Don’t Do It Yourself!

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So here I am at my local Lowe’s store, helping my wife pick out ceramic tiles for our new laundry room. Imagine…having a laundry room makeover and getting several contractors involved, not to mention all the painting and trim we had been doing. On this beautiful summer afternoon the last place in the universe I wanted to be was Lowe’s. All that would soon change, however.

As my wife waited on the interminable, slow customer service line, I announced to her that I had to go. Eventually I found the men’s room in this gigantic home improvement warehouse, in the back corner of the store, near the practically deserted lumber yard. I opened the door and stepped to the urinal, intent on doing my business, and maybe playing with myself to get a few horny shakes. Just then I heard unmistakeable moans and groans coming from the stall, way back in the deepest corner of this L-shaped restroom. I glanced to my right, and sure enough, there were two pairs of sneakered feet in that cubicle. One was facing the toilet, the other pair straddling the toilet. I knew immediately there was something exciting going on in that cubicle.

My half-hard seven inch member began to get hard as I imagined a blow job or some other hot tryst going on in the stall. Sure enough, I heard sucking sounds and someone saying “yeah, that’s it…suck it…oh yeah, baby, suck it.” Bornova Escort I didn’t dare flush, for fear of disturbing the hot scene I was hearing.

I crept closer, near the sink, pretending to wash my hands. I was clean enough for surgery while I heard (and imagined) this sexy scene. I noticed a red Lowe’s jersey handing down in the cubicle, and then a shirt dropped. Could it be? Yes, a woman’s blouse fell to the floor. Then, the pair of legs facing south near the toilet got closer. Shit? Was some girl getting it on with a guy in the men’s room?

An explosive grunt soon followed, and I sensed the guy was blowing a losd, but how and where? Suddenly, the cubicle door burst open and a guy burst out of there, zipping up a half-hard cock, dripping with cum. I crept still closer, my curiosity getting the better of me, to see what the story was. I tell you, there was a pretty stacked chick, a Lowe’s vest, opened blouse and bra, open at the front. Coating her beautiful, big nipples was a nice load of cum. At this point, I wanted to suck the cum off her tits and feed her my own cock.

At this point, the guy exiting the stall called out, “She’s all yours?”

“What?” I croacked in disbelief.

“Yeah, Sue, here’s a customer… time to provide his with some service!”

The woman he addressed as Sue, started pinching her Bornova Escort Bayan cum-slick nipples and pulled down her jeans and panties. Instead of being embarrassed or angry, she waved at me to cum and get it. Before me was a hot babe with gorgeous big titties, waiting for me to bang her on the john in the Lowe’s men’s room. Was this a dream?

“Want this cock, baby?” Sue answered with a long, low “mmmmmmhhh,” so I went for it. I had the element of surprise going for me. This crazy, kinky scene in the crapper had made me rock hard, and I got the feeling Sue was ready for seconds.

Nice womanly scent, I stepped in, closed the door, and took my place where the other guy had been. Slipping my two fingers into the dewy wet spot of the thong covering her cunt, I rubbed her there and shoved my dick into her waiting mouth.

What a treat! She bucked her hips up and down on my fingers, and began furiously sucking my cock. Lust overcame any sense of danger or fear of discovery. I was off to the races.

I paused to suck her cum-slimy tits… the salty jizz tasted wonderful, and I gave her a tongue-filled kiss so she could share it. Obviously, Sue appreciated my attention to her oral needs and by this time, her cunt was dripping wet. “You can fuck me, but don’t make any loud noises; don’t want to get busted in here.” I Escort Bornova couldn’t blame her, but I slipped my dick into her cunt, bareback, and thrusted as hard as I could. She grunted with each in and out. I wanted to help her get off, so while I fucked her, I played with her pretty large cuntlips and found her clit. She spasmed and squirted a dose of cum juice onto my hand.

I wasn’t finished and I wanted to cum in her mouth and tits. I told her so, and she was most agreeable. Using her lips like a vacuum cleaner, she incresed the sucking on my cock, and gently ran her row of teeth against my cockhead. This girl or woman gave much better head than my wife, and I was about to blow.

A minute or so later, I came in buckets, and Sue swallowed as my as she could. Then she rubbed my softening dick between her tits. I’m always sensitive after I cum, and this was a fantastic experience. She abruptly took my hand away from her snatch and began to shoot a torrent of piss in the bowl. This horny bitch was too much!

I got zipped up to leave. “Yeah, well I take my coffee break here every afternoon. I don’t do coffee, though.”

“Well, thanks and hope to see you again for some more customer service.”

“Anytime… you were nice and smelled clean. I like that in a man.”

As I began to leave, I noticed another man making a beeline for the men’s room. Sure enough, Sue was about to entertain her next customer.

When I got back to my wife, she said, “What did you do…fall in?”

“Nah,” I had a lot to do. That was an understatement.

Now, could I return something else to Lowe’s this week?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32