Another Girl’s Night Out

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Jill and Kelly had become good friends in a relatively short amount of time. First meeting only a few months ago, when Jill came into the office where Kelly worked to review a filing program. They instantly hit it off. As they began to spend more time together their conversations would revolve around sex more and more, mostly due to the fact that both were extremely sexual, horny women.

On this particular evening out, the ladies had decided to try out a new bar in town. An evening of drinks, good food and fun was the agenda. As the evening progressed and more drinks were consumed the topic of conversation drifted to sex and Jill’s favorite topic of girl on girl sex. Jill was bi-sexual and made no attempt to Kelly to hide her lusting for Kelly’s body. Jill made every attempt and offer of sex with her to Kelly, every chance she could. Jill is a very assertive statuesque blonde with great legs and wonderful breasts. Kelly is a fiery brunette, smaller in stature, with a great ass, legs and tits to die for. Or so she’s been told.

While enjoying dinner and drinks, a group of construction workers sat down adjacent to the girl’s table and proceeded to flirt with the ladies throughout their food and many rounds of drinks. After a few more rounds of drinks, Jill was beginning to get that wonderful tingling between her legs she always seemed to get around Kelly and began talking suggestively to her about what she’d really like to do to her, especially how she’d love to eat her pussy. She said all this to Kelly, loud enough to be heard by the guys at the table next to them, but not too loud for everyone to hear. “I want you now, Kelly. You are so hot and my pussy is on fire, please tell me we can go somewhere to pleasure each other.”

Now, Kelly has never been with a woman, let alone entertained the thought of eating another woman’s pussy, however, she has lately been a little more adventurous and willing to try new things. Thinking Jill wouldn’t go for it, Kelly suggested “Let’s see if we can go take care of things in the bathroom.”

Jill jumped up and grabbed Kelly’s hand leading her to the bathroom. “Oh shit” Kelly thought what have I got myself into.

Once in the bathroom, Jill grabbed the first open stall and pushed Kelly in, locking a hard moist kiss onto her lips. Jill kissed Kelly hard, and at first Kelly didn’t respond, but her guard soon dropped and she ended up kissing Jill back. They devoured each other and were soon groping at each others breasts and asses.

Jill’s hands grabbed hungrily onto Kelly’s tits and rolled her now hard nipples through her shirt. Jill continued her assault on Kelly’s mouth while her right hand reached down between Kelly’s legs to find her pussy dripping wet. Kelly was soaked and she couldn’t believe it. Jill pressed two fingers into Kelly’s dripping cunt and proceeded to fuck her pussy while kissing Kelly’s lips and neck. Kelly was so hot, she came almost immediately.

Having never been with a woman before, Kelly kind of backed off and the two women just looked at each other breathing a little heavier. “We better get back to the table before the waitress thinks Casibom we ditched her”, said Kelly as she stepped out of the stall, adjusted her clothes and walked back to the table.

The ladies returned to the table and found two of the construction workers sitting down with a new round of drinks. They introduced themselves as Jeff and Steve and asked the girls if everything was ok.

“Nothing a nice big cock couldn’t take care of”, mumbled Jill under her breath, but loud enough so the men could hear. Her pussy was in need of some desperate attention and Kelly didn’t give it to her.

Steve mentioned his place was only 15 minutes away and they were more than welcome to continue their little bathroom session at his place if they wanted.

Kelly realized she had left her friend with a burning need between her legs and said they’d love to continue the evening at Steve’s place. “Great, just follow us in your car and we’ll be there shortly”, Steve mentioned, not wasting any time getting two hot women back to his place for a night of hot sex.

Jill, however, was not one to allow anyone to tell her what to do. “Ok” she said, “but this is how it’s going to be, neither one of you will be fucking me. Tonight, belongs to Kelly. I get her first and only me, until I tell you otherwise. After I’m done with her, you two may join us, but you’ll have to do as I say or neither one of you will see any pussy tonight. Do we have a deal?”

“Hell, yes!” Steve and Jeff yelled simultaneously.

The girls jumped into Jill’s car and followed Steve and Jeff to Steve’s house. Kelly didn’t know what she was doing, but her pussy was more wet than it was earlier in the bathroom. Jill’s pussy, still without attention, was on fire. She had trouble driving the short distance with one hand on the wheel and the other between her legs. The smell of sex permeated Jill’s car.

Once inside Steve’s house, Jeff fixed everyone a drink and Steve put some cool jazz music on the stereo. “Now sit down and enjoy the show, boys, but remember our deal, she’s all mine first…” Jill reminded them. She started kissing Kelly and began slowly undressing her. Jill’s hands felt incredible to Kelly as she removed her blouse and bra, letting her breasts spill out for all to see. Jill wasted no time taking the right nipple into her mouth and slightly biting down, while her right hand worked the left breast. Kelly moaned her approval, which motivated Jill to proceed. She unzipped Kelly’s skirt and let it fall to the floor exposing her freshly shaved pussy for both men to see. Jill’s left hand parted Kelly’s pussy lips and dipping two fingers into her pussy, Kelly let out a long, low growl.

“My God that feels great”, she whispered to Jill.

“Just wait,” said Jill, as she dropped to her knees and slid her tongue up the length of Kelly’s slit. Jill stopped short of Kelly’s clit and instead nibbled on her right thigh, while bringing up her left hand to push her fingers back into Kelly’s wetness.

Kelly dropped back onto the couch and watched as Jill stripped off her clothes for everyone’s enjoyment, but Jill’s eyes Casibom Giriş never left Kelly’s. She was going to devour Kelly’s pussy and send her into pure ecstasy. Jill’s clothes seemed to fly off and she was soon naked and back on her knees between Kelly’s legs, sliding her tongue up inside Kelly’s pussy and finally coming in contact with her clit. Jill sucked hard on Kelly’s clit and flicked it back and forth a couple times before stopping and kissing her left thigh, while slowly sliding her right hand up Kelly’s thigh. Jill pushed her middle finger into Kelly’s pussy, wetting it with her juice. Jill’s mouth returned to Kelly’s clit, while her middle finger found Kelly’s ass and pushing forward, slowly entered her backside.

Kelly was in heaven, and Jill continued to suck and flick her clit while fingering her ass, until Kelly screamed and came hard on Jill’s face. Smiling, Jill sat back, her face glistening with Kelly’s juice and said, “She’s all yours boys”.

All but forgotten, Steve and Jeff had shed their clothes and both had begun to slowly stroke their dicks, while watching this blonde beauty, devour her girlfriend’s pussy. Steve wasted no time, replacing Jill’s mouth with his at Kelly’s pussy, while Jeff jumped for Kelly’s tits. With two mouths, where there was only one, Kelly shot back up after her orgasm to a new height of pleasure. Jeff alternated sucking on one nipple while licking all around the other and kissing that spot between Kelly’s breasts that she loved so much. Steve’s tongue was dancing on her slit and even licked over her recently fingered asshole every now and again.

With all this attention, Kelly momentarily forgot about Jill, but looked around and found her friend with three fingers buried into her own pussy sliding in and out, while her other hand rubbed furiously on her clit. It was so erotic watching Jill pleasure herself, Kelly got so hot and really began to moan loudly.

Jill got up and walked to her purse and pulled out a nice size strap-on dildo, pulled it on and walked over to Kelly. Looking up and seeing Jill’s fake cock, Kelly demanded to be fucked. “I want that dick in me, right now!”

Jill decided the time was right and took control of things, handing Steve some KY, “Steve, lube up her ass, Jeff stuff that dick in her mouth, I’ll be fucking her pussy.”

Steve did as he was told and Kelly straddled Jill’s fake cock, sitting so she was facing her girlfriend, she impaled herself. Pushing Kelly down towards Jill, Steve eased his dick into her ass and started pumping it slowly in and out. Kelly started easing off and on the two dicks to develop a rhythm and looking up saw Jeff’s dick waiting for her mouth. She reached out and slid his dick all the way to the back of her throat, moaning with pleasure like she had never felt before. All of her holes were filled and she began rocking back and forth, while sucking and licking on the wonderful dick in her mouth. Never had Kelly felt so much euphoria and her orgasm began to build to a crescendo, which finally burst and she came so hard she thought she blacked out.

Kelly never stopped Casibom Yeni Giriş sucking Jeff’s dick and he finally shot his load in her mouth, she swallowed most of it, but a few drops of cum hit her on the chin. Seeing this Steve pulled out and shot his load all over Kelly’s ass, while she continued to ride Jill’s dick, slowly coming down off her pleasure high. Jill loved the look on Kelly’s face and reached up to give her a soft, loving kiss. “Let’s go home and get cleaned up”, she whispered to Kelly.

On the way back to Jill’s house, Kelly thought about what had just happened and about how wonderful her orgasms felt. Then she realized her good friend had not come all night. She would have to figure out how to repay her.

Once back to Jill’s house, Jill suggested they get cleaned up and started towards her master bath. Realizing Kelly was following her, Jill was about to ask where she was going when, “If you don’t mind, I’d like to join you; to get cleaned up that is…” said Kelly, suggestively.

They shed their clothes and jumped into the shower, like a couple of school girls, together for the first time. Jill and Kelly washed each other from head to toe and where just about finished when Kelly leaned into Jill and kissed her with an amazing passion, even she was impressed with. Jill looked at Kelly, but Kelly only held her finger to her mouth and said, “It’s my turn”.

Kelly continued to kiss Jill and moved from her mouth to her neck, all the time letting her hands wander over Jill’s breasts and hips. As Kelly moved down to suck and lick on Jill’s tits, Jill’s hands held Kelly’s head, moving her slightly in the direction she wanted, first one tit, then the other. Kelly was biting and sucking on Jill’s hard nipples making Jill arch her back, which forced more of her breast into Kelly’s mouth.

Jill thought Kelly was fantastic as a lover for never being with a woman before. Kelly continued her oral assault on Jill’s body, sliding down to kiss her belly and continue down to Jill’s pussy, licking her slit and tasting another woman for the very first time. Kelly had tasted herself on her fingers before, but nothing could prepare her for this.

“You taste fantastic,” groaned Kelly as she dove in for more. She couldn’t get enough. She thrust her tongue up into Jill’s pussy as far as she could, and tried to suck out all the juice she could, fucking Jill’s pussy with her tongue. Kelly licked her slit and sucked on her clit, paying attention to flick it back and forth, like Jill did earlier; if there was one thing Kelly knew, it was how she liked to have her pussy licked. Kelly continued to suck and flick Jill’s clit and Jill pushed herself up into Kelly’s mouth wanting to feel her tongue deep within her. Kelly pushed two fingers up into Jill’s pussy and continued her oral attack with her tongue on her clit and lips.

Having her pussy fingered and her clit sucked was too much for Jill; “oooohhhhhh yyyyeesssss,” she came with a sudden wave and squirted her juices on to Kelly’s face and hand, flooding the shower and mixing with the soap and water.

The two women finished cleaning up, dried off and put on new clothes. Kelly gave Jill a long, deep kiss and drove home, thankful for having such a good friend and now lover. Jill just smiled, hoping this was only the beginning and tried to think how best to tell her husband about this…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32