled as I obeyed.

“Danny, I’m going to explain what’s expected of us at Fem-Tec. As you know it’s your job to model various items that I present to you. The pictures and video will be uploaded onto the main Fem-Tec page. Some of these are free for anyone to see. There are various levels that are also available only by Betturkey Güncel Giriş subscription. The more the viewer wants to access, the more they pay. The free section contains shots of the item themselves, not the whole model. They’re teasers” She explained as she sipped her wine.

“Our job is to get as many new subscribers as we can. A large bonus is paid to the team with the most new subscribers every month. The more adventurous the poses, the more traffic we generate. Many women are taking on more and more important roles in society. They’re looking for sites that reflect their tastes. They want to see strong dominant women enjoying their roles in private as well. They want to see a young naked boy performing for their pleasure and they’ll pay top buck to see it. You might be surprised to hear that a great many men also subscribe to our site. Some, on their wife’s orders and some just because they like it. We get dozens of request by men wanting to model every month. We turn them down of course. Fem-Tec has a very strict vetting process as you know. You should feel privileged that we were chosen. Only a few are.” she explained. “The fact that you have a submissive side will work to our advantage. Look down, see how hard your cock is? You can deny it all you want, but your cock is telling the truth.” My wife stated.

I did look down, my cock was indeed hard. I wore nothing but a showy that displayed me so well. My legs were spread widely, I was shaved bare. I was on my knees before my wife. I hung my head in shame. I couldn’t refute a word Vicky had said. I recalled dancing and crawling on my belly before her wearing nothing but a see through harem outfit. I had been belled for her amusement. She had placed a jewel in my belly because it pleased her. I had lowered my most private part onto her finger. I had wiggled prettily on her lap in hope of pleasing here. My cock twitched at the thought.

“Do you want to win that bonus? Do you want us to be the best team? My wife asked as she reached for my chin and looked me in the eyes as her other hand fondled my balls.

“Yes. Yes I do!” I stuttered.

“Goody Boy!” My wife said proudly. “Sandra said you had the right stuff.” She stated.

The thought of pleasing my new boss was strangely erotic. When was I to meet her i wondered.

“Speaking of Sandra, when you meet her don’t forget to address her as Ma’am at all times.” My wife instructed. “I have a surprise for you. Turn to the screens” She directed. I turned and saw myself as the camera’s panned me. Every inch of me was on display. I was humiliated and aroused at the same time. A submissive little pudgy boy toy stared at me. I knelt humbly between my wife’s feet. “Straighten up and spread you legs more widely. Were going to have to work on this position I see.” My wife admonished me. I did as I was ordered.

The video screens went dark for a few seconds. An image suddenly appeared across the wall of monitors. It was an attractive 40 something women sitting behind a desk. The image was close to life sized.

“Hello Vicky and Danny.” the woman said in a pleasant confident voice.

“Danny meet your boss Sandra.” Instructed my wife.

I was aghast. It took all my will power to stay in my exposed position. I knew that it was expected of me though. My new boss wanted to meet me on her terms I now knew. She wished that I be presented to her adorned in company product. My otherwise naked body would available for her viewing. She made sure that I would be kneeling with legs well spread when we first met. She showed me clearly my position in her company. She left no doubt in my mind.

“I’m very pleased to meet you Ma’am” I said as humbly as I could.

“Greet. Boy!” was her reply.

I gracefully bowed forward until my nose touched the carpet. I raised my bottom and arched my back. I placed my arms palms up by my side. I spread my legs widely. I must make a good impression on my new boss I thought.

“I see the install went well. Everything working to your satisfaction? Sandra asked my wife.

“Yes, thank you Sandra. It’s even better than I hoped.” Vicky replied.

“Excellent! We expect good results from your team.” Sandra stated. “Have you given any thought to his posing name?” She asked.

“Well I have thought of a few, but nothing definite yet.” answered Vicky. Her hand had wandered down to my well displayed rump. She ran her index finger up and down my crack as the two women discussed their business. She paused every now and then to finger my partially open ass hole. I was sure that my boss witnessed this display of my submission.I hoped to gain her favor as I attempted to raise my bottom higher so that I might offer myself more conveniently to my wife.

“May I make a suggestion?” My boss asked my wife.

“Of course, I would welcome any name you think might suit him.” Vicky answered sincerely.

“Take a look at this. What does it remind you of?” Asked Sandra. I risked raising my head slightly so that I might see what they were discussing. It was a close up of me wearing the pink showy. My balls were held tightly together forming a tight red sack that protruded under my erect cock. I quickly lowered my nose to the carpet again not wanting to be found breaking position.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32