Cycling with Janice

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This is a bit of a change from my normal themes. So for those of you who have kindly favourited myself or some of my stories I hope you won’t be disappointed. This story like all my others is pure fantasy, but based around people I have met and known. I would like to hear from writers and readers who have an opinion on the change of style from third person narrative to 1st person telling the story. Criticism accepted and expected, I think there are some things I could do differently. Single word anonymous comments….Okay you have got it off your chest but it really does not help anyone. Critics welcome.

The bicycle had been a gift from my wife Elaine, a subtle way of saying the years were taking their toll. I had gained several pounds, drove more, walked less, and yes a certain little something did not grow big and tall like it used to. Aside from age and my physical fitness there was another reason for that too. 30 years of marriage had put an end to the spontaneity, and the routine of sex gradually slid until a brief hug and a kiss was sufficient to say we were alright together and our relationship had grown in other ways.

Now do not get me wrong, I still liked sex, and I still found other women very attractive, as you would expect from the gift of the bicycle I was just getting less attractive to anyone other than my wife. Not knowing anything about bikes my wife had left me to choose the bike. Well now being over 50 I wanted something that would take me up the hills without leaving the saddle, and I also wanted a saddle that would not do any more damage to my shrinking asset. I chose one of these modern mountain bikes with lots of gears and shock absorbers to take some of the bumps out of the road.

I looked at the machine when it arrived and wondered if this was the right thing to do. I wobbled around the block a couple of times to regain my confidence, and gradually the going got easier and I built up a circuit of local roads where I could start to put back the muscle and burn off some of the fat.

The whole bicycle idea it transpired had been prompted by a conversation my wife had with a girl friend. Janice we had known for years, along with her husband Bill. Janice had a very naughty past. She had slept her way into various senior posts during her working career and for many years she looked like she was always going to be someone else’s mistress. Well despite being blond, trim, with a pert 38C bust and tight jean fitting ass to match in the career mistress stakes there is always a sell by date. When she reached 45 she exchanged the hotel bed for a permanent bed and married Bill a divorcee. They rubbed along pretty well together but for comparative newly weds they soon slipped into the familiar married couple role.

Like me Bill had spread a little round the middle. He was content with life, he was married to an attractive woman and had no worries at all. Unlike me he did not take the exercise hint too well. Early on in their married life Janice had persuaded Bill they ought to take cycle rides together. But he just had not enjoyed it. Janice often cycled alone, Bill being tempted out on holidays only when a good watering hole with some nice food, was their ultimate destination.

So when Janice spoke to my wife about me joining her on some cycle rides, the girls agreed it would be a good idea. A long term friend safely married, and me with my little problem was no threat to our relationship. Suddenly this whole exercise thing seemed very appealing to me and I waited eagerly for our first ride out together.

Janice arrived that 1st morning in a pair of black and electric blue Lycra cycling shorts, that clung to her thighs and ass. Her long legs, displayed an even tan from regular exposure, as did her arms. She had on a matching electric blue top with a low vee neck, which looked semi respectable as she sat up but as she leant forward to grasp the handle bars, I could see straight down to the round moulded form of her cleavage and the white lacy bra, cupping her tits. This exercise was doing me good already as I felt my cock twitch for the first time in what seemed like a very long time. It was like being a pubescent kid when this thing in your pants gains size and becomes something other than the instrument to urinate with.

I got on my bike as the two women engaged in conversation, Janice talking about where she thought she would take me, and me thinking of where I would like to take her. Those shorts really clung to her ass, from her behind I could see the flaring of her hips and the spread of her buttocks. I so wanted to be her saddle and have that hot pussy smothering me. I had to stop looking at her, things were getting uncomfortable so I rode around a little pretending to be warming up my leg muscles for the ride ahead. All the time thinking of the potential ride between Janice’s legs.

Well despite all of my expectations that first ride was pretty tame. We both chatted, about work, old times and our respective spouses. Rested at the top of the hills to admire antep escort the scenery, and share some water. I also took the opportunity to admire the little view in front of me. The contours of Janice with her fine round mounds and those deep hidden valleys.

Well Spring wore into summer and my wife arranged for Janice and I to take a ride most weekends. Normally the four of us would meet up at a pub somewhere at the end of the ride. Cycles would be loaded into the back of the car and we would go our separate ways. Janice and I got more and more familiar on our rides, and the stops got longer, our bodies leaning into each other, as we studied maps or looked at views. By now my cock had regained its youthful vigour and was desperately seeking somewhere to shoot its load other than down the toilet with the aid of my right hand.

I lay awake at nights thinking about our rides, remembering the sight of Janice’s tits filling out her shirt, her tight butt in those clinging shorts. By now I also could remember the feel of the soft lycra, as she pressed against me, or I accidentally brushed my hand across her tits. I lay in bed flexing my fingers imagining those tits filling my hands.

Come the next weekend and my wife decided she wanted to visit relatives on her own, she did not want to break my schedule of rides. She noticed how much trimmer I was, shame I could not say the same for her. Janice and I set off on our ride, it was a route we had enjoyed several times, taking us up into the hills, and beside a crumbling farm cottage. The roof was gone and only part of the outer walls remained. This day was particularly hot so when we came to rest we parked the bikes up and slipped behind the shelter of the walls to gain some shade.

We shared the water around, and Janice dug some energy bars from out of her saddle bag. She lay back against the wall, eyes closed, sunglasses resting on top of her head. Her feet rested on the ground with her knees bunched up and her legs splayed. I could see the shape of her pussy pushing up through the lycra, her skin had the salty sheen of cooling perspiration, and my cock was painfully restrained by my underpants. I always wore loose shoots to cycle I said for the circulation of air, the truth was to hide my now regular erection. I stood in front of her looking down on the friend we had known for years, the woman who had done so many wicked things in her past before her reformation. If only I had been doing this then, instead of now, when she was married.

She put the water bottle to her lips and drank some more. Her lips were waxy with sun screen, just like gloss. I saw her lick the dribbles of water from her lips. She opened her eyes and raised the bottle towards me.

‘Would you like some?’

I wanted a lot of things from Janice at this time, I would certainly have liked some of her body. Instead I reached out to take the bottle. Janice leaned towards me, giving the full view of her cleavage. It looked so inviting, I so wanted to feel my face nestled between those tits. I drank the water as Janice watched.

‘You are looking in good shape Jack. I think all this cycling is doing you good. We will have to try and keep it up through the winter. You have certainly lost some of the spread on your tummy. I was saying to Bill yesterday, he needed to get back on the bike and join us. He thought he may, but I think we may have to wait a while before I can tempt him.’

I looked down into her green eyes, her shimmering lips slightly parted, I did not need any tempting. Temptation was before my eyes. I drank some more and then passed the bottle back towards Janice. I held the bottle outstretched so Janice had to lean forward to take the bottle from my grip. I looked down the front of her shirt, I could see the brown tip of her nipple showing against the white of her bra. Distracted I did not notice her take the bottle from my hand.

‘What are you looking at Jack?’ Janice asked leaning back against the wall.

‘You.’ I then quickly tried to cover up my answer. ‘I was just thinking how little you have changed in the years. This cycling does us both good.’

‘Well that was the plan. When Elaine first asked me about cycling, although I thought the bike would be for her, not you. It has been good to get out in the country and enjoy the scenery. Has it improved things for you?’

‘Well yes. I feel fitter and I don’t struggle so much up the stairs.’

Janice placed the bottle on the ground. She looked squarely at my crotch and my semi erect cock which I hoped was still concealed by my baggy shorts.

‘I was thinking of something else. Elaine and I were comparing notes one night and we both found we were getting a little more sleep in the bed room than we used to. I love Bill he is the right man for me in many ways, I do not have to hide my past from him, well not all of it anyway, because as you know he was one of my lovers. But at some time I am going to have to be tough and tell him he will have to start shaping up or I will be looking elsewhere. You?’

I shifted on my feet. I did not know what to say. It is always revealing for a man to learn what his wife talks about with her girl friends. My libido I thought had always been a matter between us. There was also that little twist in the end of Janice’s words. Would Elaine have been considering or maybe was taking a lover. Whilst we had grown familiar in our relationship, I knew there were still men who found her attractive. What if? I was torn now between my lust for Janice and the possibility that my wife could be cheating on me. Suddenly that erection I had been trying to hide disappeared by itself.

‘Well yes. I suppose things are improving, I just haven’t really considered that Elaine….Well you know we have been married for years, she hasn’t complained. I never knew. I didn’t realise….’

Janice stood up stretching her limbs, expanding her wonderful chest, thrusting her breasts forward, revealing the thin band of midriff as her shirt pulled from the waistband of her shirt.

‘That is the problem with you men. You never realise or think that maybe, just maybe us girls have needs too. You get a little itch, or something rises in the night and we have to be ready and willing to accommodate it. Get a little tired or want to watch something on the television and it is like you were raising a mountain, rather than a little six inch column of flesh, and we have to be soooo, grateful. Come on. On your bike let’s burn off some more calories while the sun is still up.’

Janice brushed past me and I felt the silky touch of her flesh against mine. She felt so good, and she felt so fresh despite the heat of the day. I could just have reached out and taken her. I didn’t, I didn’t because I was now feeling guilty about my wife and the question was nagging in the back of my mind now. Was this just a visit to relatives or was Elaine off somewhere being fucked in a strange hotel bed whilst I was cycling around the countryside dreaming of her friends peachy ass in those tight lycra shorts.

We cycled a few more miles in silence as I pondered the possibilities of my wife having a lover, whilst still wishing she would have taken up Janice’s suggestions and worked a little harder on keeping her figure as trim as her friend. When we next stopped off for a rest, I asked Janice directly.

‘Does Elaine have a lover? Is she really at Patti’s this weekend?’

‘Would it matter?’ Janice asked leaning against a low stone wall overlooking a rolling valley beneath. ‘After all you have been content, to share her bed with nothing more for some time. Would you have worried if I had said nothing? Is it just because someone else might be interested that your curiosity is aroused now?’

‘No.’ I replied on the defensive. ‘I love Elaine, I guess I have not expressed it lately. Well we are married have been for years and…’

‘Okay so what if she is? Is there anything wrong with that? After all haven’t you been looking?’

‘No!’ Again I was quick to defend my position. This was my wife Janice was talking about I was not going to accept her having another relationship. ‘Are you saying she has been screwing someone else? Is this why I have been sent out these bike rides?’ I was doing very well at being the wronged and indignant husband.

Janice lay back against the wall spreading her arms out either side of her body. She looked to my face and then down to my crotch.

‘So you have not enjoyed our little rides out together? You have not been maybe the teensiest bit excited by watching my body. You do spend a lot of time following me up the hills. Now why would that be? Could it be these shorts are very tight and very revealing? Of course you haven’t been looking down the front of my shirt at every opportunity either? I am a woman, I am not blind to where your eye is or what your body is thinking. Don’t forget for many years I knew exactly what every man in my life wanted. It tends to be rather obvious. Are you saying Elaine is not the same as me? Before you speak remember I am married too.’ Janice rolled onto her side cocking a leg over the wall. She lay across the warm stone, her head resting on her folded arms, her round buttocks taut inside the black lycra, the deep cleft between them inviting my finger to rest in it to cup the round flesh in my palm and squeeze.

She raised one eyebrow emphasising her questioning statement. She had a knowing smile to show she knew of my guilt before I spoke.

‘But I haven’t, we haven’t, we have known each other for years. Nothing has happened, yes I have looked. Of course I bloody well looked you have a fantastic figure always have. Well yes I find you very attractive but as you say you are married and….’

‘If we hadn’t known each other for so long and Elaine and I knew each other so well, you would have tried it on ages ago. So…..What if Elaine does have a lover? Would it matter? Would it matter if you had one too?’

I was now lost. Was Janice playing some complicated female game with me trying to trick me into making a pass. Was this some kind of test she and Elaine had devised. Was my wife having an affair or was Janice just offering herself to me? I did not know what to say or do.

Janice stretched her hand out towards me and beckoned that I approached her. I edged closer still expecting this to be some kind of female conspiracy. Janice gripped the front of my shorts, her hand circling my semi stiff shaft.

‘I thought as much. You are making a good recovery. Nothing very much wrong with that cock, just a few gentle strokes, would have it nice and big and strong. Now how much do you want to know about what Elaine is doing, or would you rather know what we could be doing instead?’

I could not believe what I was hearing or what was happening. All the years of fantasising about Janice, imagining all the fun her lovers had, now she had my cock in her hand, offering herself to me. But I felt nervous, exposed and vulnerable. The road was open, anyone could see us. Janice pulled me closer to her. As one hand held my cock through my shorts, her other hand slid up inside the open leg, to cup my balls.

‘Janice….don’t fool around like this. I think…’

‘What’s the matter Jack? Don’t you fancy me? Am I not attractive? Frightened what Elaine may say or Bill?’

The touch of her fingers against the hairs on my leg was making me shiver, my cock bucked and pushed up against the palm of her hand. The sun was against my face and everything felt so good at the same time I felt so guilty. What if my wife was really with Patti? What if she did not have a lover? What about Bill? Sitting at home waiting for Janice. This could have been his cock, his balls she were stroking. No I did not feel guilty about Bill, but Elaine? Should I stop? Janice’s face was pressed against the front of my shorts. Her eyes looked up into mine, could I do the right thing and step back, or should I continue. In the distance I could see a car coming along the road.

‘Someone is coming.’

‘So? You have not answered any of my questions Jack. I could flag whoever it is down. I could get into the passenger seat, and drive off with them, to be fucked at the side of the road. Would you like that Jack? Who knows there could be two, three guys in that car. They could take turns with me. Have you ever done that Jack? Been part of a group fucking the same woman. I have, been to a party like that. I have been to a party where I had to fuck another woman while all the guys watched, then they took turns with us. Imagine Jack six guys, two girls, every orifice filled.’

Parties, nights out, my head was turning again. Had Elaine ever been part of these parties? Was that where she was now? She had fired my imagination. Her touch was driving me wild. Her thumb was pressed against my ass, as she massaged my balls and cock. I would have to be insane to let her go off. But would I throw everything I had ever loved away if I succumbed. The car was getting nearer. Janice eased her leg back over the wall. She continued to hold my cock, as she stood up pressing her breasts into my chest. Her mouth brushed against my cheek.

‘Decision time Jack. Are you coming with me, or am I going with the first car to stop for me.’ Janice began to lift up her shirt, I could see the white edge of her bra.

‘I think this will help me flag this next car down don’t you?’

I grabbed her to me, wrapped my arms about her shoulders.

‘Wait Janice! Wait let’s just think about this for a minute.’ The car sped by, her body shielded by mine the two men in the car looked back. But they did not stop.

‘Does this mean you are going to take care of me Jack, or will I be stripping at the side of the road waiting for the next car?’

Janice slipped out of my arms, immediately removing her shirt. She rested her hands on her hips. She did look very sexy, I felt very ridiculous, with my cock now jutting forward with an erection so big not even my shorts could disguise it. My face was flushed red, with embarrassment, frustration and anxiety. Her white bra reflected the sun, and drew attention to the full swell of her bosom. I could see clearly the brown pink circles of her aureole through the sheer fabric of her bra, and the erect peak of her nipple pressing against her bra cup. Her stomach was soft and rounded with a slight edge hanging over the tops of her shorts. In the incongruous setting she seemed almost naked despite being covered. Janice slipped her hands inside the waist band of her shorts and began to peel them down her legs.

‘Wait! Janice! You can’t! Not here, not out in the open. For goodness sake someone will see.’

‘That is the idea Jack. I plan to get fucked. You and Bill may be good guys and great soul mates but us girls, need something more from our husbands. I need someone to fuck me before I go insane. I have tried hinting to you what I need, I have put on my sexiest clothes and performed fellatio on my husband, I cannot wait any longer for someone to rise to the occasion I am going to get what I want. I will be fucked today. I will have a cock buried deep into my pussy until I orgasm.’

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