Confessions of a Nurse Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: Ella

As a teenage nurse, nearly 40 years ago, both of my first two sexual experiences were linked to the hospital where I worked. The first was with a male patient, old enough to be my granddad, who relieved me of my virginity. The second was when I was seduced — quite willingly — by a ward sister who had been my supervisor. Sylvia was the first great love of my life. Within a week of spending my first night in her bed I had moved in with her. I told my mum that it was a flat-share so I could be nearer to my work. My older sister saw right through me though, and called me a “cunt-sucking little dyke slag”. Nice.

Sylvia and I lived together for eight years, until she had to return to her native Belfast to look after her dying mother. Of course, I missed her terribly after so many years; but if I’m being honest the relationship had started to go a bit stale anyway, so it had probably run its natural course. Towards the end we were really going through the motions to an extent. It didn’t help that Sylvia was more than 20 years older than me. In the early days I was completely under her spell, but as I got older and more experienced I started to become more headstrong and self-willed, and a bit of tension had begun to develop. In the years following my break-up with Sylvia I had several lovers, male and female, but I made sure that I always kept my private life completely separate from my working life from then on. Until I saw Ella, that was.

I was a staff nurse by then, in charge of a maternity unit. I took my responsibilities very seriously, and I liked to get to know all of the ladies under my care, as well as the nurses who were responsible to me. It was as I was doing my rounds of the patients that I saw Ella. She was 23 years old — nearly ten years my junior — and a few days from giving birth to her first child. Because it had been a difficult pregnancy her district nurse had decided to play safe and admit her to hospital well before the delivery was due. The first time I set eyes on her I literally did a double-take — she had one of the sexiest faces I had ever seen. Her lush black hair was cut into a pageboy bob, and she had olive skin, a heart-shaped face, huge dark eyes, full, sensual lips and a dimpled chin. Despite her Mediterranean looks — and the fact that she was married to a guy from the Middle East — she was as English as I am.

As I walked through the ward Ella was being visited by her husband. To be honest I didn’t like the look of him much. He was at least 20 years older than her, swarthy with a big moustache, and an arrogant cast to his face. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against Arab guys — I’ve shagged a couple over the years, and enjoyed every moment of it. But I didn’t like this bloke’s attitude as he stood, rather than sat, beside his pregnant wife, talking at her with a bored expression on his face. She was days from making him a father, yet at least twice in the couple of minutes I saw him he glanced at his watch, as if he had somewhere much more important to be. Instead of looking like a blooming mum-to-be, the girl looked slightly intimidated by him, and nodded doe-eyed as he spoke down to her, in both senses. I decided that once he had gone I was going to go back and introduce myself properly to Ella, because I liked my charges to know who I was. Of course I had an ulterior motive: the moment I saw her I thought how nice it would be to nestle my face between her plump little thighs! It never occurred to me at the time that it was any more than fantasy on my part, just the sort of thing that might flash across anyone’s mind as they’re walking along the street and a drop-dead gorgeous stunner passes them. And probably nothing would have happened at all, and I would have maintained my self-imposed embargo on hospital-based relationships, if it hadn’t been for the fact that I hadn’t had a fuck for a couple of months, and I was feeling as randy as hell.

As it was, I strolled back to Ella’s bed about half an hour later and we started chatting. It was a scorching summer, and thanks to her heavy pregnancy her lovely face was covered in a sheen of sweat, her fringe sticking to her forehead. Watching her little pink tongue dart out to lick her dry lips, I could feel my nipples tingling just sitting there talking to her. Naturally enough, we got onto the subject of her condition, and how she was coping with the last stages of her confinement. Ella cast her eyes down and bit her lip then, looking at me with those big liquid eyes, she half-whispered, “There is one problem I’ve found. It’s a bit embarrassing really. The thing is, I’m already lactating quite heavily, and my nipples get quite painful. The district nurse told me I should expel the milk, but I don’t seem to be very good at it.” I heard a buzzing in my head as I wrestled with my conscience for, ooh, a good half-second, before I innocently told her I could show her how to do it if she liked. bursa eskort She gave me a big beam and said “Would you? That would be so kind.” As it was the middle of the afternoon I told her I’d come back in the evening, when it was cooler, and we’d work through it together. As I walked away from her bed my own nips weren’t tingling anymore — they were aching, they were so stiff inside my bra!

Working on a maternity ward, we of course got occasional requests for that sort of help. Normally, trying to be a good girl, I would ask one of the experienced nurses, who’d had kids herself, to show the woman how to do it. But there was no way I was going to pass up this opportunity. It still never occurred to me that I might get anywhere with Ella — after all, three days before giving birth isn’t the most common time for a married woman to look to start an affair — but at least I was going to get to grope her jubblies. I felt all hot and bothered for the rest of the afternoon, and I just couldn’t wait for the evening to come.

When I went back to keep my appointment with Ella I was more nervous than I had been for a long time. As I pulled the curtain around her bed — after all, there were six other ladies on the room — I tried with difficulty to make my voice sound calm and professional as I told her to take off her nightdress. When I turned back to her I had to suppress a gasp of admiration — her tits were as gorgeous as her face. I’ve got a nice pair of boobs despite being quite petite; Ella’s were simply magnificent. They were perfect orbs, only slightly paler than her upper chest, with big coffee-coloured nipples surrounded by areola which spread halfway across the flesh of her breasts. Trying to keep my hands from trembling, I sat on the edge of the narrow hospital bed and set about my work. Normally nurses would wear surgical gloves to do this but, unaccountably, I’d forgotten mine — I was going to get every ounce of sensation out of this experience!

As I gently milked one of those stunning boobs into the plastic beaker I had taken with me my mouth went very dry and my nipples swelled against my uniform again. The hot flesh of her tit burned my hand. Ella sat up on her elbows, her head back with her eyes tight shut and her mouth open, her sexy tongue running along the edges of her teeth. It was all I could do not to lean forward and shove my own tongue down her throat. As I continued to knead her breasts I could feel my knickers getting damp. It took a couple of minutes before I realised the treatment was having the same effect on Ella. Her breathing deepened and became more ragged, and in the sweltering summer heat I suddenly became aware of the aroma of her arousal. It required an immense effort of will from me not to climb into bed with the stark naked woman whose tits I was fondling and kiss my way down to the source of that sweet fragrance. After about ten minutes I had finished the task, and I felt as weak and sweaty as if I had just spent the time screwing someone. Ella looked pretty strung out too; she thanked me, and asked if I would mind doing it for her the following day too. Then, before I had even left the room she rolled over, still naked, and appeared to have fallen straight to sleep. I didn’t sleep quite so well that night, giving myself a good seeing to with my favourite vibrator and tossing and turning through the stifling night with visions of Ella’s amazing face and boobs floating before my eyes.

The next day I passed through the room Ella was in just once, and she gave me a little wave and mouthed “See you later”. All afternoon I told myself I was going to be good, and not take advantage of an innocent patient. I don’t think I believed it for a moment, but I was certainly going to try. As it was, Ella inadvertently made it easy for me. (She swore later that she really hadn’t been flirting with me, but I occasionally wondered.) We were in the same situation as the evening before, with me feeling just as uncomfortable, when, in a gasp, Ella asked, “Nurse, can I ask you something, well, sort of personal?” Given that I was sitting there with her bare tit in my hand, the soaking wet gusset of my knickers sticking to my pussy, I didn’t really see how I could refuse! I thought my guardian angel must be somewhere close when I heard her question though: “Is it normal for a woman in the last stages of pregnancy to feel, erm, incredibly randy? I do, all the time.”

This was a sort of moment of truth for me. Was I simply going to answer her question as best I could, never having been pregnant myself, and innocently finish helping her expel her unwanted lactose? Was I bugger! I told her I understood it was quite common. Then I stretched out a hand and brushed a strand of hair from her damp forehead. My voice trembling slightly, I added in the sweetest tone I could manage, “We can do something about that too, if you like.”

Ella’s eyes opened wide and she gave bursa escort bayan me a slightly bewildered look. Then, a picture of innocence, she looked into my eyes and asked, in a little girl voice, “Can we? But…”

I placed a finger over her lips to silence her then, my body moving before my rational mind could catch up with it, I lowered my head and sucked one of Ella’s beautiful breasts into my mouth. As I gently nibbled on her nipple, tasting her rich, sweet milk for the first time, I felt her hips buck under the bed and her head fell back as she gasped, “Oh shit!” I just couldn’t stop myself, despite the huge risk I was taking. The only other time I had made love with a patient it had been in a private room; now I was in an open ward with six other young mothers dozing yards away, separated from us only by a thin curtain. I guzzled Ella’s milk greedily, then switched breasts. As I did she placed a hand on the back of my head, her fingers trailing softly through my short brown hair. Her breath was roaring, her chest rising and falling rapidly.

I trailed a hand down Ella’s large bump, and rested it beneath the swelling, just above her shaved pubic bone. The only sounds she was able to make at that point were a series of small sighs, but she pressed a hand feebly against my wrist, pushing it downwards. It was all the encouragement I needed. My palm glided down her slick, sweaty Mons Venus, and my middle finger naturally alighted on her prominent clitoris. As I began pressing it, she clamped her forearm to her mouth to stifle the groan which erupted from her. I slipped my finger from her clit and deep inside her pussy, replacing it on her love button with my thumb. Another finger followed the first inside her, and I began slowly fucking her with them, sliding my thumb across her clit in rhythm with my thrusts.

Ella’s moans were getting louder by the moment and, as much to suppress them as anything else, I pressed my mouth to hers, my tongue roaming her mouth. The position wasn’t altogether easy as I had to avoid putting my weight on her unborn child, but within a few seconds her hips started gyrating and I increased my pace, now wanting to take her over the edge as quickly as possible. She screamed into my mouth as she came, her hips bucking up and down as my fingers jerked in her squishing pussy. She finally sank back into the bed and, as I released her mouth, she groaned, “Oh God, that was wonderful.” In a slightly naughty gesture I slipped my two fingers, soaking with her cum, into her mouth. Without a moment’s thought she started sucking on them, so hard it felt as if she wanted to swallow them. Then I kissed her gently on the forehead and pulled the bedclothes up, tucking her in. As I left her bedside and pulled the curtain back, the lady in the next bed gave me an odd look and asked if Ella was okay. I explained she had just had a small irritation, but we’d dealt with it now!

I was on leave for the next couple of days so I didn’t see Ella, although I thought about her. A lot. When I returned I soon learnt that she’d given birth to a beautiful baby daughter. I went to say hello to her and asked how she felt. She shrugged. “Okay I suppose. Faisal, my husband, is very disappointed it’s a girl though. He’s been to see me, but only for about five minutes.” My blood boiled that the stupid, arrogant cunt could treat this lovely girl so shabbily. I told her I thought he was a little prick. She snorted with laughter and, as she began to recover herself, murmured, “I didn’t know you’d seen him starkers too.” As she said it her hand slid over mine on the bed, her fingers stroking me, sending sparks of electricity straight up my arm and down to my pussy. I was far from sure that it was wise to continue our liaison, so I tried to move the conversation onto less dangerous ground, saying at least baby would now be taking care of her milk for her. Continuing to stroke my hand, looking up at me through her gorgeous long eyelashes, she half-whispered, “Yes, but I’ve still got that other little ache. I don’t suppose you’d come back and give me another of your special treatments tonight would you?” She was so beautiful I simply felt incapable of refusing.

During the course of the day I decided that I was really going to get the most out of this, and see if I couldn’t get Ella to give me a little something back in return. After I’d finished my shift I went to the ladies loo and stripped naked, covering myself with my calf-length raincoat. I knew it might look slightly suspicious, given that it hadn’t rained for weeks, but what the hell. I also knew I was about to take a stupid risk with my career again — there were only four other patients in Ella’s room at the moment, all at least two beds away from hers, but even so we would have to be bloody careful. When I got to the ward it was in semi-darkness to help the young mothers to sleep. I told the teenage nurse görükle escort on duty that I was just going to look in on Mrs Al- Shetti. She gave me a slightly curious look and said, “Okay Staff”, and I felt her eyes on my back all the way to Ella’s bed.

The moment I started pulling the curtain around the bed Ella whipped off her nightdress and pushed the covers down to her knees, giving me a view of her wonderful, curvy body. It was her turn to gasp when I shrugged off my coat, and she saw me in all my naked glory. I laid myself on top of her on the small bed and we kissed, our tongues mingling, as I enjoyed the sensation of my small boobs pressing against her substantially larger ones. I knew I would have limited time before the nurse got too suspicious, so I quickly moved a hand to Ella’s pussy. In anticipation she raised her knees and thrust her thighs wide apart, giggling nervously. I slipped a finger into her, then another, then a third…I found that, having only given birth the day before, her pussy muscles had yet to recover their elasticity, and I was able to slip the whole of my small hand into her cunt. She gave a loud gasp, then I saw her grab a pillow and press it to her mouth, to stifle her volume. Her eyes, as big as saucers, however, stayed fixed on me.

As I fisted her I licked my way around her now flatter tummy and her naked pussy mound. I could hear my hand squishing loudly inside her and, between my various actions, before long her entire belly area, her thighs and my forearm were all soaking. After a few minutes I felt Ella reaching down and grabbing me under the armpits. She pulled me firmly up to her face and smacked her mouth to mine, her tongue deep in my throat. Then one of her hands stroked against my wispy pubic bush and, a moment later, she slipped two fingers inside me. She clearly was a novice at this, but I was already so turned on that it felt great, and I was also very pleased with her for doing it without me having to ask. Her fingers squirmed around inside me while my hand continued to pump into her with increasing speed. When I could tell she was about to cum I rolled us onto our sides and, with my spare hand, stroked her gorgeous plump arse then fired two fingers straight up her rectum, screwing them around inside her. Her eyes opened wide and as before, she released all her pent-up lust into my mouth in a high-pitched scream.

As I carefully withdrew my sodden hand from her pussy, I felt Ella’s whole body untense. She started to tell me how much she’d enjoyed it, but I was far from finished. I’d already decided that if I was going to get caught doing this, I might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb. I whispered to her, “I want us to suck each other. Will you?”

She stared at me nervously. “I don’t know. I mean, yes, I don’t mind, but I’ve never, I mean…” I thought back to my first time, fifteen years or so earlier with Sylvia, and told her not to worry, that once she started it would come naturally. Then, before she had a chance to change her mind, I squirmed around until I was more or less sitting on her face, and her hairless pussy was inches from my lips. I ran my tongue the length of her wet slit and she moaned. A moment later I felt her hands grasp my thighs and I shuddered as she kissed my pussy. I thrust my tongue deep inside her, savouring the taste I hadn’t experienced for too long. Then I felt Ella do the same for me, and my already warm cunt started heating rapidly. For the next few minutes we tongued and kissed each other’s sexual centres, with me occasionally breaking off to give her little whispered suggestions about what to do with her fingers, where exactly to lick me and so on. For my part I licked every inch of Ella’s pussy, her thighs, her bum hole, everything, supplementing my busy tongue with my fingers. We both paused occasionally to moan with arousal, and, probably due to a combination of her already having used some of her ammunition, and the sheer eroticism of the situation, it was me who came first, my juices soaking Ella’s face. She wasn’t far behind, and when we’d both recovered our breath we shared a sticky kiss, our tongues mingling our nectar in each other’s mouths.

As I left the ward, slightly unsteady on my feet, the young nurse gave me a cock-eyed grin and trilled, “Night Staff. Sleep well.” For the next couple of weeks she and her young friends had a few whispered conversations about me and giggled when they saw me, but thankfully nothing got back to the suits upstairs and it had no effect on my career. (At the Christmas party the young nurse, rather drunk, cornered me in a quiet room and begged me to give her some of what I’d given Mrs Al-Shetti, but that’s another story.) Ella was discharged the next day, but our affair continued for two years. Eventually I got tired of being the ‘bit on the side’, of Ella’s paranoia that her shit of a husband might catch us, and of her refusal to leave him, even though she didn’t have any warm feelings for him whatsoever. Even now though, so many years on, Ella remains by far the most beautiful woman I’ve ever had, and the lover I get most turned on just thinking about. Er, excuse me, I feel a sudden urgent need to go and put my little vibrating friend to some use!

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