Dad’s Camcorder Ch. 02

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Big Tits

A few days later I went to my room and found a tape on my bed. I put it in to watch, expecting to see myself with that chick Amber, but it was Mary in her room, naked on her bed with her legs spread, rubbing her pussy. She was staring into the camera like she was looking right at me, and biting her lower lip. The tv next to her bed was on and the image on the screen was me with Amber on my lap. Mary’s sweet pussy glistened with moisture and barely had a few wisps of hair. It took only a few seconds to make me hard and I had to get my dick out to jerk off.

In the video she was moaning over and over, matching Amber’s low moans. I rubbed my dick with the same tempo. She was very close to cumming and I was right there with her, just about to shoot when I realized she might be watching me jerk off to the video of her jerking off. I looked at the poster where she would be and came so hard it sprayed on the tv screen, right on the image of her naked body.

I heard a gasp from behind the poster and ran to the closet door with my dick hanging out. I yanked the door open and Mary was right there on the floor, pulling down her short skirt. My dick was level with her eyes and she stared straight at it, but only for a second before she stumbled back into her room.

That was the end of things. The shock must have been too much for her. She was never behind the poster again, and I checked several times. Jerking off just wasn’t the same without Mary to watch. I gave up on any idea of what might happen between me and my sister. She avoided looking at me whenever we were in the same room. It didn’t matter, though. She was practically still just a kid. What did I need a kid for when I had girls my own age?

I started going out with Amber. It wasn’t anything special, like we were boyfriend and girlfriend. We just saw each other once in a while and had sex. Mostly it was when she was horny and just wanted to get laid. Being her fuck buddy didn’t bother me. I knew why she wanted me, and it wasn’t for charity.

She must have told those other girls because I saw them once in a while, too. Either I would ask them out or they would ask me out. I had a pool of girls, Amber, Bridget, Chloe and Darla. More than once I found myself with two of them on the same night, like the other day with Chloe and Darla.

That morning I had asked Amber if she was busy that night. It had been over a week without any action for me and I was ready to tear something apart.

“I got a date with a guy. I think it’s pretty serious. If it doesn’t work out you can do me next week,” she said.

I couldn’t find Bridget anywhere, but Chloe found me at lunch.

“Are you doing anything tonight?” she said.

“Am I doing anything or anyone?”

She laughed and touched my arm. “If you’re not doing one of the other girls, you wanna come over and see me tonight?”

“Sure. What time?” I said.

“My parents are going out. We should have the house to ourselves for a couple of hours. That should be plenty of time.”

“I’ll see if I can fit it in,” I said.

Her hand moved down to the eve gelen escort front of my jeans and rubbed the bulge where my dick was swelling up.

“I’m sure it’ll fit,” she said with a playful kind of sly smile.

It was just a couple of hours later, between classes, when Darla found me at my locker.

“I just had a fight with my boyfriend. I wanna jump you right now,” she said.

“You just wanna fuck me because you’re mad and wanna get back at your boyfriend.”

“So what?”

“Maybe I don’t wanna fuck you when you’re pissed off because you’re not much fun.”

“You’re just an asshole,” she said and crossed her arms and looked angry, but she didn’t leave. “So are you going to do it with me?”

“I’d love to but I gotta get to my next class.”

“What are you doing tonight?”

“Chloe’s parents are going out, so I’m going over to do her.”

“That shouldn’t take too long. What about when you’re done with her?” Darla said.

“Are you still gonna be pissed off at your boyfriend?” I said.

She made a really sour look. “If I’m still pissed off at him I’m gonna make it a whole lot better for you.”

How could I refuse an offer like that? I agreed to meet her at her house when I was done at Chloe’s. And I was a little nervous about going to see her because her Mom was always checking out my package. She would drop hints about my bulge and make comments about large equipment. Her husband must have been pretty dense because he never picked up on any of it. I never said anything because it never bothered me. That day, though, was different, a lot different.

I was running late when I got to Chloe’s house. She wasn’t even there. She was still at cheerleading practice and her parents were just leaving to pick her up. They asked if I wanted to go with them. I had only a second to decide whether to go or to bail and go see Darla instead. I felt like I owed something to Chloe, so I agreed to go with them.

I sat in the back seat of their small BMW and we were pretty quiet for the ride. When we got there, her Mom said she’d get in the back with me so Chloe could sit in the front, and her Dad went to get her. I scooted over as far as I could, and our knees still touched. She didn’t waste any time with small talk.

“You’ve been seeing Chloe for a while now, you two must be getting serious,” she said.

I just kind of smiled and said something noncommittal. How was I supposed to tell her that I just hang out with her daughter on occasion for sex?

“I’m not going to kid myself like my husband does. I am fully aware that our daughter is sexually active. I just hope that she’s smart enough to use the right protection,” she said.

My heart caught in my throat and I was unable to say anything. Whatever I said would be an admission to having sex with Chloe. But she bailed me out before I could say anything.

“Have you heard that the length of your hand from the tip of your thumb to the tip of your pinky is equal to the length of your penis?” she said. She gaziosmanpaşa escort picked up my hand and spread my fingers as if to illustrate her statement.

I was so stunned I forgot who I was talking to.

“That isn’t true,” I said.

“But it is,” she said.

I was quickly becoming stiff in my jeans and all reason deserted me.

“You wanna find out?” I said.

She smiled with the corners of her mouth. “Do you want to show it to me?”

I might be a little thick at times, but I knew enough to recognize when a woman was coming on to me. I didn’t bother to answer. I just opened my jeans and pulled out my dick. Her mouth fell open.

“What do you think?” I said.

“It’s bigger than your hand.”

She grabbed it and pumped it in her fist. I let out a deep breath and all the tension drained from my body. I never even noticed how tense I was.

“I’ve been told I give an excellent blowjob,” she said.

“Your husband’s a lucky man.”

She shook her head and made a sour face. “He wouldn’t know a good blowjob from a vacuum cleaner. No, there have been many other men in my life. But please, promise me you won’t tell Chloe any of that.”

“Do you wanna suck my dick?” I said.

She smiled. “I’ve deepthroated cocks not nearly as big as your’s and I always wanted to try it on a long, fat cock.”

“You can practice on me but we should try it another time.”

She looked puzzled. “Why?”

I pointed through the windshield. “Because your husband and your daughter are coming.”

“Shit, you better put that away.”

It was a little difficult to bend it down and stuff it back into my jeans. I just got the zipper up when Chloe opened the door and said hi. I put my hand over the bulge in my jeans that stretched down my leg almost to my knee. If it was just her I wouldn’t hide it, but I didn’t want her to suspect that I was up to something with her Mom.

We all chatted while we drove to the restaurant. The whole time, Chloe’s Mom rubbed my cock through my jeans. I don’t think Chloe or her Dad noticed, but then, he’s pretty dense.

At dinner it was Chloe’s turn. When we got out of the car I let her parents go ahead, and she noticed the bulge right away. How could she miss it? I think she was surprised that I was already hard.

“Seeing you in that cheerleader outfit got me turned on,” I said.

She covered her mouth. “Oh my God, I bet my Mom saw it.”

I rolled my eyes and grinned. “Great. Now I’m gonna have to service her as well.”

Chloe slapped my shoulder, but she was grinning, too.

We sat on opposite sides of the table in the booth. We were waiting for our meals and her Dad was in the middle of telling a story about his job when Chloe’s fingers slid over my thigh and squeezed my cock. All through dinner she squeezed it and rubbed it, and on the way home she sat in the back with me. It was dark and she couldn’t keep her hands off it. There were a few times I thought she was going to make me cum in my jeans, and when gölbaşı escort I pulled her hand away she just giggled.

When we got back to her house we didn’t have any time alone. Her parents hung around like they didn’t want us to be alone. Her Mom, especially, kept a very close eye on me. I didn’t know who I wanted more, her or her daughter, Chloe.

We all sat together, watching television for the next hour or so. I was painfully aware of the clock beside the television. It was getting late and I still had to get to Darla’s. I had an erection in my jeans that would not go away. It was getting painful. It wasn’t a matter of satisfying the girls any more. All that mattered to me was to make the aching go away.

Finally at about midnight her Mom and Dad decided to go to bed. My heart raced when they headed upstairs, but they told Chloe she had to say good night to me and come to bed. She told them she would just be a few minutes, and her jaws were clenched when she said it.

As soon as their bedroom door closed she stood up and started to unzip her jeans.

“We only got a couple of minutes,” she said. “I’ve been waiting for a chance to be alone with you. The other girls had you for more than their share.”

I didn’t waste any time to get my jeans open. She was in a hurry and I didn’t care if her Dad came down to take pictures. It felt good to release my cock and let it stand up. At least that made some of the aching go away. Chloe was not wasting any time, either. She pushed her jeans to her ankles, turned around and dropped her ass onto my lap. More than half of my cock slammed into her pussy. She was very wet but it still must have hurt like hell. She moaned with her lips squeezed shut.

“Don’t wait for me. Hurry up and cum. I need it bad,” she said.

I put my hands on her hips to help her work her ass up and down. She was warm and wet and tight like a virgin. I didn’t think it was going to take that long.

Usually I can get most of my cock into the girls. That night, however, I couldn’t get much more than half of what I had into Chloe. Maybe it was because we were in such a rush that she was so tight. And maybe because I was so turned on my cock was a little bigger than normal. Whatever the reason, we just got to the point where her pussy was starting to slide down on my cock when we heard her parent’s bedroom door open. We froze.

“Shit,” she said with a groan.

That was exactly what I was thinking. Another minute and it all would have been over. She quickly stood up, letting my cock fall from her pussy with a wet slurp, pulled up her jeans and plopped on the couch beside me. I didn’t have enough time to put my cock away, so she just pushed it down against my leg and leaned over my lap when her Mom appeared at the bottom of the stairs.

“Chloe, it’s time to say good night to Dorsey and come to bed,” she said.

It was hard to tell just by reading her face whether she knew what was going on or not, but then, how could she not know?

She went back upstairs.

“I guess I better get going,” I said and stood up.

While I bent my cock down and stuffed it back into my jeans, Chloe watched with a perverse longing in her eyes. I bent it down and stuffed it back into my jeans. I gritted my teeth and tried to ignore the pain. Once it was out, it was nearly impossible to get it back in.

At the door we kissed and said good night. Chloe gave the front of my jeans one last rub.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32