Curious Jade Ch. 05

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I can tell from the several missed calls and unanswered texts that I am in trouble with Lynn by the time I get back to the dorm. I can’t really blame her if I’m being honest. We were supposed to leave for our camping trip as soon as our classes were done and that was over an hour ago. I’m hoping she will give me a pass once I tell her all about my professor and I having a private “tutor” session, but somehow something inside me tells me I won’t be so lucky.

As I near our dorm I see some girls sitting outside smoking and quicken my pace to convey that I’m in a rush; in doing so however I completely forget that in my meeting with Mr. Fuller I lost both my bra and panties and it isn’t until I see one of the girls (Katie – a smile to your face and stab you in the back gossip) nudge the other (Jill – a shy, but sweet virgin we all try to corrupt) that I realize what a state of undress I am in. My short, pleated skirt bounces with each step and I can feel the fabric float up and expose my bottom in the rear and can only imagine that the girls are getting a glimpse of my full bush with each step as I near. Just as I reach up and wave to the girls a stiff breeze kicks up and I remember that I had ripped off two of the three buttons on my flimsy blue blouse and without a bra my boobs are free to sway and bounce under the nearly sheer material. I can tell by the wide eyes and smiles on both of the girls that they enjoy the show as I bounce my way up the sidewalk. Jill’s face turns a slight shade of pink as I pass and I figure it is just her normal shyness rearing its nasty head. It isn’t until I reach the first step of the dorm’s front stairs that I see why Jill is blushing. As I hop up the stairs I can feel my boobs jiggling a little more freely than normal and look down to see that my left nipple has peeked its way out from behind the veil thin top I am wearing and was greeting the girls as I walked past. Nothing I can do about it now I think, and continue into the dorm without adjusting it; remembering all the people I passed on my walk home, and wondering how long my puffy little nipple was on full display.

I slowly open the door to Lynn and mine’s room and expect to see her huffing and puffing on her bed waiting to scold me for keeping her waiting so long. I fully anticipate a tongue lashing, a not the good kind as soon as I step foot inside. I am shocked to find an empty room, just two hiking backpacks already filled and ready sitting in the middle of the floor. Looking around I see a note laying on the bed:

“Hey, I figured we should get one last shower in before we go on our hiking trip this weekend and waited for you as long as I could. Since you obviously don’t want to shower with me I guess I’m on my own. If you are reading this it means I’m still in the shower. Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll save some hot water for you! HURRY!! -Lynn”

I place the note back on the bed and start to undress. No sooner do I have my clothes off and robe on when I hear Lynn’s voice coming towards the door from the bathroom. Knowing Lynn loves a good scare I decide to play a little prank on her and hide behind my closet door just as the door opens. Lynn is slightly taller than me at 5’8″ to my 5’5. Other than her breasts being slightly larger than mine we have very similar body types and have been told we could pass for sisters. As she saunters into the room she closes the door behind her and lets out a groan upon seeing I’m still not there.

“Come on girl, what the hell? We should be halfway there already,” she pouts as she takes the towel wrapped around her body and uses it to dry her hair and throws it into her hamper in the corner.

As she pulls her hair back into a high ponytail, she stands naked in front of the full body mirror in the corner admiring her own body. She slowly moves back to her computer and puts on some music and shimmies back in front of the mirror. Swaying at her hips in rhythm with the music, she takes a bottle of lotion off the shelf above her bed and rubs a glob of it across her shoulders along her collarbones. As she takes another handful of lotion, I can see her close her eyes and start to rub it into her face. Sensing this as my opportunity, I spring forward from my closet and sneak up behind her dropping my robe to the ground. I reach up under her arms on either side and cup a breast with either hand, pressing my chest firm into Lynn’s back making it difficult for her to get away from my grasp.

I feel her body tense up immediately and she tries to whirl around, “What the hell,” she screams.

“Shh, I’m sorry I’m late for our trip. Let me make it up to you and then we can get going,” I whisper into her ear.

I slowly rub my hands up to her neckline covering them in the lotion then gently sliding them back down over her firm, perky tits making sure to pay extra attention to her dime sized nipples which are already standing erect. I feel her relax back into my body giving her ass an extra shove back into my crotch.

“I görükle escort was in the shower so long waiting for you I got bored and decided to give myself a treat and shaved my little pussy for you,” she sighed into the air not wanting to open her eyes.

Taking my cue, I trace my hands down her flat tummy to where, normally, her neatly trimmed landing strip would be and feel that it is indeed completely bare. I reach over and squeeze another handful of lotion into my hand and nudge Lynn forward onto her bed with my knee. She takes a step forward and bends at the waist moving her feet shoulder width apart and puts her head down on one of her pillows. Reaching up to her neck I leave one hand there while gliding the other the full length of her back leaving a trail of lotion behind. Once I reach the top of her butt crack I slip one finger down into the sensitive slit and feel her body quiver. As I massage her back I hear several moans escape Lynn’s pillow and know she is enjoying my back massage but sense she is after something more. Once done with her back, I reach down and grab an ass cheek in each hand and knead it in my hand, rolling my thumbs in a clockwise motion and spreading her cheeks apart. After doing this several times I lower myself into position behind Lynn and get on my knees with my nose inches from her full, round ass and bare pussy lips. Without warning as I roll her ass cheeks apart this time I let one of the thumbs “slip” down into her crack and tease her tight little asshole and slide my tongue the entire way up her lips from behind. Lynn’s knees buckle and a loud groan is muffled by the pillow as her body tenses for a second then melts back into my touch.

I can feel a hand come down and Lynn is reaching down and opening her pussy lips for me. I continue to press my thumb against her tight hole and she pushes back against it threatening to swallow it with her hungry backside as my tongue starts to gently kiss and lick up the sides of Lynn’s pink pleasure cave. I feel her hand rubbing her clit, teasing it and rolling over it while trying to give me full access to her now very wet, shaved pussy. As I hungrily feasted on her sweet juices I could feel her body start to shake and her knees going weak. I looked up and saw Lynn’s hand sharply pinching her nipple and her other hand still relentlessly teasing her clitoris as she worked herself into a frenzied orgasm, with my humble help of course. Just as a loud yelp crosses her lips Lynn buries her face into the pillow under her head and she bucks back against my tongue for what feels like a minute before finally falling limp against the bed in exhaustion. Not wanting to disturb her I try to remain as still as possible.

“This doesn’t get you off the leash you know,” finally emerges from under the pillow.

“Yeah, I know. I do have a great story for the road on why I was late though,” I stammer as I start to get up and make my way over to my closet to get clothes to put on.

Lynn finally pulls herself up and sits on the edge of her bed. “Oh, I set out clothes for you on your bed. I also packed for us while I was waiting,” she says with just a tinge of passive aggressiveness.

I look down on my bed and see that Lynn’s sweet gesture of picking out my attire was definitely more of a punishment: lying on the bed was a grey midriff spaghetti strap camisole and pair of pink yoga shorts -no underwear or bra to be seen-.

“Lynn, I can’t wear this. You said we had to hike 4 miles up a mountain to get to the cabin,” I say holding the skimpy outfit up. “And I don’t even see any underwear.”

“Oh, calm down. It’s a remote trail. There won’t be another human within 5 miles of the place. You’re lucky I’m not making you hike it naked after making me wait so long,” she hisses as I feel a sharp smack on my butt.

Seeing that commenting further can only end in more trouble for me I decide to shut up and wear the skimpy outfit since once we’re at the cabin I can just change then. As I pull the yoga shorts and cammie on, I look over and see that Lynn had definite plans for the weekend. Her hiking outfit consisted of a low-cut sports bra and pair of running shorts that leave very little to the imagination.

“I’m starting to get the sense that this trip is not going to be the relaxing -get back to our roots- nature experience you promised and is just another excuse for you to embarrass me and flaunt your hot little body in the woods,” I say brushing my hand over barely covered ass cheek.

“Come on girl, we’re losing daylight”, she says over her shoulder as she grabs her pack and heads for the door sidestepping my comment completely. Not wanting to be left in the dust I grab my pack and head for the door.

The drive was long and fairly uneventful. Some highlights were Lynn prying every last detail from me about my encounter with Mr. Fuller and us almost giving a heart attack to some poor trucker as we both flashed him as we drove by. He honked the horn eskort bayan of his big rig and Lynn stood up through the sunroof, taking her top off completely and blowing him a kiss

After what seemed like a whole day of driving we finally pulled off the road into the parking lot at the bottom of the mountain, ready to start our girls weekend camping trip. There was only one other car in the whole lot so I felt a little more at ease that Lynn hadn’t dragged me here promising seclusion only to find a huge tourist attraction. We got out, grabbed our packs and made our way to the path that pointed us to “Perry Point” -our home for the weekend.

The hike was fairly easy, but the straps of my pack kept rolling the straps of my cammie and my boobs constantly need to be readjusted or I would spill out of it. Of course, Lynn’s answer was to just take the top off if it was bothering me so much. Knowing that must have been her plan the whole time I decided to play her game since I had made us late anyway.

“Ugh, that’s it! I can’t take it anymore,” I say making it far worse than it actually was.

I throw my pack down and pull the top off, rolling it into a tight ball and shoving it into my pack.

“Ahh, much better,” I sigh as I stretch my arms out in a V and rub the sweat on my chest into my tits before slinging my pack back onto my shoulders.

We continue down the trail and by my estimate we have gone about three and a half miles of the four Lynn had told me the cabin was into the woods. I hear a faint sound in the distance and slow my pace, getting behind Lynn so she can shield me in case of it being someone else on the trail.

“Calm down you prude, it’s the stream that runs past the cabin. We’re almost there,” she calls over her shoulder realizing my timid move.

I breath a short sigh of relief as I can just make out a building in the distance and can see the stream that I now notice is closer to a river than a creek and can’t help but fantasize about skinny dipping in it with Lynn. I am snapped out of my daydream when the cabin comes a little bit more into view. Lynn billed this as a cozy little cabin that her Uncle owned up in the mountains. At best, this could be considered a hunting shack! As we opened the door and walked in there was just enough room for both of us to stand with our packs on in the “living room”.

“Huh, I remember this being bigger,” is all Lynn can muster.

We continue to give ourselves a tour of the cabin and make our way to the master bedroom. Lynn told me it only had one bed, which would have been fine if what was standing before us could be considered a bed. Where once there was a frame with a mattress on it (one can only assume) now lay a pile of springs and stuffing and a broken head board collapsed in on itself.

“Well, I’ll give you that this is cozy,” I try to get out with a straight face but we both burst out laughing before I can even finish.

Lynn punches my arm and we make our way back out to the kitchen. It’s a primitive kitchen so we aren’t expecting much and get exactly that: a counter top and a dry sink where one could use water from the stream to wash their dishes. We circled back into the living room and dropped our packs on the floor in front of us. We decided to settle in and started unpacking our gear. Lynn had told me she put the food stuffs in my pack and she was carrying the other essentials. Once I got done unloading my pack and stocking the cupboards I went back to the living room and there was Lynn, lying naked on the floor on a giant unrolled sleeping bag.

“All unpacked,” she says stretching out a hand and patting the ground next to her.

“Did you already put all the clothes away,” I ask looking around for a dresser or at least a closet.

“…I put away all the clothes I packed us, yeah.”

“Oh ok, cool,” I say still scanning the room for a place to put anything. “Where are the towels I’m going to go rinse off in the stream,” I ask.

“I didn’t bother with towels, they would have taken up too much space. Plus, we can just air dry,” she says reluctantly getting up off the sleeping bag and heading for the door. “A quick rinse does sound good though, come on I’ll join you.”

“Lynn, aren’t you forgetting something? You’re completely naked, what if someone strolls by?”

Lynn’s shoulders dropped and she shuffled across the cabin (all eight steps of it) and grabbed my hand.

“Did you see anyone the whole hike up here?”

I shake my head no.

“Even if someone does stroll by, are you ever going to see them again?”

I again shake my head no.

“Don’t you want to forget all the stress from school and Mr. Fuller and…life?”

As I shake my head yes, Lynn reaches her hand around my back and embraces me, drawing me near, and gliding her hands under the waistband of my yoga shorts. She slowly starts sliding them down my full, round ass and slides a finger along my sensitive altıparmak escort crack while sucking and nibbling on my earlobe.

“This weekend is all about letting go and decompressing,” she breaths into my ear and slides my shorts all the way down my thighs until they hit the floor. I step out of them and into our naked adventure.

“Come on babe, let’s go grab a nice refreshing rinse off in the stream,” Lynn said grabbing my hand and leading me to the door.

It is as if I am in a trance. Something Lynn said took all the stresses of my life and threw them on the ground with my shorts. As we leave the cabin somehow the air seems lighter. I can feel the wind blowing through my hair and kissing my naked body. I close my eyes for a brief second and take a deep breath in. The crisp Autumn air fills my lungs and I really can feel myself get closer with the nature surrounding me. A firm crack on my ass snaps me back from my mini mental vacation and I open my eyes to see Lynn galloping away towards the water.

“Last one in has to build the fire tonight,” she shouts running out ahead.

Lynn is on the swim team and had this been a diving or swimming contest I would have no choice but concede…Being that I am on the track team however, I give her the slight false start and start jogging after her. She thinks she has the race in the bag and lets up just a touch, turning to see where I am and rub her victory (and hopefully boobs) in my face.

Just as she turns I reach out and grope her chest as I blow by, “Honk honk,” I snort as I stride by and make my way down the slight hill to the pebble beach of the stream.

There is a nice, calm cove area and as I make my way into the water I twirl and sink all the way down until I am laying back and letting the stream run over my naked body. The water feels fantastic as it trickles over me. I arch my back in my reclined position and my nipples strain for the surface of the water and gasp for air just above the light waves of the current. Lynn runs down the beach and without a word trots past me to deeper water, diving into the slightly quicker current of the stream. I giggle as she emerges, throws her hair back, and does her best Baywatch impression running in slow motion towards me. She collapses next to me and we lay our heads back and let the water wash through our hair. Her hand reaches over and gently caresses my thigh before finding my hand and intertwining our fingers.

“Thanks so much for coming with me this weekend, you have no idea how much I needed this,” she quietly announces, more to the air than to me directly.

In place of a response I lean my head over and kiss her shoulder and we drift off for a moment. We must have both fell asleep from exhaustion, because the next thing either of us hear is a rustling in the leaves above our heads. I shoot up and immediately make a vain attempt to cover my naked body. Lynn slowly stirs and eventually opens her eyes. I fully expect an audience of fifty drooling hicks to be standing over us ready to have their way with us, and (if I’m being honest) am equal parts relieved and disappointed when I dart around with my eyes scanning for what made the noise.

“It was probably just a squirrel or something, forget about it,” Lynn says getting to her feet, whisking the water from her body, and shaking her hair as dry as she can.

“Squirrel?” I shout. “No way! You heard that noise. I may be more from the city than you, but even I know that was no damn squirrel. It sounded like footst-“

Before I can finish my word, I look up on the hill overlooking the stream and catch our captivated audience. I motion with my head to Lynn where they are standing and hold a finger to my lips. Lynn turns her head and sees the buck standing with his antlers on proud display.

“Who do you think has the better rack,” Lynn inquires and I laugh as he spooks and trots off into the woods. “Better watch out, he might be coming to take advantage of us poor college girls,” she goads, sneaking up to me and tickling me “ooh, you got a purty mouth.”

I slap her hand away and we turn and start back up the hill towards the cabin. Lynn announces she is going to gather some firewood and start the fire since she lost our race and I make my way into the cabin to see what I can muster for dinner. As I walk into the kitchen I pick up my shirt and start to pull it over my head, but then decide that the feeling of the wind on my bare tits and blowing through my full bush felt too good to pass up. Besides, maybe Lynn was right; a relaxing weekend without all the worries of the normal college life was exactly what we needed…why encumber that with clothes? I toss my shirt back into the pile with the rest of our clothes on the sleeping bag in the living room and go back to the cupboards to get dinner ready. I decide on a nice light salad since we had already ate on the road and neither of us eat all that much to begin with.

“Yeah, you better have my dinner ready woman,” Lynn jokes as she stands in her best imitation of a lumberjack returning from a long stint in the woods.

“Oh thank heavens you’re home Samuel,” I play along as the dutiful housewife. “Now I can do my duty and service you with my mouth and pussy as you see fit.”

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