English Roses Ch. 09

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I’d had a restless sleep before my phone woke me at 6.30am. My heart skipped when I noted the text was from Terri, replying to my message the previous evening. It was the first time she’d communicated with me in a week.

“You know about Francis and what he did?” she text.

I confirmed I did know this, adding that I needed to see her.

“I want to see u too Aus. I’m ready to come back. I’ll come back down today and txt u when I get there,” she wrote, indicating she would travel back from London.

I lay back in the bed, happy that I would shortly see Terri again, but troubled by what Ness had told me the previous evening.

“What to do about that prick Francis?” I said out loud.

I dwelt on this for a while and then decided one step at a time.

“Meet with Terri first and see what she wants me to do,” I thought.

As my thoughts drifted back to Terri, I recalled our liaison on the Common a week previous. I’d touched her in the most intimate places. She’d overcome her hesitancy about our location and orgasmed on my fingers, right there in the field. It was a very erotic experience and I began to get hard recalling the moment

Then my thoughts moved to what she had told me about her sex life with Francis.

“Now that was plain weird,” I thought, recalling her detailing how he pulled down her jeans merely to masturbate himself on her ass. No other touching.

“He’s a freak show,” I said to myself, but then began to imagine myself behind Terri, rubbing my cock on her pert bottom. I got very hard.

I drifted back to sleep, one hand wrapped around my cock.

When I woke again I was still erect and Ness was in my head. I quickly swung my feet out of bed, feeling guilty. Thoughts of being with her the previous night filled my mind. What an experience that had been. With Terri now returning I sat there shaking my head, wondering how I could have been so stupid as to go with that little manipulator again. Behind her boyfriend’s back, in front of mates who clearly knew what was occurring. I contrasted the aggressive, sexual Ness with the quiet, innocent Terri.

“Terri’s the one I want. I won’t go there again,” I swore to myself, pushing thoughts of Ness aside.

I got up, had a drink and went out for my daily run. As I ran I concocted all sort of ways in which I intended to deal with Francis. Once home I made brunch. My landlords, Mike and Felicity, were still away up north, caring for her mother who had suffered a stroke. In all the kerfuffle of the past day I had forgotten about how pissed off I was with Felicity, after discovering I was just another boarder she had taken as a lover.

“Was all that just bullshit?” I thought, recalling her saying that she had feelings for me. My gut told me it wasn’t, she’d seemed genuine.

I dwelt on it for a while. Felicity was normally so matter of fact. She didn’t show much emotion, yet she’d cried following a couple of our love making sessions. Even a dumb Aussie boy like me could feel some sort of deeper connection occurring.

“So what the hell is this about her rooting every boarder who comes through the place?” I mused. “Does she fall in love with all of them?”

It began to get me down so, like Ness, I pushed all thought of Felicity to the side and settled down to wait for Terri. The day dragged, but the Tour De France came on the TV and this distracted me. Then mid-afternoon Terri text to say her train was near the village. I replied that I was here on my own and that she should come directly round. She’d never been to Mike and Felicity’s house and I thought she might decline, but she didn’t, saying she’d get the bus. A half hour later there was a knock at the door.

When I opened it she had her head bowed, dressed in her old uniform of jeans and a baggy T-shirt.

“Hi Terri, you all right?”

“Yeah; it’s great to see you Aus,” she said raising her head.

I sucked in a breath as I saw the size of the, now yellow, bruise around her eye and down the side of her face. I reached out and took her under the chin, moving her head to the side so I could see the injury clearly.

“That bastard,” I swore.

“Oh Aus,” she said throwing herself forward to hug me tightly. “You don’t know how good it is to be with you again.”

We stood their embracing for fully a minute while she sobbed; her head pushing into my chest. Eventually I led her into the house and we sat down on the sofa. Like a true gentleman I went and got her a glass of water. While there I made a pact with myself that there would be no attempt at sex today.

“This girl just needs a bit of reassurance right now, not your old Aussie dick trying to get lucky,” I thought.

So that is what I provided her with. She told me how she’d dressed in the manner she had in order to show Francis what he was missing. I felt a pang of guilt, fully aware that this had been my suggestion to her. As was obvious to all present in the cricket clubrooms when Terri had entered, Francis had not taken her attire well. Terri went on to say that after they left, a huge argument ensued. She said she’d never balgat escort answered him back before, because Mandy had advised her not too.

Poor Terri found out why Mandy had offered this advice. Francis had completely lost it. He slapped her hard across the face and then punched her twice in the stomach. He’d left her lying on the footpath outside her home, calling her a slut as he left. She’d not heard from him since.

We talked through the afternoon, during which time it began to rain heavily. I soon got a text saying the Wednesday evening cricket had been cancelled. I was relieved for two reasons. One I could stay home with Terri and two, I didn’t have to see Ness.

When evening came Terri said she had to get home to her mothers.

“Is she expecting you home?”

“No, she thinks I’m still up at Daddy’s. Everyone thinks I’m still up in London with him. I haven’t even told Mandy. They’ll all be surprised.”

“You don’t have to go home,” I blurted out, my mouth moving ahead of my brain.

Terri looked at me with a questioning expression.

“Mike and Felicity are staying up north with her sick mother,” I said, referring to the mother’s stroke.

I continued to get the quizzical look. She was weighing up the situation, like a cautious fawn.

“Where would I sleep?” she eventually said cautiously.

There it was. The old sex thing. Poor Terri thought all I wanted to do was jump into her pants. To be fair had she given me any indication that I could proceed down that road, I would have gone there without a second thought. But she hadn’t. Not the entire time since arriving. Even an Aussie boy from the bush could work out when it was time for a roll in the hay and when it was best to play the gallant hero.

“You’d sleep in Felicity and Mike’s bed and I’d sleep in my bed.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah; not a problem; unless your Mum and Dad talk to each other.”

“They haven’t spoken for five years.”

“Good; then he thinks you’re down here and Mum, family and your friends think you’re in London. Let’s just leave it that way. Now what would you like for dinner?”

A relieved smile filled her face. Terri clearly liked the idea that she was going to stay at my place, especially now we’d set the ground rules.

“Thanks Aus.”

“Thanks for what?”

“For being such a nice man.”

“Sometimes,” I said honestly.

I made Terri a fresh, lean chicken salad with some berries and ice cream for desert. I noted she ate well for such a skinny chick.

Afterwards we sat close on the sofa watching TV. She clung onto my arm. When her breasts brushed my side it sent a small current to my groin, but I didn’t attempt to touch her in any way. Eventually she fell asleep and I had to wake her.

“Yeah, I’ve been real tired,” she said. “The Doctors thought I probably had concussion.”

“Yeah; really?”

She said they were also worried about the damage from where Francis punched her in the stomach, but that pain had settled down now and the scans showed no damage.

I felt my blood beginning to boil again as I had visions of Francis punching her. Terri read my mind.

“I don’t want you doing anything stupid Aus. You’ll just get yourself into trouble and it will let the cat out of the bag about our feelings for each other.”

“Our feelings?” I said surprised, causing her to smile.

“Let’s talk in the morning Aus.”

I carried her bag up the stairs and showed her up to Mike and Felicity’s room and she gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks Aus,” she said again and shut the door.

I returned downstairs. There was no doubt I was a bit horny and would have loved to have touched that slender body, just as I had in the park a week earlier. However, there was another part of me that enjoyed playing this ‘good bloke’ role. Rescuing the damsel and all that. I slept well that night.


The next morning I woke a little late and opening my door smelt bacon and eggs.

“Hey sleepy bones,” Terri said playfully when I went down into the kitchen wearing only shorts.

“Hey, did you sleep well?”

“Great thanks. I feel rejuvenated today. It was a nice idea of yours to let me stay here. And I get to serve you up some breakfast.”

As she turned back to the stove I noted her attire. Old baggy pyjamas, about three sizes too big. She caught me looking.

“Not that sexy are they?”

“I don’t know; anything would look sexy on you.”

She didn’t answer, but appeared to enjoy the compliment.

We ate breakfast, talked for a while, then sat on the sofa again and watched some morning TV. Suddenly Terri looked up at me with a serious look

“I was a bit scared last night when you said about staying.”


“I know about you bringing Mandy here Aus. I know about her and you that night.”

“Her and me?”

“Yeah, she told me you brought her home and came on a bit aggressive.”


“That you forced yourself on her bahçelievler escort and she had to fight you off. I told her you were probably a bit drunk.”

I was seething. That bitch Mandy was trying to fill my petit English rose with all sorts of bullshit about me. I struggled to maintain my composure.

“We were drunk and we did come back here, but I don’t think it was exactly how Mandy has told it Terri,” I said reaching out to hold her hand.

“Hmmm; maybe! Mandy can be a little possessive and I think she’s jealous of you and me.”

“Yeah. I think she is.”

“Anyway you were very nice to me last night. The perfect gentleman. I felt safe. I feel safe now Aus.”

“Yeah,” I repeated, making no bones of the fact that I was pissed off about what she’d just told me.

We sat there for an extended period merely watching the TV. I could feel Terri becoming increasingly unsettled by the silence. She pulled in closer beside me, grabbed my arm and clung on tightly. When that brought no reaction she began to lightly stroke it. I didn’t flinch and she moved the hand to my bare chest and began to play with a nipple. I liked that, but still showed no emotion. Finally, she’d had enough.

“Please don’t be angry Aus. I’ve never seen you sullen. It’s not like you. I don’t like it.”

I gave her a large theatrical sigh and kept staring at the TV. I was pissed off, but not that pissed off. Old Aus wasn’t a bad actor and I was happy to milk this for a while.

“Aus, I tested you last night. I was scared after what Mandy had said, but I had to know. So I stayed and you passed with flying colours Aus. She’s jealous and I think she made up most of it.”

“Does she know you’re staying here?”

“No; no; not at all. No one knows Aus; promise. Especially Mandy. She’d not be at all happy to hear that. I just want to be with you right now.”

Mandy had been real keen to get back here that night, after we’d kissed outside of the pub. We were both drunk and horny, but when we got here she’d stayed well in control of the situation. She made it clear what we could and could not do.

I glanced down and Terri was looking up at me with those big brown eyes. I gave her a brief smile.

“That’s a little better. Can I sit on you Aus.?”

“What?” I said, a little unsure of what she meant.

Before I knew it Terri had moved like a cat and jumped onto my lap, hanging her legs outside mine. She wriggled to mould herself into my stomach and lower chest. I hadn’t been at all aroused; quite the opposite with all the talk of Mandy’s deceit, but Terri’s positioning quickly changed that.

“Oh!” I stammered as she placed her rear directly onto my groin. She wriggled her ass as if to get comfortable.

I was unsure what to do with my hands, so brought them to rest on her hips.

“You like that Aus?” she asked after a time.

“Mmm, it’s real nice,” I said as her movements saw my cock began to take note.

After a few minutes of this I had to raise her up for a second, so I could reposition myself. I pulled my cock up to sit on my stomach. Terri sat back down, my cock now resting between her small butt cheeks. I swallowed and lay back to enjoy the feeling. After a while she lifted her ass.

“Take your shorts down Aus,” she said and I quickly did as instructed, so they sat on my upper thighs, baring my cock.

As I did this she reciprocated by pulling her pyjama pants down to bare her butt. She sat back down, skin against skin. With no lubrication she couldn’t move excessively, but merely massaged my cock with her ass crack. I rubbed my hands around her hips and smelt her hair as she continued. I soon grew to full length. She was good at this and it was then a thought occurred to me.

“This is what you do with Francis, isn’t it?”

“Did with Francis, yes; but now I’m doing it with you Aus. It’s the only way I know with a man.”

“But you said Francis never touched you while you did it this way, did he?”

“No; never.”

“Never like this,” I asked, bringing both hands to rest on her small breasts, unencumbered by any bra beneath her flannel pyjama top.

“Oh Aus,” she sighed, clearly appreciating my advance on anything she’d done with Francis. “That’s nice.”

I began to gently massage her breasts, feeling her nipples come to attention. She began to move her hips causing her butt to rub on my hardness. At the same time I kissed the top of her head, our height difference meaning I couldn’t get to her neck.

As we continued to gently pleasure each other I wondered where this was going to end. I was certain I wasn’t going to cum up her back like that odd ball Francis did. That would be too freaky. However I had to proceed with some caution. I ran one hand slowly down, moved it under her top and rested it on her stomach. My other hand became a little more forthright upon her breast.

At first I rubbed around her small belly bump. With her pants off her butt Terri’s waistband was low at the front, resting across her mons. I knew, from batıkent escort touching her on the Common, that just below this her lips were nude. The thought caused my passion to grow. She sucked in and held her breath as my fingers moved lower. Eventually I pushed beneath the band.

Terri released her breath as I deliberately by-passed the place she most desired to be touched and ran a hand down her soft inner thigh. I began to massage the insides of both thighs. All the time she continued her movements on my cock.

In time I moved a little higher and let my hand lightly brush her vulva. I felt a surge of adrenalin when I found warm moisture. My heart began to beat faster. This only increased when Terri brought her hands to her top and unbuttoned it, freeing her small breasts to my gaze for the first time. They were nicely shaped, with small brown nipples and virtually no aureoles.

“Perfect for her tiny frame,” I thought, gazing down.

I tweaked her nipples and brought my lower fingers onto her plump lips, cupping her warmth.

“Ohhh,” she moaned softly her eyes shut tight, pushing herself into my hand. This movement increased the pressure on my cock. Right at that moment I wanted to go inside of her.

“Pull your pants down further Terri,” I whispered to her.

She did as instructed, but to my dismay she denied me going further.

“You can’t go in me Aus. It’s too much too soon and I’m not on the pill.”

“Too much too soon. It’s never too much too soon,” I thought, realising I needed a Plan B.

“Come back down on me,” I said and as she moved I grabbed my cock and pushed it forward and upright to sit between her legs.

As she settled back we both looked down across her flat stomach and bony hips. There it stood like a flag pole, rock hard, standing proud.

“Touch it. Rub yourself on it,” I told her.

Slowly Terri moved her hand down and brought her hand and slim fingers to rest along my hardness.

She lowered herself just a little so my shaft lodged between her wet lips. She hesitated for a few seconds and I felt her swallow and breathe deeply, still intently watching what she was doing. Then she slowly began to move her hips so her lips moved up and down my cock.

Both my hands were free so I returned to her breasts. I massaged them firmly, thumbing her hard nipples. This plus her breathing told me she was very aroused. However I needed something from her.

“Stroke me,” I demanded curtly.

“I’ve never… done…,” she stammered.

“Wet your fingers on yourself then lightly stroke it up and down.”

She did as ordered, slipping her fingers between cock and quim to find her feminine dew. She did this a number of times smearing the moisture around my knob and down the top of the shaft. This action was a delight and at one point my cock twitched. Terri giggled, but continued. She resumed her position and wrapped her fingers lightly around the top of my now lubricated shaft. She drew them down and then back up, subtly twisting her hand like a veteran.

I gave her a little moan to indicate she was doing well and she gripped me a little more firmly. She noticeably relaxed and pushed herself firmly onto the base and resumed the movements of her hips.

Terri began to masturbate both of us. Her hand working the top half of my shaft, while her lips rubbed against the bottom half. I noted she’d closed her eyes again as we settled into a rhythm. Watching all this was rapidly bringing me to a point of no return. However, I knew I needed to wait for her to take her pleasure. I didn’t think it would take long as she’d cum so easily the last time we’d touched each other in the park.

Her movements against me sped up and her finger actions on my rod quickened. I heard her breathing deepen and her breasts become tighter to my touch. Her thighs tensed then shook as she released a long satisfied breath. She stopped moving her hips and merely ground herself onto my cock.

“Ohhhh yes,” she moaned in her moment of ecstasy, gripping my cock very firmly, still pumping.

To her credit as Terri rode out her orgasm she never released me. Watching her hand movements I relaxed and let the seed rise up out of my balls. My twitching saw her jerk her head to watch what was occurring. She automatically flinched away as the first spurt flew high in the air and landed back on her stomach. I grabbed for her hand and held it firm around my shaft as subsequent shots flew up toward her breasts.

“Oh my god,” she exclaimed with an amazed giggle, semen hitting her breasts. “So much stuff!”

She was right. It had been an intense cum for me and her stomach and breasts wore my seed.

“You enjoy that?” I asked her as we released my softening dick and let it fall away. I brought my hands to her stomach and breasts and playfully spread my cum across her body. She laughed.

“I’ve never seen that before. It’s incredible.”

Terri swivelled and we indulged in some seriously intimate kissing. I was just beginning to get a little horny again when she jumped off me.

“I have to shower and get all your sticky stuff off me,” she said with a huge smile.

I watched her walk away. Her slim body and tight ass not helping to quell my arousal. I was ready to go again, but Terri clearly had other ideas, so I decided to play it cool and not follow her to the shower. I’d gotten a little carried away in there with Wendy, not more than a few nights previous.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32