Don’t Kill the Messenger

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The things he had seen at the strip mall could not be undone. Noel had recognized his female neighbor, and he couldn’t forget what he had just witnessed. And now, he had to tell her husband the absolute truth. Noel couldn’t evade a smart decision, even if he had a little trouble at the beginning of it.

The eighteen-year-old man made sure that he brought his smartphone with him. It would be an important item to show Marcus, the husband who had been shielded by his wife’s whereabouts for very particular reasons. Noel left his current residence and only spent several seconds to reach the two-story house next door. It was now the first weekend of November. Higher temperatures had returned after a brief absence in October. Even when clouds formed as a small endless battalion in the sky, it began to feel like summer rather than autumn in the city of Escondido. Everyone in Southern California would feel relieved when the rainstorms would arrive in the future.

Noel didn’t feel the same way as he rang the doorbell. He stood on the front porch with the intention of staying as calm as he could. He brushed his fingers across his short brown hair as he waited for Marcus to respond. When the front door opened, Noel almost stuttered as he said hello.

Marcus was a tall and handsome Vietnamese man. He had light brown skin and long black hair that reached his chest. He wore a pair of black denim jeans and a black t-shirt. He also had an interesting feature at the top: a look of intimidation when things got out of hand. Noel could remember the loud arguments that Marcus and Pauline, his wife, would have in the occasional evenings. Noel managed to hear some of the malevolent vocabulary right outside his window. At the age of thirty-seven, Marcus would most likely be the type to show off his aggressive side without any fear. At this time, however the older man was quiet and unruffled, which made Noel relax just a little more.

The young man didn’t waste any time. “I, uh, have to show you something.”

Marcus spoke with a smooth baritone voice. “Is it serious?”

“Yes, it is. I saw something today…and I think it’s time you see it, too.”

Marcus stayed composed like a true gentleman, which still gave Noel a reason to be slightly uneasy.

The older man stepped back and opened the door wide. “Come inside.”

Noel breathed slowly through his nostrils as he stepped into the house. It appeared to be a normal abode, with regular furniture and straightforward appliances, nothing too fancy for a childless couple. Marcus led the young man into the living room.

Noel ignored the couch and remained standing. He brought out his smartphone, but he didn’t give it to Marcus just yet. He feared the unpredictable nature in Marcus’s words and actions. The neighbor could lose his temper in just a few seconds if he had seen the photos saved on the phone. Nevertheless, he had to know the truth. He had to know what Pauline had been doing outside of this house.

Noel uttered, “These pictures were taken about an hour ago.”

He searched through the pictures by swiping his finger to the left. He found the right ones in an instant. He handed the phone to Marcus, who stayed silent and patient. Noel almost hesitated while the other man looked down at the photos provided for him by his neighbor.

The pictures of his wife kissing another man would have caused a vocal outrage. Instead, Marcus slowly narrowed his eyes and didn’t move a muscle. The absolute silence made Noel take one step back. Marcus’s hand that held the smartphone began to quiver. It looked as if he was about to break the phone with his grip.

Noel had to take a deep breath. He didn’t want to see what would happen next. Marcus seemed to be on the verge of losing his temper in the worst possible way.

Noel just had to ask, “Can I have my phone back?”

But he immediately regretted the question. Marcus closed his eyes. He became a man with a broken heart. His wife’s betrayal resulted in a deeper turmoil that plagued his ways. He would no longer view the world as a haven for a man like him. Despite the wrath brewing within, he still didn’t say anything.

Noel wanted to speak, but he felt afraid of saying the wrong words. Instead, Marcus reached out with his hand that held the phone, likely signifying that he was ready to give it back.

Noel was about to take it back from it, but he didn’t expect a sudden movement. Marcus grabbed the younger man’s arm. Noel, shocked by the sudden decision, almost gasped as he looked directly into Marcus’s eyes. The husband breathed through his nostrils.

Noel asked, “What are you doing?”

Marcus’s stern expression didn’t change. “Don’t try to leave. I’m in the mood for something.”

With eyes wide open, Noel felt too afraid to even attempt to escape from Marcus’s grasp. “What are you going üvey kız kardeş porno to do to me?”

Marcus looked down at the lower half of Noel’s body. “You can relax. I’m not going to hurt you.”

That still didn’t give Noel any comfort. “You’re still scaring me.”

Marcus didn’t stop squeezing Noel’s arm. “Come with me upstairs. I need you the most.”

Fearing a backlash, Noel did what he was told. Marcus kept a firm grip on Noel’s arm as he led the visitor upstairs. The descent was casual, but Noel couldn’t handle the suspense. Goosebumps began to grow on his skin. His breathing became a heavier routine. With a man like Marcus dragging him into the unknown, the feeling of fright had been the perfect response ever since he handed him back the phone.

Marcus led him into the master bedroom. It looked to be an ordinary room with furniture that could have been at least ten years old. Marcus finally let go of Noel’s arm and closed the door behind them.

“You’re really looking good right now.”

Marcus must have been honest. Noel was indeed a cute and innocent young man. But Marcus’s current dialogue didn’t ease any sort of trouble.

The older man stood still behind the closed door. “I think it’ll fit.”

Noel was too afraid to ask. “What…what do you mean?”

Marcus narrowed his eyes. “Open the closet door for me.”

His fierce tone of voice made Noel feel like a victim of unseen circumstances. He obeyed the simple command. As soon as he slid the closet door open, he looked inside to see various apparel from both genders neatly separated and organized.

He timidly asked Marcus, “What do I do now?”

Marcus replied, “Take that purple dress.”

Noel had already noticed it. He pulled it out of the closet and examined it. It was a light purple (perhaps lavender) dress with a sleeveless top and a skirt that could have ended at the knees.

Noel dreaded the next question. “Uh, what do I do with it?”

Marcus stepped closer. “Put it on right now.”

Noel raised his eyebrows. “Are you sure?”

Marcus almost snarled. “Do it right now.”

Noel couldn’t complain with a man like Marcus around. He took off his own clothes and, while holding his breath, put on the lavender dress. It felt so strange. He had never worn one before. It began as an odd experience that made him a little uncomfortable around the edges. Marcus, on the other hand, didn’t seem disgusted by the presentation. He growled.

“That’s perfect.”

Noel was surprised by the reaction. “Really?”

And then, Marcus unzipped his jeans. “Take a look at it.”

Noel stood still with fright. He watched as Marcus took off his jeans, his boxers, and his shirt. He flung them to the side and showed off his muscular arms and his massive erection. It was a long and thick dick, made stiff possibly by the image of a young man becoming another gender within seconds.

Noel couldn’t fully understand what transpired in this house. It started as a picture on the phone, and it led to a rapid change in direction of his fate. His mind had taken several different routes and was unable to explain the logic behind this particular scenario.

Marcus brushed his long black hair away from his face. “Now this is what I want.”

His cock looked as if it pointed straight at Noel, whose entire body began to shiver. Even the young man’s voice trembled. “What’s going to happen?”

Marcus gave another command. “Get on your knees.”

Noel tried to reason with him. “But…but, I…”

For some odd reason, Noel couldn’t fight against it. A new temptation had formed in his thoughts. He still shivered at the sight of an intimidating figure showing off his nude body. This unexpected formula caused Noel to take deeper breaths and bring his closed fists up to his mouth. He now had the look of a helpless virgin being seduced by a complete stranger.

Marcus pointed at the floor. “Do it now.”

Noel had no other choice. He did what he was told. He got down on his knees and waited as Marcus drew closer with his hard cock. Noel was absolutely nervous. So much so that he began to take on certain characteristics that he never had before. He sighed like a girl. He opened his mouth wide with shock, like a woman waiting for her first orgasmic experience. His body grew tense as Marcus grabbed his hair.

“Take it like a girl.”

Noel could feel the suspense growing in a slow elevation. He couldn’t look away from the dick in front of him. It was such an incredible piece of human flesh. Noel wanted it. He craved something that only Marcus’s wife could have been present for.

In an instant, Marcus pulled Noel’s head straight toward the cock. Noel kept his mouth wide open. The dick was now crammed inside his mouth. He was stunned. He tasted xnxx porno the skin and felt the overall hard surface attacking him. Marcus thrust his hip forward. It became a slow process at first.

Marcus whispered, “That’s right. Take it. Take my dick like a bitch.”

Noel kept moaning with a more feminine tendency in his tone of voice. He couldn’t speak because of the massive erection that overtook him. The tip of the shaft reached the back of his throat. It choked him a few times before he could be able to breathe through his nostrils again. The action had been duplicated in a constant loop. With Noel being suffocated by the dick, Marcus didn’t even attempt to give him the freedom to breathe once more.

Marcus growled again. “Yeah…you’re good. You’re very good.”

Noel looked up at his master with seemingly innocent eyes. He took the dick like a servant. He almost forgot that he was wearing one of Pauline’s own dresses. With that in mind, he did still feel like a woman being used by her significant other. He didn’t struggle. He just let Marcus express his aggressive nature. The young man even made an effort to demonstrate his girlish ways. He had no experience, but he was willing to give it a try. He kept moaning at a higher pitch. He grabbed hold of the skirt beneath him. He made certain that he gave a good impression to the man who must have been trying hard to forget his heartbreak.

Marcus finally let him go. He pulled out his cock and gave Noel a chance to take a deep breath. Because of the sheer size of the cock, Noel gasped for air. He was brought back to reality for a few moments.

But Marcus didn’t stop there. He grabbed Noel’s arms and brought him back up. “Take a look in the mirror.”

Noel spotted the enormous mirror that hung on the wall. He stood in front of it and saw himself wearing that lavender dress. To his amazement, he looked good in it. He surprised himself right away. He had kept a slim figure, and it turned out to be a perfect match for something that Marcus’s wife used to wear.

He smiled. “I look great.”

Still completely nude, Marcus stood behind him and grabbed his shoulders. “Yes, you do. You’re even better in it than Pauline would ever be.”

He licked his lips. Noel anticipated his next move. He didn’t let go of his feminine characteristics, even if this entire fiasco was the wrong move.

Marcus lifted up the back of the lavender skirt. “Don’t be scared. Like I said before, I won’t hurt you.”

This time, Noel believed him. He waited for the exact moment that he would be taken advantage of completely. He could feel the shaft touching the tip of his hole. He kept looking in the mirror. He watched himself being played with like a toy. Marcus embraced him by wrapping his arms around his waist. And then, he did it. He inserted his dick deep inside Noel’s ass.

Noel almost shrieked like a girl. He could feel such an enormous instrument being pushed inside his hole all the while wearing the lavender dress.

“Oh, shit!”

He held on to Marcus’s powerful arms as the dick inside him started a rapid motion with a slow beat. He didn’t stop with his girlish conduct. He moaned with glee as Marcus thrust his dick deep inside him. There would be no stopping him. With what he had just discovered just a short time ago, his need for relief had been inevitable when his young neighbor was the one who showed him the truth.

Noel kept his eyes on the mirror in front of him. Marcus gained a smooth acceleration that did wonders to Noel’s current state of mind. The dick made him weak. It made him feel an incredible sensation that formed whenever the dick hit the right marks. Noel kept moaning with a more feminine voice. His entire body shook to the rhythm of Marcus’s thrusting. His buttocks collided with Marcus’s hips, which produced a loud and constant smacking noise.

Noel became a witness to his own temporary enslavement. Thanks to the mirror, he watched himself wearing that lavender dress and being obedient to an older man. Such a situation would have never been expected, but it didn’t matter to Noel. For some reason, he didn’t give a single protest throughout. He didn’t even try to escape at any time. He let Marcus use him for as much as he could. He didn’t even want to go back home. He stayed in Marcus’s tight embrace and became aroused by the dick that attacked him from down below.

Noel whispered, “Oh, Marcus…fuck me hard. Fuck me so hard!”

Marcus didn’t stop. He expressed his true form, a beast yearning for a replacement. He held his companion tightly. Noel’s girlish cries didn’t stop, either. His transformation had been complete. His newfound femininity was the highlight of today. The young man didn’t want this to end. His obedience gave him a brand new appreciation for Marcus’s life and struggles.

“Oh, zenci porno yes! I love it when you fuck me!”

As time went on, a more exhaustive state took hold in Noel’s body. Despite that, Marcus did show any signs of ending his instincts. He growled as he fucked his neighbor right in the ass. Noel kept looking at himself in the mirror. He enjoyed this spectacle. In fact, he already wished that he would see himself like this again for the second time.

Marcus breathed through his gritted teeth. “That’s right. You’re my bitch.”

Those words were pure delight in Noel’s ears. “Yes! I’m your bitch!”

Marcus suddenly ended his forward motions. Noel already realized why. He could feel a warm substance from inside his ass. Marcus started to fill him up with a certain creamy import. Noel’s state of shock had taken effect. He almost couldn’t believe that this happened to him. He would have never expected to take it up the ass. Looking in the mirror made him feel more reassured of what he led himself into. From behind, Marcus hugged the young man in the lavender dress. Noel felt so ecstatic to be the one in Marcus’s arms.

Marcus gave him a kiss. “I’m so glad you’re here. You’re better than Pauline altogether.”

Noel giggled like a shy girl. “That’s good to know.”

And it didn’t even stop there. Marcus wanted more of Noel’s submissive status. A few minutes later, both men were on the bed, with Noel lying flat on his back while Marcus towered over him with a cock that couldn’t quit.

Noel grabbed the bedsheet. His entire body began to jump forward and backward to the rhythm of Marcus’s potent strength. The entire bed began to make a loud creaking noise whenever Marcus thrust his cock downward on the man in a dress.

Noel squeezed his eyes shut. “Oh, fuck! I love your dick so much!”

The two men had lost track of time. They must have been on the bed for another hour or so. They did a few more positions made possible by both of their hunger for each other. And now, Marcus finished it off as the man on top. He thrust his dick as hard as he could. Noel didn’t stop him. He perfected his new role. He did everything he could to please the other man with his new appearance.


Marcus must have reached his breaking point. “Fuck, yes!”

Noel screamed. Marcus’s cock had concluded its tenure from within. More of his creamy imports flooded Noel’s entryway. There would be no doubt that both men had done their jobs well.

Marcus finally surrendered to his fatigue. He pulled his cock right out of Noel’s expanded ass. Both men now lay flat on their backs. The room had grown silent once again. Noel no longer screamed like a girl, and Marcus no longer had the strength to keep going. They just lay on the bed after the explosive finale.

Noel, despite his exhaustion, kept going with his girlish behavior. He rolled toward Marcus and rested his head on the Vietnamese man’s shoulder. The lavender dress made him want to cuddle with the man that controlled him for the last few hours or so. He could have questioned this newly discovered feminine side, but he didn’t. He was just glad that he had the opportunity to accept it. He sighed like a young woman madly in love.

“I can’t believe it.”

Marcus whispered as he stroked Noel’s hair. “Please do.”

Noel suddenly realized something. He checked the digital clock on the nightstand. It was almost seven o’clock. It had grown dark between the closed curtains, a thin veneer of black seeping through. Noel quickly got up from the bed and took off the dress. He dropped it on the floor and used it to clean off most of the contents on his legs. He dropped the dress on the floor and put on his original clothes in less than a minute.

“I think it’s time for me to go.”

Marcus didn’t move. “I won’t stop you.”

Noel couldn’t find the right words to say. “I, uh…I’ll be honest. I did like the way you, uh…”

“You don’t have to say anything. I know you loved it.”

Noel still felt nervous. “Uh…I can come back if you want.”

Marcus got out of bed naked. “I’m already waiting for it.”

He gave Noel a hug. The younger man wrapped his arms around Marcus’s neck and completed the embrace. He knew that what they had done was wrong, even immensely hypocritical. But he also couldn’t help but feel engrossed by the outcome.

He left the master bedroom and went downstairs. Before he could open the front door, he could hear the sound of a key rattling in the lock. The door opened, and Marcus’s wife immediately caught sight of her eighteen-year-old neighbor.

Pauline seemed a little surprised to see him here. “Oh, hello.”

Noel just wanted to get out of here. “Hello…goodbye.”

He strolled right past her and exited the house. He didn’t even want to see the look on her face as he made his hasty departure. He heard the door close behind him. Relieved, he returned to his own home. He couldn’t imagine the discussion that both husband and wife would be having in just a few minutes. He didn’t want to hear it. He just wanted to return to his own bedroom and continue on with his nightly routines.

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