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Big Dicks

Please bear with me. This is my first attempt at the Gay Male category. The idea just sort of popped into my head one night. I hope you enjoy. Any constructive feedback is welcome. If you just want to tell me how much you loved it, LOL That’s okay too.


He walked through the forest, far away from the party that held no interest for him anymore. As he moved through the darkened wood, he slowly dropped his hand to his crotch. He had a raging hard on. And all the men were taken… by women no less. Tonight he wanted a hard cock deep inside him, not to sink his dick in a hot wet pussy.

In what seemed like just a few moments, he was deep in the woods. He could no longer hear the sounds of grunting and moaning. Good. It was getting on his nerves anyway.

“Man I need to cum.” he moaned softly.


“Huh?” he straightened and listened harder.

“Follow’. It was a disembodied voice.

“Okay. If I were smart, I’d run the other way.” he said out loud, “But I’m not smart, I’m horney and sporting a huge hard on right now.”

He followed the sound of the voice even further in the woods. When he no longer heard the voice, he was in a small clearing. The trees around the clearing were . . . Well they were odd. Okay not ALL of the trees were odd. But two of them were. He walked over to the first one. The tree itself stood straight and tall, an oak tree if his alcohol fuzzed mind remembered correctly. But a part of the trunk came out from the tree almost perpendicular to the ground,

Getting closer, it looked as if as if this portion of the tree had been carved or rather grown into what looked like a man on his hands and knees. He slowly reached out and rubbed his hand over the back of this tree figure. He could barely feel the texture of the bark with the tips of his fingers. It made his skin tingle.

Down the back, he ran his hands until he came to what appeared to be an ass. He chuckled to himself. This had to be carved because the tree man was anatomically correct, at least as far as the Porno ass was concerned. The tree man had a very nice ass too, rounded and firm. He continued running his hand down the buttocks, and between the slightly spread thighs. What he found there surprised him.

“Man.” He whispered, “Talk about a woody. You’re sporting a bigger hard on than I am. You’ve got a nice thick, long dick though.”

Without really thinking about it, he began to stroke the tree man’s dick, closing his eyes and imagining that piece inside him, bumping, grinding and shooting its load deep in his ass. His cock strained against his pants, getting harder by the moment with his fantasies. He opened his eyes and looked at that ass.

Glancing around, he slowly brought his hand back up. Teasing the rosebud, he was surprised to find it softer than the wood around it. Slowly he probed and pushed against it. His finger slid in up to the first knuckle. He was amazed at how soft and slick it was inside. His fuzzy brain not registering the oddity of this. He probed the opening, slowly thrusting his finger in and out. Then he pushed in with two, widening Tree Man’s ass. It was perfect for fucking.

“Yes… fuck me”

Glancing around again, he slowly moved behind the tree man. He smiled as he realized the tree man was just at a perfect height. When he knelt down, his crotch was perfectly aligned with tree man’s sweet tempting ass.

Slowly he lowered his zipper and pulled out his dick. It was long and harder than he had ever seen it. And with his frequent masturbation, he’d seen it quite a lot. He shuffled forward and then reached into his back pocket.

“It pays to be prepared,” He said as he pulled a small tub of lubricant out of his pocket. The ass man look soft and smooth but it was still a tree he was about to fuck. He slathered the lubricant on his dick and then the tree man’s anal opening. His body quivered as he touched the orifice he was about to fuck.

Pushing forwards, he teased the opening with the head of his cock. He could Türkçe Altyazılı Porno have sworn he felt Tree Man quiver. But that was impossible. Slowly he pushed forward until the very tip of his bulging cock popped through into that dark sweet canal.

“Yes” came that voice again

“What?” he said, trying to focus on the voice when all he wanted to do was push his cock deep into Tree Man’s ass. He moved forwards again, pushing deeper, feeling the walls slide over his hard length. Gods this felt better than any other ass he had plowed.

“More” the voice whispered again “More”

“Oh yeah.” he moaned, “I’ll give you more. Take it. Take my entire cock in your ass.”

He shoved the entire length of his cock deep in Tree Man’s tight ass. Gripping his hips, he began to thrust, fucking Tree Man steadily.

“Oh Gods yes.” the voice moved, “Yes”

“You feel so fucking good around my cock.” he moaned. “I … uh man, I’m so horny… uh.. I can’t… not much longer… til.. Ugghh, I cum…”

The slight rustling was missed in the sounds of his pleasure. That dick he had admired so much elongated. Slowly it lengthened and curved until it came into contact with his ass. Slowly Tree Man’s cock pushed, burrowing into his lover’s ass, pushing against that human rosebud before sliding inside.

“Oh GOD” He yelled as he felt something slide into his ass slowly. His cock pulsed within Tree Man.

“Your ass feels great” the voice moaned, Tree Man’s voice, “I love you cock in my tight hole. Fuck me. Fuck me while I fuck your ass. Awaken Me.”

‘UUUUMMmmm “ he moaned, bending over Tree Man’s back. He pulled back only to impale himself on Tree Man’s cock, It felt so fucking good inside him. Tree Man’s ass was so tight and his cock so hard. Bracing himself, he began to move faster, feeling his balls tighten as he fucked Tree Man with all his might. He pounded into that ass, quivering with each backward thrust onto Tree Man’s cock.

“Are you going to cum for Brazzers me?” Tree Man asked in a panting voice, “C’mon, cum, cum, fill me with your jism. I can feel you swelling inside my ass! Yes… YES!!! FUCK ME, FUCK ME, make me c… cu… cummmm.”

He felt the hot splash of fluid deep inside his ass as Tree Man came. The heady sensation sending him over the edge. He thrust, coming hard in Tree Man’s ass. He kept thrusting, pushing his cum deeper and deeper into that tight opening, feeling Tree Man’s load oozing out around his ass.

“Yeah… ye.. Ah . . . oh fuck . . . yes . . . cum . . . cum . . . c.. c… c.. cumming…. take my load, my hot cum in your ass. Yeah, yeah.”

“AWAKE!” Tree Man yelled as his orgasm began to change his body. The cum deep inside his ass absorbed into his system, changing bark to flesh. His long hair, a warm dark forest green, was flung over his back as he arched in pleasure. It slid like silk around his body. He was awake . . . awake once more. Slowly he lowered himself to the ground, his lover still buried in his ass. Tree Man’s dick slid out, returning to its normal proportions. Nothing to sneeze at to begin with.

Sighing in contentment, Tree Man slowly rolled over, sliding his lover out of him. He continued with the roll until he was laying on top of the panting human. Slowly he licked his lover’s skin.

“Who are you?” the human panted, “What are you?”

“I am Ro-Oak. I am Dryadei.” he said as he licked his human’s nipples causing him to moan, “And you are mine Human. You have awakened me.”

“What does that mean?”

“Your cum and my orgasm helped to release me from the Wooden Slumber.” Ro-Oak purred, “When Dryadei go too long without human sex, we become part of our tree. A human has to awaken us. Now only my brother remains asleep.”

“Your brother?”

Ro-Oak pointed to the other odd looking tree. Now that he knew what he was looking at, he could see the second Tree Man in a sitting position, his legs spread wide and his cock, proud and thick, pointing to the sky.

“After I have sated every lust I have with you,” Ro-Oak whispered as he moved down his lover’s body, “You will bring me someone to awaken my brother. It is good to be with the trees.”

“Ugh.” Was all the human said as Ro-Oak’s hungry mouth closed over his reawakening cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32