Demands on Him Ch. 03

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Age Difference

I stared at my boss, dumbfounded by his presence on my doorstep. It had been more than a week since I’d seen him, and I certainly hadn’t invited him to my house for tonight’s party. The last thing I wanted was to ring in my New Year with the reason for all my hard-ons this week.

“Gonna let me in, baby boy?”

I stepped out onto the porch, closing the door behind me. “What the fuck are you doing here, Todd?”

He grinned wickedly. “And here I thought you had missed me while we’ve been apart. Your lovely fiancée invited me tonight, and I couldn’t say no. That would have been rude.” He stepped around me and opened the door. “Don’t worry, baby boy, you’ll get some alone time with me tonight.”

He stepped inside and I heard him call out to Jenna over the roaring in my ears. As I followed Todd inside my house all the blood rushed from my head to my cock, despite my brain’s objections. Fuck, this was going to be a long night.


People trickled into my house over the next hour, and Jenna had requested that I put all the coats on the bed back in our room. I was headed back there for the twelfth time in the hour when I felt a hand on the back of my neck. “About time I got you alone, baby boy.”

The bedroom door closed behind us and I kept waiting to hear the click of the lock, but it never came. I held onto the coats in my hand, my grip tightening on the garments.

With a yank, Todd pulled the coats from my grasp and tossed them on the bed carelessly. With a firm hand on my back, Todd gave me the silent command to bend over. I lay with my chest on a pile of outerwear, my ass on easy display. I could feel Todd moving around, but couldn’t see his movements.

“Take off your pants, William.”

I hesitated, which earned me a slap on my ass. “Now, William.”

With fumbling fingers, I undid the clasp of my jeans and shoved them down to my knees. Todd’s hand landed on my ass in a firm spank, an action he repeated on the other side. “Such a nice ass you have, baby boy. I hope you’ve been keeping it prepared for me.” I felt the dig of his fingers as he pulled my cheeks apart, exposing my ass. He made a tsk-ing noise as he used one finger to probe my hole.

“Ah, William, you disappoint me. All my training at Christmas has been neglected.” He slapped me again. Then again. I moaned.

“Don’t worry, baby boy. I’ll spank you some more. After. During.”

Cool lube shot into my ass, followed by two of Todd’s fingers. I groaned, praying that the guests in my house didn’t hear me. The last thing I needed was Jenna to see me offering my ass to my boss on our bed.

I wanted to hate myself for letting Todd use me this way, but it felt so. damn. good.

“Please,” I moaned.

Todd’s fingers were gone, then replaced by something larger and firmed pressing against my hole.

“I didn’t want o have to use this, but you’ve left me no choice, William. If you’re good the rest of the night, then I’ll fuck you.”

His words made my cock twitch, made it grow impossible harder. I clenched my ass, hating the empty feeling.

“If you want this, I want to hear you beg. Beg me, baby boy.”

“Please, Todd. Please shove that toy in my ass. I’ll be a good boy, I promise. xhamster porno Please.” My last words came out strangled, but I was rewarded with an insistent push against my aching hole.

“Let me in, William.”

I sighed gratefully and opened my ass so that the plug could slide home. It was bigger than the one he had used on me before, and it had knobs. As I grew accustomed to the pleasurable invader, a delectable buzz shot through me, nudging against that sweet button inside me. Craving more, I shook my ass, trying to coax the plug deeper inside me.

“Greedy tonight, aren’t you, baby boy?”

I nodded, hoping that Todd would take mercy on me and just fuck me.

Instead, Todd pulled my pants back up and ordered me to fasten them. “If you can make it to the final countdown, I’ll fuck you nice and hard to ring in the New Year.”

My cock twitched again as I stood to look Todd in the eye. “Todd, I can’t at the ball drop…Jenna—”

Todd pressed his finger against my lips. “I can make this night long and torturous for you without relief. Or, this can be a night of teasing that ends in a long, hard fuck. Your choice.”

As he spoke, he gripped my ass with both hands. The vibrations in my ass kicked up a notch and I groaned, grinding my cock against Todd’s through our jeans. I was certain that Todd wasn’t affected until he pulled my mouth to his and devoured my lips. His tongue thrusting in my mouth the way I wish his cock would to my ass. He ground his erection against me as our tongues dueled for dominance.

With one last tongue-fuck, Todd pulled away, the buzzing in my ass slowed. “See you soon, baby boy,” he said before walking out of the room.

The next few hours were a blur of drinks, laughs, and an aching buzz in my ass. Todd kept his distance after we left the bedroom, but kept me on edge by changing the setting on my vibrating butt plug.

The ball drop was coming up, a constant reminder of Todd’s promise to fuck me into the New Year. Jenna was trashed, giggling with her best friend on the couch. I could only assume that Todd had been pushing drinks on her so that she wouldn’t notice my absence when the countdown reached zero.

I caught Todd’s wink just as the vibrations reached an all time high in my greedy ass. My phone buzzed in my pocket, a message from Todd on my screen.

Make it through this, and I’ll fuck you nice and hard til you cum, baby boy.

I grinned with determination and covertly pressed a hard hand to my cock to stave off the orgasm that has been threatening me for hours. I could make it. I would.

I lost track of time, but eventually the vibrating stopped entirely. I stifled a whimper as Todd’s hand clasped my neck. “I want you ass up on the bed, naked in three minutes. Go.” Todd whispered hotly in my ear.

I shivered and nodded. I made a beeline for my bedroom. Absently noticing that Jenna was now passed out on the couch. I tossed my clothes in the corner of the room and climbed onto the bed, my ass clenching tightly around the now silent plug.

The door opened and shut quickly and then Todd was there, running his large hands over my ass. He slapped me with both hands, yaşlı porno jiggling the plug deliciously.

“Please, Todd,” I whimpered. “You said you’d fuck me.”

“I did, baby boy. You’ve been so good tonight. I’m going to fuck you nice and hard. But first, I need my toy back.”

His fingers tugged on the handle of the plug, thrusting it into me with short, insistent jabs. The tip of the plug barely grazing that spot inside me. Then he slid the plug free and I could feel cold air brushing against my gaping hole.

“Look at that delicious pussy,” Todd murmured. “I could eat it all night.” Then he dove between my cheeks, his hands keeping my hole easily accessible. His tongue thrust inside my hungry chasm, eating me furiously.

Todd moaned into my ass and I couldn’t stop my own moan. Todd’s tongue felt amazing in my ass.

“That’s right, baby boy. You love it when I eat your pussy, don’t you?”

I whimpered and nodded.

“I want to hear you say it. Tell me how much you love it when I eat your pussy.”

“I love it!” I shouted, desperate to get his tongue back in my ass. “Your tongue feels so good eating my pussy. Please eat my pussy.”

Todd tsk-ed again. “God I love it when you beg. But I think it’s time for you to eat my ass now.”

I whined. Todd slapped my ass hard.

“You should be begging to eat my ass. You should be begging for the privilege.” He slapped me again, heat blooming across my cheeks.

“Empty,” I moaned. “Empty.”

Todd pulled my hair until I could almost meet his gaze. “Do you need your ass filled, my greedy boy?”

He didn’t wait for my answer, and there was immediately something pushing against my hole again. It felt larger than the vibrating plug, but it wasn’t his cock either. Where was he getting all these toys?

“I found this in sweet Jenna’s goody drawer. The pink plug looks so good in your tight pussy.”

Jenna had this plug? I had never bought Jenna a pink toy, and I had never seen one before. My sweet Jenna was more of an ass slut than she had let on.

Guilt washed over me at the thought of my fiancée. I was enjoying Todd’s attention too much to feel too guilty, however. My boss was quickly turning me into an ass slut too.

Todd shifted on the bed and then his ass was shoving against my face. “Eat my ass, baby boy.”

I dug in, greedy for him. I ate at his ass the way he had munched on mine. He rewarded me with a moan of his own.

“That’s it, baby boy. Shove that tongue in there. Eat my ass out.”

I re-doubled my efforts. Determined to make him lose it. He was always the one making me beg, now I wanted to hear him beg.

I hadn’t been at my task long when he pulled away. “Good job, baby. You’ve earned a nice reward. Get your face down and your ass up.”

I obeyed eagerly, subtly shaking my ass for his attention.

“You’re so greedy, baby. Here, take this present.” He pulled Jenna’s plug out of my ass and I caught a flash of pink before the plug was shoved into my mouth. I gagged against the intruder, and then relaxed my throat enough to suck on my fiancee’s plug.

“That’s my boy. Here comes your reward.”

Todd rammed into my ass with aldatma porno one sure thrust. I briefly stopped sucking to scream. Todd stopped thrusting to shove the plug back into my noisy mouth.

“Shut up and take Daddy’s cock like a good boy.”

He resumed his fucking. Every stroke hitting that spot inside me that made me crazy. Every firm, even stroke brought me closer to the orgasm that had been teasing me all night long.

He fucked me for what felt like hours, but it couldn’t possibly have been. I dimly heard someone shout, “Thirty seconds!”

“Tell me how much you love Daddy’s cock, baby boy,” Todd ordered as he removed the plug from my mouth.

The intensity of his thrusts amped up and I groaned raggedly. “I love your cock, Daddy. Fuck me with your big cock, Daddy. Please, Daddy.”

“Whose boy are you?”

“Daddy’s boy. Your boy.”


“That’s right. Daddy’s baby boy. Cum for me, baby.”


Todd’s next stroke hit home and cum began to shoot out from the tip of my cock.


Todd rutted harder, shoving his cock to new depths that made me gasp. He was getting close.


“Happy New Year, baby boy.” Todd grunted as cum began to shoot from his cock deep into my hungry ass.

He rested deep inside me for a brief moment before slipping out of my ass. I was empty. So empty.

“Clean my cock off, baby boy. We have a party to get back to.”

I jumped at the chance to have his delectable dick back in my mouth. I swallowed it easily, my throat already opened from sucking on Jenna’s dildo.

“Good boy,” Todd murmured and I drooled over his junk.

He pulled away and I chased his cock as he laughed at me. “Now, now, sweet boy. I gotta clean you up so you can get back to your guests.”

His tongue swept across my gaping hole. He repeated the action twice more and then reached from the pink plug again. With no preamble he shoved it back into my pussy. He had plugged his cum inside me.

“Get dressed baby,” he commanded hotly. “It’s time to say goodbye.”

We went back into the living room separately. Jenna was still asleep on the couch, but had been joined by a few other guests who had over imbibed. Thank god über had just come to town so all my drunk guests could get home safely.

Todd was the only guest that remained an hour later. I returned from carrying Jenna to bed to find him sprawled across my couch. He looked like he belonged there, like he owned the place.

Well, he owned me and my ass, so I guess by proxy he owned my house.

“I had a nice time tonight, William,” he said with a grin as he got off my couch. “You’re a very…accommodating host.”

He stepped up to me and cupped my face. “Does your pussy miss me, baby?”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

He patted my cheek. “Good boy.” He gave me a hard kiss. “Meet me tomorrow at the office at noon. We can really celebrate our New Year properly.”

I nodded, already looking forward to our meeting.

“Keeping that pretty pussy filled until I take it out tomorrow. Disobeying my orders will earn you a punishment you don’t want.”

I nodded again, walking Todd to the door. He grabbed me again, gripping my ass tightly and covering my mouth with his. He shoved the plug deeper inside me until I whimpered.

“Gotta keep you eager, baby boy. Keep your hands off until I say so.”

With that, he walked out the door, leaving me to a restless night.

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