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Big Tits

Chapter one: Shipping

One day when I am helping out in the shipping dept. of work, loading trailers, I get put in a dark one. The boxes are coming fairly steadily, not too fast. I even have short pauses with none at all.

I’ve just put several away when I hear the sound of someone pushing a few more down the rollers. I look up to see who it is. With the trailer being so dark and the only light coming from the back of it, he was in shadow until he was almost next to me.

“Hey, Clairise,” he says, coming closer and closer.

“Hey, yourself,” I say, smiling as I back up against the wall of the trailer, behind the stacks of totes. I know what he wants and am more than willing to go along with his idea.

I’ve backed up as far as I can. He closes in on me, not stopping until he stands between my thighs with his crotch pressed against mine. He puts his hands on my waist (a little fleshy but not too bad) and pulls me into a blazing hot kiss. The kind that involves lips, tounge, even teeth. The kind of kiss that had me grabbing his ass and grinding my swelling, dripping wet cunt onto his hardening cock through both of our jeans.

By now both of us are breathing hard and wishing we didn’t have any clothes in the way. We have our hands down each others pants. His fingers are sliding easily between my sopping wet pussy lips. He pushes two fingers deep inside me, thrusting in and out. I moan against his mouth, wrapping my hand around his dick. I stroke it up and down, rolling my palm against the head, using his abundant pre-cum as a lubricant. He groans, making shallow thrusts of his hips into my hand.

He uses his thumb to rub my clit, making me crazy. I hump my hips franticly against his hand. When he adds a third finger, I shove my left hand down his jeans to fondle his balls.

“Beg for it,” he commands me.

“Please. Make me cum.” I say.

I can’t keep stroking him. All I can do is feel him push his left hand under my shirt to squeeze my tit and pinch my nipple, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger.

My whole cunt is on fire. I’m so close to cumming. All I can do is grab his hips and hump myself against his hand as his fingers antep escort work thier magic on my pussy. He grins against my mouth. He knows exactly what he’s doing to me.

I am kissing him wildly, grinding my cunt against his hand. I’m almost there. Im so close. Suddenly he rams all four fingers into me, rubs my clit hard with his thumb, and moves his left hand to my other nipple to pinch it hard.

My orgasm blazes through me, leaving me weak and shaking. He supports me for a few seconds while I recover.

“I’ll be in receiving tomorrow,” I tell him. “I’ll take care of you then.”

“I’ll hold you to that,” he says, with a smile. “But for now lets get these boxes stacked.”

I give a little laugh and we both get back to work, the whole encounter lasting less time than it takes to read aboout.

Chapter two: Recieving

Receiving today. I’m working on a trailer that can only have certain boxes received at a time. Today that means digging through the boxes that can’t be received to find the ones that can. My partner is Clark, the same man I worked with yesterday. I’m digging for certain boxes in the middle of the trailer when he walks in. I’ve dug out a sort of hole at the end of a tunnel. I’m bent over looking through the boxes when I feel him grab my hips and grind his erection into my ass.

“Hi, Clairise,” he says.

“Come around here,” I tell him, straightening up. “Let me suck your dick.”

He eagerly complies, almost tripping over the boxes on the floor. I turn to sit on some of the boxes. They put me at a perfect height. He’s right in front of me, his crotch level with my face. I know we’re completely hidden by the wall of boxes behind us. I unbutton his jeans.

“No underwear. How convenient,” I say as I pull his rod out of his pants. I swirl my tongue around the tip then plunge my mouth down his length. I can already tell he won’t last more than a minute.

I suck lightly, moving my tongue up and down at the same time. His breath is speeding up. His hands are laid flat on the boxes behind me. I have my right hand wrapped around the base of his cock, jerking him off into my mouth. My left hand is inside his pants, rolling his balls around, squeezing them.

I keep suction with my mouth, swirling my tongue around and around his length as I move my mouth and hand up and down.

His balls pull up, getting tighter to his body. He’s almost there. I can feel his cum rising through his shaft. He explodes into my mouth. Jet after jet of scalding jizz pump into my mouth. I pull back till just the head is in my mouth and swallow every last drop. When I’m sure I’ve got it all, I pull my mouth off of him with a soft “pop”

“I’ll just let you recover for a minute,” I tell him. “I’ve found the box I need.”

He doesn’t say a word as he gingerly puts his cock back into his pants. I look at his thunderstruck expression and say; “Meet me in the parking lot Friday night at midnight.” As I’m leaving the trailer I hear him whisper “Wow.”

I smile and get back to work.

Chapter three: The parking lot


I’ve just pulled my car into the parking lot. I can see him in his truck by the security lights. I park next to him and get out. I walk up to the passenger window. It’s a very hot night and he has it rolled down.

“Come sit over here,” I say as I open the door.

He climbs over the console to sit in the passenger seat. He looks over at me. And stares. I’m wearing a crotchless, fishnet body stocking with a push-up bra under it that shows the tops of my nipples. Over it I have a skirt so short it shows my ass, an unzipped leather vest, and black boots with red flames and six inch stacked heels.

I climb into the truck and straddle his lap. We start kissing. He pushes the cups of my bra down to fondle my tits while I run my hands through his hair, over his shoulders, down his shirtless chest and to his fly to unbutton and unzip it. I pull out his rod and start to stroke it. He slides his hands down to my waist to pull up my skirt. He grabs my hips and positions the dripping wet entrance to my pussy over the engorged head of his cock. I hold his dick still and sink down with a moan.

“Oh fuck, that feels so good,” He says, “so wet and hot.”

I start to move. His hands on my hips guide me up and down. The radio is on a rock station. I can’t tell what song it is, but it has a great beat to fuck to.

His eyes glaze over as he starts lifting his hips to meet my downstroke. I’ve moved my hands to his shoulders for leverage. I start to move faster. He thrusts harder. The truck starts to rock. He moves one hand down to my clit. I go crazy, moaning like I’m in heat, almost screaming with pleasure. His thrusts are getting harder and faster. He closes his eyes and leans his head back His fingers on my clit start rubbing back and forth. I can tell he’s getting close to cumming. I am too. My hips seem to have a mind of their own,thrusting and grinding.

“I’m almost there,” I breathe into his ear, biting it lightly.

He starts slamming his cock into me. It swells even more, filling me up with every inch of thick man-meat. I can’t hold back. The mix of dick, fingers and now his mouth and the fingers of his other hand sucking and pinching my nipples sends me into orbit. The world explodes. I see stars. My cunt muscles clench hard, like a vice, on his shaft. He thrusts one last time, hard. I can feel his cum, loads of it, filling up my pussy. It triggers an aftershock. I’m almost senseless. He just wraps his arms around me and shakes as jet after jet of hot jizz gushes into me.

Our mouthes come together for an easy kiss as we come down from our orgasmic high. Our tounges do a slow, thrusting, mating dance. Finally we pull apart.

“That was better than I’ve ever dreamed it could be,” he says

“For me too,” I say, opening the door. I lift up slowly, feeling cum and pussy juice running out of me, soaking the front of his jeans. He looks down with a grimace as I climb out of the truck.

“Good thing I was just planning to just go home after this,” he says.

“You should put those in the washer when you get there,” I tell him as I open my car door to get a towel to clean up with. “That stuff stains.”

He grins at me and climbs back over the console to the drivers seat; fly still open. I shut his door as he gets his own after sex towel to cover up with.

“See you at work Monday,” I say as I get in my car and start it.

“Sure thing,” He replies with a smile as he starts his truck.

We both put our vehicles in gear and go our seperate ways out of the parking lot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32