Country Cottage Getaway

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It was a Friday afternoon at the beginning of July, the weather was lovely and the drive to the cottage had been easy, thankfully the owner had left clear instructions from the village centre…’take the road out of the village, past the Post Office on the left, then the next right turn…the cottage is on the left, half a mile down the narrow country lane.’

Just as described the key was under the plant pot by the front door. I was so glad I’d arrived first, hopefully it would give me time to compose myself (I get so nervous, but purely through anticipation, I am so attracted to him and I look forward to seeing him so much)…It was great that we were going to be able to spend the whole night together.

I empty the car boot, first of my overnight bag and then of the goodies I’d bought before I started the drive down. Time to explore the cottage. I find the kitchen and store the goodies away in the fridge and cupboard. The stairway leads off the kitchen so I explore upstairs. There are two bedrooms and a bathroom. The bathroom is large and has a huge walk in shower and great bath tub…the tiles are a beautiful blue and catch the sunlight coming through the frosted window. The larger bedroom is great, decorated in a very subtle green it looks fresh and welcoming… the queen size bed looks so inviting. The other bedroom has twin beds…I close the door lol.

Going back downstairs I explore the rest of the cottage, the ceilings although not low are adorned with beams, it’s beautiful…there is a comfy sofa and then a lovely oak dining table and chairs…I walk through the cottage until I find the backdoor. The garden is wonderful, just what you would expect of a cottage, lots of beautiful roses, a clematis climbing up the boundary wall, a beautiful green lawn… and on the paved patio, a hot tub…the owner had explained on the telephone that this was going to be switched on in the morning of our arrival date, so by the evening it was going to be up to the desired temperature.

I go back into the kitchen and check the time, I really need to roll my sleeves up and start marinating the chicken for dinner… home made chicken tikka…with the antep escort trimmings, although I’ve cheated on those and got them from the fantastic indian restaurant near to my home.

The chicken is marinating in spices and yogurt. I start to chop the onions, tomatoes, coriander making sure I’m ready to cook later on in the afternoon.

I go outside and take advantage of the afternoon sunshine, sitting in a reclining chair I think about how good it feels when he kisses me, I can’t wait to be wrapped up in his arms later…he has no idea how much a simple cuddle makes my legs go weak at the knees. Never mind how I feel when he caresses my breasts, touches me intimately and fucks me.

I check my watch…an hour and a half before he arrives. I go back into the kitchen and make the tikka for later, it doesn’t take long and it will be lovely warmed up after when all of the flavours have developed. I get the bhaji and pakora out of the fridge and place them on a baking tray and prepare a side salad to go with them. I check on the beer, its really cooling now, the champagne needs longer, but that won’t be drunk until a lot later. I check the clock, time for me to run upstairs to get ready. I remove my shorts and suntop, noticing my panties are already a little bit wet I get in the shower.

I get out of the shower and dry myself down. I roughly dry my hair, pinning it up on the top of my head. I put on my white lace panties and matching bra … I dress my white floaty skirt and a beautiful silk pale pink suntop. I put the smallest amount of make up on, just enough to enhance the tan I’ve built up during the warm Spring months, finally I spray some perfume behind my ear, on my cleavage and on my wrists.

Just in time, I hear a car pull up on the driveway. I go to the front door and open it and watch him get out of the car. My stomach flips…he looks so fucking hot.

He walks over and gives me one of his fabulous smiles. ‘Hello Sweetie’ he says bending down and giving me a kiss. ‘Come on in, I hope you like the cottage, I think it’s just perfect.’

As he explores downstairs and the garden I go to the kitchen and retrieve a bottle of beer, I open it and follow him outside…I watch him from the doorway as he removes his tie…I take the beer over and swap the tie for the beer. He takes a swig, ‘God I needed that’, he puts his arm around me and gives me a squeeze…my knees feel weak lol.

I tell him he’s got half an hour before the food is ready and so he disappears off to grab a quick shower. I go to the kitchen to get the meal ready…struggling knowing he is naked in the shower above me…I resist and concentrate on dinner.

As he comes down the stairs I place the mixed starter on the table, ‘another beer?’ I ask, ‘Please’ …I get 2 beers and we sit to eat. We talk about our week, chat seriously about the EU economy collapsing around us and the terrible headlines about the recent terrorist activity …I decide the mood needs changing so as I clear away the starters I go to the CD player and start playing Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds… I just love this album… I hope he does too.

I place the dishes in the dishwasher and check the main course. The rice is lovely and fluffy and the tikka smells great, I serve up with a naan bread…I’m hoping he’ll share… ‘any more beer?’

‘No, I’m fine for now.”

The mood is more relaxed, we eat and we both reach over for the naan bread…our hands touch and we leave them there for slightly longer than the norm…we smile at each other and continue to eat… little is said but the electricity is building. Dinner is finished, I clear the dishes and set the dishwasher to go.

‘So do u fancy a skinny dip?’ I say, with a cheeky grin on my face …’last one in is a party popper’ he shouts and we both rush to strip off… I loose and he dives over the edge and in to the water. ‘I’ll get the drinks’ I shout and wander naked into the kitchen… I know that my pert arse will be in full view and hope he’s taking advantage to have a good look.

I bring out a cold beer and a glass of champagne for me… I pass him the beer and slowly climb in to the hot tub…I see his eyes watch my every move… I cuddle up next to him trying to resist the urge to kiss him. I take a sip of champagne and feel his hand move down my back and caress my arse. God that feels so fucking good. I put my glass down and turn my body so I’m facing him. I stretch up and kiss him passionately. He grabs both of my arse cheeks and pulls me up and close to him. I can already feel his hard cock pressed against my leg… we continue to kiss and he moves his hands and tweaks my nipples… I bite my lip with enjoyment…the bubbles from the hot tub add to our excitement… I feel his hands move down my body and then his fingers touch my clit… it feels fantastic…he knows it does too, my breathing has changed, my cheeks flush and my eyes widen inviting him to play more. He pushes 2 fingers into my throbbing pussy… I cry out with enjoyment…I kiss him and whisper in his ear ‘that is so fucking good, I love feeling your fingers in me’.

He moves his body, taking me with him until he’s sat on the seat in the corner of the hot tub. He beckons me to sit on his throbbing cock…I can’t wait to oblige. I lower myself down on him, feeling the bubbles trap between us. His cock feels fantastic…he holds my hips and slowly I move up and down riding him… I kiss him and nibble his ear. I start to move quicker. I need to ride him, I want to feel him fill me… he moves his hand and gently caresses my cit…it feels so good I ride harder and harder… I know I’m groaning; it feels brilliant and then he grabs my arse cheeks and whispers ‘I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum…’ he grabs my arse harder and I feel him thrust matching my rhythm… he shouts ‘fucking hell’ and I feel him explode inside me.

We hold each other for a while… and then he moves… ‘I’ll be right back’ he says… he climbs out of the hot tub…now I get the chance to admire his gorgeous body as he walks into the kitchen…I see him grab the champagne bottle from the fridge and he comes back to the hot tub… he tops up my glass and climbs back in.

Handing me the glass, he grabs his beer…with his free arm he pulls me close and kisses me on the cheek. He chinks my glass ‘To the next fabulous fuck!”

‘You wait until you see what toys I have in the bedroom for us to try’ I say…and we continue to cuddle…both knowing that after a good night’s sleep that there will be the next most fabulous fuck.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32