Fucked Up Little Twist Pt. 01

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He’d never seen her there before, standing outside the coffee shop. It was cloudy, threatening to rain since Dale woke up that morning. He had moved to Portland a couple of months ago for a new job at a car/moving rental agency but had regretted it ever since. Day after day of mindless paper pushing just to be able to have a small tenth floor 600 sq ft apartment.

He tried his best to be more aware of his surroundings to get out of the banal mindlessness instilled from his repetitive and soul less job. This girl, the one in front of him now, she was making him aware. As he approached along the sidewalk, her eyes were the first thing he saw, big and blue, piercing, longing, passion, all in one look.

He was unable to break his gaze in a comfortable enough amount of time to excuse, he felt attraction instantly. Purple hoodie, cargo pants, blue hair, blue fingernail polish to match. She didn’t break their gaze either, a slight curl in the side of her mouth as he passed her to enter the coffee shop.

The coffee shop was instantly warmer than outside. A welcoming smell of baked goods and sweetness mixed with cinnamon and coffee permeated the shop. There was a short line, just a couple of people, Dale recognized, one guy with a long scarf and tweed jacket, the lady from his building who always left her clothes in the washing machine.

Many people here were regulars, residents of the area. Dale nodded at the barista and approached when his turn arrived, he asked for two large black coffee. The barista turned and started his order as he daydreamed for a moment about his ex back in Dayton. Darlene, had been a real friend and a real freak when it came to sex. She had liked to be dominated and treated rough during sex.

It hadn’t been Dale’s thing before he met her, however since she had introduced him to her kinks, there was no looking back. She liked to be spanked and tied up, she was a real kitten. Dale missed her on days like this, the whole day off, cloudy out, nothing to do but stay home and fuck.

His awareness brought back to the present, the lady ringing up a total, him paying her and plopping his change in the tip jar. He smiled, grabbed the two coffee, turned and headed toward the door as another patron opened it and held it for him smiling.

“Thanks man” Dale smiled back as he walked past the guy holding the door. Immediately he noticed she was still there, the blue eyed girl, just by the door, leaning against the window. One leg was bent and her toe was kicking down on the brick on the base of the structure. Her eyes were back on him, the small upturn in the corner of her mouth, she was gorgeous.

Her blue hair was short with black roots and her makeup brought out the alluring femininity in her features and accented her gorgeous eyes. Dale walked up to her and offered her a coffee,

“I thought you looked cold.”

She looked up at him with that look he had seen earlier, that longing,

“That sounds nice.”

“I’m Dale by the way. Nice to meet you.”

“Cori” She replied, cocking her head playfully and smiling.

“Do you want to go for a walk?” Dale asked hopefully.

Cori nodded and smiled as she began walking along with Dale embracing the warmth of a hot cup of coffee. They walked and talked and filled each other in on what life was like for a young man and young woman living in Portland. Cori had been in the city for a couple of years, she had been in trouble with the law, no father, single mother. She lived with friends and couch surfed.

Dale told her about his life, how it was fairly uneventful since he had made his move for work. He admitted he regretted leaving his girlfriend behind for a stupid job in a lonely city.

“Why don’t you get a new girlfriend?” Cori asked playfully.

“I don’t know too many people outside of work. Maybe the reason I bought you a coffee was just that.” Dale stated emphatically.

Cori looked up at him and that little coy and joyful curl in the corner of her mouth bloomed into a gorgeous smile. “Do you think I’m pretty?”

She asked with fire in her eyes.

Dale was taken aback, she was full of lust and hot fiery sex, He could feel it radiating off of her like waves of intent. Her eyes were enticing, not unlike a black hole swallowing a small universe. Blue and burning, full of animal craving.

“I do think you’re pretty, do you like being told you’re a pretty girl?”

Dale asked playfully, he was more than aroused instantly and from out of nowhere. He had hoped to get Cori’s phone number but now he knew they were going to fuck. The suddenness of it and the casual getting to know you talk had been pushed in front of a bus.

Cori’s arms were holding her coffee with both hands in front of her pushing her tits together in her purple hoodie. Looking at Dale with her hips cocked provocatively, dripping sex like a doe in heat, needing to be fucked.

“We’re a couple of blocks from my place,” said Dale, “We can go there for a bit if you would like.”

“I Sex Hikayeleri can’t wait” Cori said.

As they approached the brownstone where Dale lived Cori grabbed his hand, she was excited, she needed him to touch her. Dale felt the warmth of her hand and squeezed back tenderly. They approached the elevator and got inside. As the doors drew closed she pressed herself up against him.

“I’m really excited right now Dale, I feel really comfortable with you. You have a certain confidence that makes me feel safe.”

“I’m glad you feel safe, I want to make you feel good, I am not going to lie to you though Cori, I brought you here to fuck you. I want to pull off your panties and eat your cunt. I’m have nothing but lustful intentions towards you and once I start I’m not going to stop until you’re my totally submissive little love slave. If you want out, now is the time to do it. I won’t hold it against you beautiful.”

Cori looked at him, shy and innocent, “I just need you to be my daddy, I need to be shown the proper way to be a good little girl.”

Dale was so aroused he could hardly contain himself.

Cori pushed the stop button on the elevator. She got down on her knees and started rubbing her face against the pronounced bulge in the front of Dale’s pleated work pants. She needed to feel his cock on her face, she needed to be filled with cock. She was a nymph, a sexual animal, her hunger for cock was primal.

Dale grabbed her hair in his fist and clenched so it pulled slightly. He unzipped his pants and pushed his raging dick through the hole in his boxers past the fly of his slacks. He brought her face close, her fiery blue eyes staring up at him.

“Is this what you need? Does daddy need to give you something to suck on?”

“I’m a hungry girl who needs to suck daddy’s cock.”

Her lips were pouty and she was leaning into this kinky shit hard and it was making her pussy gush. She needed a daddy, she wanted to be taught a lesson. Suddenly she was shocked with a slap across her cheek with a rigged monster dick.

“You’re my little cock slave, you’ll do what daddy says for rewards. Be a good little girl and stick out your tongue.”

Cori stuck out her tongue hungrily, her open mouth warm and waiting. Dale grabbed his cock at the base and slapped the swollen head of his dick on her tongue. He rubbed it back and forth over her extended tongue using her mouth to tease his cock head. He moved it around in her mouth slapping it back and forth against the inside of her cheeks.

“Suck daddy and make him happy.”

“I need daddy to make me sticky and give me a treat. I want you to shoot your hot load in my mouth daddy. I’m hungry for cum.”

“You’re a sweet little freak, that’s a good girl.”

Dale pushed his huge cock into Cori’s warm mouth. His hand still firmly gripping her short black and blue hair. The sight of her sucking and spitting all over his cock was amazing. He pulled her head away as slimy spit erupted from her mouth spattering his soaked dick and pleated work pants. Spit hung dripping off of his veiny cock and she stared at it with tears in her eyes and a smile on her dirty little face.

“No more till we’re inside my place” Dale said. “Do what daddy says or there will be discipline.”

“I need your cum daddy!”

Cori said lustfully. Dale pulled the elevator stop and the machine whirred back to life travelling upward. Dale looked at Cori and grabbed her gently below the jaw as he guided her back against the wall of the elevator.

“Daddy will feed you when we get inside. He won’t let his little girl go hungry.”

He pressed his lips against hers and they kissed passionately. Soon their tongues were swirling delightfully, teasing and tickling, passing liquid electricity between them. He could feel her need, she yielded against him. He was determined to fuck the absolute living shit out of this girl. She oozed sexuality and was ravenous. Her body was small but strong, he felt the warmth of her lithe little form as they embraced.

The elevator doors opened and they stepped out into the hall of Dale’s apartment building. He guided her gently along towards the left placing his hand on her bottom and squeezing her juicy ass. It was plumper and less flat than what her cargo pants indicated. His cock throbbed as he imagined what her pussy looked, tasted and smelled like.

His mouth watered at the thought of filling his mouth with the taste of her moist cunt. Cori was aching for cock at this point. The sudden force of Dale’s huge rod in her mouth had sent tingles to her clit. His firm hand squeezing her ass had her slick with anticipation. She needed to be manhandled, she needed to be spanked, she was a bad girl and she needed to swallow cum to make amends.

“Get inside you fucked up little twist.”

Dale said forcefully as he opened the door. He slapped her butt gently as she entered the dark apartment. He entered and closed the door behind them.

“You’re Erotik Hikayeler mine now little girl.”

He rasped. Her nipples were hard her clit was already swollen and rubbing against the fabric of her tight panties. She needed his cock, she needed his cum. She wanted to be used, rag dolled and fucked. Dale was excited, intoxicated with her willingness to please, to do whatever he suggested, surrender.

“You need to go stand in the living room and wait till I get there. I’ll go get us something to drink.” Dale went to the kitchen to get a pitcher of water from the fridge. He grabbed a brick of ice cubes from the fridge and cracked them against the counter. The sharp noise startled Cori, she tensed, her pussy and asshole muscles contracted. Her nipples were erect, she was already wet, her panties drenched in musky girl juice. Her slit was aching for good dick. She hadn’t had sex with a man in over six months, so disgusted with superficial douchebags and fart sniffing Dorito zombies who lived in their mother’s basements. She needed to be dominated by a real man, a man with nothing to lose and nothing to give but the hot loads from his cock. She needed to be opened up and run through, fucked hard, she needed it badly.

Dale returned with two glasses, he poured water precisely and carefully, leaving no drips on the glass of his coffee table. He sat down on his futon and looked up at her. She was about 4’10” super cute in the face, huge blue eyes that were extremely magnetic and electrifying, begging, hungry. Her hair was blue and black at the roots, it looked trashy and cute, like a pop star, like a girl who needed to be taught how to act.

“Have some water Cori, You’re awfully beautiful. Take off your shoes.”

Cori kicked off her sneakers and Dale could see the outline of her body as the muscles of her supple limbs stretched and moved beneath the fabric of her loose clothes. Dale freed his raging cock and undid his pants. Cori’s eyes became even more big and beautiful as she stared, salivating at the revealing of his huge dong. Her slit felt so sensitive as she kicked off her left shoe, rubbing against her panties, along with the sight of a huge pulsating cock. Her knees went a little weak, she was going to get fucked so good.

“You’re such a sexy little girl Cori. Take off your hoodie and throw it on the futon beside me.”

She did as she was told, she wanted to be told. Her movements were feminine and alluring as she stripped off her purple hoodie. She had a tight, light blue, spaghetti strap t-shirt on with no bra. Fat little tittys that were round C’s and natural. They begged for a nice hard cock between them. Her nipples were hard, straining against the cotton fabric.

Pre cum was leaking out of Dale’s giant cock as he drank her in. She was his, he could see how she needed to be handled. He instructed her to turn around and take off her pants. She did so, slowly, willingly, enticing him to dominate her and ravage her little pussy. He knew he had to go slow, he didn’t want her to fear his dick. He wanted her to worship it.

He reached forward and drained a glass of water, poured another neatly and sat back with the glass in his hand. Cori’s ass was perky and plump, when she bent over she swore she caught a whiff of her own kitty and the aroma turned her on even more. Her ass was inviting, needing to be spanked and ploughed, she needed spunk. She needed cum on her plump ass and dripping out of her well used pink slit. She needed cum dripping out of every orifice and soaking her pretty little tits. She stood there faced away from him in her pink cotton panties and spaghetti t-shirt. Dale ordered her to turn around and she did so slowly sucking on a finger looking back at him, sexy enough to cause a little more pre cum to leak from the head of Dales turgid prick.

“Get down on you knees and crawl over here.”

Cori got down on all fours, never breaking eye contact, again, she swore she caught a whiff of her own feminine odour, sweet and alluring as she crouched to crawl. She felt like she was on a quest to a giant tower, his boner, so hard and veiny, it made her mouth water, it made her pussy slick. She crawled over on the cold laminate hardwood towards Dale. That dick needed be inside of her, she wanted that cock more than anything.

“Drink your water.” Dale instructed.

“You need to be hydrated to properly to enjoy what I have to teach you.”

Cori was losing her mind, the cotton of her panties rubbing and teasing her slit. She needed to touch that giant fuck tool, to please it, in her mouth, feel it pulsating inside her against her tongue, ejaculating daddy’s sweet spermy load into her waiting mouth. She wanted to be used like a receptacle for his cum, marked like his property, her body and soul were his.

“Drink your water then pour yourself some more. I can see you are a bad little girl by the way your looking at daddy’s cock. You look hungry baby but you can’t be greedy, you’ve got to savour Tecavüz Hikayeleri my delicious ball sauce.”

Cori’s pussy was absolutely slimy with girl cum, her panties were starting to spot with leaky juice. Her gash was aching to be fucked, she wanted to feel him between her legs, opening her up and using her for pleasure. When Dale said “savour my delicious ball sauce.” She was driven over the edge. She knew he was going to feed her, inseminate her, leave her dripping in cum. She was a dirty girl and needed spunk. Her beautiful eyes fixated like a predator on it’s prey.

Dale’s proud erection could fill her aching slit. She drank her water, some spilling over the sides of her mouth as she drank. The water was cold and wet and the sensation of the cool rivulets of the drops enhanced her nervous anticipation. When could she suck that enormous meat into her hungry mouth?

“Set your glass down Cori, then I want you to take my glass and set it down.”

Cori set down her glass as Dale drained his second glass of water in a few huge gulps. She took his empty glass and obediently set them both on the table. Dale’s cock stood proud out of his pleated work slacks. His fly was open his shorts were down. He was ready to teach her her first lesson.

“Can you see the cum leaking from daddy’s cock baby?”

“Yes daddy, it looks so swollen and red, can I make it better for you?”

Dale grabbed Cori tightly by the hair again and gently and brought her face close to his engorged prick.

“You need to lick up that sweet nectar real slow, like licking an ice cream. Savour it and don’t be greedy or I’ll have to give you discipline.”

Cori’s nipples were brushing against his knee and she was gently teasing her sweet boobs through the fabric of her shirt against her new master Dale.

She was about to savour the first taste of his clear love fluid, literally his dripping sexual desire for her. Her body needed to be taken, her pussy ached to swallow that giant pillar. She was so wet she knew she could take that monster inside her, She needed to feel warm cum injected deep inside her by that massive iron hard fuck tool. If his cum tasted as good as his dick when she sucked it briefly in the elevator she was going to gorge herself on his loads.

She could smell the blend of her spit and his cock as she stared at the veiny dick poised so close to her little mouth. Her eyes locked onto his, her pussy twinged as he looked down at her, she could see he needed her mouth. She opened her mouth to engulf the head of her desire when she felt the sweet pull of her hair as he tightened his grip on the shock of her blue mane gripped in his manly fist.

“You need to lick it slow, like ice cream. Be a good girl or you’ll get discipline.” He reminded her.

She had her hand between her knees her hips undulating side to side as she fought to resist twiddling her little nub and dipping into the moist sweetness coating her reddening slit. She could smell it, the drops on the head of Dale’s reddening circumcised dick.

The smell of his leaking sex invited her tongue to lick gently. The salty sweetness of his clear drops of cum forced her to start touching her panties just above her swollen mound. Rubbing her swollen lips gently through the fabric as her tongue gently prodded and lapped his juicy cock head. Cori’s middle finger pushed her cotton panties into her aching slit, the fabric soaking up her womanly musk as she diddled herself and licked his delicious tip. Dale’s cock spasmed and leaked a generous rivulet of musky sex dew. It sparkled and dribbled down the underside of his veiny shaft.

“Clean that up baby, It’s time to earn a treat.”

Dale gently squeezed his fist pulling her hair and she drooled on his cock in sweet surrender. A huge dollop of her spit leaked out of her hungry mouth and splattered on his engorged fuck stick. She was excited, and hungry.

Cori’s eyes were locked onto that cock like a macrophage, needing to engulf and absorb all he had to give her.

“Take off your shirt Cori.” Dale watched as she crossed her arms and let her chubby little tits drop like sexy ripe fruit from her tight cotton t shirt. They bounced as gravity pulled them free from the prison of her top. They were fat and sweet with quarter sized brown nipples that extended out almost a half an inch. Those nipples were hard like pencil erasers. Dale pulled her up to his mouth and kissed her deeply.

“I need to use your tits Cori, push them together for me.

Cori grabbed her ample boobs and enthusiastically pushed them together. She looked at Dales swollen fuck stick and her need for it between her swollen lips reduced her an obedient slave.

“Like this daddy?”

Her innocent delivery and batting eyelashes were too much for Dale. He needed to fuck those darling little milkers. He eased his fat prick in between her warm welcoming tits. They were so soft and inviting as they surrounded his shaft. His cock head sticking up near her chin.

She looked down and drooled on it. The slick spit plopping in a clear slimy glob on his cock head before pooling on the tops of her boobs and leaking down his shaft.

“Move up and down for me Cori. Keep spitting on your pretty tits. That’s a good little girl.”

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