Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 34

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Fyr hid from her family. She wasn’t proud of it but it proved easy enough to beg off whatever it was that they wanted her to do — she didn’t really care, as long as she didn’t have to be involved — with the arrival of the new animals. She’d even had to get herself up and astride a horse again for the first time to manage the herd of cattle, although a part of her was loathe to hire more ranch hands for the fear and concern that her family, well…

Her family was not the family she was used to: put it that way. She didn’t have any idea at all what they would do to anyone else who came to the ranch or, at least, that was what she told herself as the late summer sunshine beamed down, summer easing into the autumn season so smoothly and seamlessly that it was as if one could slip into the other without a single jot of notice. Of course, there was a lot of work to do and that, at least, helped her keep her head down, a crash course in cattle to take care of on top of her earlier research and the arrival of the few, sturdy workhorses who would be able to get her to places where her truck could not.

A new off-road vehicle… Yes, that was just what she needed. As she trotted (bouncing a little, for she had not yet found a stable seat and position even in the deep curves of the Western saddle) her little paint mare along, legs hanging long and loose, she exhaled slowly and shook her head. There was a lot of terrain to cover and a lot of work to be had with managing cattle, although the ones that she’d reserved and bought, keeping away on other land while her grass grew strong and proud and lush in the meadows, came pregnant and running with their own bull. He was a fine beast but one with a temper that she had to watch out for, observing and checking over her herd after moseying her way down a slope loose with rocks and tussocks of grass that came out from the fine, sandy soil far too easily.

Her truck was good but not what she needed if she was going to at least get out to the fields — although they were so open and covered so much terrain that it was hard to call them such — with fencing posts and the like, all to cover the jobs that would come up and need to be done in due course. Maybe she’d have to go shopping again — just the more fun kind of shopping than what Sasha had been indulging in of late. Fyr shuddered at the thought of what her bank account looked like (would Sasha keep her going to the state of bankruptcy? What if she spent every last cent?) and nudged her mare on, work calling her name.

There was too much to be done and she ate quickly before retreating to her room with headphones clamped firmly over her ears: a luxury spend that had been worth it for the nights of music-filled dreamland that had, at least, become hers. She knew all the latest hits, although she preferred not to listen to the radio for the gaps and breaks and lulls between songs that allowed moans and screams of demonic delight to course through the walls as if they were actively searching out just how they may break and sully the sanctity of her ears.

Her door had a lock on it now. A lock that she checked daily. Sasha had, unnervingly, told her that she was being paranoid but…just what was that supposed to mean? The look Fyr had given her in return for that comment was as flat as ever, something in the demons having taken the fight out of her, even if it was a purely passive resistance now. She simply was not going to engage, or engage with the lot of them as little as possible. Perhaps then she would survive but even that was only something that the passing of time would be able to tell. And she wasn’t so sure she wanted to find out what lay at the end of the road for her.

Of course, what she didn’t want was a repeat of…that night. A night so erotically dreadful that she could not pause to allow the memory of it back into her head, the tensions within the pit of her belly rising up stringently as if they were, one day, simply going to demand to be paid attention to. But, not yet. Until then, Fyr was going to keep pushing the thought of his musk and the taste of him, just how he’d felt between…


She growled to herself, scattering seed and scraps — all the good stuff — to the geese, which she’d been assured were a damn side better than any kind of guard dog. Why was it so much easier said than done to not think about things? One just had to think, “don’t think about it”, and there was the thought, entirely unbidden even as she hissed at it to get the hell out of her head once again.

It was hopelessly, really and truly hopeless, and so she threw herself into even more work, ignorant to the darkening of the day into a cool, porno fresh night that was a relief to her aching muscles. She would not have gone so far as to say that her bones were aching (she really wasn’t that old as yet and would never admit to her age to anyone who was not in her family, who already knew) but the hard work took some getting used to and she couldn’t even really say that Scott was much help. Maybe she could get him to be more help if she stopped avoiding him but that in itself was quite a taller order and required her to have some strong words with herself.

No matter. She would manage. She always did.

But it was when she was packing up her truck for a trip into town — there were a few mechanical bits that she was missing the tools to do herself at home to get down by a professional — that things turned on their head once again, even though the dragoness could not be one-hundred-percent sure that anything was ever at all normal or settled in the slightest. It didn’t matter though as long as she kept on keeping on and the like of such sayings, although she had never before held much stock in sayings.

She blinked and hesitated mid-step, eyes locking onto Kao leaning against the back of her truck as if he was posing there for her. The dragon, for once, was not naked and she’d become well-acquainted with the sight of him without his clothes on, regardless of whether or not she yet knew which way she preferred him to be. The sunshine glittered off his scales and the resemblance between him and Sasha truly was striking, taking her breath away as the seed of all their problems reared his ugly head in the souls of both of them.

How could the cougar she loved have turned both her mother and her brother against her?

But the dragoness could not know who to blame, lashing out in the privacy of her own mind in a type of rebellion that, ultimately, was destined to get her nowhere at all. There was only her brother standing there before her like a god made incarnate, although a demon was as far from anything of the divine world as it was possible to get.

If hell existed, did heaven too?

There was no time for thoughts like that as she felt her lips turn down in a frown, eyeing him up as if he was about to lunge at her. Kao, however, merely lifting a cigarette to his mouth to take a long, slow drag. Expelling the smoke from his nostrils would have been comical for a dragon if not for the fact that he could release smoke from his mouth and nostrils pretty much at will anyway, so Fyr could not possibly imagine what desire he could have to put a stick of cancer like that in his mouth.

She had her mouth half open to scold him for it too — just what was her little brother thinking getting into that idiocy? — and stopped herself just in time. The memory of him with his cock in her mouth leapt to the forefront of her mind and, abruptly, she was right back there in that moment, gagging on his shaft as she forced him to take every last inch of him between her lips whether she wanted it or not. And the problem really was that she couldn’t honestly say whether she did want it or not when the answer, truly, should have been obvious to begin with.

For god’s sakes — he was her brother!

And, so, she softened it, hefting a bag over her shoulder to swing into the back even as she scowled. Her expression, at least, would give her true feelings away on any matter regardless of what actually came out of her mouth. It was both a strength and a weakness.

“Since when do you smoke?”

He shrugged.

“Since whenever, sis.”

She flinched, shoulders rounding forward as if in a protective hunch.

“Don’t call me that.”

That had his attention, Kao dropping his cigarette on the floor and grinding it out with the heel of his boot, eyes seeming to glow as he advanced on her. That was merely an optical illusion in the sunshine, however, but what was not an illusion was the predatory sway to his body, hips moving deliberately from side to side with the flow of his tail as if he was stalking her. Against herself, Fyr took a step back, lips set into a stubborn, hard line.

But for how long could she hold that line of resistance before crumbling herself?

“Why not, sis?” He said, putting extra emphasis on the word that now made her skin crawl as if she was being attacked by a plague of insects, rustling and squirming all over every inch of her scales. “Don’t you like that? You seemed to like other things the other night.”

“I did not!” She shot back, blurting out the words before she could think about whether they were really what she should be saying for her own sense of self-preservation. “Kao, you fucking…”

And yet she could not get out the words as her face turned an even darker shade of red (if she’d have been pale-scaled, she was sure it would have been purple) and she spluttered on her own words, fury curling sickeningly through her. The bastard knew what he’d gone and done to her and japon porno yet he thought it was all okay? No wonder she didn’t want her brother referring to himself as such — it almost made it at least a little better to think that he was not related to her, although not much.

Well, maybe more than she would admit to herself, in all honesty. If he had been anyone else, she would have probably have been on her knees for him in a flash — if Chemical had said it was okay, that was. And who knew what would or could have even happened there? It didn’t bear thinking about just how she could have broken up a relationship, even considering the scenario in her flustered, roughed-up mind as something purely of the hypothetical.

Kao, however, was not playing the same game and made that very obvious as he advanced on her, closing the distance between them with a smirk that promised trouble pulling at her lips. She should have run but something locked her in place that she could not explain, desire rising up even along with the bile in the back of her throat, want curdling with something that she could not explain — or she could explain if she was actively up to confronting that deep and dark part of her psyche that wanted to tell her that she had wanted to be fucked by Kao.

His eyes locked onto hers, his gaze more powerful than any hold that he could have elicited on her forearms or even her shoulders, forcing her into place through the sheer force of her will alone. Fyr swallowed hard, her blood up and heart pounding. Was that just what it felt like to be caught in the stare of a predator — a wild animal that only hungered for her flesh? She had once come across an actual feral cougar and marvelled at the creature’s might and majesty but that encounter was a far cry indeed to the demonic drake that stood poised before her, wings half-lifted from his back as if he was preparing for the final pounce that would take her from reality into something else entirely.

“Get down on your knees.”

And, to her shame, her knees trembled and quaked, shaking as if she was actually thinking of doing it. It would be so easy to do too, to obey, obedience having been trained into her during the course of her time with her mother and husband. An order meant to obey and a good submissive allowed themselves to be used. Wasn’t it a good thing that she was getting some attention, after all?

But, regardless of how twisted things were, she could not allow her brother to simply become one of ‘them’, her resistance surely crucial in showing him just how wrong he was in the matter of things. And, so, she held up her paws and backed away towards the truck, defusing the situation in the only way that she felt was doable considering current circumstances.

“No, Kao,” she said as firmly as she was able to with her voice shaking so terribly. “You don’t want this. You’re not like this. They’ve made you like this. So I think you should go back up into the house and get yourself a cup of coffee, relax for a while. I’m going out and things are going to be different when I get back. They have to be different. We can’t go on like this, nothing can… For Christ’s sake, I’m your sister.”

The last words came from her muzzle in a rushed sort of hiss, the kind that made the one listening have to strain in order to hear clearly. Yet his answer came in a snarl and the pinch of his claws digging into the frills on either side of her head, the dragoness crying out before she even realised what was happening and where the sharp rise of pain even came from.

But it all happened too fast for her to really be present in the moment of abuse, pain ripping through her as she clawed at his paw and forearm, striving and struggling with all the might in her body to get him to release her. It was harder, however, than one may have expected to get a dragon on a mission of lust to release her and even more so when one considered his demonic influence, power coursing through his blood. Of course, Kao didn’t need to use his strength in order to overpower her as he already knew where each and every last one of her weak spots were from their time growing up together, using what should have drawn them sweetly together against his own sister, eyes narrowing cruelly.

And she folded — not beautifully, not prettily, but she folded to her knees, right back to the place where she’d been meant to be all along. He could have slammed her into the ground right then and there but what Kao so badly wanted to show her was the control he had over her, demonstrating it implicitly that it was going nowhere. The dragoness panted heavily, vision swimming in grey stripes and wavers with the pan, but no amount of pushing on him seemed to do anything at all as she sank deeper and deeper into a state that was not sub-space by far but the feeling of knowing that she was helpless to a higher power. Someone who could throw her across the yard without even grunting from the exertion was greater lezbiyen porno than her and who knew just how far Kao would be willing to go in order to get what he wanted if she did not just take his cock and…


She couldn’t think of it, whining and twisting and letting the pain ramped up even as he pointed mockingly at her with his free paw — heavens, he wasn’t even holding her with two! How did it possibly hurt so much? — laughing at her hurt. She couldn’t catch his words and didn’t care to either, the hard bulge of his shaft showing through even his loose jeans, draped down over his crotch as if he was trying to highlight what he had on offer to her. But she didn’t want it — or, at least, that was what she kept repeating to herself, for she thought that, maybe, she could make a truth of something that she could not say honestly if only she said it over and over again enough times.

And the scent of him enveloped her — that must have been a demon thing since Ropes had been so good at releasing pheromones even in their early days that made her head spin, wanting him as she moaned and ground her hips up into his touch, fingers thrust into her. It was all Fyr could do to not lean forward into him and take a good, deep inhalation of his crotch and all that he could give her, the slamming, driving thrusts that would bring her to new heights of pleasure. As her stomach fell sickeningly, all she could think about was how warm and lustful he had been with Chemical and if he could be like that with her too, if only the situation was different and he wasn’t forcing her nose down into his crotch like a toy to be used and cast aside after he had good and had his fill of her.

Rape. Call it by its name, why don’t you?

Yet what dragoness would ever want to consider the conflicted horror of being raped by a dragon they desired? For Fyr knew from her dealings with Ropes and Sasha and many hours of self-reflection out in her workshop that desire did not simply mean that someone consented to intercourse at all hours of the day and night and, in a relationship, she should have the chance to say no. She just didn’t understand how it came into play when part of her wanted to say no when the rest of her was leaping and screaming and cavorting — oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!

There would be no greater or more beautiful moment of conflict for her, but Fyr was not to know that as his zip was yanked down, cock cramming up into her mouth before he was even fully hard. Kao, of course, didn’t care about that as long as he got his rocks off, teaching Fyr just what her new place in the family was at all costs, his length still thick and heady with the aroma and light taste of their mother’s juices. Fyr wished she didn’t know what her mother’s sex tasted like but there was very little even she could do about that in the realm of hindsight as he dug his claws into her frill with a low, cruel laugh, pinching in harder and deeper.

“Suck me off, sis, and I might let you go. That’s what you want, isn’t it?”

The pain was blinding and, still, she whimpered around his length, gagging as he rammed up into the back of her throat without any concern or consideration or her sense of comfort. Of course, a dragon like him didn’t care one bit about that — or a demon like him, more accurately. He was no longer her brother but a demon and that didn’t make it any better in the slightest as he used her mouth like she was nothing more than a hole to be fucked, something to amuse himself with while she scrabbled and tried not to pull down against his pinching, grasping claws too much.

She couldn’t tell whether the moisture on her cheeks was due to tears of pain or simply due to them watering from the strain of holding her jaws open wide enough to take every bit of his ridged cock that he wanted her to gulp down, taking what he wanted as he wanted. The back of her head knocked into the truck and he used that leverage to further pin her in place with a raw, chuffing laugh, hips working furiously all for the sake of his own pleasure above all else. She wondered only briefly if anyone else was watching, laughing and mocking her ruthlessly, but she could not have said and didn’t care either, clinging onto the part of her that said it could not last forever. Eventually, regardless of anything else, it would all be over and she would no longer have to live through the experience of being muzzle-fucked by her own brother.

He didn’t feel like her brother anymore, however, as she curled her tongue woodenly around his shaft. Maybe that would make him release her quickly? It most certainly helped him work all the more swiftly towards his release and that was, perhaps, all she could hope for, her world blinded by sunshine that stood out in sharp contrast to the pain of it all, unable to breathe properly or even vocalise anything that could make her situation any better at all. Fyr could not have told what she wanted even in that moment, the feel of a hot rod of dragon-meat thick and heavy in her mouth making a part of her heat up in response, but she did know that he was her brother and that it was wrong, holding on to that one glimmer of truth through his huffing pants that made her heart so very badly want to sing out its pleasure.

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