Eric’s Fulfillment

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Eric pulled into the empty parking lot of the grocery store that closed down a few months back. He had been scheduled to work until 8 that night, but had told his boyfriend he was working until 11. That was just enough time. He had been wanting to try something new for months, and found a website that let him talk with some guys in his area about what he was looking to try. Most of the guys creeped him out, but he finally met someone that he really jived with. Tonight they were meeting, right here.

He couldn’t sit still, his nerves getting to him. Their first meeting was for coffee last week. James was handsome, tall, and very well built. He had explained to Eric that he use to work in porn, but most girls didn’t want to work with him after a while because of his size. His size was what Eric was looking for. His boyfriend, Corith, was a decent size, but Eric’s body always seemed to be craving something more. After last week’s coffee, James had taken him to this exact parking lot and let him pull it out and see for himself just how big he was. Eric’s eyes nearly popped out of his head at the foot long monster that James’ pants hid perfectly. James had allowed Eric to stroke him to a full erection, and Eric found out that James was thick as well as long.

This entire week, Eric had been dreaming about that magnificent member, and stroked off to the thought of it splitting him open. Now here, he was, waiting on James to arrive and take him. Eric’s member had been hard since he got in the car at work, and it was aching now. After a minute, that seemed like an hour, Eric unfastened his pants and pulled out his member, stroking himself slowly as he closed his eyes, thinking about James’s cock.

He nearly jumped at the knock at his window, his hand covering up his member as he looked out the window. Thank god it was just James! He rolled down the window and smirked.

“Did you have to scare me like that?” Eric asked.

“Of course, you were starting without me already!” James chuckled.

Eric blushed, “Just thinking about how good this is going to feel,” He said, then unlocked the door.

James slipped into the back seat and put his bag down. “Turn off the engine and get back here.” He demanded.

Eric loved it when James ordered him around. They had role-played several times online, and James had definitely seemed to pick up on that. Eric did as he was told, climbing into the back of the car with James, giving him a deep kiss.

James grabbed Eric’s exposed hard-on as they kissed and stroked it slowly. When the kiss was broken, James grinned.

“Take your clothes off, babe.”

Eric nodded, and pulled off his shirt quickly before maneuvering to wiggle out of his tight pants. James grinned as Eric’s ass turned to face him as it was bared. He reached into his bag and pulled something out. Then Eric felt a hard slap to his rear, making him yelp loudly.

James laughed. “Sexy little bitch.” He teased, biting his rear where the paddle had made it red. Eric moaned. James continued. sex izle “I’m about to make you mine. Are you sure you want to go through with this?”

Eric’s member twitched at the dominant, animalistic tone that James had used. “Fuck yes.” He said, looking back at him, half bent over the front seat with his naked ass in the air in front of James’ face. “Take me.”

“Oh, I’ll do more than that.” He slapped that ass with the paddle again, causing another yelp to force it’s way out of Eric’s throat. “I’ll break you.”

Eric shivered at the thought of being broken by a man he barely knew, but his member only got harder.

“Bend over the seat.” James ordered even as he pushed him into position, Eric’s pants were still wrapped around his knees. He moaned as he was moved without compassion.

“Yes, sir.” He barked happily, and stayed where he was put.

James sat back into the backseat and rummaged through his bag. After he had found what he was looking for, he stood again, sliding in over Eric’s naked torso and grabbed his wrists. He clasped one handcuff around a wrist, looping it around the steering wheel, then he latched the open cuff to his other wrist. Eric gasped, struggling lightly to break free. These weren’t those fluffy cuffs he had begged his boyfriend to get him last year. These were the real deal.

“You afraid I’m going to run off?” Eric asked.

James smirked, patting Eric’s bare rump. “Oh no, I’m just making sure you stick to what you said you were going to do.” He grinned. “Because I’ve been waiting for this ass all week. You can imagine I don’t get many guys begging for it like this.”

“I bet.” Eric said, looking back over his shoulder to try to see if James was already hard too as the other male got undressed. Sure enough, Eric was not disappointed, and he grinned to find that James’ member sprung out the moment it was released.

Eric wiggled his hips. “Fuck… put it in me…” He whined needily.

“All in good time. Wouldn’t want to tear you open or anything. Your boyfriend might notice…” James grinned teasingly.

Eric moaned and squirmed more. James seemed to enjoy reminding Eric that he was cheating on his man. At this point, he couldn’t care less. He wanted, no, needed James’ cock buried deep inside of him, and he didn’t care how.

James slicked himself up, then worked on slicking Eric up slowly, using his fingers to spread him open and stretch him in preparation. Eric’s boyfriend never had to do that anymore, and it made Eric groan and squirm with delight.

Once James felt that Eric was relaxed and loose enough, he pulled his hands away and guided his long, thick beast to Eric’s waiting entrance. Eric braced himself, staying as still as he could.

James teased him though, pressing the head at his entrance without actually pushing in. Eric moaned, causing James to chuckle. “Sure you want it?”

“Fuck yes! Put it in me!” Eric cried out, trying to press back against James cock. At first, James pulled back, making his cock fransız porno just out of reach for Eric’s body to reach. After he had Eric begging and whimpering for it, he grabbed his hips and pressed into him firmly.

Eric screamed out deeply, feeling the pain of being stretched to the max at the first two inches being shoved inside of him without much caution. “Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck yes!!” Eric cried out. “Fill me up! Please! For the love of God give it all to me!”

That’s all James needed to hear. He shoved his cock further in before pulling back and thrusting back into him, going deeper each time. Eric arched against the back of the chair and screamed out in pleasurable pain.

Soon James was flat out pounding Eric, rocking the car as he moved. Each time James slapped Eric’s ass, it caused the smaller male to scream in delight. After a few minutes, James panted out, sweating. “Think you can take a few more inches? This is the deepest I’ve ever been in anyone.” He said, eager to test out Eric’s limits.

Eric looked up at him, panting with his own sweat dripping down his face, mixed with a few tears from the overwhelming feeling of having so much inside of him. He nodded, but James would have none of that.

“If you don’t say what you want, I’ll have to pull out.” He started to pull all the way out.

“No!” Eric screamed, causing James to stop, looking at him curiously. “I want all of you inside me. I want to feel your balls hitting mine.” He panted out, hips desperately trying to move back down James’ shaft, but James held him in place for a moment, smiling at what he heard.

“Then that is what you shall have.” James said, slamming himself even deeper, forcing inward until their balls touched.

Eric screamed again, coming all over the back of the seats in a huge explosion. James held him in place as he rode out his first orgasm. James had a lot of stamina, and he hoped Eric could take more than that.

Eric nearly collapsed, still being held up by the seats and the steering wheel as he tried to catch his breath. James had different plans though, starting to move in and out of him, giving him the full 12-inch thrust with that thick member. Eric cried out again, body shaking beneath him.

“Is that all you got? I thought you wanted all of me?! I’m just getting warmed up!” James laughed, speeding up his thrusts and burying himself deep into Eric each time.

He had Eric screaming and writhing in pleasure from then on out. Eric never once got soft. His erection seemed to only grow a bit more, aching with the anticipation of another orgasm.

James grabbed one of Eric’s legs and lifted it to the top of the front seat, thrusting into him even harder. Eric came again when he did that, panting and moaning like a whore. His wrists tugged on the handcuffs, but to no avail.

It was after Eric’s third orgasm that James finally released, ramming his monster deep inside of Eric as it jerked and twitched. He released load after load into him teen porno with a growl of dominance. Eric was nearly in tears from the pleasure he felt. He had never felt so full of lust in his life. His body felt like it had given out on him.

James stayed buried until his own orgasm was completely finished. Then he slowly pulled out, half-falling back into the seat. Eric could only lay there, gaping in front of James’ face as he was draped limp across the front seat. James slid a finger into the gape, barely touching flesh. Eric gasped, then moaned.

“Nn… fuck… I feel empty…” He pouted.

James caught his breath as he sat there, enjoying the view. “Well then, I guess I’ll have to fill you up more often then.”

Eric shivered. “I’d fucking love that. You can fill me up anytime you wish.”

James grinned, fingering him and playing with his balls until he came again, then he finally stood and uncuffed Eric. Eric flopped back down in the back seat and tried to regain what composure he had left. His cock was still mostly hard, the feeling of being empty making his need grow again. “I work until 8 again tomorrow.” Eric said as James dressed and packed back up.

“Naughty boy.” James said. “Cheating on your boyfriend twice in one week?” He tsked. “I think I might have to punish you for that.”

“Do it. I don’t care. I just… need to feel you inside of me again.” Eric begged.

“Alright, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.” He purred, giving him a deep kiss before leaning up and helping Eric get dressed. He cuddled with Eric a bit in the back seat, kissing and holding him until he was able to control his own body’s movements again enough to walk and drive. They set up a date for the next night and James went back to his car. Eric left, followed by James.

Eric met with James again several times over the next few weeks, and Eric became disinterested in his boyfriend. One night, Corith was trolling through a few free porn sites when he stumbled on a very hot amatuer video of a gay couple in a car. He was stroking himself as the smaller guy was handcuffed to the car’s steering wheel. Even though the video was taken outside the car, the moans and screaming could still be heard. Corith came close to the end with the dominant guy, and was panting as he cleaned himself up. Then he watched as the submissive guy was unbound and plopped into the back seat. His face was a clear as day. It was Eric!? Corith paused the video during the kiss that followed and went to wake Eric up. He pulled him over to the computer and pointed at the paused scene where he was kissing James. Eric’s face went white.

“What the fuck is this shit!? It was uploaded 2 weeks ago!” Corith yelled.

“I… uh…” Fuck it. He was caught. “His cock is much bigger than yours.” He said spitefully. “And he knows how to use it.” He looked down at Corith’s limp cock sticking out of his trousers. “By the look of it, it wasn’t that bad either.” He smirked.

“Get the fuck out!” Corith yelled. “Go live with your fucking pimp!” He yelled, then left. Eric sighed and went to pack. He sent a text to James, letting him know that Corith had found out and that they needed to talk. By the time he was done packing up his things, James had replied. He was on his way to pick Eric up.

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