Dave – Winning Her Over

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This story involves the after effects of cheating, as well as separation issues due to an extra marital affair. If you are offended with this type of story go no further, any comments criticising this story on the above points WILL be deleted.

Thanks again go to ‘Jill‘ -a friend – for first requesting my assistance, for her supplying the idea, plot and direction. Also thanking her, for her continued support throughout;


I had to write about my experience of taking a woman, Jill; away from her wimp of a husband and how once we were together I continued his torment.

I awoke the day of the Divorce proceedings. I looked down to the head bobbing up and down on my rigid pole of a cock. I wrapped my left hand in her hair and grabbed the base of my burgeoning cock and gave it a good rub over her face. “Oh come on Dave” she playfully pleaded,” let me suck on your big juicy cock you know I love doing that!” I smiled as I lifted her head up and placed it over the tip of my cock.

I eased her face down, her mouth opened wide and I slid the first few inches into her willing mouth. “There you go baby, suck on that!” and gave my hips a thrust up shoving several more inches into my new girlfriends throat.

“God you’re a great cocksucker Jill, I wish I had met you years ago, I’d have made you mine then!”

As Dave lay there and watched his new girlfriend take every last inch of his cock down her throat, he found himself drifting back to how he took her away from her wimpy husband,… It had all began innocently enough, several months ago now. I am what some consider a bit of a ladies’ man, this had however led me into a confrontation with one angry husband. The eventual tiff landed me in a bit of bother with the law and I found myself in court and being offered to attend one of the ‘optional’ courses they use nowadays. I thought it would be an easier option than doing jail time so there I was first day sat in a portacabin with several other people in the same boat so to speak. One of the helpers was a woman named Jill, she was a real good looker and I just knew I had to bed her. The morning dragged on and on, I was almost sleeping until I found Jill stood beside me asking “Did you not get enough sleep last night Mr Reid?”

We had all been issued name badges and mine was still laid on top of the table, along with my head at that particular time. “Eh?.. No!.. Eh sorry yes!” I muttered.

“Well perhaps you could join us all, for the remainder of this course then?”

“Yeah sure, sorry didn’t mean to nod off!” Truth be told I had only slept a couple of hours as I had been seeing too a lady whose husband had been out of town. The memory brought a smile to my face. “Good, then you won’t mind telling us all what you find so amusing will you?”

I felt my face redden and frantically thought of what I was going to say, ” just recalling my eh! …thought’s as I left this morning… eh to pick up one or two things on my way home!”

“Uhu! And you expect me to believe that do you?”

I was finding this pretty uncomfortable, Jill was putting me in a position I had no wish to be in. “Yes, yes I do it’s the truth!” I mumbled, hoping she would drop it before it went somewhere I didn’t want to go.

“Mmm okay then, so as I was saying…” I had blocked out her voice almost immediately, to imagine what she would look like with my cock stuffed in her throat, which would shut her up I thought. I found myself imagining her and me, in all sorts of sexual permutations and the rest of the day flew by.

“So will we have your undivided attention tomorrow Mr Reid?” she asked as I left for the day.

“I am sure I can give you my unwavering attention at any time Jill!” my confidence had returned and my innuendo with prospective sexual partners was back.

“MR REID, or Dave rather, I don’t appreciate your suggestion and furthermore I am not available as I am happily married to a man who knows how to behave in society, GOOD NIGHT!” and with that my prey had left. I had to wait several days to attempt any further progress on my plan to bed this sexy woman., when it came I wasn’t about to pass it bye. Jill was leaving in front of me when she stumbled and dropped her files, I managed to catch her and stop her from falling my hand however had caught her right breast, and her nipple was rock hard. I excused myself from grabbing her inappropriately and helped pick up her files and papers, carrying them to her car. I hadn’t immediately noticed but she had hurt her ankle and it was causing her some discomfort.

“Jeesus!” she cried out as she tried to get into her car. “I don’t think I can drive, I’ll need to get a taxi.” she said.

“I can take you home if you want? As long as you don’t mind?” she looked at me trying to weigh up whether to wait god knows how long on a taxi or risk me running her home.

“Okay, but you’ll need to help me into the car first!” I could feel my stomach start to lift in anticipation of where I hoped Eskort to guide the following next short while. I helped her into the passenger side, and took that opportunity to have a good look down her top, two beautiful formed orbs of flesh rose and sank with her breathing, I had a quick thought of ‘oh I hope to be playing with those puppies soon’ before handing her the seat belt and walking around the back to get in the driver’s side. That allowed me to shove my growing cock back down into a more comfortable position.

When we reached her home, I helped her out and despite her protests of being okay I ended up as hoped, by assisting her into the house along with her paperwork and folders. She sat down on one of the chairs in the kitchen and I asked if she would like me to make a tea or coffee for her, while she phoned a doctor. “I’ll be fine tomorrow!” she said “it’s just a sprain, some ice and heat will cure it”

“If you want to help you could put the kettle on! The least I can do is to offer you a drink for your help!” I was in, now it was plain sailing for me I was used to putting myself in these positions and it was all about timing. I made the tea, and we sat chatting, Jill asked me what I had done wrong and I told her. Her face was a picture, “you mean you know half these woman are married but that doesn’t stop you?” she gasped. “No far from it, I love it when I know they are married, they know what they want and I know how to give them what they want!” I smiled, I had her hooked, and I could see she was thinking about it, all I needed to do was reel her in.

“But what about the husband’s don’t you worry about them?” she asked, I knew she was hoping for the right answer so I gave her it.

“No I don’t! The way I see it is they must be missing something out in that department to begin with. After all if the wife was getting what she wanted or needed from her husband, she wouldn’t think twice… about straying now would she?” I watched her face as she thought about it.

“So if you were wanting to fuck, or bed or whatever you call it! What would you do to start?” Got her, I had her now she was almost asking me to make a move on her.

“Well!..firstly I would tell them how gorgeous and good looking they were, I would perhaps stroke their face with my fingertips like this.” and I slowly traced from her ear to her chin, Jill let out a small sigh but didn’t stop me, so I knew she was willing to allow me to continue. “Then I would lean forward and kiss them like this…”

My mouth found hers; she had lifted her chin towards me without me needing to help. Our mouths closed over one another and I slid my tongue into her mouth and played tonsil hockey with her for several minutes.

“Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!” she moaned, as I traced her face with my finger tips at the same time. When I broke the kiss was when I knew for certain I was going to be able to fuck this sexy woman. Her lips sought out my neck, my earlobes my lips. “Oh Dave I want you so bad!” she groaned.

Her lips danced all over my neck, nibbling and sucking on me. “Touch yourself Jill; let me watch you touch yourself!”

All hesitation had gone she was mine, she was going to let me screw her and her vows were about to be blown out of the water. She pulled her trousers down revealing a pair of black silky knickers, and began to rub herself through them.”When’s your hubby home?” I asked.

“Thought you didn’t mind?” she moaned into my ear.

“I don’t but it would help if I knew so we don’t ruin everything in one go!” I whispered into her ear.

“Not till eight o’clock” she moaned as I watched her stroke her pussy with her fingers, her underwear having been pulled to the side

I lifted her up and carried her in my arms, “where’s the bedroom?” I asked.

“No not there use the lounge.” Jill pleaded. So I stepped into the lounge and laid her on the sofa.

“Tell me all the dirty little things you do when you masturbate, you naughty girl!… Tell me everything, baby. Tell me how you play with yourself” I teased.

Jill laid there her legs splayed open her fingers frantically rubbing her slit and her clit, every now and then she would shove several fingers into her dripping wet pussy, before resuming her playing with herself. Her other hand had pulled her top down, her bra was bunched up under her firm tits and her hand was squeezing and pulling on them, twisting and pulling on the nipples as well.

“I love to pay with myself, I finger my hungry pussy most days…I love the taste of my pussy… and playing with my tits. I always cum really hard when I finger my pussy with all four fingers and rubbing my clit at the same time!” she gasped. “Dave, I’m so fuckin’ wet, just let me suck your cock PLEASE!”I stripped off quickly and released my rock hard cock;

I stepped towards Jill, “OH MY GOD! You’re fucking huge!” she gasped, as she tried to shy away from it.

“Take it easy Jill, I aint going to hurt you, I’ve done this many times before, just take your time, you’ll see…given time it’s not so bad!” She looked at me pleadingly.

I took her hand and placed it on my cock, “Ooooh it’s so hard, it’s throbbing! I have never seen anything so big, my husband’s only half this size!” she looked in awe as she stroked my length as if it was breakable. “You promise to be gentle?” she asked almost shakily.

“I promise. Now be a good girl and suck on it for me.” Jill went at it whole heartedly determined to please me. She sucked, nibbled, licked and kissed every inch of my cock and balls. By the time she was finished I was on the verge of Cumming. “Oooooh Here it cum’s you little cock sucking slut…here it fucking comes!” I almost backed off but I held myself there. It was obvious she had never swallowed a man’s cum before, but had no choice this time. I felt my cock swell up in her throat, then the shots of cum bursting from the end knob. Then he eased out until he allowed several shots into my mouth. I held them there not knowing whether to swallow or spit. Again Dave decided for me, “Open wide baby!…Ah yes, now swallow all of it, like a good girl, then maybe Dave will then fuck that tight pussy for you! That’s what you want isn’t it slut!”

The fucking I got after I had answered him “yes that’s what I want!” was of huge proportions, to the point I was fucking sore for days afterwards, and couldn’t let my husband Ian near me. Yet the minute Dave called and told me where to meet him I was off, legs spread, on my knees or sat astride him getting the living daylights fucked out of me. He had such a hold on me by then, it was only a matter of time before I knew I would have to choose him or Ian.

Dave let out a moan of pleasure as Jill had him at the point of no return; he cursed himself for not concentrating and vowed to make her pay for making him cum so soon. “Ohhhhhhh…fuck!…fuck!.. I’m going to cum!” I groaned, as I felt the first load surge up the length of my shaft and straight into Jill’s Throat. “Ohhhh!… God you little slut!…That’s what I get for not concentrating you cheating little madam!” Jill fluttered her eyes at me as if to say ‘what did I do’. I pulled her up and rolled her onto her back. Lifted her legs up high and dove straight into her wet pussy. My tongue slid all over her slit, I kissed her pussy, I nibbled on her lips, sucked on her clit and finger fucked her hole till she was panting like she was in heat.

“Yeah baby!… Yeah baby, lick me, eat me, and suck me harder!… I’m so close… Eat my pussy, harder baby… finger my wet cunt for me baby… I’m so close to Cumming” I finger fucked her harder and faster until she began to quiver, shake and then let out a moan that started from away down deep inside her, and escaped “Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!…Oh God…Oh my God!..I’m Cumming…I’m Cumming… Ooooooooh!” I held her thighs tightly and sucked all the sweet nectar that flowed from her pussy up. Every now and then I would let the tip of my tongue flick her clit and that would send smaller but effective spasm’s throughout her already orgasm racked body with more pleasure.

My cock was by now fully erect again and I turned her over onto all fours, her legs almost automatically spread apart. Panting and moaning with lust she turned her head to face me “Look how ready I am. Look how wet you’ve made me, go on put you’re fucking dick in there?”…” “Put your big fat cock inside my pussy and fuck my brains out…Do me Right now you fucker!”

I slid my cock into Jill and proceeded to give her a thorough fucking, slowly in and out for several strokes, then hard and fast, then slow again building her up and up until she was ready to cum again then I slowed right down, stopped and changed position. This time I got her to lie on her side, lifted her left leg up onto my shoulder and power fucked her for several minutes, long hard strokes, every stroke thrust in like it was trying to fuck her into submission. Jill was lost in a constant floating of almost Cumming then being let back down to the point she was pleading to cum. “PLEASE BABY…PLEASE let me cum..My pussy aches to cum PLEASE!” I laughed and told her “Not just yet my little slut!…Not just yet!”

I lifted her up and draped her over the arm of the sofa. Her legs were shaking and I stepped between them, moving them apart. I gave her ass cheeks a couple of slaps, and she let out a squeal “Oooow!”

Laughing I placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy and rubbed it up and down her slit, “I’m going to do you right now, my little slut! Can’t decide whether to take your pussy… or your ass…?”Jill started to wriggle “Not my ass Dave, your too big, please Don’t!” I laughed again “Ssshhh baby I’m only kidding anyway your pussy needs seeing too doesn’t it?”

“Oh God yes! Give it to me baby…fuck me till I beg you to stop my big cocked stud!” I slid the end of my cock into her dripping hole, and began sliding it in and out. Steadily to start with and then building up to giving her a really hard fucking. “There’ll be no stops this time Jill baby, let’s see how many times I can make you cum!” I began to change the depth of penetration and the angle of entry which drove Jill wild. “Fuck my tight cunt! Make me scream with that big dick of yours… Oh god, fuck me harder!…Don’t stop…give me that cock… My pussy feels so full…fill me up with that cock! I want to feel you come inside me…fuck me raw! Fuck me harder, make my tits bounce!” Her groans and moans were almost constant. I lost count of the number of times I felt her pussy clamp my cock as she came. Eventually I had to let myself go, I erupted inside her pussy and fell back drained.

It wasn’t until I looked at the clock we noticed the time we were going to be late for the court. We rushed around and Dave wouldn’t just let me wear anything I had to put on a low cut short red dress, stockings, suspender belt and six inch bright red stilettos. My tits were almost falling out of the dress but Dave said I was fine. As he was going for moral support we set off arriving ten minutes late.

Once we arrived and proceedings commenced, I watched Jill glance a few times at Ian, and eventually he glanced over at us. I smirked at his obvious discomfort and slid my hand down Jill’s leg before bunching her short dress up and rubbing her pussy through her knickers. I thought he was going to lose it completely, so to try and assist in that I shoved a finger into her wet pussy and put it to my mouth and sucked on it. That poor wimp Ian – her ex-husband- hadn’t a clue what to do and ended up giving Jill half of everything and to top it off agreed to pay alimony to her for many years to come, could life be any better. He remembered how Jill’s ex-husband had sat sobbing like a baby as the word Annulled had been said. I watched as he burst into tears and sat there like a lost little boy, his legal counsel just got up and left him.

So we left the court a free woman and with my new boyfriend hanging on my arm. The trip home was quiet and I didn’t feel like saying much. Even when we got back and Dave suggested more sex, I wasn’t really interested all I could remember was my ex-husband sobbing like a baby. I found my thoughts drifting back, to my ex-husband. I regretted allowing Dave to encourage me to put the part in about the difference in cock sizes. I knew I had found it stimulating at the time, but now I just felt guilt. I knew Ian would have been gutted, and no doubt a little ashamed. But I shouldn’t have done it even if it was true. Comparing Ian’s cock to Dave’s magnificent pussy pleaser was like comparing Asti Spumanti with Bollinger champagne, they were just such a huge difference. I sighed, shook my head and thought, well It was done now and I had to live with it, but at least it was over for Ian as well, now he could get on with his own life.

Dave was being persistent, and before I knew it we were naked and frolicking on the sofa. Within minutes I had Dave’s balls banging of my chin. “Uuuurgh…Hmmmph…Ooooph!” was all I could muster as he fucked my throat hard. I had become used to doing deep throat and really enjoyed how hard he could fuck me this way, I knew he would soon spill a load of hot sticky cum down my gullet, and then I would get to lick his cock and balls clean. What a slut in bed I had become, compared to this time several months ago, when I wouldn’t have said ‘fuck’ never mind do half the things Dave and I did now.

For over two hours after we got home, Dave and I fucked like rabbits. Unknown to me he had seen our camcorder, decided to switch it on and film our fuck session. To begin, Dave had me standing up, holding my ankles as he powered that big cock into my pussy. Then I had been placed with my ankles around my neck, and I groaned and moaned my way through several orgasm’s as my boyfriend pushed his cock into me from above slowly but surely and fucking deep! In fact it was so deep I could feel it push past my cervix and into my womb on each down stroke. Dave had me wailing like a banshee in this position. Then he lifted me up in his arms turned me around so he had access to my pussy with his mouth and tongue and I hung upside down with his cock waving around in my face. Well at least until I managed to grab it and bury it in my slutty mouth where I sucked on it like my life depended on it.

Finally He had me straddle him reverse cowgirl style, my god I never ever thought that position could feel so good. “Fuck me Dave! Use me like your dirty little girl…God that feels so fucking good… DON’T YOU DARE STOP!” I screamed as yet another orgasm ripped through me. Dave never halted his thrusts up into my pussy kept coming, I could hear him panting and every now and then when I leant back the sweat was running off him. Still I wanted more, more cock, more fucking, more of being his fuck toy!… Oh god, oh Jeesssus!… Oh my fucking God!… Pleeeease!… don’t stop…give me that cock!” I was out of it gone; I had lost myself in the sexual frenzy that was my boyfriends fucking pussy pleaser. “Oh god!…Fuck me… I can’t take much more of this…fill me up with your cum you bastard… oh god, I’m gonna come, I’m coming, I’m cummiiiiing I’m Fucking Cuuuummmmmmming!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32