Daydreams Ch. 05

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Our dreams continue. Share these new experiences with us!

Daydreams 5: New Horizons


Totally satisfied, our bodies entwined and tangled in the sheets, we drift off. Contentment colors our dreams and whisks us away to that place that is ours alone.

We sleep, we dream, we are together.

Eyes flutter. I feel the soft breath of you against my skin. I wake totally enveloped in your arms. My thoughts surface, “This is so wonderful. I am the luckiest woman in the world. Here is a man, loving and gentle. Truly a good man. And he loves me.”

My devious little mind races through thoughts so sinful. I think, “What new pleasure can I dream up for this man of mine? Something we have yet to experience together. Totally different and unique…and very, very hot! Oh Tim, you will not believe what I’m about to do with you.”

I slip out of the bed, careful not to wake you. I slip down the hall to shower quickly and quietly…splashing myself with your favorite scent…lathering lotion all over my body, brush through my hair…and I’m ready.

I slip back Atalar Escort into our room and into your favorite teddy. Hunter green lace…cut low in front and high on the sides…stop long enough at the toy drawer to pick up my favorite vibrator…this should do nicely. I pull the big chair over to your side of the bed and sit and I watch you sleep. The look on your face is precious, relaxed and happy. It thrills me to see you so content. I almost don’t want to wake you…but my need is great…

I slide back into the giant chair…almost lost in the cushions. Lift one leg over the arm and flip on the vibe to the low setting. Sliding the vibe slowly down my chest, over my mound; it slips easily along glistening outer lips. A little moan escapes me; just a catch of breath. I watch as you deeply inhale, sighing in exhale and your eyes flutter open.

Waking to the sight of me, spread before you, vulnerable, open and offering. “Hi baby, sleep well?” I whisper. “This is for you, Tim.”

“Watch and enjoy. Please join me as I pleasure myself for you…Know my excitement…as Escort Atalar I play with myself. Know my excitement…as you stroke yourself…as I watch you grow, harden and swell…for me and because of me.” My breathing is already ragged and panting. My chest, barely captured in lace, heaving.

You watch as I run the slim white vibe, over my wet lips, and slip it smoothly down my slit. “Can you see my excitement? Can you smell me?” With barely contained motion, I slide it into me. Slipping it deep, I can barely hear the low moan that escapes your lips.

My own whimper deepens as I watch your hand grip your solid cock and pull. “Oh, Tim you have a magnificent cock.” It’s hard and solid as you stroke it for me. Sharing this pleasuring, together yet apart. Watching, but feeling each others passion. As the invisible connection between us arches up and out, we each shudder. I slip the vibe out and onto my hard clit. I press it hard and flip the switch to high. I watch as your strokes become more insistent, longer. As you see me press into my clit, knowing that the result Atalar Escort Bayan will be quick, you speed your strokes. Our breathing becomes a gasping for air. Not caring, only needing, we escalate our motions. I grind, you pull. As in all our love making, we match our rhythms and become one. Even when not touching, we are together. I see the glazed look in your eyes. I know that you are close. I cannot hold out much longer…”Baby, please cum with me”, and I let myself fly over that edge. Taking you with me, we soar to that heaven that only together, we can achieve. Wave after wave of exquisite sensation floods our bodies. You explode with incredible power and shower me with your hot cum. I am drenched in creamy whiteness. I reach down and scoop up your essence and with slick fingers I insert your cum into my dripping pussy. Mixing us, combining us, creating US as one. We both collapse back, our minds reeling with the wonder of what just happened. Our bodies are covered in a sheen of sweat. Panting and gasping for air we laugh. “Tim, honey” I ask, “aren’t you glad you quit smoking?”

“I think that your stamina is increasing!”

To be continued…

I wish to express my adoration and deepest thanks to a wonderful friend, Mityam for all his input and support with these stories. Without his contribution they would be but fantasy in my mind!

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